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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

the lack of service in this store cost me money.

On July 24th, 2019 I had a twenty minutes layover before I had to catch my bus. This store was directly behind the bus station so I believed I had plenty of time to grab a couple of burgers to-go. Sadly, the entire crew moved at a snails pace and even though I was the only person in line I did not get to order for seven minutes. I was keeping track of time to make sure I made my connecting bus. After making what I thought would be a quick order I paid and waited as the staff continued to meander aimlessly around the kitchen. At five minutes before my bus was to leave I was informed they did not have beef cooked and that it would be several minutes before my order was ready. I let them know I could not wait and left empty handed. I could not even stay to get a refund as I knew it would require another several minutes of paperwork.
If you have any questions about this experience you can contact me at [protected]

Thank you for your time,