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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingservice

hi so about 11pm today I went to this location to order 2 impossible whopper burger combos. I was starting my order and was told to give the employee a moment after about 5 mins she told me to go ahead with my order. I asked her if I she could cook the impossible whopper some other way so that it had the least chance of getting cross contamination with meat. I'm vegan and I really enjoyed this burger I had just been to the Dallas location and had order the same thing and they made it without a problem. She told me there was only the broiler. I asked you guys don't have a oven or microwave or anything? She said it's with the microwave or the one broiler with a attitude and I told her look I don't mind the microwave I'm trying for it not to be cooked where you guys cook meat. All I got was attitude and a rude "it's not going to taste the same in the microwave". I told her that I was okay with that she said okay so I told her so I want one a large and before I could even finish she said "Jesus Christ so you want a meal?"?In the most annoyed tone. I told her yes but if it was a problem I could just go because the last thing I want to do is ruin her night to which she replied mockingly "man you can't ruin my night I got too much god and stuff in my life" after that comment I was so upset I told her to forget the whole order and that I was leaving. Honestly I was super happy you guys had a burger that could be made vegan and in all my years of being vegan I had never had such terrible service even in places where the vegan option are limited and I have to change the whole order. All I wanted was a simple no mayo impossible burger cooked where there would be little to no cross contamination from the meat and I get treated like I'm a idiot. So yeah not the most pleasant experience. Hope she doesn't do that to others and that you guys fix the problem Cause that is one tasty burger. Thank you.

Burger Kingbacon egg and cheese sandwich

Just purchased this sandwich from the Burger King in Cramerton right in front of food lion. I took a bite of the sandwich and it has mold in it. Called to the store to inform them and was told they make the sandwiches everyday as if it can't be true. Going to take it back up there but something must be done. I have photos and a receipt. I need to have this problem resolved. Someone or myself could end up very sick.

bacon egg and cheese sandwich