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I am very unhappy with the way your store policy of returns are. If that's the way your going to run things, train your employs to tell all customers that if you want to return an item, there will be a store credit issued. I purchased some draperies on Saturday, not 100% positive on the color, so I asked one of your employees if I had a problem can I return them and they said yes, They didn't say you can return them for credit. I feel like I was robbed out of $77.98 CASH. I am now stuck with a gift card and almost $80.00 in credit that I have no use for. I am on a fixed budget and this is not fair to any customer who shops in your store. You should at least have a 14 day return policy of cash or credit. You should also train your employees in knowing the return policy. I would like you to respond to this poor experience I went through. I would also like to return the gift card for credit to my credit card. You can't have someone buy something and then say oh... we can only give you store credit. one more thing... you should post a sign at every register in BIG BOLD LETTERS about your return policy, and not 12' high above customer service. Bottom line, I would have never bought the curtains under those circumstances. I am so upset with this whole situation. I hope you find a way to resolve this issue. Thanks.... Chris This was the Staten Island store on Travis.

Their response:

Dear Christopher -

Our Return Policy is posted in the store on a large sign, on smaller ones by the registers, and it is printed on your receipt, as required by law. We have been a credit only operation for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you in this matter since the return falls within our guidelines for issuing a store credit.


Customer Relations

My response back to them:

I knew you would say it is printed on the receipt. In order for me to see the receipt, I would have had to purchase something. As far as signs on or near the register, I looked and maybe you should have a district manager go in and see for himself there are no signs by the registers. I did see the one posted about 12' in the air after the fact. Your company guidelines are terrible and I can now see why your company will not last in the future. Your not customer friendly....

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I was going to do everything in my power to get my refund.

These few that I posted goes to show you to get with the times in customer service or people will just shop elsewhere.

Thanks for understanding all my points... Also, get better training courses for your employees in which they should know their return policy and not tell me I can return something for cash or credit...

  • Updated by Jayla Scott · Oct 22, 2017

    I didnt appreciate how rude Ms Ruby was in front of me .


  • Li
    Linda Ennis Mar 12, 2007

    Following is a copy of the letter I send to Burlington's President when I was unable to convince Customer Service of my situation. Maybe all of us should write to the President... they ALL tell me he is the only one who can change policy!


    March 9, 2007

    Mr. Mark Nesci, President
    Burlington Coat Factory
    1830 Rte. 130, North
    Burlington, NJ 08016

    Dear Mr. Nesci:

    I have shopped at Burlington Coat Factory for many years, but in stores far removed from where I live in Upstate New York. Imagine my delight when one of your stores was slated to open at the Arnot Mall, Horseheads (Big Flats), NY, just a mere 20 minutes from my home! I spent a couple of delightful shopping trips at your store, some with friends, others just to browse on my own. I enjoyed the multitude of choices available in all departments.

    On November 29, 2006 I made a Christmas shopping trip to the mall, and of course, I included the shiny new Burlington store. I didn’t spend a lot that day -- my sales slip reports $42.91. But included in that sales slip was a purchase I made for my sister – I was excited about your selection of plus-size ladies clothing. The items were on sale – 2 items at $9.99 each. What a bargain for just what I was looking for! Sadly, some time after gifting her with the clothing, she told me it didn’t fit, and would I be so kind as to return them for her. Of course, I said. I love to shop at Burlington Coat Factory!

    I’m sorry to report that my positive experiences at your stores ended there. When I tried to return the items, I was told I could only receive the amount back that they were currently selling for on the rack. But, I explained, I have the sales slip with me showing exactly how much I paid for the items; and tags are all intact on the items; and I wouldn’t mind taking a credit rather than money back. I can always find something I want at Burlington! I was told no, company policy said that because I had returned the items 2 days after the deadline, I was going to have to take an additional discount on both items as a refund.

    I’ve spoken with the floor manager at your store, called Customer Relations (Cynthia, x1998)) and I am still refused the amount I originally paid for these items. I have NEVER shopped at a store that refuses to give you your money back (or a credit) as long as the items are like you bought them, and you have a sales slip proving what you paid. I could understand if this was a year later, or even a different season, but it was not!

    I respectfully ask you return my complete cost of $19.98 plus tax. Please consider the loss of a customer over this petty amount, as well as a reputation as a customer-friendly retail store in this area. Enclosed is a photocopy of my sales slip, and the return slip that was not completed at the store that day. Thanks for your consideration and timely decision in this matter.


    Linda Ennis

    cc: Better Business Bureau of Upstate NY, Buffalo, NY, 14209

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  • Im
    Im Jun 18, 2007

    I went to Burlington Coat Factory in Charlotte this weekend. I found really great deals on clothing:-) on the clearance rack. U could always find items 4 less & save so much than other stores. When I was checkin' out there where about 4 registers open and 1 of the register was register 1 where i was goin' to check out. The cashier was doing returns and the guy in front of me was waitin' 4 another register to open b/c that 1 was taking so long. When register 2 was open he rush to go to that register n got to know the cashier. He was flirtin' w/ her. Wantin' to know her name was Tampri and her # to contact her. I was behind him n waitin' to pay 4 my things. So I think that was dumb b/c I wanted to pay n he was just talking to her when there is no time to be talkin' to a sales associate.

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  • Mi
    Mike Nov 29, 2008

    Agree, Burlington Coat Factory must really hate their customers and even their store mangers are rude to their customerser

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  • Ly
    LYRains Aug 25, 2009

    I have never ran across the stupidist policy, when it comes to writing a personal check and after 14 days and you return the merchandice they will mail a check to your home. This makes no sense for one it is electronically ran so they have the money right away. I can wait 14 days but it should be no different than a debit card where they get cash back. Who came up with these stupid policies. I have shopped at BCF for a very long time and have dropped alot of money there. but trust me I will now go elsewhere. Mr. Nesci- President or whoever is in charge you should look into this. There is absolutely no customer service anymore... shopped out with BCF... PS you may think oh well its just one customer but with the existance of the blogg and reviews we can now tell the facts.

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  • Li
    liz beth Oct 24, 2010

    October 14, 2007

    Mr Mark Nesci, President
    Burlington coat Factory
    1830 Rte. 130, North
    Burlington New Jersey 08016

    Dear Mr. Nesci Im am very dissatisfied with the service i recieved in the northern california Burlington i enter the Pinole Ca
    store which is a grand opening. A sales employee stating she was the customer service manager by the Name of "ANGELICA". she made me feel very uncomfortable not only did she decline my return she was rude and very irratated because i requested to exhange the merchandise for something else she declined with no other option did not give me the option to speak with her superiors subsequently my partner then called and spoke with the store Manger (ZARA) whom was very coopertive and receptive so i did appreciate her accomadation in this matter however in my opinoin ANGELICA should be reprimanded on how to be more professional with dealings with customers of all races.she should'nt discriminate on anyone not to imply because im african american i was discriminated against because she's also black but i've witness serval times her rudeness towards other minorties, She definitly gives this store a bad rep,

    Sincerly Liz

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  • Gi
    giftcard Mar 16, 2011

    I totally agree with all of the above complaints concerning refunds from any Burlington Coat Factory. I am so pissed off about my recent purchase from that store. I am going to tell everyone I know that if they shop at that store they better damn sure make sure it's what you want. I went to take my lawaway out and decided to remove a pair of shoes off of the purchase and I'm told that I have to get a FREEKIN GIFT CARD. WHAT??? I can't stand that store. What is so wrong with putting my purchase back on my card? This took place at the Waldorf Maryland Burlington Coat Factory. I gave the card to a lady and told her she had almost $30.00 to do what ever she wanted to do. Someone needs to look into the return policy. You know something is wrong if you have to make sure the money returned is only to use in their store. NEVER AGAIN! H.R.J.

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  • Jo
    john doeeee May 21, 2011

    if burlington coat factory wasn't so cheap on giving there employees raises maybe it be a better place to shop ... or if managers actually stop hiring lazy black people who don't do ### maybe that would be better or if the managers stop abusing the workers .. this comes from my experience .. so many mistreated workers under paid .. burlington coat factory is a horrible pace to work at .. i rather worked as a hooker then work there 40 hrs just gets me 230 bucks you believe that thats how cheap this store is ... soon enough they will have legal issues

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  • As
    AshleyBlevi Jun 28, 2012

    Today I went to your Kingsport, TN store, my experience was terrible. I went with my sister to purchase items for her upcoming baby and we were followed around the Baby Dep. by an associate wearing a loss prevention vest. At this time we were the only ones in this department, being followed by a man I do not know made me feel very uncomfortable, then angry when I saw what his vest said. When my son was born, my family and I spent thousands of dollars at this store purchasing his crib, dresser, stroller/car seat, crib bedding, rugs, lamps, clothing, playpen, and many miscellaneous items. It became a tradition to purchase a new item for my son after every doctor appointment. Today I went with my sister to her first doctor appointment and suggest we go shopping for her baby at Burlington Baby Depo. After the above incident and speaking with the rude, unprofessional, manager, Pam, we will take our business elsewhere and let everyone know of the we received. Pam, the manger, told me that was not a problem and I should take my business elsewhere if I didn't like it. My family will not spend money Ina place where we are intimidated, treated like thevies, and then talked to badly by management. I regret all the money we have already spent at your store but will not make that mistake again.

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  • Ma
    Mayooya May 30, 2013

    Here is my letter
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction and disappointment with your store's return policy and lack of proper advertising of the policy on your receipts. I purchased 2 watches last december of 2012 priced at $19.99 each and i needed to return them last week as the the person i was going to gift them to is deceased. I clearly understood that i wouldn't be getting a refund back on my credit card as it is past the 30 days, however i expected to receive store credit in the amount i paid, as that is what is stated on your receipt. Instead, the associate gave me $20 in store credit and not $40 and stated that she could only give me what the current price of the watches are because it is past 60 days. I would understand that would be the regulation if i didn't have the receipt or if the tags were not attached, but i had everything, receipt and tags and the watches were still attached to the box never taken out. My complaint is that no where on the receipt does it state after 60 days of purchase i would only receive current price value. It only says after 60 days of purchase you would receive store credit. Stores like Ross and Marshall's clearly state their fair return policies where you would receive full refund in form of payment received within 30 days and after 30 days so long as you have the receipt would be returned in store credit with amount you paid. ONLY if there was no receipt they would return store credit with current price value.
    I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled with your attempt to steal customer's money by not clearly stating your return policy on your receipts. I am not going to accept or let this matter go. Your approach is very deceitful and negligent and i would like to know what you are going to do about this.
    I expect a substantial refund in the remainder of what i paid in the form of store credit. If i have to take matters further i shall, and i should warn you that social media alone will spread this complaint virally.

    Yours faithfully,

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  • Gi
    ginajackson Oct 07, 2013

    I was in Burlington Coat Factory in North Little Rock upon 9/28/13. I placed a layway on the young lady did not give me my driver license back so I realized upon 10/02/13 I did not have my driver license. I called back upon 10/02/13 a member of mangement stated my driver license was there & to bring another form of ID to pick up my driver licnese. Upon 10/06/13 I came to North Little Rock, AR store to pick up my driver license & the member of mangement on duty was very abrasive toward me & my husband & He stated my driver license was not there.

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  • Ma
    mad as hell customer Feb 06, 2014

    I have noticed that the manager at this Burlington's is only hiring black people and the store is so messy. I spoke with a few of the only two white people working there and they told me of the problem, The manager, lisa bryant, only wants black people there to work, she's a racest. One lady there has only 3 hours to work but the blacks there have over 40hrs a week. She has asked for more hours but Lisa says she doesn't have hours for her. Who can live on 3 hours a week. I watched one day a little while and I saw this Lisa manager, and a woman came in, a black woman with her 5 kids. The woman went around the store, within a 20 minute period she came back to where this manager was still standing and told her she didn't find what she was looking for, she smile at the manager. Now I knew that all the kids came in with flip flops on, only the mother had shoes on. It was surprising to see them all leave with shoes on, no one had flip flops on. I spoke with the manager and told her that they all had flip flops on when they came in and left with shoes. She just said "oh really" and she left from the back of the store. That let me know she knew them as friends and she allowed them to leave, knowing that they stole the shoes. Many other times I have seen people always on the cell phones in the store, those who work there, but they have a rule.no cell phones, but she sees them talking on the phone and says no thing, why? There black, that's why... I spoke with one lady and she told me that the manager stills the hours from the whites and gives to the blacks to make the whites quit.Even the black workers speak bad about the manager. I spoke to a few and they told me she only hires her friends, weather they are good workers or not. A new black guy has allowed his friends to still shoes and clothes from your store, I haven't spoke to him yet. He does use his cell phone though, I saw that.. The old man that works as security, just sits and talks on his phone as people still and walk out. One time I visited and I saw him in his seat with his feet up on the computer desk talking on his cell. I was told he harrassed a woman that works there and lisa did nothing, that is a reason to be fired and removed from the store. People are so rude in that store, I have only met two there that are nice, an old skinny lady that runs around like her head is cut off and a mexican lady. Those two need raises, because they put up with all that c*** there. Someone needs to remove the blacks and replace them with real works that take care of the store. I bet you are loosing alot of money because of them, look at your numbers and see.

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  • An
    Anonymous8900000 Sep 03, 2014

    Dear Burlinton Coat Factory,
    Your store is filled with drama and disorganization. You guys really aren't the store you claim to be. You people don't care for the customers at all and you will change nothing. Your merchandise is of poor quality and bad taste. Sears, Kohl's, TJ Maxx, etc are way better than you people. I don't even know why people shop there. Terrible experiences at your store. You guys should close down. By the way, your management sucks.

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  • Ne
    Neda123 Oct 10, 2014

    Very bad costumer return service ... I spent most of my money to buy from Burlington but when I had a problem with a top to my son they was very rude & refused to return it .. They made feel very bad cuz she can saw I spent more than 600 & the top was for 10 dollars... I'll never go to buy from them, . They should learn how to respect coustemrs

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  • Jm
    jmurphy26 Oct 12, 2017

    I tried to return a gift so no receipt but was refused anything. I thought that i could at least get a gift card or store credit or an exchange but refused all options. When i looked up the return policy online it does say a return with no receipt gets you store credit?? What is the deal so annoyed now stuck with items i have no use for unbelievable. And if thats supposed to be the policy why arent they enforcing it

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  • De
    Desert Willow Dec 14, 2017

    I am filing this complaint in regard to one of your television ads. The ad begins with 'There's nothing worse than not having a warm coat when it's freezing out'. My answer is there are tens of thousands or more of homeless people who don't have warm coats. That's what I call a whole lot worse. While I understand you have a program that donates coats for the poor, I feel that the ad is very insensitive and should be removed,

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  • Ma
    Maria Garces Aug 20, 2018

    Since 2016 I made a return in Dolphin mall store and I never received back my money. I went to the store and the manager tried to help me and he said I would receive a call, but I am still waiting.

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  • Ja
    Jayla Scott Sep 11, 2018

    I was in the store yesterday getting a layaway when one of the supervisors named Ruby got loud with one of the cashiers & was cursing at her. She was real rude & had a nasty attitude . I think it’s very unprofessional and I will not be returning there as a customer !

    Store #231 in Baton Rouge, LA

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  • De
    Delicia Ricks Jun 02, 2019

    Im at the Burlington on Williams blvd in Kenner, La. At 7.35pm The cashier at register 7 watch the line get long while she took her time putting up and organizing hangers...RUDE . The young man on 5 ask her was that necessary ...there is line way back...she said ...u cant wait s minute...very Rude...

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  • Na
    Najere Jul 17, 2019

    I bought 3 pieces of luggage from Burlington on 36th street/6th avenue in New York. This morning I discovered that the wheel on a Lucas suitcase was broken.
    Am back in my home country and will only be back in August. Can I bring it back then? I would really appreciate an exchange

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  • Ba
    Banana2856 Jul 24, 2019

    This is Florida and it's Sumer time. The temperature inside Burlington Factory Store at 3333 N. State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes is about 40 degrees. I am sure there has to be a law against making employees work in this conditions! This is the United States of America. Take care of your workers!!!

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  • Mo
    Mousumi KC Nov 24, 2019

    I had ordered two items online. My order number is 44422274. One of the item (#115339766) couldn't be delivered yet the entire amount was deducted. I was sent an email saying I won't be charged for the item that couldn't be delivered to me but later the entire amount was deducted! How can they do that ?

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  • Sh
    Shanelle Hayes Dec 17, 2019

    I need important papers from the manager, jessi, hes neva there or not available. I was a cashier so i need HIM to do it. When i pop up def not tha. Store is n disarray an lacking n focus.
    I cannot proceed n my case without it

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  • Pi
    Pisseddddd Jan 14, 2020

    I WAS a loyally shopper until the most recent experience that have me astonish. When I shop I do not try on clothes at the stores I prefer to go home and try on clothes. So I made several purchases that total to a large amount. I went to return some items 4 days later because they did not fit and I was told that I can not return. I had to contact Retail Equation which is an outside company that Brlington use to monitor shoppers information. It was expressed since I made several returns a restriction was placed so that I may not do returns for 6 months. This is outrages and not fair for the honest shoppers. I WILL NO LONGER SHOP AT BURLINGTON!!!

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