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Reviews and Complaints

Burger KingDiscrimination!

This store in addition to being the worst burger king i have ever been in, they only employees black people. Management down there is no one other then black employees, no white, no Asian no Latino and no elderly. This is blatant discrimination. I intend to contact ACLU now. This store is as messed up as they come and it is obvious that burger king has no interest in correcting the priblem!

  • Updated by Kpm2 · Mar 08, 2020

    This store in addition to being as messed up as they come only employees black people from management down. This store has no white, asian, Latino or elderly workers and clearly demonstrate a distinct difference in the way they service different races. This store is as racist as they come. Will go to aclu site next. Shame on Burger king in this day and age

  • Ta
    TAttedupaa 3k Mar 08, 2020

    You did not get the job so you pay the race card real mature has it ever occurred to you that black people are just as capable of holding a job as white people in a high position i doubt it you think that we are still slaves and should work for minimum wage

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  • Zachary2001 Mar 09, 2020

    You do know that it us possible that whites and others are not applying for the job and that could be the reason that you do not see them working there right ? Not saying that it is not true what you are saying but that is another possibility.

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Burger Kingwhopper made wrong, and missing taco

On july 15, about 5pm, me and my husband came through drive through, and ordered two $5 whopper meals, and one taco, one whopper with no lettuce, or tomato, and one heavy mayo, no pickle, or ketchup, we waited patiently in line, just to get home, and whopper is made wrong, and no taco, from the time, we waited, i just knew it was right, and i was very upset, i called no answer, and called back the line was busy, so i came online to complain, i just want my order corrected, dont remember ticket number, but the total price was 11.77, Thank you, I can be reached at o04-405-0215, Ms.Thomas Thank you..

whopper made wrong, and missing taco

  • Updated by Chinita N Terrence Kirtsey · Jul 15, 2019

    I was finally able to reach a guy manger, which stated if i bring receipt, he will remake order, i have list receipt, only remember the total 11.77, Thanks i can be reached at 904-405-0215

  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    You “list” receipt and spoke to a “manger which stated”. Furniture doesn’t talk and you “lost” your receipt at home. Must be a clean house.

    You were too lazy to walk in and your order was wrong. Fast food places are known for messing up orders. You took your bag and left without checking for your dollar taco. If you want perfect food, cook at home. Don’t be so lazy and sit on your a$$ to order crap.

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  • Ch
    Chinita N Terrence Kirtsey Jul 16, 2019

    @SubSquirrel First of all smart ass i lost my receipt before i got home, 2nd of all, i sat in drive through for about 15 min, so i assumed my order was correct after waiting, that has shit to do with it period, and your fucking lazy, and my house is fucking clean, so damn you, as i said my order was not prepared correctly, so mind your own fucking Buisness, smart ass. Get off my shit you fucking looser👌👌

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    @Chinita N Terrence Kirtsey Only a loser would spell it wrong!

    If you post your complaints here, it IS my business to comment on your post. If you don’t want opinions, don’t post your personal garbage here.

    Your mouth is as dirty as your house apparently is.

    I go into restaurants and don’t order through a clown’s mouth. I don’t eat fast food as I prefer quality over sodium-laden, fatty cheap food.

    A Whopper and taco and French fries, wow, a six dollar meal of grease and fat and salt. Yummy!

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  • Cl
    clm51 Jul 16, 2019

    WHAT? I don't know what the complaint was but this is obviously written by a FAST FOOD WORKER and it is OUTRAGEOUS. YOU ASSUME THE PERSON'S HOME IS DIRTY BECAUSE THEY LOST THE RECEIPT? You say the person was "too lazy to walk in" How dare you. You don't know why they chose to go through the drive through. Maybe they were handicapped, or were in a hurry and needed to save time by going through the drive through. YOU DON'T KNOW. The customer should expect that their order IS PERFECT WHEN THEY LEAVE THE DRIVE THROUGH OR WHEN THEY ARE SERVED THEIR MEAL. And MOST Fast food places are NOT known for messing up orders. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    @clm51 I’ve never worked in a fast food store. I owned my own business and before that was a college-educated professional. You judge people by a single post which says a lot about you.

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  • Ch
    Chinita N Terrence Kirtsey Jul 17, 2019

    @clm51 You are so right, i believe this person, is an employee, and i will be calling the 1800 number, this is ridiculous, glad you notice that as well..

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    @Chinita N Terrence Kirtsey Wow, the dumb lead the dumb. You don’t mention the location but think I work there. Mmmkkkay. Please call the number and report subsquirrel for posting on a forum. Please do so ... and when you’re laughed at and perceived as a lunatic, tell your husband while he eats his six dollar meal after working hard all day.

    I work at the East Ploobit store near the Walfamerian Plaza by Jaraqium’s Pizza. I drive the purple Gremlin with a 426 engine and hot pink carburetor. My plexiglass hood offers a glimpse at my carb and my recalibrated pistons. I carry my orange-haired Cabbage Patch purse under my humongous 44EEEE breasts or on top if it’s humid outside.

    Please don’t bother my pit bull puppy sitting in back of my car on the fleece fuchsia blanket. She needs her sleep as I work. When she wakes up I’ll feed her better than you feed your husband. Grilled chicken and fries with a small salad. She loves her chicken!

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    Oh, the Jacksonville Florida Burger King found your cellphone. You might want to pick it up before a stranger claims it.

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  • Kd
    kdl esx Jul 22, 2019

    You bully people on here John Marc herina. Hopefully you'll stop insulting people on here and do something productive.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 22, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I read it quickly as “Macarena”! Don’t know who he’s referring to but he has been following me from post to post since I commented about his complaint.

    I have a fan! I feel so special and loved and idolized! With my luck it’s not a male but a female., 😂😂😂

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