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I had been(!) using booking.com for years and during this time I felt comfortable about giving my credit card details to them. However, I realized that this was a big mistake because I understand that they just pass your credit card details to the hotel and feel no responsibility about it, they dont care if the hotel overcharges you or even charges you for nothing as in my case . For a booking at Etap Hotel Paris, I canceled my reservation timely due to a change in my travel plans, it was an early cancellation and it was clearly stated thatI would not be charged for this cancellation. But now I see the hotel charged the full fee, when I call booking.com this the answers I get: yes you they shouldnt ahve charged you but we didnt receive the payment so we cannot guarantee you the refund, it may take months(!), a few days is a very little time to solve this issue etc.
So never trust booking.com, find a trustworthy hotel yourself

  • Booking.com's response · Jun 06, 2011

    We're sorry to hear of your concerns! Please note that Booking.com uses a secure connection for all bookings. Should you have any questions, including issues with a particular reservation, don't hesitate to contact our customer care team. Contact details can be found here: http://www.booking.com/wecare.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ca
    Cath99 Feb 24, 2010

    I had the same experience. DO NOT BOOK through booking.com!

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  • Tr
    Trusted Traveler Aug 30, 2018

    @Cath99 I have the same experience with Booking.com. They pass along your credit card info to the hotel and let the hotel charge you however much they want . Booking.com does not screening hotels either, some of them are scams, as I later discovered .

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  • Ar
    AriSharon Sep 09, 2010

    I was robbed by booking.com !

    I placed an order through booking.com, but did not get confirmation email for this order.
    a day later a called booking.com agent, asking why I did not get confirmation email. He told me that there was technical problem with my order, and I should place a new order.
    Therefore I have placed another order, for the very same hotel.

    Coming back home from the vacation, I figured out my credit card was charged twice by some unknown travel agency ! Asking booking.com for a refund gave me a chilled response. They remove all responsibility from them and asked me to ask refund from the travel agency!
    The travel agency did not understand what I was talking about. They showed my faxes with the orders they got from booking.com under my name, and with my credit card number !
    Apparently, there was a typo in the e-mail address I gave on my 1st order. The fact that I have contacted booking.com and they told me my order was rejected did not make any difference for this company. The fact that booking.com received error messages saying the email address is wrong did lit any red light for the company. They had my credit card number and that's what was important.

    I will never never again booking with booking.com. They take no responsibility for their mistakes, and leave you alone to cope with the travel agency/hotel to whom they gave your credit card !

    Stay away from booking.com ! contact the hotels/travel agency directly !


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  • Kd
    kdeckert Feb 23, 2017

    @AriSharon Sounds like you registered the wrong email address, never received a confimation for you reservation and the hotel charged the Credit Card you put correctly on the website. That hotel only has your Credit Card details because you've sent it to them. Read Terms and Conditions before you give your information away.

    By the way if did use a hotel or travel agency chances are the same thing would have happened, except you would pay more for your reservation.

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  • Li
    Lillie Teel Nov 21, 2018


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  • Va
    VascoPinheiro Sep 21, 2010

    I understand what people wrote here but I think many of them don't know how Booking.com works.

    I'm a Hotel manager and in fact I have this concern with the all the confirmation faxes I have at my reception with all credit card details of my customers that came via Booking.com. Booking.com sends us all credit card details from the client - we need to have them to charge the guest for a possible no-show for example, but I wonder if this if safe at all (and unfortunately I know its not)

    The credit card data is printed and in the end becomes available to everybody at the hotel reception. One risk is for example an employee with "bad intentions" can just steal this data to buy online, for example, and how can I control this?

    At our hotel we are very carefull with this but can Booking.com assure that all hotels will have a good behaviour and will keep the clients credit card data secured? I think that for them is just impossible. And the truth is that also for us is very difficult because we risk that someday, someone from of our staff steals this data from our guests that booked on this website and I wonder if this will be our fault? This is something that worries me for a long time but nothing changed from Booking.com side in this regard.

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  • Kd
    kdeckert Feb 23, 2017

    @VascoPinheiro Hey I am a Front Desk clerk. The Credit Card information is delivered into a secured system (Booking.com platform) that only authorized people have access through a lot of security protocols. If you don't trust your co-workers maybe retrieving and storing Credit Card information should be restricted to only a few trusted individuals. Sounds more like a property management problem than blaming a website.

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  • Li
    Lillie Teel Nov 21, 2018

    @VascoPinheiro Yes because I was charged for a no show when I had canceled the room on the Bookin.com website. Lost money that I could not afford to lose. the thing is I will just call the hotel directly and not use them any more this is the third issue I have had with Booking.com. I will not use the hotel any more either because they did not try to resolve my issue in anyway, which was the Comfort Inn Fayetteville NC, From now on I will just stick with the better class of hotel chain like Holiday Inn, Ramada, etc... And everyone I know not to patronize both businesses

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  • Fr
    Frustration at booking.com Oct 01, 2010

    I am sorry I have to make this posting, but I am myself a victim of the bad practices of Booking.com
    I had booked a hotel in Brussels, the Hotel Agenda Louise. When my plans changed, I cancelled the reservation on Booking.com and did not think more of it. I had cancelled the above reservation following the link as indicated on Saturday 26/09/ 2010 in the afternoon. During my business trip on 28/09/2010 I had aggressive phone calls from the hotel and then from Booking.com staff complaining about my alleged "no show", even calling me a liar. My credit card was also charged within minutes. If an error had occurred on Booking.com website and my cancellation did not register correctly - why it is myself who has to pay? When I cancelled by following the link, a screen came up clearly stating that my reservation had been cancelled. When I have written to Booking.com to ask for a refund, they replied asking me to sort it out with the Hotel, which is useless, because I believe they did not receive my cancellation from Booking.com. I am truly disappointed and I wonder what kind of legal redress there may be for people in my situation?

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  • Kd
    kdeckert Feb 23, 2017

    @Frustration at booking.com Did you receive a cancellation email? They usually tell you if the cancellation will have no costs or if there's a penalty.

    Again, I recommend that people read what they are buying into before acting on impulses.

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  • Go
    Good service so far. Jan 18, 2011

    I have used Booking.com several times when making hotel reservations and so far (knock on wood) no major problems to note. However, when cancelling I make it a habit to call Booking.com directly to make the cancellation and also to make sure I get a notice of cancellation email for my records. As noted in some of the postings, it is always difficult to obtain a refund after the fact, so be proactive and not depend entirely on Booking.com or the hotel in question. That been said, last month I stayed at the Swissotel in Istanbul and when reviewing the bill upon check out, I noticed that they had charged me €99.00 more than they should have. Luckily, I had the email confirmation with the rate quoted by Booking.com so we managed to sort it out in short order. If I didn't have the confirmation with me as proof, then I would have had to pay the hotel rate and try and sort it out later which could prove very difficult.

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  • St
    stinkbomb Jan 28, 2011

    I have got cancellation´s confirmation on my reservation( booking.com) at the hotel in London. There is no charge for cancellation. But I am still charged for five nights according to my credit card´s details. To whom can I complaint to get my money back? Thanks

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  • De
    DerekC May 14, 2011

    I was also robbed by booking.com and Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi and strongly suggest you avoid this scam of a website like the plague. After the Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi overcharged me I inquired into booking.com why the posted rate was not being followed. They told me they would look into it and get back to me. In the interim they billed my credit card the full amount. When they told me they didn't know why it was higher but thought it might be 'due to taxes' I cancelled my reservation with Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi. However, as my booking was last minute and the final information on the rate was not provided to me until after the deadline to get my money back had passed, they told me that the cancellation policy was violated and it was too late. Oh, and why was I charged more you ask? They told me that I had elected to apply for the 'flexible' option where you can cancel anytime which was untrue. So, in the end they billed me for an option that should have protected me from late cancellation and still did not honour that!!! Do not use this website.

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  • Di
    Diana D. May 18, 2011

    that's a scam...shame on them... never order again

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  • Sa
    sandjounintemari May 23, 2011

    I'm about to make a booking at Booking.com for a hotel in Cork. I have no intention of cancelling this booking as there will be no changes in my travel plans (I am quite certain). Do you think I am still at risk to being scammed? I'm paying with a visa debit card (in other words, there are not unlimited funds on the card so I can't be overcharged as is possible with a credit card). Do you think this is safe? I'd appreciate it if someone could contact me in response as I'm booking my birthday weekend away. My email is [email protected]

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  • As
    astriti1990 Jul 17, 2011

    Booking.com tried to rob me in a very sophisticated way, first it stated that some hotels required no information for short reservation, than it just retrieved my old credit card information and charged 80 peer cent of the price, please be careful as the company is not to be fully trusted

    theur consumer care is also horrible, do not expect them to resolve the problem just call the banks and ask what you can do

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  • Ki
    kingfisher1 Jul 20, 2011

    I agree with youu too. They are useless. Not worth booking through them. I never will again.

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  • Yo
    Yoji Hamawaki Aug 07, 2011

    I booked Comfort Hotel CDG on Aug. 22 check-in and Aug. 23 check out. Now I want to cancel this booking. But I am unable to contact with
    Booking Com on line although I checked spelling address very carefully.
    Please cancel the above booking and confirm with me.
    Your kind cooperation would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Yoji Hamawaki

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  • Jh
    jh_aw Aug 18, 2011

    Dear All,
    as it seem not new, also me been overcharged by a hotel going to prague, and for 19 days those who called themselves customer service team wasnt able to do anything, and that i should take it with the hotel to get the difference refunded when i arrive to the hotel tomorrow. who's with me to report this site to the travel association in the countries where they operate. and if not working let's create a page on face book to ban them to abuse our credit card as they are doing with no regulations.

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  • Mo
    Morten Aug 28, 2011

    I just have one complaint about Booking.com.
    We booked a hotel this Summer, and I saw our reservation-fax from Booking.com to the hotel.
    They still send a FAX to the hotel with your creditcard-details in clear writing.

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  • An
    Anj197 Sep 18, 2011

    I used about three different hotel booking sites when we were planning our trip to Europe. I only used Booking.com for one hotel (in Amsterdam). After we stayed at the hotel and went on to our next destination, we discovered credit card fraud on the card (we paid via Booking.com for the room and used it at the hotel to cover our incidentals).
    We never used our card anywhere else on the trip (we are pretty careful how and where we used our credit cards in Europe).
    The credit card fraud that happened on our card was a charge for another hotel in Amsterdam (for the same dates we were in Amsterdam too!).
    I am not sure whether Booking.com had charged us for another hotel or if our card was compromised (at the hotel or by Booking.com). We had the bank cancel our card and investigate the matter.
    I won't be using this website ever again because we did not have any issues with the other sites we used.

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  • Ha
    Hassanuk Feb 18, 2012

    Robbed by booking.com!!!

    I made a reservation with them using an Internet cafe Dubai. The browser was slow so I clicked booknow twice by mistake. Realising what had happened, I called them immediately in London to point out the mistake. They were unhelpful to say the least and passed the buck to the hotel. I called the hotel and they passed the buck back to the site. I arrived at the hotel and they said the site should have cancelled one of the rooms. Obviously it's not in their interest as they get commission on both reservations!! Waste of time!!! Robbers!!

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  • Ho
    Hotel-Customer Feb 29, 2012

    I made a hotel booking wit www.hotel.com with the stated policy on their site stating that a non refundable first night will be deducted from my account for the first night stay and I could cancel the rest if necessary. To my surprise the full many nights’ stay amount was deducted from my account. I also received an email later stating that the whole reservation is non refundable. I will not use booking.com again and shall only book with hotels direct.

    I will also send a formal letter of complaint to the management, local and national, to the hotel concerned. I also think this practice is illegal and will be following up on this line of enquiry and shall report back here to let other people know what happened. I am also considering sending this information to UK national papers from them to investigate practices of this nature so that the UK general public is made aware of these practices.

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  • Db
    dbtd Apr 01, 2012

    Hello Booking.com,
    what do you answer to the security flaw with credit card numbers sent in clear to the hotel?

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  • Po
    poulton Apr 24, 2012

    Booking.com & Roomers hotel in Frankfurt, Germany charged me €480 as a "no-show" fee for a booking which I did not make.

    There was no "no-show" - I didn't complete the booking. When I entered my credit card details to confirm the booking, the system said that the room had sold out and was no longer available at the quoted price. I was offered the choice of exactly the same room at a much higher rate or to refuse the booking. I declined and cancelled the booking.

    I'd been looking for the room with my girlfriend who was equally as surprised and annoyed as I was - I'd spent a considerable amount of time looking for the room and I then had to start over to find alternative accommodation for the same dates. I ended up booking through a competing service.

    I have contacted both Booking.com and Roomers and they refuse to reimburse me or to accept the possibility that their system could produce an error of any kind. They maintain their €480 (full cost of the booking) no-show charge, but there was no "no show" - I didn't complete the reservation. I received no confirmation, no reply, no email from either booking.com or from the Roomers hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

    My complaint is that Booking.com and the Roomers hotel have charged me €480 for a booking I did not make, which they refuse to reimburse.

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  • Ja
    Jan Bo May 28, 2012


    I booked a hotel through Booking.com about the end of February beginning of March. We were going to go to Porthleven in Cornwall for a week for which we had already booked a cottage for w/c saturday 19th May. However, as it was my 60th birthday this year and not particularly wanting to travel on a Saturday we decided to book the Cross House Hotel in Padstow for the night of Friday 18th May. We were looking forward to it but by about the end of April, although we had a reference number and an online booking confirmation, no deposit was taken.

    I called the Hotel twice and left a message but they did not get back to me. I called Booking.com and they said they had no record of my booking. So we never went to Padstow but we did get a call from the hotel proprieter by the name of Nick on Friday 18th asking where we were. After a long conversation we left it that he was going to call Booking.com on the following Monday (21st). We never heard another thing and assumed everything had been cancelled.

    So I was quite shocked when I came back from holiday to find that £135 had been taken from my bank account and had put me into an overdraft situation.

    My anger is not just with Booking.com that gave me incorrect information but with the hotel for not letting me know the money was going to be taken. This is not just bad customer service it is daylight robbery and should not be allowed.

    I rang Booking.com this morning as it was to them I gave my debit card details to them and they had passed it onto the hotel. They tried ringing the hotel but could only get the ansaphone. I have called 3 times and left 3 rather stern curt messages today but the proprieter has not had the decency to call me back. I really don't understand how these people are in a service based industry, if I treated our clients like that way we would not have a client bank, the repeat business and referrals that goes to make a good practice.

    Shame on you Cross House Hotel!

    Jan Bolton


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  • Ba
    ballball Jun 18, 2012

    Key words - booking.com, complain, worst system, no responsibility

    I know it is a long comment but i think it will useful to understand worst system on booking.com.

    Booking.com is the worst travel agency in the world with no responsibility to their customers. Their system is to send the booking detail including customers' credit card detail to the hotel. Yes, it looks like the system is convenience to customers that put credit card for guarantee their booking with no charge and only pay the fee on arrival date. However, the system is good only for good hotel, not every hotel. The reason is the hotel can charge your credit card with the amount that you never know until the card is charged. And the worst point is you will not get the receipt from the hotel. Also booking.com will never know that hotel charges the customers until they get the confirmation from their customers. So, you think about you travel in the region and you book 2-4 hotels from booking.com and booking.com give your credit card detail to 2-4 hotels that they can charge your credit card any time. So, as I said before, if you book with good hotel, this system works but if you book with bad hotel, you will find bad experience like me.

    Next, the next worst system is no refund policy to show because booking.com is not charged you money. So, it sounds good but in reality it is the worst. Thinking about you have to deal with refund policy from each hotel. It maybe 15 days, a month, or 2 months or u will never get your refund. Booking.com has no policy to protect their customer from refund policy.

    Next, the next worst system of customer service, when you call booking.com customer service, you have to talk with new operator every time because they don't have the internal line. So, you have to explain your situation again and again. Moreover, you will get reply call when they said they will call u back. And no way to talk with the same operator.

    For my case, I book the hotels with booking.com and it has no problem until I book "Youth Venice Home Hostel" by booking.com. After I book this hotel, the hotel charged my credit card immediately on the same day with the different name from hotel name. So, I call my bank to confirm about the charge and the answer is yes, it already charged. So, I contact hotel and booking.com and also make cancellation immediately. And the answer is it is not a charged, it is pre-authotized and it means only "block" the credit card. However, I confirm that it is a "Charged" not "Blocked" so I email 3-4 mails to booking.com but no one reply my mail.

    So, I call them in the morning, they ask me to print the statement or take screen picture on my statement. So, I use internet banking to show the statement. After they receive my statement, they contact hotel and the hotel answer that they only block and will unblock in the future which is not indicate when the hotel will unblock. So, I reply mail to confirm that it is "Charged" not "Blocked". At the same time, I contact hotel to refund my account, and they ask me the bank name, also ask me to contact booking.com to contact him. So I do all as he wants.

    In the evening same day, after I get reply back from booking.com that the transaction that I show them is "Unbilled transaction" with not the same hotel name so they ask me real transaction with hotel name. So, I call them and I said I will let my bank investigate this account as cheating transaction because if it not the hotel, I don't know who charged me. So, the operator call hotel for me and ask name of account and the answer is yes, it is a hotel group name. For unbilled transaction, booking.com said that it is not real charge and the real charge is billed transaction so they ask me billed transaction. However, booking.com is wrong. Unbilled transaction means the credit already charged but the time is not reach due date so it is unbilled transaction. I will make more clear. If you use credit card on 1st June and the cutting date is 15 June. From 1st to 15th June, It will show as unbill transaction and after 16th June, it will show as billed transaction. From this problem, the operator told me she will call hotel and ask that it is "Charged" or "Blocked" and she will call me back in 2 hours. So, I answer that "Charged" or "Blocked" is not main problem, coz the hotel just "Unblocked" or "Refund", the problem will solve. After that, I will her call for 2 hours but it is no call. And I also contact hotel and the answer is hotel already ask booking.com to refund my money so everything seems to be good ending.

    On the next day, I call booking.com again and new operator pick me call. So, I gave her my booking and ask when I get refund and ask that last night is it has any record of operator talk with hotel about "Charged" or "Blocked" and when I get refund. And the answer is booking.com has no right to charge or refund the money, it is the hotel's right. Moreover, she ask me to give her confirmation charged by hotel from my bank. So, I explain her again all situation and it is third time and I ask when I get refund. She answer that She will call hotel and call me back.

    Conclusion, what I want to share is my experience with the worst travel agency. It has many good travel agency in the world and I just want to say why I have to use booking.com. Also, I read many reviews of complain on booking.com and I can conclude that booking.com has no right to make refund and it also has to ask from hotel and what if hotel does not want to refund you and find many reasons. For example, when you cancel the booking, hotel said they don't receive your cancellation and charged your credit card as no-show. You have to contact hotel to solve this problem and also booking.com but if you use other travel agency, they will solve your problem for u. Thinking about you have to contact small hotel in other country compare with contact big travel agency. Which one is better??

    I still wait call back from booking.com but I think they will not call back.

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  • Kc
    kccanada Jun 20, 2012

    Booking.com are nothing short of scam artists. They advertised a camping site on their website that was to be open for the Euro soccer championships in Poland. I paid in full before I arrived, and low and behold, when I got there the campsite did not exist. Booking.com will not give me my money back. They are trying to tell me that my booking was moved to another site, but they never contacted me to tell me this. My partner and I were stranded in Poland and had to pay extra for a place to stay (no cheap feat during a soccer championship).
    I also know someone who booked what they thought was a four star hotel via booking.com. It turned out booking.com used pictures from this hotel, but she was actually booked into the motel down the road. She showed up to the hotel, and they had no idea what reservation she was talking about.
    Don't trust this site. They defraud their customers, and do not care as long as they have your money.

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  • Ld
    LDR Jul 20, 2012

    Made reservation today for 3 nights which will be 14 days from today (August 3-6 2012). Made the mistake of giving them my credit card on the internet. Immediately they charged my card the full amount plus a cleaning fee - that was not clearly stated before i gave them my credit card. Called my barclaycard and they said the amount of 330.00 was pending. Called whispers resort they said if i cancelled i would be charged the full amount of 330.00. The original amount was 239.85 and they have added 12 percent tax (Which is correct) and then a 95.00 cleaning fee!! This was all made through booking.com - we are world travelers and have never heard of this kind of service or treatment - i then find out they are out of england. Please help if someone knows how to stop this charge from happening. Booking.com we find out has horrible reviews!!!

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  • Sk
    skummikid Aug 21, 2012

    never go through booking.com! you get given a price on the website and that changes to whatever the hotel wants to charge you anyway so you might as well go direct. i recieved a confirmation email to say id paid and when i arrived the hotel told me that wasnt the case and because id booked it at an early date i had to pay an extra £30 really buggered me up. tried to call customer services to talk about it to get a load of small print mumbo jumbo by some snotty cow! my advice is just go direct to hotels may take a little while longer but at least you know your not going to get stitched up!!

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  • In
    Intelife Sep 05, 2012

    Booking.com appears to be very sophisticated in how to get people's money with barely any accountability. I was scamed by being fooled into booking a hotel room in a city with the same name as the city I had entered into my search enging. There was NO identification of what country this "lookalike" city was in until I received the confirmation e-mail and was charged on my credit card. Booking.com was useless to try and deal with. Never again.

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  • Al
    Alice Sep 12, 2012

    Booking .com is a fraud ... best to be used as reference but, do not book with them . they do not stand behind their customers . best to book with the hotel directly.

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  • Ji
    jim oliver Oct 03, 2012

    I'm somewhat comforted by reading these experiences of booking.com and realising we weren't the only ones to experience (1) a system riddled with security problems, poor management and antiquated (faxes with card details?!), (2) staff at booking.com who don't appear to have their customers' interests at heart, (3) effectively being accused of lying. I attempted to book 4 rooms at the Inter Hotel Arion in Limoges in August. Booking.com's website crashed during the process and so after re-visiting the website, I found another hotel in Limoges to stay at and booked it. I received an email confirmation for this second hotel and thought all was fine. However, on returning to the UK we found that the Inter Hotel Arion (the first hotel) had charged us for a 'no-show'. Then ensued days and days of emails and conversations with booking.com and the hotel. It appears they did not believe me when I told them that no email confirmation had been received and that their website did not issue me with any booking reference or PIN code for this first hotel. They contacted the hotel, who rejected the request for a re-fund. Booking.com did not want to discuss the logic of us wanting to stay in two separate hotels on the same night in the same place, booking 4 different rooms. HELLO???? They were insistent that the booking for the first hotel had been successfully made and rejected my assertions that I did not receive a booking reference or email confirmation for this first hotel, even though i received one for the second. I felt I was being accused of lying, and it was not their fault I didn't fully investigate something I was unaware of happening...ie a booking being confirmed without my knowledge or any references. So I'm left with the impression booking.com has a malfunctioning system run by people who aren't willing to listen to simple logic. Of course, the 4 of us won't be using booking.com again, neither will our employees, friends or family.

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  • 16
    16vmini Nov 14, 2012

    Again, why has booking.com not answered the question about faxing all your credit card details to the hotel/travel firm ? this cant / is not secure ... and nearly must be illegal ?

    can booking.com respond please

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  • Bo
    booking.com hater Nov 22, 2012

    Booking.com Team - You have a very bad customer handling. Customer cancels booking and your system does not provide cancellation reference. Customer thought that cancellation is completed but then they are charged for those nights. Booking.com will insist that cancellation was not done and customer has no right to complaint and must settle the cancelled days. This is pure robbery!!!

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  • Bo
    booking.com hater Nov 22, 2012

    In addition - you inform your guest that you want to get on the bottom of this which is pure non-sense! Your customers service is very arrogant and never take no for an answer! Can you be a bit sincere and show consideration to your victimes?!?

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  • Al
    aljo1 Dec 07, 2012

    I have used Booking.com many times without problem. However recently I had to cancel a booking with a Hotel in Thailand. I had booked using their Free cancellation Policy. The Hotel still charged my Credit Card so I complained to Booking.com. They contacted the Hotel who refunded my money but due to a change in exchange rates I received less back than I paid. I contacted Booking.com Customer "care" and they told me that I would have to contact the Hotel in Bangkok direct as this was "out of their control" The Customer Care Dept could not have cared less. I contacted them again and they ignored my e-mail totally. Very poor customer service.

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  • Ab
    Abdul,shawan Dec 30, 2012

    I made a non-refundable reservation through booking.com, then I received an email from them to update the visa details because it is not valid, thus I updated the details and received the same message again!. the hotel raised the total amount from US$ 545
    to US$ 629.50 within two days only of my reservation date as well as my reservation on 12th Feb. 2013!!. this is not my problem when the hotel didn't know how to charge my visa moreover I raised this issue to my bank to check if they blocked my visa but everything was ok.

    I sent two emails to booking.com in order to help me to cancel my reservation but they didn't answer and I dont want to pay the difference in the price.
    Booking number: 992858147

    Best regards,

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  • Ab
    Abdul,shawan Dec 30, 2012

    Finally Booking.com helped me and cancel my reservation.


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  • Al
    aljo1 Dec 30, 2012

    Following my earlier post on this site I was contacted by Booking.com and they resolved the problem to my complete satisfaction. They have restored my faith in booking with them, and I look forward to many toublefree transactions in the near future. I am happy to recommend their site once again.

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  • Mo
    motiani Jan 12, 2013

    Hi alice

    Thanks for your view. Can you do me favour I need Tax department website and tel No.
    Your are very correct with your complain as per your view.

    thanks motiani

    [email protected]

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  • Ji
    Jiffcat Feb 25, 2013

    I booked a hotel in Istanbul with Booking.com. Checking my bank statement later, I noticed the hotel had taken some money from my account (£41). I called booking.com, they told me it's a card authorisation check and the money will be refunded in the next ten days. I waited 14 days, the money was not refunded. I called booking.com this time I was told that the money had been put back on the day the money was taken. I pointed out they were contradicting their first explanation. I was told i would have to send them a copy of bank statement to prove anything! I told them the obligation was with the hotel and that I'm not prepared to share my bank statement with anyone except my bank. In return the hotel sent two receipts - one for a payment and one for a cancelled payment. A sanity check with my bank- they confirmed that there was NO refund. Booking.com a cancelled payment is NOT a refund, please support me in this matter. I'm counting to ten at the moment, I get to ten on Friday. Then I really start complaining- so please sort it out now while I'm still smiling.

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  • Ju
    JulesFools Mar 08, 2013

    If you've been charged for a non provided service and you have proof of this (cancellation e-mails plus terms and conditions) you can ask the credit cards company to remove this charge. I've done this with flights, but I think this could be possible with hotels too. If you think you're right, try this way.
    If the concern is about the credit card's number beeing stolen, ask your credit card provider if there is any insurance for charges made with a stolen number. Nowadays most companies have an insurance, and they refund charges made with stolen numbers (usually if you notice them no longer than 2 days after the wrongful charge).
    Maybe booking.com should only give acces to the credit card number online and during the pre-stay and actual stay. After the stay, the credit card number should get unavailable for the hotel and only made available in case of damage of items in the hotel by the guest.

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  • Yo
    Yoda181 Mar 10, 2013

    I have been using Booking.com for last six months and find that it is a simple booking process. However when it comes to resolving issues they are very quick at referring to the Terms and Conditions on their website. Out goes any desire to understand and empathize with the customer. No interest in understanding the customer issue or how to assist the customer. They seem only interested in their commission from the booking.

    I recently had a case where I flew 24 hours from Sydney to Manchester with my son only to find the property that I had booked was not what it was made out to be on the website. There was no one there to receive me and security guard at the property told me there was no such hotel at the address. I had a confirmed booking at the premises and had informed them of my arrival time. When I called the contact number for the property there was no answer.
    The Booking.com agent was very helpful but when I was put to her supervisor he threw the book at me. I incurred approx USD200 in roaming costs trying to convince the Supervisor that they had responsibility to find me another accommodation and for the additional costs that I was incurring as a result of the property not being there. He kept on referring to the fact that they were not liable. I am very disappointed in their attitude and I could carry on about my experience. They agreed to find me alternative accommodation 30 miles away from Manchester. However they told me that the travel costs to and from the hotel to Manchester will be my costs. It was the night of the United Vs Real match and according to them there were no properties available in Manchester. I had taken my son to watch the match and had booked the so called hotel three weeks in advance knowing how difficult it would be to find a hotel. I requested the supervisor to find me a non listed hotel but no luck. He kept on referring to the property 30 miles away. Not sure if Liverpool is 30 Miles away or further as the hotel was in Liverpool. I walked around Manchester with my son from 9am to 1:30pm calling into all the hotels until we found one.
    My expectation was that they would find me alternative accommodation, pick up any additional costs to travel from that property and also my mobile roaming costs while on the phone to Booking.com trying to resolve the issue.

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  • Ma
    Marty.K Mar 21, 2013

    Beware if you are making a last minute booking with Booking.com, I am now 625 Euros out of pocket and feel like I have been robbed.

    Booking.com simply pass on your credit card details to the hotel.
    The hotel are then free to charge what they want.
    If you have cause to dispute the charge, Booking.com will ask the hotel to refund the charge.
    However, when the hotel gives an excuse for not refunding, then booking.com will send you a very nicely worded email saying that they have sided with the hotel.
    The reason they do this is because they have no power to compel the hotel to make a refund.

    I made a very late booking with Booking.com at 14.00hrs for a hotel for 5 nights in Lanzarote. The booking was for the same night.
    The reason we had to book this hotel was a holiday disaster which is a whole other story.
    I continually checked for a confirmation email for two hours.
    Having received no confirmation email I rang the hotel at 16.00hrs and asked reception if they had heard from booking.com and if they were expecting us. The person who answered spoke good English and told me that they had no availability and were fully booked and that I was not booked in to stay.
    On hearing this I made alternative arrangements as I required accommodation for the same night.

    I finally received a confirmation email at 16.25hrs, this was two and a half hours after attempting the booking.

    I checked my email the following day and found the confirmation email as well as a no-show email for the hotel telling me that I had been charged the full amount, 625 Euros.

    The hotel accepted that I made a call to them but they also said that I did not give my details when I called and that this was the reason they had not confirmed the booking. This is both untrue and unbelievable.
    Q. Why would I phone the hotel to confirm the booking and then not give my details?
    A. I did give my details and the person who answered the phone did not take responsibility for their mistake.

    The hotel also stated that they kept a security guard on till 4AM specially for me in case I arrived late. I supplied my phone number when making the booking.
    Q. Why would they do this when they had my phone number and could have phoned me?
    A. Because they knew that they could charge me the full amount regardless of whether I turned up or not as the T&C’s allowed them to do this and Booking.com had forwarded them my credit card details.

    Unfortunately for me I cannot prove that I gave my details during the call to the hotel, I also cannot prove that they actually kept a security guard on duty.

    These 2 reasons are why the hotel have refused to refund me the 625 euro no-show fee.
    Booking.com have accepted the hotel’s word over mine.

    Neither the hotel nor Booking.com have provided any explanation for the confirmation email being delayed by 2 and a half hours. They have simply ignored this fact.

    I have now gotten a new credit card issued as I have so little faith in Booking.com and their systems.

    For anyone thinking of using Booking.com - You may save some cash, but please be aware of the risk you are taking, they will hang you out to dry.

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  • Sn
    snowcat Mar 22, 2013

    Im having a nightmare with them at the moment, over their so-called "100% cancellation guarantee". Booked corsica in early January, cancelled three weeks ago ( my booking was for june), and they are ignoring my emails regarding return of my deposit (30%), over £200!
    Ive always used lastminute before who have been great. Booking.com on the other hand are a complete nightmare and I will be reporting them to trading standards if they dont get in touch within the week.

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