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Budget Suites of America — unfair banning

I was a tenant for four months before my place of vacancy was burglarized and i was assaulted by another one...

Budget Suites of Americaliving conditions; management

We have been plagued by a group of extremely noisy neighbors who live next to us. Despite complaining to the management staff (the manager avoids taking direct phone calls from the residents) nothing has been done to remedy the issue.

Not only that, but there are numerous unsupervised children running around on the grounds and destroying the property. One child threw a basketball at our front window and took off running.

There are drug dealers all around the complex, and residents fighting. The ambulance is over here nightly due to someone overdosing. The security here is almost nonexistent, and there have been numerous vehicle break-ins and theft. When security does manage to show up, they do little to nothing to curb the problem.

This place used to be so much better than it currently is. All I'm asking for is a return to the safe, quiet environment that we used to have around here. Because I am losing sleep with all of this noise!

Can you help? Thanks!

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    • Updated by ChickaBoom · Sep 23, 2019

      They just woke me up in the middle of the night, banging loudly on my wall for no reason. Something needs to be done about this.

    Budget Suites of Americamultiple bed bug problems

    Hello my name is dana bailey I have been here at budget suites two years in october. And have never originally had a bed bug problem. But as of recent that has been multiple bed bugs in the seam of my mattress. I have went to management to get a resolve and they pretended to give us a new mattress after the complaint of multiple bites and bed bugs on the mattress. All the management did was take our original mattress and wrap it with painters plastic that was tied in a knot. And as of last month the bedbugs has returned even more. They said they sent someone to spray but are refusing to give us a new mattress! And this morning I I woke up to tingling and itching in my nose just to blow it and find a [censored]ing bedbug in it!!! Now i'm having to take off work and go to doctor to make sure I am ok! I refuse to pay rent on thursday just to sleep with bugs and nothing to be done about it!

    multiple bed bug problems

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      Budget Suites of Americathey won’t give me deposit back

      I can't get in the room to get my stuff and I broke and I homeless and I need that money back really badly I don't got nowhere and they said that manager is new I ain't got nowhere to live I broke and homeless they won't give me money back at all I don't know what to do right now I scared they gonna steal my stuff while I on the street I really need help I need a to place

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        The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

        • Budget Suites of America's response · Aug 08, 2019

          Rent is due at noon and it always has been. It says in our rules and regulations that we do not have the obligation to accept late payments. It also states, that no individual has the right to occupy the apartment rent is not paid on or before noon of the day your rent is due. In order to get your deposit back, you have to do the following: Give a two-day written notice of intent to vacate apartment, be current on all rent (so you can not be past due), turn in all keys, no theft or damages, trash, and check out by noon on the day you are due. There was also a notice of deposit form the guest first signs upon checking in, stating that the deposit does come back in the form of a check and takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive back. If the guest would have checked out on time and made sure everything listed above was done in order to secure the deposit, they still would have not received it back right then and there.

        Budget Suites of Americamanagement

        Hello my name is Dana Bailey, I am submitting this complaint due to the lack of professionalism that the front office managers have. I have live here since "2017" and nothing has changed far as how the front office talk to me and how they never seem to document anything as if they are wanting to be accountable on their end. This has caused me STRESS to the greatest degree because I have been so scared to leave to go to work because they would lock me out due to their failure to document things. Which has caused me to lose hours at work which comes to me paying rent late! Please corporate please look into this ! Even this week I informed the front office that I will be late with rent until Wednesday evening when I get off and stated with urgency to PLEASE document that I will be in with payment after work that evening @ 9
        Well of course I get a knock on my door saying that they need rent, and I stated that I made arrangements with management to pay Wednesday evening and he said ok and left, so Tuesday morning I wanted to call and confirm with the office that they had me down to pay Wednesday he said know! And my final straw was this morning I call the office just to confirm that I will be making the payment this evening when I get off work and he said know! I had to have it in by NOON I told the man that no the first time I told the manager Wednesday evening, the second time I told the manager Wednesday evening and now I'm telling you Wednesday evening. I am at work and stressed out thinking that I have to leave work to make sure that they don't lock me out after I told them three times when I would have it in, and I informed the manager that this was not my mistake it was from the office end and he informed me that he didn't know what to believe! Wow I said to myself I am already dealing with a great amount of stress due to losing my mother this past Sunday and in the process of trying to plan funeral and now having to deal with the stress of unprofessional management. PLEASE contact me [protected] so that I don't have to get a attorney involved

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          Budget Suites of Americabedbugs/maintenance

          Me and my fiance have been through so much with these apartment people it's not even funny.we first started out in a different room telling them over and over again about a very bad roof leak that we had.it took them almost two months to move us or do anything to help us in our situation.our clothes, bed, and floor was saturated with water and it was molded.they finally movers in another room where we have told them it was an infestation of roaches and bed bugs.they have spot sprayed and the bugs have got worst.we have thrown out our couch and box spring and received a used box spring that has more bed bugs it and our whole apartment is swarmed with them.we have taken pictures of the bugs and told them but we keep getting used furniture and no concern at all about this infestation.we have lived here for two years and have been dissatisfied with it all from rent down to these horrible bugs.please help asap.please

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            • Sh
              Sharon Inks Sep 25, 2020
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              Verified customer

              Im having the same issue kinda but its chiggers they come in with ur pet from out side they seem alot like bed bugs but are not.. look them up on google it will shock u

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            Budget Suites of Americadeposit return

            I stayed at your
            Empire Central property in Dallas, 12/4/18 till 1/2/19.
            I have yet to be reimbursed for my 150.00 deposit. It is now 8 weeks. Last week Victor told me it would be expedited. Today Mark tells me that has not been done. I am proceeding with a BBB complaint as well as reaching out to FOX News Becky Oliver who handles Community Affairs. Freeman Inc will no longer be housing employees there. This is ridiculous.
            Jeff Waluch [protected]

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