Burger Kingunethical behavior in front of customers

A Jul 24, 2019

This was the worst experience on 7-24-2019 I had gone into Burger King. I seen two people with white shirts and an employee sitting at a booth talking, well the bald guy with glasses started yelling and slamming his hand down at the table. It was hard to hear exactly what was said between the 3 but he sounded very rude. The poor girl was crying and being disrespected.. The other gentleman that was with them was also crying and being disrespected, I feel a manager should never treat an employee or another manager like that. At that time they had a lobby full of guests with small children. That was very Unprofessional and disrespectful! Were trying too eat not hear a grown man bang on tables yelling like that it's not the place for a wrestling match with a table visit was very unpleasant

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