Burger Kingtrying to buy food at burger king

F Jul 22, 2019

It's 1230 afternoon, I was the fifth car in line, took me six minutes to get to the place to place my order, asked if I could wait a minute I said yes, waited four more minutes for her to come back and talk to me, car is behind me or turning around, I gave up I drove out and when I went through the drive up window there were no cars in line, what happened to you guys, you would not take my order, nobody in front of me at drive-through, and still you wouldn't take my order. My three-year-old son was extremely unhappy because he loves Burger King and you guys wouldn't help me. So I took them down to McDonald's. Burger King is closer to my home, my three-year-old loves Burger King, but I'm not coming back to your store, I will just go to McDonald's or Jack-in-the-Box or Wendy's, Wendy's is right across the street from Burger King, I would rather go to Wendy's and get service then sit in line for 10 minutes and get no service. Can I say you guys suck big time. I will wait to see what your answer is our responses from this email and it better be a good one or I will not shop at Burger King again. You may contact me Tony Schmid, [protected]. But I doubt if you guys even care

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