Buffalo Wild Wingssandwich/cleanliness/service

on sunday oct. 5th, went to wild wing to watch ny giant game. was given a booth, and was informed by staff that the mess left on floor by previous customer was to be cleaned up. After two rs. debris was still there. Mt waitress was not very friendly, di not provide flatware, water, or even menu. After 30 min, wait she cam back to ask if I was ready, I gave her my order for chicken sand. and fries. I then asked about drink specials, for the day, she stated there were none, and I'll be back, after 20 min. someone else delivered ny order, sandwich was too salty, bread was too hard, so I removed the crust from chicken and that is the only item I ate. I have been going to this location since it opened last year. Most of the staff are very accomodating, but on this day, I could not wait to get out. I left hungry at half time. Asked to speak to manager on duty, she came out heard me story, thanked me, and I left. This location is busy, buy kitchen needs to let customers apply their own seasonings because whomever is cooking will kill us all with too much salt on everything. I don't even feel I should have paid for what was served to me.

Oct 08, 2019

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