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Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]koa in wi dells

Very rude at check in. We were there an hour early and she rudely told me I was lucky it was open. I said we were sorry but tried to get set up before the rain. Also I talked to the people in the office before booking asking for suggestions as our trailer is 34' and has two pullouts. The sue was so small we had to pull in our awning partially to allow our neighbor to pull in. No room to do anything on the site.. I would never go again.

koa in wi dells

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    Jul 19, 2020

    Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — Staff

    We have been discriminated against because we have a special needs child. They have harassed us nonstop and...

    Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]Conditions of the campgrounds

    We stayed at Treasure Lake KOA in DuBois, Pa from 6/27/2020 to 7/2/2020 out site numbers were 0961 & 963, and paid $515.65, it was the worst place. The Picnic tables were so old the kids were getting splinters off them, even with a table cloth that was plastic it got ripped up quickly, I could not use the other table at all due to it was rotten, the seat lifted off nails and all. The grass around the play ground and swimming pool was 8" to 12" high, and the pool was so cold you could not get in, they would not turn on the heater. They said they had a GaGa game, but did not even start to build it until the day before we left, and that is when they started to cut the grass and put the pool heater on, I guess the 4th of July customers can have a nice time but not the rest of the paying customers. We also had a garbage truck coming throught at 3am in the morning scaring the kids half to death. Not only should I have some of my money back, I will never or my family go to a KOA again. I wish I would have taken photos to show you

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      Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]Over charged me and gave me the wrong cabin

      I Was over charged for the cabin and then i was not even put in the cabin i paid for, I received a lower in cabin. i view the layout for the cabin to verify the one I paid for. When I spoke to the owner who did absolutely nothing to compensate me for the mix up. My family stays in KOA campgrounds quite a bit and this was enough to deter me from ever staying in a KOA again. Not only did the owner not even compensate me or give me what I paid for the owner was also very rude and always knocking on our door so the peace and quiet I went to receive did not happen either. never have I been so displeased with KOA.

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        Dec 06, 2019

        Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — reservation

        The KOA campground in Waynesboro, VA will not let me stay there because I'm a local. Only if I am from out of...

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        Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]camping

        I recently stopped at a KOA in San Mateo County to see if there were any openings for the evening. There were but not for people that had a roof top tent. I own a tepui tent that I paid 2K for. Great looking tent, less of a foot print. We were told that the owner forbids roof top tents in his KOA. When cutomers come to camp after traveling long distances and go to check in only to get turned away because of their tent you can believe there are some pretty angry birds out there. Get with the program KOA this is called progress. Don't know if it is it is this KOA only or all of them. I know I won't be back to any of them now!

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          Sep 10, 2019

          Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — no refund even as dorian approaches the campground

          Stayed here for 4 nights paid for 6 . We had to leave due to the weather of Hurricane Dorian, I requested a...

          Sep 03, 2019

          Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — Manager complaint - angelee hobson

          I am not a complainer - but wanted to share my utmost disappointment at your Lava Hot Spring City Center...

          Lava Hot Springs
          Aug 30, 2019

          Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — restroom/shower building were very dirty

          We checked in on Monday 9/26/19, we had two deluxe camp sites. Went to use the restroom after setting up our...

          KOA Riverside North Durango, Coloradorv sites

          We love KOA campgrounds. We stay in them often. However, the sites in Durango riverside are very unleveled. The site we are parked in is so unleveled the sewage is backing up into the hose. We asked an employee about fixing the problem. He immediately became irritated and accused us of threatening him. Nobody threatened him. We simply told him there was a possibility of sewage spilling on the ground due to the problem with the site. We also went to the office to explain the problem to the lady in the office here and she became rude and irritated. The sites we are in are considered premium. We just want the problem resolved.

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            Jul 28, 2019

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — horrible experience during our 7/26/19-7/28/19 stay. unsafe equipment causing injury to a child..

            First of all we have stayed at varios KOA's and love all the amenities and activities that are offered but...

            Jul 21, 2019

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — no refund for amenities that i, paid for manager / owner disgustingly rude to paying customers

            My name is julia and my family (daughter son and 8 year old granddaughter) stayed at salmon falls koa thi...

            Jul 20, 2019

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — I was eating up by bed bugs

            I stayed at your KOA in the Great Smokies Cherokee in a rule cabin k63 I believe my name is James C wheeler I...

            Jul 17, 2019

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — tree service

            We have done 14, 900 worth of tree work at the KOA in Milton Florida by the permission of Manager Mike and...

            Jul 11, 2019

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — premium service, sub par, company could care less

            I am traveling from Florida to California and back with our new travel trailer. I can tell you I am very...

            Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa

            This is a complaint of the Harpers Ferry/Civil War Battlefields KOA and its General Manager Jessie Getman.
            On Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019, at approximately 1:00 - 1:30pm, my wife and I arrived back at our 5th wheel where we have been staying since mid April while working as Insurance Adjusters in the area. There were two men using a backhoe digging a trench directly behind the pedestals on our row of rvs.
            When we entered our 5th wheel, the power was off and it was rapidly warming up. I stepped outside to ask the men what they were doing, and they explained that they were digging up the sewer line that had clogged with tree roots so it could be replaced, so that the laundry facility could be opened (which had been closed for a few days). I asked one of the men to plug my umbilical back into the pedestal as I had an animal inside my 5th wheel and it was getting hot. He promptly did and apologized for unplugging it. I went back inside and we still had no power. My wife took our animal out to the truck, started it and turned the AC on. I tried various things, resetting our fuse box, resetting the pedestal, plugging in without our surge protector, everything. Still no power. By now the thermostat was sitting at 95 in our 5th wheel, and I had our 12v fans going trying to cool the place down. I couldnt get anything to work that wasn't on battery power, and couldnt figure out what was wrong. I went back outside and talked to the men with the backhoe, and one of them admitted to cutting an electrical line to the light pole next to our 5th wheel but explaining it was a separate circuit and had nothing to do with the pedestal.
            I decided to go to the office at this point and discuss the situation with Jessie Getman, the General Manager. I asked for her at the front office and was told she was just leaving for the day, but since she was standing there I could talk to her. I asked her about the work being done behind our 5th wheel, and why was our power off. She stated the men were replacing the sewer pipe and that the power had only been off for a half an hour. I explained to her that I had an animal in our 5th wheel, much like most full timers and campers, and that it was hot. She said, "Its only been a half hour, there is no problem, and your power is on!" I stated that I had not been given notice that work would be done behind my pedestal, that the electricity would be shut off for an undetermined amount of time, and that she acted in an irresponsible and unprofessional manner. She started raising her voice reiterating that my power was on, and if it wasnt, it was my fault, and the problem lay with the 5th wheel itself. I told her that i was pissed at her and left before the situation deteriorated further.
            I went back to our 5th wheel and continued to troubleshoot the issue with no luck. I went back to the office to speak with Jessie Getman, and she insisted that, "The issue lies with your rv and not with KOA." I was then told that I would have to hire an electrician to come out and fix my rv. Again, I left the office with no real answers.
            My wife was able to reach Dave Arsenault with RV Road Tech and he was able to make it out about an hour later. Dave began troubleshooting at my fuse box, at my umbilical, and at the pedestal. He had all his digital ohm meters, and everything said the 5th wheel was getting 146 volts. He explained this was wrong since nothing was working and he continued to work on the issue. During this time Jessie Getman came out to "supervise" her crew and the team that was now filling in the trench. She refused to answer my questions, and basically had everyone ignore me or state that the issue was the 5th wheel. Dave finally opened the pedestal, saw that it wasnt grounded and the plugs were bad. He connected everything, then turned my AC unit on and watched the voltage drop from 146 to 40. At this point Dave explained to the 2 men with the backhoe and the other KOA employees that they did indeed hit something in the ground, and that the issue was KOA and not our 5th wheel.
            As the other full timers in our row were coming home, every single one of them came out to where everyone was standing to complain they had no power. Dave Arsenault began helping the other full timers, and another electrician showed up. They determined that whatever line was hit fried out our neighbors transfer switch between his generator and umbilical and was a $1000 repair. The neighbor at the top of the row, had smoke and burn marks from his control panel where the thermostat sits. I believe that was a $750 repair. Jessie Getman the General Manager refused to believe any of this, and stated that if the crew with the backhoe had cut something, "something big would have happened!", as she waved her arms around crazily. I made a mental note to ask KOA Corporate when I file a complaint against Jessie Getman to ask if she is a certified Electrical Engineer.
            I asked Jessie Getman about covering the cost of having to call my own electrician and she refused to discuss the matter with me further. I was given a key to one of the cabins so that my wife, my ferret, and I had a place to stay until this matter was resolved. No further discussions between the KOA staff or anyone on our row was had. Jessie Getman had told everyone to stop talking to us.
            Wednesday, July 3rd, my wife and I took our ferret and went to work. We arrived back in Harpers Ferry around noon, cutting work short, to handle what was going on. Jessie Getman was outside the front office when we pulled up, she saw us, and went inside. When we asked one of the KOA employees at the desk to speak with her, we were told, "she will not speak to you, she will not speak to us (the employees) about what is going on, and refuses to deal with anyone." I explained to this employee that we needed some sort of timeline to work with as we work almost everyday, and we have an animal. The employee agreed, and stated, "Jessie has issues dealing with people in general, that her social skills are lacking, and that she cannot handle any type of crisis." I asked why she was in charge then, and was told by the employee that he did not know. He did say however, "Jessie does not care about the full timers at the park, she is only concerned with the campers that stay a day or two."
            We went back to the cabin to continue working on our insurance files. After a couple of hours I needed something from the 5th wheel and walked over to it. As I was walking over I saw an electricians truck and three men and a large spool of cable where all the power comes for the park. I went over to the men and asked if they could give me a timeline on the repair. One of the men stated it was a temporary fix to make it through 4th of July Weekend, and then they would figure out what to do from there, but they hoped to have power to our row within two hours. Thankfully, they accomplished their goal and we have been in our 5th wheel since then.
            I have heard from other employees that a KOA Corporate RV was here a month ago and performed a surpise audit of the place. I also learned that there is a husband/wife team of KOA Ambassadors here on the property that "put out fires'" but none of us on this row has met them yet. I tried filing a formal grievance with KOA Corporate, but again, its 4th of July Weekend and no one answers the phone. One of my neighbors said his electrician told him that the Harpers Ferry KOA had to pay an rv owner $4500 last month due to an electrical issue at his pedestal that fried out both of his AC units.
            This park has issues, most notable is the General Manager Jessie Getman. Her attitude and demeanor toward full timers and campers is palpable, and evident in that many of her employees also act and treat people the same way.

            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa
            management of harpers ferry/civil war battlefields koa

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              Jul 05, 2019

              Kampgrounds Of America [KOA] — below standard campsite

              We were told that with our reservation the campground was full. Upon arrival we were assigned tent site #4...

              Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]cody koa

              First I called and asked for site 73; on arrival they said I asked for site 4 which is an impossibility. I have never been on this side of the park. We r next to the pool, which I might add all the towns people are in. We are paying 78 dollars a night and we can't get near the pool. The office told me that townspeople can pay 125 a family and get a pass to swim everyday if they wish. I have never seen this in a koa and I don't care too. Check when the reservation was made. Months ago.i have sent u a video of the pool

              Janie and Danny Deshotels
              Robert and Sandra Deshotels

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                Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]nashville koa

                I was made to feel like I was going crazy about bedbug bites. Manager was rude and said the rain must have made all the spiders come in the cabin and bite multiple times. I should go get bug ointment. No discount or compensation was offered for inconvenience of so called multiple spider bites. Worst experience of my life. I could not sleep because I did not know when I would be attacked again. Ruined my experience of Nashville.

                nashville koa
                nashville koa

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                  Kampgrounds Of America [KOA]koa vernal utah

                  Daniela & Markus Heimgartner
                  930 North Vernal Avenue
                  Vernal, UT 84078

                  The concrete walk way outside the pool gate is cracked all the way across and slants downwards. There is one step down which is not marked with an identifying safety color strip or caution step down sign. On June o1, 2019 I was leaving the pool area through the gate around 6pm. With the shadow from the surrounding trees and shrubs, I wasn't able to clearly see the step down. I stepped down on my left foot and fell hard onto my left side, I then rolled over and landed on my back. I stayed laying on my back for several minutes trying to catch my breath and to get my bearings before attempting to get up. Once I was able to get up I went to the bathroom to clean the blood from my leg. I also cleaned the dirt and grass from my hair and clothes. I went and told my family who was in the pool area. We went to the office right away to report my fall. I spoke with the owners Daniela & Markus Heimgartner and the office employee Rebea. I was offered an ice pack by the owners. I informed them that I wanted to file an incident report but, they were busy getting ready for the movie that was being played for the campground at 7pm. They were very dismissive so I told them I would come back in the morning before checkout to do the incident report. They said we could have late checkout if we wanted. The next morning as my family packed up to leave, I went ahead of them to the office to check out and to file an incident report. The lady that checked us out was not the same as the night before. She gave me the checkout receipt like I asked for. When I asked about the paperwork that I needed to document my fall, she called the owners and they said that there was no such papers to fill out in regards to any type of injuries. The owners refused to put my official statement down on paper. I asked to speak to them in person but the lady employee told me that they wasn't on site. A few moments later the owners walked in and the husband Markus was visibly angry and told me that there wasn't anything more they could do for me so it was time for me and my family to leave. Words were exchanged because I didn't understand why he was acting so hostile towards me. When the office was closing the nite before, I was talking to his employee Rebea and she told me that he wanted her to remove our email from the account so that a follow up survey wouldn't be sent to us because he was afraid to get a bad review. Rebea said that she didn't do what he asked. When I confronted him and his wife, he became outraged and came charging at me from around the counter. Markus would have put his hands on me if his wife had not jumped in front of him and physically stopped him from reaching me. At that point I was scared and called the police.

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