Burger Kingmanager eric

T Jul 18, 2019

Came in to get something to eat and was totally shocked at how down hill this place has become. I was sitting in lobby when out of the back office, Eric comes out to front desk and starts going off on the crew members. He was telling one team member to " hurry up and get his [censored]ing head set back on, Jesus Christ how many times I gotta tell ya that." Then turns around said, "now what the [censored] am I going to do ? I had one guy call in and another [censored]ing quit ." I spoke up and said if I was talked to that way I would quit to . He just looked at me and headed back to his office. There were little kids in the play area, and other people in the lobby. I can't believe managers at this establishment can cuss like this, and treat their employees like crap. This is not the first time something like this has happened. It happens almost daily. My family has also been in here when certain managers come in smelling like weed and start yelling at crew members. Other times we have seen then get mad and go off on crew members and start throwing things while they are cutting that employee or employees down. This is horrible! Something really needs to be done to fix the management here and the moral.

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