Booking.comcharged a no-show fee unjustly. obviously cares more about money than caring about customer service.

A Review updated:

I was a customer of for 8 years, and since I booked hotels regularly, I've earned genius status. However, I have recently made the decision to close my account after experiencing their highly disappointing customer service - or rather the lack thereof. I learned the hard way that this company only cares about making money, and that they arrogantly consider their customers mere tools in this process. made me pay a no-show fee for a hotel booking, despite the fact that the booking failed to appear in my "Manage your Bookings" list on their website and was therefore visually non-existent. I could not have known that the booking actually existed! Their website obviously had a technical bug, which caused me this expensive misunderstanding.

Despite sending visual proof of their error through print-screens of my bookings list, this shameless company tried blaming it on the hotel instead of acknowledging their obvious mistake and responsibility in this problem.

I would have appreciated it if had offered to take over the penalty fee or, at the very least, if they had shown some decency and shared the cost. After all, this problem was caused by a technical error on's website.

What is 300£ to this multi-billion dollar company? Money obviously means more to them than honesty and honorable client service.
So much for running a business with the right set of values!


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      Aug 16, 2017

    This seems to be a worryingly common problem. I'm going through the same thing myself. Their customer service is shocking

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