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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingsourdough king single

Do you your App allowing me to order the Sourdough King Single sandwich even though you company quit carrying it; I never received the sandwich OR a refund. I was told by the manger on duty that I had to contact App Customer Service for the refund and they couldn't give me. Which I did before leaving the parking lot, to be told to call the toll-free number to be told the store should have refunded me. I keep getting this circle run around and even complained to the Better Business bureau in with your company never responded. I can provide screen shots on the app order as well as the receipt but I am requesting that you refund me for $5.94 which includes the local 6% sales tax ASAP!!! Very upset customer!!!
Kristy Meints-Fetch
PO Box 231
Truro, IA 50257

Burger King - Chicken Tenders7 yr old found bone in chicken tender

On my lunch break I went to lunch with my husband and my 3 step children. They are 3, 5, and 7. So, as to their ages of course they are going to order a kid's meal with chicken tenders. We think nothing of the order mistakes because they always screw up our orders. I was craving onion rings the most and of course that is what was forgotten so that was my biggest concern. Until we started driving back to my office eating when all of a sudden my 7 year old daughter says, "There's something black in my chicken tender." I was disgusted but didn't think it would be that big of a deal. She passed it to her brother who then passed it to me. I looked down at what I held in my hand to realize it was a bone. Not small for the size of those chicken tenders either. All my husband could say was, "Thank God it wasn't our 3 year old." How easily one of our children could have choked on that is scary. Why aren't these things being taken care of? How could that bone have been missed? Disgusting and horrible work. Something should be done about that. Never again will we be eating at Burger King.