Budget Car Rental Southfield MichiganMisrepresentation of Services

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I worked with your company Budget rental to rent a car to drive to Florida and back for a Medical Emergency for a family member.

They gave me a confirmation number, they guarenteed me a car rental.
Never in any of the process in which I had spoke to the online personel as well as the service people at the location no less than 15 to 20 times getting all this arranged.

The day I was supposed to leave, I drove a hour to get there, they said I wouldn't need to have a $400-$500 hold on my account only $200.00, then said "let me go see what we have, when he came back he ran my check card, he then informed me I didn't "pass your credit check" and they refused to rent me a car.

Never in the entire process days earlier was this ever mentioned, EVER! They had my card #, they had all my information.

I would like for your company to explain to me how you can do this to the public, if you guarentee a vehicle, give them a confirmation # how could they have done this" at the complete and total injustice of what your company has done!

Trina L Harnden


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      Sep 10, 2009

    This situation is very unfortunate, but obviously you don't rent cars very often. If you did, you would know that you do need to have a deposit amount available on top of the cost of rental. No one is going to give you a car without a deposit and you really should expect that. The amount can go up to $1000!!! So just be prepared.

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