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E Dec 20, 2018 Review updated:

ON Nov 29th, myself and 2 companions went on a trip to South Africa starting at JFK. The first issues arose at JFK when my AA number and one world status was not in the system even though I had added it the website information and confirmed it before leaving. That was thankfully resolved well however the issues with your website cont. on the connecting flight through Heathrow BA 178. One of my traveling companions is allergic to gluten and had requested (also confirmed before the flight) that her meal option was selected. When on the plane she was notified that they did not have anything requested for her. So she was left with eating a fruit cup and water on a 7 hour flight that took off at 8am. When we reached Heathrow and complained so that she could get her gluten free meal for the next flight which was to be 11 and half hours to Cape Town the only thing they did was make sure that on the return flights she had her meals. It wasn't until I intervened that they even thought to give her vouchers to get something at the airport (selections were minimal but at least she would not go 24hrs without eating). BA should have offered this instead of me having to keep asking if their was anything else they could do and on the 3rd try actually come up with something.
The third issue occurred on flight BA59. The 747 was an older version and my companion sitting next to me did not have her entertainment system working after it was rebooted. There were other seats available that they could have changed her to but all they said was sorry, its an old plane and there is nothing we can do about it. She spent 11 and half hours with a blank screen while everyone around her was watching movies and TV shows.

The fourth issue was when taking a domestic BA flight on Dec. 2 from Cape Town to South Africa. First my companions were not able to check in with me on the priority lane even though they had everywhere else. Then when one of my companions did check in they were asked if they had any medical issues. Having not travelled internationally very often she divulged that information which is private and should never be asked. Even the agent next to her look at her oddly. Once the medical information was divulged the agent acted like she had leprosy or something and would avoid getting close to her at all costs even though what she mentioned was not contagious at all. It made her feel discriminated in so many ways.
I am a world traveler and have never been asked this or treated with such disrespect. As a One World Emerald member I expected more from BA than the treatment we received. I have flown other partners including AA which is where my status originates from and i have never seen this.

Honestly i expected more from BA and it makes me thing twice about taking a flight operated by you. I hope that this helps mitigate some of the issues we encountered for future passengers.


  •   Sep 28, 2019

    The complaint regarding the flight along with request on reimbursemnet of the defined sum shall be submitted to the air carrier as follows in minimum:
    - air carrier name, address
    - passenger name address contacts
    - PNR / eticect
    - defined reason of reimbursment
    - the sum of the reimbursement

    The air carrier shall reimburse within 10 days, which usually air carriers do not do.
    The rest dispute shall be continue in the court.

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