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Reviews and Complaints

Buffalo Wild Wingsservice and complaint resolution

I decided to frequent Buffalo Wild Wings because it is a clean corporate environment where families are welcome. I'm a professional who enjoys watching sports and enjoying a meal and drink in the evening. However, the more times I frequented the bar, the more I noticed a pattern of rudeness, poor service and hostility. After being ignored on one occasion I logged on to the corporate website "Guest Feedback Survey" & sent in a description on 9/15/19. Essentially, my requests to be served had been ignored and I overpaid by leaving cash since I was not provided the bill following initial service. I left frustrated. I checked the box on the form requesting to be contacted. Unfortunately, I was never contacted, but upon my return I noticed the server in question was absent.

Since that time I have continued my visits at least twice a week to watch sports at the bar and I have had occasion to send in two additional Guest Feedback Surveys after witnessing altercations at the bar & receiving poor service due to the distractions. Each time I checked the box on the form requesting to be contacted. I was contacted in response to one of the three Guest Feedback Surveys by the local Manager. When I described the poor service and altercations I had witnessed the Manager admitted that she was not entirely aware as she primarily worked the day shift. She also indicated that she thought the problems I was describing had improved recently. She referred me to District Leader. I have sent three emails to the District Leader and spoken to him twice regarding the issues and I was led to believe that all of my communications were confidential.

However, on 10/3/19, I was chastised by my bartender for being a "Snitch" as he was clearly aware of my complaints. Additionally, he accused me of harassment toward the servers and Manager. He asked me why I keep returning to the bar. Then he flipped me off as he was leaving at the end of his shift. I sent an email to the District Leader & filed the 3rd of my Guest Feedback Surveys; neither of which has been responded to. In my email, I asked if my service was no longer welcome as a result of the bartenter's suggestion.

Without any response, I called the District Leader prior to going to the restaurant on 10/7/19 and he advised that he had been on vacation and I should contact the Manager. I called the restaurant and was advised the Manager was off. I spoke with an Assistant Manager and was advised that if the bartender did not want to serve me that I would not be served. Not knowing, I came into the bar and the Assistant Manager advised the bartender was uncomfortable serving me. I was not surprised because it was my first encounter with the bartender since my 9/15/19 complaint about her. The Assistant Manager proceeded to personally serve me thru the evening as none of the three bartenders on duty approached me.

I remain curious if my service is welcome at the restaurant. I have always been overly polite and tipped well but often frustrated due to frequent poor service and dealings. It seems inappropriate to allow this to continue under the circumstances and I desire positive resolution of the events I've described without further discomfort or complaint. However, having spoken to multiple managers and communicated in writing a number of times, I am at a loss. I've considered not returning but dont believe that events to date deserve such a result at a well known corporate restaurant.

  • TheMagic Oct 09, 2019

    That place sucks... they ALL suck. I used to deliver food for a few different GrubHub type of services and Buffalo Wild Wings was always a pain in the ass. Their food sucks too... it's deep fried shit bathed in various sugarsalt and oil sauces.

    You'd be better off finding a new place. The gigantor corporate model is dying... that's why BWW bought Arby's. Make a big Corp and they're pretty much all doing the same things... the plantations are drying up and the slave masters are dying.

    Find a good family owned joint with a TV or better yet... use your tablet or phone or... you could just talk to your family.

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  • SubSquirrel Oct 09, 2019

    He was treated rudely and wrongly. I’d find another restaurant to spend my money for meals. You had every right to complain and that bartender was an ass. Find a 99 Restaurant or similar to drink and eat.

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