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seat prebooking for a firat class ticket

I phoned BA in JHB to inquire why I could not prebook my first class ticket from Heathrow to Jhb on the 31st of July. Thos should be a formality with a first class ticket. Instead I was given a runaround of note. I first spoke to a person called Zuko who kept me on the line for 20 min without returning. In the interim I phoned from another phone and spoke to Evidence who was just as unhelpful and made me wait for 10 min without returning. I then asked to speak to the supervisor (Natasha) who promised me she would look into the matter. I phoned back twice the next day to inquire as well as leaving messages the day after, as she was never available. I am still waiting for a response from her. I find the service atrociously bad, with no real attempt to sort out the problem, and it is a first class ticket which is supposed to have SOME benefits.

Please respond soonest. They cannot tell me that they cant preseat me or tell me which seat has been allocated to me. I find that totally implausable. Ref no (YCFBNH)

Steve Breuning

lost my box at gatwick airport, there was a switzerland kuku wall clock inside box.

Hi, Subject: Lost my box at Gatwick airport, there was a Switzerland Kuku wall clock inside box. I am...

1 comment Manchester Airlines


i am compaining for my mother mrs j douglas 3 portal road knightswood glasgow g13 3xn who flew on a connecting flight heathrow to glasgow thursday 12th june flightba1474 my mother is 77 yrs old and had just flown from sydney and we asked for assistance however the problemn came at heathrow and my mother had to struggle when arriving ar glasgow airport this i find most distressing and can assure you will go into more details about this and myself will never fly with ba or recomend to any of my friends or family .

  • Je
    Jeremy Stevens Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Special assistance at airports is the responsibilty of the Airport Authority and NOT the airline. Check the facts and direct you complaint at BAA not the airline.

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  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    Oh boo hoo. How callous of YOU for making a clearly incapable 77 year old lady travel by herself.

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bookings and safety

We were unable to book the seats that we required and then on booking in a couple were upgraded to the seats that we were told were unavailable. We were given row 2 D and F in club class and was assured that seat E would not be used so that we would be together. Just before take off a man and a 3 year old child got on board and that child was given the seat between myself and my husband, seat E. the man then sat in the window seat of the row behind leaving us to deal with the child. We had 2 grandchildren with us sitting in economy and would have liked one of them to be with us not a strangers child.

On the return journey the front row was empty and 2 more passengers were upgraded to these seats. To add salt to our wounds our daughter brought our 4 year old grandson to sit with us whilst she used the toilet. He sat down put his seat belt on and we were told to remove him as soon as possible as they did not allow children in club class. We were very upset about this but decided not to make an issue of it on the plane. The flight details are London / Gatwick B A 2952 to Cagliari on the 31st May 08. Return flight B A 2953 on the 7th June 08. We have other issues about this flight regarding the booking in and miss allocation of my daughters seats but we would like you're comments on the above matter Peter and Lynne Wilkinson.

  • Je
    Jeremy Stevens Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What utter rubbish! Children are allowed in club class if the seat has been paid for. It seems that you wanted something for nothing. And BA do not guarantee that the centre seat will not be filled. Why didn't you offer to swap seats with the man behind you? I am sure that he would have much rather sat with his child. And in any case it couldn't have been all that bad as you seem to have discovered the age of the child so some sort of conversation must have taken place.

    People are often upgraded on flights usually if they are members of the executive club or have paid for an upgrade at check in.

    Maybe you should have booked you entire party into club then you all have been seated together.

    I feel sorry for your daughter left to cope with 2 children in economy.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Stevens Jun 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    By the way, read the t&c's BA, as with all airlines, do allocate seats but reserve the right to ammend them.

    Nearly every complaint on this website comes from the passengers inability to read things before they agree to them. It's just plain lazyness!

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bad experience

I have return flight (BA 0156) from Kuwait to London on 6th December 2007 as ticket with reservation code (QQQZBK) indicates. I notice that information which has been included into the ticket is not strict even with departure or arrival time. On the other hand, I have never notice any kind of information that may be included in ticket or else where mentioned the last time of checking in. I arrived at check in counter in Kuwait airport at 8:00 am on 6th December, but I have been told that the gate was closed. I begged them that I have an appointment at a hospital tomorrow. They without any kind of respect refused to check in my luggage after they checked with British Airways branch in Kuwait airport.

We went to Kuwait airline to check if there is any flight to London, we have been told that there is one at 10:00 am and we may be able to transfer the ticket to Kuwait Airline after my friend explained the situation to them. We want to British Airways office, the door were locked, we knocked it, a guy came out and we explain the matter and he told us that the ticket is not transferable because it is not endurable; this is another doubt! Then, when I asked him about rebooking for next day, he informed me that the ticket is invalid that is even before the boarding was started that is happened at 8:35, and then I asked for of the name of the employee, he wrote it down as “Wagol”.

We went back to Kuwait airline to book the ticket to London, I paid 115 K.D which I have a receipt to prove that, while we finished the whole procedure we went to check in counter and she refused taking my luggage because the gate was closed, we talked to Kuwait airline manager who instructed the counter to take our luggage. This incident shows that there are no strict rules in airports and for this reason I think your branch in Kuwait airport is responsible for my awful situation as well as for paying another ticket to reach my hospital appointment.

I think I have not been informed that I should be at the check in counter at specific time; neither have I been informed about the last time that I must reach the counter with. Therefore, there is no reason what so ever which give you right to put the responsibility on me and punish me by paying another ticket to reach my appointment. I am looking forwards to hearing from you and to get my right by paying back either my original ticket or the ticket which I brought from Kuwait airline, with many thanks for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,
Ammar Abbas.

  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    You arrived for check-in 30 minutes before departure and you expect this to be ok? Get real! This is completely your own fault. Why should BA endorse your ticket because you are too stupid to arrive at the airport in time?

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  • Ni
    nibor Jan 21, 2009

    British Airways is the BEST airline in the world!

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no refund

In November 2007, my mother and I booked two seats on flights from San Diego CA to London (via Los Angeles) for an 8-day round trip, beginning March 14, 2008.

Unfortunately, on the day of the planned trip, my mother had to go to the hospital ER and was unable to travel. The doctors told her not to travel for at least a week and so we tried to reschedule our flight with British Airways for the following week. However, they were fully booked and we were unable to get the flights we wanted.

In attempting to reschedule the flights with the airline, I was talking with Reservation Agent "Jessica", who advised me to completely cancel the tickets, since there were no available flights for our required dates, and request a refund from the airline. (She then advised me to rebook on another airline). Jessica mentioned that, since my mother was unable to fly due to a health matter, there would be no problem in getting a full refund. She also advised me to fax the appropriate paperwork from the doctors to BA, prior to the time of our first scheduled flight, stating again that there would be no problem in getting a full refund, since we had experienced a medical emergency. I followed her instructions and the fax was sent about an hour prior to flight time.

Other than one email advising us that we were entitled to a refund of taxes only, British Airways have thus far ignored our correspondence and requests for a full refund. At this point, they are not responding at all to us and we have tried on several occasions to contact them.

We are currently $1775.98 out of pocket and have received no further response from BA during the past two-plus months, other than an automated fax receipt.

I have contacted my credit card company but they cannot help in this situation as we are more than 90 days out from the time of booking, on November 27, 2007.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. $1775.98 is a lot of money for a Senior Citizen (my mother) to be duped out of.

  • Ra
    Rajesh May 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ju
    justreat Jun 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked a flight from San Francisco to Berlin via London on 04/24/10. This was around the time the volcano blew up. BA requested that passengers cancel or delay non-essential flights so that other passengers who were stranded around the world could get home. BA offered full refunds on their website for cancellations.

    When I called my booking agent to cancel they told me my flight had already been cancelled, and that although I was entitled to a full refund, the refund process would take 6 - 8 weeks.

    By now it's been nearly 10 weeks, my booking agent says they haven't received the money from BA yet, and BA says I need to contact the booking agent. BA hasn't even responded to my complaint via e-mail.

    What's up with these people? BA is holding $1000 of mine for nothing and I can't pay my rent. I want my money back, I want an apology, and I want people to know how rude and unprofessional BA is conducting itself. In my opinion BA deserves a good spanking. I also wonder if other people are in a similar situation.

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lost ba airmiles!

We booked BA return flight from Cape Town to Heathrow. We regularly fly BA and had almost enough BA Airmiles to upgrade to Economy Plus. I purchased enough miles to do this. and paid £50 each so we could move the flight if necessary.Unfortunately we need to change our return flight and we are now told that we have to pay £50 each (fine we knew this) and £155 each to change the date of the flight. We have lost our airmiles and cannot upgrade using airmiles again.

What a rip off!!! What a way to treat loyal customers!!! We won't be customers for much longer.

  • Ia
    IAN CURTIS Jun 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir,
    i wish to make my complaint about your staff, and questions asked on 20 june 2008.
    when i checked in at T-4 at 16.00 hrs i asked one of your staff,
    if i could add my lost air mile this time on check in...no.
    why i asked,
    you need to go on line,
    as i said i had been on line to b.a. and was told by mail all i had to do was,
    take my old ticket to check in and they will be please to add your lost miles.
    no ..can not do that...no smile or help...
    asked why...dont have the correct info...but i have it here in my old ticket, 3 weeks old.
    you have to go on line.
    told the lady that i have been on line...no help.
    then i was told to go and see the customer care manager...
    at the end of the decks, ...ok.
    was standing in line for 30 mins or more waiting my turn.
    at last went to your desk, to where i was told...
    so may be this might do so good, but looking at the staff which you employ, i dont hold out for much, or even a reply.
    so...lost mile which i would like to reclaim.
    25 April 2008
    flight number 77
    class M.
    london heathrow to luanda fevereiro
    luanda fevereiro to london heathrow
    booking ref; 4BW4KE
    seat number..30F
    E-Ticket number...125 712 2627534.
    all i require is to add my miles which i have done to my frequent flyer club executive club membership,
    membership number...18032243
    you have all the info here on my old ticket which i have passed on to you.
    so why is it so difficult to,
    A...GET this info passed on by email on your site.
    B... to get help for your staff at customer service at T-4 when
    you want to ask a question, and Not be told ITS MY BREAK, AND WALK OFF...
    iam going to be flying to and from luanda with B.A. for the next 2 years every 3 0r 4 weeks, so i would like a little help here if possible.
    would it be possible to talk to any one on a phone or give me the correct site to go to so i can try and add this on, or am i just talking to a computa.
    i would be great for a reply and a little help, but i will have to wait and see.
    thanks for taking the time to read this.
    ian william curtis.

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  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    Maybe next time you will be offered the moon on a stick. If you change, you pay the applicable fare - just like any other people who are rebooking to the same flight. BA did not force you to change your plans...sheesh...some people have so little in their life to worry about they find absolute nonsense to pester companies about.

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  • Of
    ofili Nov 30, 2008


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surprise! you owe $950!!

I booked a flight for my mother traveling from Prague to San Francisco on British Airways. She had a long layover in London (12 hours), and I intended to book a hotel for her. I changed my mind and called BA to see if she could get a shorter layover.

The customer representative told me that she could help me by "canceling the original return flight in the system." By doing this, she explained that I would NOT be charged the $200 change fee or the difference in fares. She advised me to then call back and just re-book, and reiterated that I wouldn't be charged any fees. I rebooked the ticket, and at no time did anyone ask for my credit card information, or request any payment whatsoever.

However, when my mother arrived at the airport, the BA representatives demanded more than $950 on the spot. With no other option, we paid this and have been battling to get it refunded from BA since then. A woman named Marcia Friedland from their Customer Relations department rejected the request for a refund. The whole thing is just RIDICULOUS. Had I known they were going to do this, I would have kept the original flight. This surprise fee almost DOUBLED the entire roundtrip ticket!

Shame on British Airways!

  • Ar
    Arvind Padmanabhan Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Mark,

    You will not get your money back by talking to BA. The only way is to take them to court. You can do it online. However, you should first write to BA formally explaining the situation and the amount owed to you. Do mention that you will take them court if you hear no response.

    In the worst case, if they do not respond, file your complaint online:

    You must have all supporting evidence (tickets, receipts,...) to win.

    Best Wishes,

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  • Ma
    Mariele Beckert Mar 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Mark,

    I'm just handling the worst experience ever with BA and wish I had heard any of this before...
    I made a booking, economy class, and then upgraded with mile to Business.
    Few things happened, I had to change my flight (this was London - NYC - London by the way) but was told I could not cancel just the return flight as it was booked economy with restrictions, which I agree.
    So then I asked if it would be possible to cancel the upgrade just on the return flight (as I would not be taking this), the lady who I spoke with on the phone was not sure if she could do that without charging me a fee (?).
    For some reason, they cancelled my whole upgrade and she even "wrote on the notes" that I had been advised that I could not cancel upgrade in 1 way only; it had to be both ways or nothing.
    They are now refusing to give my seat back, unless I pay $7,000!!!!
    No one respond to email, some of the agents are really rude.
    Although I am a Silver Club Card Member, I will not travel BA ever again!!
    About the change of plans I mentioned somewhere above; my return will not be to London but to Buenos Aires. I called, made the booking, asked if they had any seats available for upgrading, was told no.
    I paid for my upgrade, and right after they had charge my credit card (nearly $3,000) they CANCELLED my booking (?).
    These are the most unreliable people in the world. The CEO, Willie Walsh, has no idea what so ever of what he is doing - not saying I would do a better job, but taking as an example AA - BA do not know how to handle complaints, nor how to handle important issues, this is one of the most unorganized airways company ever!
    ...But then, United Kingdon is the most unorganized country I've ever been to. Everything you do here, you need to send on paper, by post or courier, and also need a proof that it was delivered; and you still got to go to court sometimes to solve the matter.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

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very poor service!

My daughter Sandra Velli was on BA0293 from Heathrow to Washington Dulles of yesterday, July 27, 2007. Flight was canceled. I have not been able to receive any information by e-mail or phone (at considerable expense) as to her wherabouts (hotel name, phone number,) airport lounge? Embarkment on another flight. It is urgent that I be able to contact her. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BA INFORMATION? IT IS BECOMING A TOTALLY UNRELIABLE AIRLINE.

With growing disappointment and disgust, Paola Ottolenghi Velli.

  • Le
    Leigh Squirrell Jun 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Complaints Department,

    My husband and I recently flew with two close friends for our annual holiday to Las Vegas with British Airways. Departing 28/06 from LGW for 7 nights. Unfortunately this was not a pleasurable experience on our departing flight.

    Firstly, I need to reassure you that I do not complain unless it's really necessary. I work with the general public myself in a tourist destination and understand that spirits are flying high (pun not intended!) But what we experienced was totally unacceptable!

    We were sat in row 29, seats J & K. When the member of cabin crew (Ruby, who was not polite or did not smile once) came with the first drink on-board, we were told that all Cava had gone? Unbeknown to us, another traveller had heard a conversation between the cabin crew discussing giving/saving all the Cava to the stag do on-board!

    We were the last row to be served our in-flight meal...And that is not an issue because someone is always going to be last. We were told that we couldn't have our first choice, still no problem as the dish was obviously very popular! We gave our second choice, then after quite a wait we were all served our first choice and was told we could have them as they were "rejects" from the first/business class section. This was NOT what my husband wanted from the beginning but we were told by Jack that he had gone out of his way to get them. Jack then said "well, you are probably sat in the worst row!". I am absolutely gobsmacked that BA would train their cabin crew to say this! The food is good when we eventually got it, but not enough for (roughly) a 10 hour flight. Jack then came with two complimentary cups of cava (after we were told it had all gone) which was a nice gesture, but there was THREE people sat in our row!

    Four hours into the flight and the stag groups had supposedly drank the plane dry. Excluding brandy and wines. Funny, that we still saw beers being served? I think jack is probably still trying to "locate" my husbands can of Heineken!

    Five hours into the flight and my friends TV stopped working. She was sat behind me in seat 30J. Cabin crew member, Shane came to assist her and said he would reboot etc...After a good 45 minutes, My friend was still without entertainment and didn't see Shane or any other cabin crew again, even though she pressed the button for assistance twice. On each of those occasions the light was switched off. I was going to the WC and thought I would let someone know that it still wasn't working. What I saw in the staff quarters was absolutely disgusting and unprofessional! Nobody took any notice of me until I had to ask "Is this a free for all and a youth-club?!" To which nobody cared! Jack was messing around, hugging and giving out snack KitKat bars to a drunken female passenger and Shane was "on a break". I told him that my friend has pressed her button for assistance (twice) to which he replied "oh, it mustn't be working?".

    At this point I asked for the cabin crew manager as this behaviour is totally unacceptable! Alison was the manager on this flight and came to see us with her tablet device. My friend was offered a £30 compensation voucher for the TV situation but unfortunately couldn't use it on the flight but thought maybe she could use it on the returning flight, she still hasn't received an email to confirm this. After discussing with Alison the problems we were experiencing, she actually said to my disbelief "you must just be having one of those days!". No actually, you are British Airways and YOU are in control of what happens during the flight! When I informed her that even Jack thinks we're sitting in the worst row, she just smiled a sympathetic smile?!?!

    Ok, so I have come to the end of my complaints...of which I'm sure your glad about.

    I cannot praise the cabin crew enough on our returning flight. All smiles and very pleasant/helpful. I'm sure it must help that they are more of a suitable age with probably more experience as apposed to those who acted like teenagers. Those kids belong on flights to Ibiza and Magaluf!

    I also understand that we were flying to Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world and everybody is so excited (myself included, I am only 32!)...but please note that this was my 3rd time in 4 years and was booked especially for my husband and I's 4th wedding anniversary after marrying there in 2010!

    We plan to holiday in Vegas a lot as it holds certain emotional memories/ties, along with some of the best times I've ever experienced so far...but I have to say that I will not be booking by price next time! I have encountered much better value, professionalism, service with the other one and only airline we've used in the past. I feel I have to reassure you that this is ONLY due to our departing flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas.

    Every passenger on board pays a lot of money for a flight, but it's a shame we all don't receive the same treatment.

    This is very unlike us to have to complain, but we suggest you take a closer look at the service you are providing as apposed to the service you say you offer!

    Many thanks,
    Ashley & Leigh Squirrell

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lost luggage!

My wife is French and frequently flies BA to Lyon via Heathrow. The last 3 times in a row her bag was lost. Each time it took longer to return it. This time she flew on July 3 Mancester-London, and was connecting London-Lyon, but due to potential terrorism all Terminal 4 flights were canceled. And our bag was lost. Now it is July 28, we are still waiting. We have phoned BA a dozen times, sent 15 emails, logged on the "lost luggage" site 50 times and the messages are always the same. Clearly BA has outsourced its baggage handling and is really having problems. I now rank it in the bottom 10% of airlines (I fly about 100000+ miles per year).

  • Am
    Amy Liao Dec 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing this complaint on behalf of my mother about the British Airways Airline. My mother went on a 2 weeks holiday to attend a relatives wedding ceremony. She left last week November 26, 2007, unfortunately her baggage did not arrive to the specific destination that it was suppose to. Until now, and it is December 5, 2007, my mother did not receive her lost luggage. She is so upset that she could not even enjoy the wedding ceremony that she especially went back home for. All she's been thinking about is where her luggage could be. She had her clothes in that luggage that she was going to wear at the wedding, and christmas gifts that we all sent for our relatives and cousins. They are all gone. My mother has been calling every single day for her luggage 's whereabouts, but no one could help. I want to know how such a big airline like BRITISH AIRWAYS could not find a luggage for 2
    weeks. What is taking BRITISH AIRWAYS so long to find something? When
    we send off our luggages into cargo, there are sticker tags attached to
    the luggages with our names and ticket number and such information, is there
    not????????????? Then how can they possibly take so long to find things. The
    luggages did not all of a sudden grow legs and run away from the airport.
    I am very angry about this, and I am very angry that my mother is thousands
    of miles away without her luggage and clothes for 2 weeks. She is coming back on December 12,2007, which is next week. Weddings should be a happy occasion to be attending, instead my mother is stressed out trying to find someone in the BA department to find her luggage. BA losing my mother's luggage and not being able to find her luggage has RUINED her holidays and being able to enjoy herself at the wedding. And who knows where her luggage could be? I mentioned about this issue to my co-workers, and they told me that it is "COMMON" for BRITISH AIRWAYS to lose luggages. THIS IS UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE. If British Airway knows about this ongoing problem, why are they not doing anything about it? Why are they keep letting it happen over and over and over again. I just don't understand. We pay alot of money for our tickets to fly in your airlines, it is unprofessional for BA to not take care of their customers. The luggages should be located within 24 to 48 hours, it should not take 2 weeks or more.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Strauss May 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    British Airways has horrible service and is to be avoided at all cost. I suggest sustained class action suits against them until management understands.

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  • Ia
    Ian Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am totally fed up with BA. In the last 12 months on five international flights they have managed to lose my luggage 3 times. Also, on landing at Heathrow from Singapore on a Saturday I had to wait 3 hours to get my luggage delivered on one of the two successful occasions they managed to do their job. The loudspeaker stated "due to staff shortages etc...". I pay on average $12000 a flight, and I expect a modicum of service and respect.

    The latest debacle is a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam via Gatwick. Do you think these idiots could deliver a bag straight through...Oh No! It got lost at Gatwick. Here I am in Amsterdam with no clothes, a Servisair tracking ticket, and of course...not even a wiff of regret by BA. After a complaining loudly about my situation I was given a pack with a t-shirt, razor and toothbrush. I HATE BA!!! This is one One-World Emerald passenger who is transferring his, and his entire companies business to Singapore Airlines...NEVER AGAIN YOU INCOMPETENT CLOUTS!!

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yet another missing luggage debacle!

Just over three weeks ago, I flew to Stockholm for a wedding. The date of my departure unfortunately coincided with the foiled car bomb attempts in London, and of course my (meticulously packed!) bag never turned up due to additional security checks. I had to assemble an entire new outfit in two hours flat – in a strange city and six months pregnant!

All I know, to date, is that my case was trucked with approximately 20,000 others to Milan about two weeks ago. The trail has since run cold. My blood boils each time I call the CLICK number ("We are currently experiencing extremely high call volumes... please call back later"), especially since the description of my suitcase was totally wrong . Finally, additional staff were deployed for a few days last week . I have to say, the two times I managed to get through the staff were helpful, efficient and even sympathetic but sadly this has not solved my wardrobe predicament.

I understand the problems BA are experiencing at the moment but I think if there was any way the victims could make any contact whatsoever, it would make the luggage debacle that much more bearable.

should I be grateful for being alive?

Our group of six people traveled from Helsinki/Finland to Honolulu/Hawaii and back via LHR-LAX using BA as a main carrier (+ co-chaired flights with AA and Finnair). The whole package makes in total 12 trips, during which not a single baggage item has been delivered on time.

At the destination – Honolulu, we’ve been waiting 6 days to get all baggage collected. According to BA’s personnel at LAX airport, our baggage missed the flight at LHR. Back here in Helsinki, it's now the ninth day of waiting and still four bags have a “tracing continues” status at the worldtracer site. There is a very strong indication that our baggage has been again stuck at LHR. I’ve reported my case through a BA customer contact web form, so far without any feedback. I allso called BA's customer support and received a very "friendly" comment: Being told about our baggage problems, BA’s person stated that “it’s better not to be blown up in the plane and wait a while for a baggage”. I must say it’s the most memorable comment I’ve ever heard from the airline service representative.

Yes I agree with BA, it’s nice to conduct each flight alive in general and particularly with BA to and from LHR. However, with all sympathy and goodwill I feel nowadays for BA (and other carriers and their personnel too), I'd have expected from BA a bit higher service ambitions than just keeping customers alive.

In case BA is willing to respond to this message, the similar story with the contact data has been sent through a BA’s customer contact web form.

horrible customer service!

I recently tried to book flights for my family from Cape Town to London return, I searched around and found BA flights where ideal timings and come out competitively priced.

I went through the website booking process happily enough, and was given a booking reference. The message was given that the booking was put on hold and must be confirmed using Pegasus within 96 hours and payment would be made offline - I was given a South African customer service number to call(though this wasn't mentioned anywhere!) in order to make payment.

I decided that I didn't really want to make an expensive foreign call, so called UK customer services to make payment. Having got through after a 25minute wait, I was then told that because this was a high risk fraud route that I couldn't make payment over the internet or phone but had to attend a BA sales desk at either Heathrow or Gatwick within the next 96 hours in order to confirm the booking and make payment. Alternatively I could try a travel agent.

I then made my way to a travel agent - who, not surprisingly couldn't use the booking reference that you'd given me. Instead they had to try and book me the tickets directly through their system - which came out considerably dearer (just under £300). At which point I called the BA customer services again, and explained the situation stating that I couldn't get to a uk airport in the next 96 hours but I want to book the tickets at the price indicated on the booking (~£2383). I was unhelpfully told that unless I went to the ticket sales desk I couldn't get that price.

I subsequently called Virgin Atlantic and South African Airlines to see if I'd have the same problem there. Both these organizations recognized that the route was a fraud risk route, and that as I wasn't one of the traveling party that additional checks would need to be undertaken. In neither case did these additional checks involve me having to go in person to an airport.

My complaints are as follows:

1. If it is understood that booking South Africa to London return is a high risk fraud route and therefore bookings cannot be made paid/confirmed unless done in person - why does BA allow potential customers to waste their time trying to book it online?

2. I sent a significant amount of time yesterday (totally up to over 1.30 hours) on hold trying to get through to someone in customer services.

3. One of my calls to BA customer service was to see what time the ticket sales desks were open in Heathrow, as that was where you'd advice me to go, there is no information on your website, and after waiting for over 30mins on their customer service line yesterday was helpfully told that who "don't give out your ticket sales desk number" - it didn't help an already frustrated potential customer.

4. As their competitors have found an acceptable method (for both parties) of verifying that I'm not a fraudsters - surely BA can work out a solution.

5. BA customer adviser appeared not to give a damn that I was wanting to spend a significant amount of money with BA, and was looking for some practical help to a genuine problem. I understand that there are business rules that they must adhere to, but as I work as a consultant to a national uk call center I am astonished at how poorly my call for help was handled - there was no empathy with my situation whatsoever.

As it stood - I was actually going to Heathrow to pick up my niece and nephews (from South Africa) this Sunday, and at a push, could have gone to the ticket sales desk (now that I know it would have been open at 5.30am, after waiting 30mins on the phone to find out). However, out of principal I have chosen to book with one of their competitors, the prices were very similar and were not the deciding factor. As BA appear not to care where I spend my money I decided I would prefer to spend it with a company that does. Both their competitors customer service was excellent - I got through to a call adviser, and they genuinely listened and understood my issues and concerns - perhaps BA should learn lessons from them.

My family make a significant number of trips between South Africa and London, and have previously been quite happy to fly with BA. However, after this incident was so frustrating we are unlikely to do so again. But as BA don't seem to worry about losing custom that shouldn't be a problem for them.

  • No
    northernpar Sep 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you know that BA can book you tickets on non-operated flights as per IATA policy? Bet you didn't know that they can also charge what they like for these flights and once the booking is made via them will blatantly do so? Well you do now.

    In a moment of madness where I placed my trust in BA to provide fair and ethical treatment and permitted them to book some internal USA flights I appear to have given away any hope of receiving fair and equitable treatment. BA attempted to charge approximately twice the price of the carrier for an upgrade/route change to the ticket (JFK to Vegas). In fact it would have been cheaper to cancel the BA ticket and buy a completely new ticket than to agree to the BA quoted upgrade. Is this a ploy to persuade airline travelers not to use non-operated or non-partner flights? Is this ethical in what should be a fair and competitive market? I'll leave that to you to decide.

    My decision is to avoid traveling with BA whenever possible and when/if I finally become CEO of my current company I'll take a leaf out of Chris Bell's book (Ladbrokes CEO) and really hit them where it hurts.

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  • Yo
    yousuf abdulkadir Sep 27, 2008
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    Verified customer

    your air line s you cancel my conection flight and wont me to spent the night in london in my expence. dear british do u think is that fare and force me to change my returing date.

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  • To
    tony Oct 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I am disgusted at the way a friend of mine as recently been treated by British Airways. A GROUP booking was made and paid for by my friend in January 2008 to go and celebrate her birthday in New York. Unfortunately, one member of the group has had to cancel due to unforseen cirumstances. The birthday girl telephoned firstly to ask for a name change in order that another friend could take the place but was told that it is British Airways policy that they do not do name changes. As a result of this a telephone call was made to cancel the place but the operator actually cancelled the birthday girls place by error and was unable to reinstate at that present time due to skelton staff working and was told that someone would get back to her. Needles to say no-one did so my friend contacted them and was told by a manager that it was in fact there mistake and assured her twice that this would be reinstated. After 2 weeks of my friend constantly contacting British Airways (as no-one had the curitisy to contact my friend to even just say that the matter was in hand) she has contacted them today and was told by an investigator that they are unable to reinstate and unable to reimburse the whole group. My friend as even enquired to see if she can buy another place (daft as there is still availability for the one that has not been cancelled ?) but was told it would be nearly an extra £700 and obviously she cant afford this. It seems quite straight forward to me, a booking was made for 6 people, 1 place cancelled in error, 5 people wanting to travel therefore it still leaves availability.

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will fleece you if your travel plans change

My wife and I have flown in BA many times between India and the US. We never had to change the booking till now. This time my wife has to come back early from her trip to India.

This is when I realized that BA has unreasonable terms of service in the ticket. I booked the ticket through an online travel agent (Orbitz). I did not notice that hiding behind a 'fare rules' link was a long fare basis code in all-caps that said 'CANCELLATIONS ANY TIME TICKET IS NON-REFUNDABLE.'

Most international flights can be canceled for a fee of $50-200 for a full refund. I was able to cancel my Air France ticket for $200. BA does not refund anything for cancellations. I wonder why anyone will cancel such a ticket.

They do not let you change flights before you fly - because only the travel agent can change the ticket. The travel agent gave me a quote for $3400 to change the return leg one month in advance. It costs only $1000 to book a new one-way ticket from India to US. Unable to change the tickets, the Orbitz rep kept forwarding me to BA, and the BA rep refused to handle any changes to the ticket. Finally, I bullied one of the reps to give me the phone to the manager, and the manager said that I could change the ticket once my wife flew the first leg.

My wife flew to India hoping to change the return ticket. Now the customer service reps in India's BA offices have excuses ranging from 'there are no tickets available from London to Boston in July' to 'our computer network is down'. I am trying to change the tickets from the US and I'm getting the run-around too. They have forwarded my 'request' to a 'pricing department' that takes 48 hours to come up with a rate for changing the tickets.

Unfortunately, I have no option but to wait for 2 days. In all likelihood they are going to take all the money ($1800 round trip) and probably ask for $1000 more to book another ticket. I will probably book a new one-way ticket from India in another airline and let the other return ticket go to waste.

I realize now that there is no such thing as a 'sure plan', and it makes no sense to go with an airline that is inflexible. I typically fly twice a year to India on official business and my wife flies once a year. We will never fly in BA again. We will also make it a point to warn our friends and colleagues about their 'KICK 'EM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN' fine-print.

  • Je
    Jeremy Stevens Jun 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    British Airways do, in fact, allow tickets to be cancelled for a full refund but only if you book a fully flexible fare in otherwords you pay the full ticket price. It would appear that on this occassion you, or rather your travel agent, booked the cheaper option of a non flexible ticket which cannot be cancelled.

    Maybe you should have read the t&c's in full before allowing your agent to confirm the booking.

    You can argue forever that BA or your agent was to blame but at the end of the day you are the only person responsible for not reading the small print properly.

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  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    Next time, don't book an ultra cheap ticket with Orbitz. If yo do, make sure you read the terms. If you want flexibility, you need to pay a bit extra. Airlines aren't charities.

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  • Oh
    Oh.Brutha Nov 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    So, you say the rules on the ticket you purchased were 'hiding' in all cap letters under the fare rules link? Why didn't you look first?

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delayed baggage for 5 days

I am a 68 yr old woman travelling alone from bangalore to dallas with a couple of baggages ... is a lousy - screwed system of baggage handling and customer relations from british airways...

I travelled bangalore - london - miami - dallas... After coming to miami i was told that my luggage did not accompany me to miami..inspite of the fact that i checked in the blr airport almost 3 hrs in advance...!

I was told that i can 'peacefully' go to dallas and the luggage in a day... Little did i know that british airways is notorious and is popular to delay and lose luggage on their flights ...

I am traveling alone and did not carry even a single set of clothes ... I am in someone's home who is a friend and it is the fourth day without my luggage ...

I have tried atleast 100 calls to the 1 800 number to speak to some sales representative but in vain ... It is extremely horrible and it is getting very embarrassing every passing day as i am not mobile and cannot depend on the people with whom i am staying ...

I have been constanting troubling the local vendor who delivers the luggage for ba and venting out of my frustration on them fully understanding that they are not at fault and cannot do anything ...:-((

I am now looking ways and means to sue you guys for all the embarrassment that i have been metted with and thinking if i deserve all this just for flying british airways ...

'word of mouth' publicity (!!) works wonders ... Need i say more ...

I hope this customer relations mail reaches some sensible people and that they act fast and deliver my luggage at the earliest...

I also spoke to some online support guy who tells me that ba does not have a 'non' 1-800 number ... !! Do they want me to believe this ...

How i wish i knew some foul language ... Am not looking for a good attorney to sue them for all the mental agony and frustration and trouble that i have gone thro' and am going thro ' for the last 5 days now ...!!

  • Da
    David Arnold Jul 16, 2007
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    Verified customer

    British airlines is at the top of the list for losing bags - don't fly British airlines!!! I was forced to take British airlines because they were $300 cheaper than united. Boy - what a nightmare! I left on Saturday (iad to lhr then to zrh). Have not seen my bags yet and it seems there is no one to complaint to. And, from what i have read, ba doesn't owe us a thing!!

    Any suggestions on how to get to talk to a person (like that would help). Boy, ba makes me really appreciate united (which i took for granted in the past). A month ago, we went to germany and holland on united and no problems at all with baggage or anything. When i think of it, united was a dream. This should be an advertisement to fly united whenever possible.

    Any suggestions at all would be appreciated!! I am still in switzerland with no medication / telephone charger / clothes / etc. Class action lawsuit???

    Suggestion - don't fly British airways unless you carry your bags on.

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  • Ni
    Nick Tillekeratne Jul 25, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Totally agree with your comments. British Airways: fly the flag - lose your bag. We flew out of Heathrow to Barcelona on Sat 14th July 2007 to celebrate my 40th birthday for 5 days. After all the BA chaos at the terminal for 2 hours we finally got to the bag drop and rushed through security. Unfortunately the bags didn’t make it. BA’s ground handling agent in Barcelona rude and not all helpful. The long wait to log the case was impossible as majority of the passengers didn’t have the bags. They gave us a astronomically charged number to call which was closed all weekend and menu only in Spanish. The tracing website which doesn't even work... and track your bag yourself''??? (Not quite that bad but you get my drift)... it still shows after a week we returned bags “still tracing” We finally got our bags on the day of our departure after 5 days. What is shocking is the ineptness and attitude of the airline in not responding to a travelers basic needs and communication. The Stress and inconvenience caused ruined my 40th birthday celebration and holiday. When passengers hand over their suitcases at check-in, they should be able to expect to see them at the other end. Good Luck to anyone fly BA, I have made my decision to avoid this airline for the rest of my life as we live in world spoiled for choice.

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  • Su
    Sue Yi Apr 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My husband and my first trip to Europe was a total nightmare. We were on our way to Belgium and had a transfer in London, at Heathrow airport. Unfortunately for us, it was the opening day of their "terminal 5". After a delayed departure from London to Belgium due to luggage problems, our bags never found us at the hotel we were in for 5 days. I don't understand why BA can't undo in 5 days the mess they created in just 1 day. We are back home now, thank God, and a week has gone by and I am sorry to say we are still without our bags.

    I have never experienced such complete negligence from a company or person. I have only to tell of my story to fellow friends and family as I await on the arrival of my luggage. Needless to say, I will never fly British Air again!

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  • La
    laughing "stock" Jul 19, 2008

    I totally agree!! I went from Barcelona to Manchester via Heathrow as a group leader of 28 teenagers and when we got to Manchester, 3 of us (including me) had lost the luggage!! and in my case it took 8 days to get it back!! it was a nightmare, being with no clothes, with not a thing for 8 days and not even knowing if i was going to see my belongings ever again!!

    when i flew back home, the 3 of us were wearing t-shirts with the words "I also lost my luggage with British Airways" and i guess that if you ask at manchester's airport and heathrow, they will still remember us!!


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  • Ca
    carlabarros Jul 27, 2010

    I lost my luggage 2 months ago since I am in my country for holiday. my trip started at cyprus with the turkish airlines and then I went to istanbul for transit. there, I made again the check-in but I changed the company to the british airlines. after that i went london-heathrow and then to angola. when I arrived in angola I didn't tahe my luggage. I complained with the company here in angola but they still not found my luggage. i has been alrady 2 months and I don't have the luggage.
    I would like to know if you can solve this problem or if I can as for the reimbursement.
    my regards

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  • BurgerMeisterMeisterBurger Jul 27, 2010
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    Verified customer

    If you fly again, maybe try using UPS to ship your luggage to your destination. I believe they have a specific system in place now. You will also have less worry of it being pilfered. Sorry it doesn't help you now.

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contemptuous attitude

In June 2006 on returning from Africa, I was verbally abused by an extremely drunk person upon taking my seat in World Traveller Plus. Verbal abuse of myself, and several other passengers carried on for an hour into the flight. After checking the cabin for spare seats, I then moved into economy. When asked by the purser why I had moved, I explained what was happening, and questioned the purser on BA's policy of allowing intoxicated passengers to fly. I was told it was none of my business...but that there were mitigating circumstances. After the meal, I then requested a drink that was not available in economy class as "compensation" for the disturbance experienced in World Traveller Plus. I was refused by the purser, stating that I had moved into economy through of my own vocation, and that I had not been disturbed. After 15 minutes of further discussion, where I pointed out the distress of the other passengers, and the woman sitting next to the drunken gentleman looked visibly scared, when I had left the cabin, I was told that the situation was under control, that the drink was getting no further alcohol, and that it was now me that was causing the problem. Shortly before landing I then moved back to my original seat, and to my amazement witnessed the drunk drinking wine out of a BA provided wine bottle!

Later I sent a note of complaint, where I then received very little sympathy, and no offer of compensation. Two months later I received a survey invite from BA inviting me to comment on their complaints service... which I then did... and again little or no response.

The main complaint is that British Airways the supposed flag ship of the United Kingdom in my opinion has lost its way when compared to its rivals in Europe such as Air France, and KLM. They have no understanding of service quality, and their contemptuous attitude of both their staff, and administrative staff in dealing with customers complaints is deplorable. As a frequent flyer, all air lines will have mishaps from time to time. The true quality of an airline is how their staff handle such mishaps. I suppose I should just be grateful that I wasn't just told "to get over it", as the first class passenger from Delhi to London was told when he complained after staff placed the body of a woman that had died onboard the plane after 3hrs into the flight in March 2007.

  • De
    Deb Cutty Jan 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What I cannot accept is the BA's latest call that it not allow one of it's employees to wear a Christian cross around her neck but yet will allow all other forms of religious symbols to be worn by others. Christianity is then being discriminated against. I can't fly an airline like that.

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  • Ah
    A.HOULDEN Apr 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please find enclosed an e.mail that i recieved say that B.A. cannot reunite baggage with their owners, surley they have names and addresses on them, i for one would help distribute the luggage back to the rightful owners i live near the airport and there must be lots of people within the area willing to earn mone from this, i can go nationwide if nescerssary

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  • Da
    DASA Feb 26, 2011

    British Airways is the Bank of America of airlines. They will throw their passengers under the bus to make a profit. fI bought my mother ( 72 years old) a ticket to Egypt for a Christmas present. Our departure is this Spring ( in a matter of days). Because of the recent revolution, I called for a refund. They told me that they had rescheduled their flights so that they could get us into Cairo before the curfew!!! AND THEN WHAT??!!?? No safe transportation, anywhere. Delta airlines has graciously returned the money to travelers to Egypt. I have no doubt those passengers will return to Delta to fly.

    A classaction suit chould be inacted against this company that places profits over safety. I'm sure there are more who have suffered at the hands of this complny.
    Stay away from this airline

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  • Cu
    Customersusuallyknowsbest Mar 12, 2011

    Companies that are willing to place their customers in a danger zone and just leave them, is completely stupid! Are there any humans behind this company? Come on BA step up and do what is best for the customers.

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  • Co
    Completelackofempathy Aug 02, 2012

    I've no doubt that BA do have some good crew members working for them but there will always be those that make them all look bad. It strikes me that it is usually bullies who are promoted in a narcisstic culture where profit comes first and there is no creativity. That is probably why the problem of arrogant, insensitive, unethical, unprofessional and narcisstic crew members still exists. Like promotes like unfortunately. I had a bad experience with crew too but let it go until i had properly digested what had happened. It really was unbelievable but true so wrote to head office to ask them to train their staff, (who well and truely dropped themselves in it) properly.

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customer harassment

To: British Airways,

I am writing to you (again) giving a brief summary of the harassment I am facing from your company, British Airways in order to receive a refund and compensation of a connecting flight which was cancelled on my way to Paris for my Honeymoon.

We got on a flight from Calcutta – London on 20/Dec/06 with a connecting flight to Paris the same day after a few hours. All flights got cancelled to Paris because of fog.

The BA staffs were very unhelpful and un-cooperative in booking us to another flight. They did not provide us with any meal vouchers or hotel accommodation and told us that we will have to stay in the airport overnight. They were extremely rude and it seemed that they were purposely unhelpful in assisting us with formalities for a temporary visa.

Finally After 8 hours at the airport without anything to eat we finally got visas. Again they were very rude and refused to give us temporary accommodation for the night. One ground staff told us to take the train to Paris and claim the same from BA later.

So lugging our bags we took a train to the station and took the tunnel to Paris.

At the airport we were told that BA had processed the refund for our cancelled flight and it will be credited to my Credit Card automatically.

After we reached India – I send a formal request for a refund online. When I called the call centre they told me they are not able to process anything and it is going to be approved from the UK itself.

Ever since January I have contacted the call centre at least 10-15 times – Each time I have to wait on hold for 20 minutes and half the times I don’t even get through. Each time they tell me that they are sending a request for a refund and it will take 6 weeks to get credited. Each time they gave me a different email address – where when I emailed – the emails used to bounce back!!!

Ever since January I have contacted BA through its website at least 10 times

Responses Received

15/Feb/07 - Please contact your travel insurance company

04/Apr/07 - I have also passed on your details to our refunds team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible about your ticket refund. I'm afraid I cannot refund the cost of your alternative travel arrangements

10/Apr/07 - We are investigating your case, so there might be a short delay in responding to your email.

17/Apr/07 - I have, though, sent your details to our Refunds Department for the refund of your ticket. They will be in touch with you shortly.

29/May/07 - For the refund of your unused British Airways tickets, I have passed on a copy of your letter and email to our Refunds Department. They will get in touch with you soon

31/May/07 - I have contacted our refunds department in the UK and unfortunately as you bought your tickets in India we are unable to refund the London to Paris tickets which were cancelled. However if you contact the sales office in Delhi which you used to buy your tickets, they should be able to refund this part of your ticket.

The Delhi office refuses to do anything about it as they claim that they “are only a marketing office and that they have no power”!

Not to forget compensation for my alternate travel arrangements, compensation for a lost day of vacation, compensation for a ruined start for our honeymoon, you are pretending that if you refund my ticket you will be doing me a big favor!!


Our 6 month anniversary is coming up – and there is no sight of any progress

And on top of that you pass statements like “I hope this has not deterred you and your wife from flying with us again in the future.”

Sharad Jhunjhunwala

  • Mr
    Mr Din Mohammed Jul 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Din mohammed
    95 Balsdean Road
    BN2 6PG

    19 July 2007

    British Airways Customer Relations,
    EU Compensation Claims,
    PO Box 5619, Sudbury,
    Suffolk, CO10 2PG, United Kingdom.

    Ref: Flight BA6996 Sunday 24/06/07 To Tenerife South
    File Reference TFSBA13036/24 JUN07/1118GMT
    TAG NUMBER BA364857/BA364858

    After over twenty years of traveling with British Airways I feel I need to write this letter and make a formal complaint, this was my first trip to Tenerife with my new wife after we where married in JANUARY 2007, and were BOTH VERY disappointed.

    First i would like to say , we travel to Tenerife every few months at the moment and also have another two flight booked one for October 2007 and one in January 2008 with B A , as we are having a villa built in Torovicas Tenerife.

    And we always use B A as we feel it is the airline we can trust! For time keeping and service ,this is very important to us ,because we also run our own business here in Brighton. We can only get limited days off when we travel to Tenerife, Always from Sunday to Thursday.

    Problems seemed to start right from the begging, when we got to British Airway checking two and half hours before our flight there was only two counters open and one out of order, making us late for our flight so we had to rush otherwise we would have missed our flight! On the other hand there was about 4 0r 5 counters open for fast drop!!

    When we arrived at Tenerife South our luggage was lost and was told that it will be dropped off at our hotel in the evening, which did not happen, and was then told that it will now be dropped off on Monday which also did no happen finally we received it on Tuesday morning 26/6/07.so half of our stay in Tenerife was with out our luggage, which also contained my medication for my acid reflux.

    My wife also wanted you to know that there was no in-flight entertainment, when we asked a member of the cabin crew WHY! They mentioned that it had been out of order for a few weeks!, buy assured us that our return trip the in-flight entertainment was working, if i was to run my business in this manner, i would not be in business very long.

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  • Yu
    yudhbir singh rawat Jun 25, 2009

    hi this is complaint to genral manager british airways.
    hi, my name is yudhbir singh rawat, ym ba flight was on 20TH june at 0225 am. by mistakely i missed this flight, and i came on 21ST june at bom csi airport the flight no. was ba 138. I spoke to the airport back ba office, and they told me that dont worry we will send you today, but wait till all regular passanger check in. and all passanger checked in, then they said sorry we cant help.. even ba counter staff not ready to talk properly. they were very roude, and rough, specially third counter lady from left.
    i am regular british airways passanger, so to see your counter staff attitude i felt very bad, hope you will consider this complaints.
    thank you very much
    yudhbir singh rawat

    14455 st, germain dr,
    centerville, va-20121{ u.s.a}

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hidden fees

I booked a return flight 02/06/07 from Sao Paulo, Brazil to London Heathrow. I have always paid BA in 10 payments without interest on my credit card.

Today I am informed, after questioning the terms of payment by credit card, that it is BA's policy to charge one payment for bookings on the internet, bookings by phone can be made in three payments on a credit card without interest.

BA's credit card policy should be published, not hidden away only for the eyes of their employees. I am appalled at this total lack of consideration for BA's customers,to travel from Brazil to the UK is very costly, I understood credit cards were for the use of by responsible people to plan and finance their expenses. The ''World's Favorite Airline'' has shown its true face once again. The last time I travel BA, a loyal customer for over 30 years, they have really earned themselves some extremely bad publicity and PR.

  • Ja
    JakeT57 Sep 18, 2008

    Yeah right...recent economic events really prove that "credit cards were for the use of by responsible people to plan and finance their expenses." BA is an airline - it doesn't want to turn into a debt collector for people who default on payments. This is a responsible approach from BA.

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luggage debacle

My wife and I recently flew British Air (BA2192 - May 4, 2007) from Dallas to Gatwick, London. Going over we checked three suitcases, and took on board two small wheeled-suitcases that fit nicely in the overhead.

On our return flight (BA 2193) from Gatwick, we checked four suitcases. However, as we proceeded to the boarding gate, BAA (airport authority) inspectors asked us to place our two wheeled-suitcases in the dimensional box to make sure they qualified as carry-ons.

They fit, however, the wheels protruded so they forced us to check both carry-ons as excess baggage at a combined cost of US$483! These were the very same suitcases that traveled in the overhead bins on the flight over at no charge.

British Air has not responded to my inquiries, and BA workers at the excess baggage counter referred us to the BAA who cited "increased security concerns" which had nothing to do with baggage sizes.

Our otherwise fine visit to the U.K. was marred by this shocking demand for exorbitant costs. Needless to say, we will never fly British Air again with manhandling like this.

Wayne Specht,
Astoria, South Dakota, USA.

  • Ha
    Harith Taha Jun 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to strongly compliant about British Airways and their partners “Antler Ltd” the "luggage company", I traveled from Geneva to London in May 07 and my luggage was damaged during my trip with BA, Antler Ltd has handles replacement of Luggage very very badly with their dishonest drivers, BA believes that Antler are wonderful and I am in between, I complained to the Customer service departments 10 days ago in a letter addressed to Maxine Haywood and yet not even received a reply but was told that BA did not receive my letter (after 10 days) despite the fact that I have prove of postage certificate... I think the only way forward is to contact the regulators and put a court case tribunal against BA for the bad service they provide in order to get compensation.

    Harith Taha.

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  • So
    sofiane said Oct 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to complaint about British airways and their partners I was booked my flight on 4th october2007 from Edinburgh to London and to Algiers the same day, but they confront my flight to Algiers was cancel until next day but i was very upset because I lost very important things with family I was plan to travel this day to Algiers since January 07.

    s said.

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  • Sa
    sadess Feb 02, 2010

    british airways is the worst for baggages .if a passenger have 24kg at the airport they said we have to pay please do our passengers a big favour for british airways futur and we get this problem at london heathrow and dublin.
    hopefully next time if i dont have any hand bags i have just a 25kg luggage hopefully its will be granted

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departure problems

Re: British Airways
To Whom It May Concern,

I am contacting you with the hope of getting your cooperation in relation to flight departure data from Accra to London for myself. This is just a request on the basis that you will assist me as the appointed airline as will be mentioned in this letter. My friend from Ghana was due to leave Accra airport on May 2nd for Heathrow according to the vague itinerary data I had been sent after this arranged flight by her agent whom I cannot get hold of. She is supposed to be a member of a group of nurses sent by a Mr. Collins from Asiko travel based in Accra? However I have sent this woman 4000 euro+ with the aim of meeting her in London and I cannot locate if she is in Ghana or London? My real purpose of asking your assistance is to see if the woman mentioned Philomena Opare has departed for London on the specified date(s) mentioned above. I would be grateful if you could answer this query, as it would sort this part of my inquiry out. She has not contacted me or answered my calls to her I don’t know what to do since the date mentioned of May2nd. I would be grateful for your cooperation and it will be kindly appreciated by myself. This Mr. Collins has not supplied me with any documented proof of this flight? Below is the sparse data that I have been supplied with after I insisting that I be sent proper proof of payments and receipts. I hope you can assist me through your British Airways offices if possible. Thanking you.

Name: Miss Philomena Opare
Nationality: Ghanaian
Date of Birth: 1977 I think?
Occupation: (nurse I think}.
Flight: BA 0078: Terminal 4 Heathrow: May 2nd.
Agent: Mr. Collins. E-mail: [protected]@myway.com
Philip Phelan.