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Burger KingWorse drive thru experience

I went through the drive thru on July 19, 2019 at 10:29pm. When I pulled up I began to order 12 tacos...
Then I was cut off by Shelby the employee saying, "wait how many? "
I repeated "12 tacos"
Shelby said "hold on" (very rudely)
Came back to the intercom about 35 seconds later and said "ok those are cooking, what else?"
I then asked " is the twix shake available?"
Shelby asked "what!"
I repeated " is the twix ice cream shake available?"
Shelby said "Hold on!!"
And there was another 30 seconds of silence. Shelby returned and I asked again about the twix shake.
Shelby said "the twix shake is no longer available!"
So I ordered 2 chocolate shakes
2 10 piece nuggets
1 large onion ring
1 medium dr pepper no ice
1 medium root beer
1 medium mellow yellow
With the 12 tacos.
I was told to pull forward. When I pulled up to the window, Shelby gave me the total very snippy. Then with my change
" your change is $11.47, pull around to the front and we will bring the food out to you!" And she left the window slam shut.
The drive thru was not busy, in fact including my car there was 3 cars.
I pulled to the front and parked in front of the front door. While waiting for my food, I saw a party of 4 go into the lobby and stand there waiting to be waited on. They waited for 3-5 minutes then walked out the front door and across the street to Dennys.
I waited for 20 more minutes for my order. Then Shelby and another employee came out of the front doors. Shelby was carrying the drinks, the other employee was carrying the bag of food.
Shelby passed me the drinks,
I said" thank you"
she did not respond just turned around and walked away. The other employee told me to have a good night and I told him to do the same.

That was the worst drive thru experience I have ever had. Shelby does not seem to be there for the customers. She is very rude and snarky to customers.

On top of all this, my order was incomplete. It was missing food items and the tacos tasted burned.