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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kinglack of service

This happened on July, 20, 2019. I entered the restaurant at 1:55 pm and saw 6 customers ahead of me, however, the parking lot only had a couple cars. There was no one on the front line and none on the drive-thru. As I entered the cue, the 3rd customer from the front said she had been there for 10 minutes without even a glance from an employee. After about 4 minutes a cashier crept to the counter and took the 1st couple's order, then the 3rd lady (and her 2 grandkids). These transactions took about 6 minutes, then she walked away to start filling orders (or whatever). I started chatting with the guy ahead of me about how slow they were, and how we better not order french fries because they were up before I arrived. Meanwhile, 4 people that came in a few minutes after me walked out. I waited another 9 - 10 minutes and walked out with the guy who had been in line ahead of me. All total, I was in the restaurant, which was not busy (no drive-thru business or walk-up) for a total 22 minutes and never had my order taken. You can check the registers. No business, however 6 (or more) customers left without ordering.

  • SubSquirrel Jul 21, 2019

    Seems like they were short on staff. You didn’t ask why the delay but left with some guy you met in line.

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