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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King verified

service not fulfilled, long wait, rudeness of the person calling himself the manager

This is not the first time we have been treated badly by this specific person (calling himself the manager). We went on the drive through Sunday 07/14 around 10 PM - First of all we stayed 10 minutes with no one even saying to hold on, finally we were saying :"hello, hello" and my husband honked the horn because it sounded dead- Someone came very loudly saying that he is alone and when we do that it will make him more upset and will leave us more. Honestly we weren't doing anything except that we wanted to check if someone is working and will be helping us soon. The worker came back and said "What do you want" instead of how can I help you for example. My daughter start placing the order (it was nuggets and 2 sundaes), the worker said " I am not doing the sundaes, I am alone", he said it very rudely. I honestly was so shocked on how he was talking to us and the way we were treated. I normally don't complaint but this was above and beyond the lowest customer service ever !!!