Burger Kingadditude and service

K Jul 21, 2019

Everytime me and my family come to this burger king the service is horrible, as well as the customer service. I came in one day for a ten piece chicken nugget and waited over 30 minutes a few days later I came back to get breakfast for my 4 year old and the girl on the speaker was incredibly rude..
I wantented to order a sausage egg and cheese cross with no egg the girl responds on the speaker very rude like and says " so you want a sausage cross " and replied yes I then continued to order and said I would like the order of French toast and asked how many came in a small order and she replied with "if I look on the menu screen I can plainly see there are only 3 in a small order " I also ordered a large order of hash browns that she never even put on my order so after paying the first time I had to repay for a large hash brown . I have not ever had a good experience with this burger king which is surprising because any other burger king I've been to has been a plesent experience. Me and my family will not be returning back to the green cove springs burger king because of the horrible experience we have had mulitipule times.

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