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Bluegreen Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Bluegreen Vacations / timeshare

Susan Townsend-Donovan on Aug 6, 2018

I purchased this timeshare for $5000, 20 years ago, and of course, have paid it off. However, every year my maintenance fees and dues go up and up, without any gratification of being able to use one of the resorts anywhere that I have requested. Each time, I've paid extra money to...

Bluegreen Vacations / our stay.. or our walk in rather

Donna Jacobs on Aug 4, 2018

We were invited down for a 3 day 2 night stay for 99.00...We were told we would be in an ocean front nice 2 bedroom...FALSE Info...we were put at a condo that was very outdated...not on the ocean...and even had fleas inside. My son has allergies and his eyes began to water after only...

Bluegreen Vacations / the entire company

Unhappy Nanny on Jul 13, 2018

We purchased our "vacation"club in 2011. Since that time we've tried on multiple occasions to stay at our home resort. The reply is they are full or unavailable. This includes off season times as well. Since we became members staying there has NEVER happened. We they invite us back for an...

Blue Green Resort / I won’t a sweptake

Ivoncris on Jul 10, 2018

I received a called saying that I Won a land vacation and a cruise for 298 they make you pay that over the phone which I decline to do and hey hang up on me not nice! They force you to do that or no way you can take the vacation they are a waste of time. If something is real they would...

Bluegreen Vacations / reps and dishonest promises

M&KCraig on Jun 28, 2018

To start with...there is never availability at any of the locations. If you luck up and finally get a reservation, bluegreen owners are always put on the backside of the resorts looking at a parking lot. They set aside certain undesirable rooms for Bluegreen owners. Now for the final...

Bluegreen Vacations / misrepresentation

Nyu on Jun 26, 2018

NEVER AGAIN!!! BUYER BEWARE!! Full of deceit and misrepresentation. Tried booking online for $149/4d-2n package, I chose Bluegreen Odyssey in Wisconsin Dells. But I decided to call for booking since they offer 4 free tickets for Mt. Olympus water park and the lady gave me options of...

Bluegreen Vacations / vegas club 36 pool concern

Olga Mariotta on Jun 22, 2018

I recently stayed at your location in Vegas and I had 2 incidents one of my son broke out in a rash because there is too much chlorine in the water. I had reported this to front desk and I was given anti-itch cream by security guard name Gabriel.on Monday afternoon and was told that they...

Bluegreen Vacations at Big Cedar Lodge / timeshare

Jbms on Jun 20, 2018

Sat through sales talk and decided to try the sampler. Of course, the summer months we could not use I found out when trying to book. Then, booked in November. The was not enough parking available so had to walk a good distance to bring everything inside. They had me as a platinum member...

Bluegreen Vacations / reservation for timeshare presentation

Barkley9633 on May 27, 2018

When I made reservations on 5/22/2018, I was assured that I would be staying at a certain specific location. On 5/23/2018, I received an email regarding questions I had about the preview time, preview location and the location of the Welcome Center. The email gave me the location of the...

Bluegreen Vacations / update

Mmasonlcmhc on May 25, 2018

I was Told to pay $49 for 1st yr of TP. The charge was really for this marketing session. I was told I had to go to closest BG resort to "learn how to use my points". I now know I didn't have to do this and it did not need to be at the closest resort. Upon arrival at the facilitythst I wa...

Bluegreen Vacations / my timeshare ownership

DaveOrren on May 10, 2018

My wife, Julie Orren and I, David Orren have been owners with Bluegreen for several years dating back to September, 2008 when we purchased a "sampler membership". We were on vacation in North Myrtle Beach when we were approached at Broadway at the Beach by a Bluegreen representative...

Blue Green Resorts and Bass Pro Shop / blue green timeshare

Blanchiemj on Jan 23, 2018

We purchased a time share through Blue Green in March of 2012, and to date have not been able to use it as we were told. Bass Pro Shop who is affiliated with Blue Green gets you suckered in by standing in their stores and giving you a free weekend at one of Blue Green resorts and all you...

Bluegreen Resorts Management, Inc / timeshare for deceased person

AnneMcd on Jan 13, 2018

After sending my brother's death certificate and my Letters of Administration for his estate, I informed Bluegreen Vacations to take my brother's deposit and cancel the membership. One representative said that this could be done. I have continued to receive bills from the company. When I...

Blue Green & Bay Park Mall / sweepstakes scam

ShaunW on Oct 9, 2017

10/9/2017 I received a call that I had won a trip from Blue Green. I was selected due to the sweepstakes I entered at Bay Park Mall in Green Bay WI. They went on to clearly read from a script. The call center they called from sounded like playground of kids. Then they asked me for a...

Bluegreen Vacations / $199 promotional bass pro shops package

dapower on Sep 26, 2017

Email sent to Bluegreen Vacations: I recently had to cancel a booking through Bluegreen Resorts TWO WEEKS PRIOR to my vacation because of miscommunication and employee error. I signed up through your promotional packaging via Bass Pro Shops in June of this year. I was read requirements and...

Bluegreen Vacations / bluegreen is a total rip off!! we, were lied to with high pressure sales to get us to sign the papers.

Momof3letthembe on Aug 18, 2017

On July 12, 2016 my husband Shane and I attended a timeshare presentation through Bluegreen Vacations which was supposed to last 90 minutes total before we were out the door. Our sales rep stated that he was new to Bluegreen. As we listened to the speaker that gave us a sappy sad story...

Bluegreen Vacations / vacation package

Priyam Shah on Aug 18, 2017

Hello I purchased a hotel vacation package for 3 night and 4 days and booked for Orlando as my destination. When I purchased the package I was informed that I would be staying at one of our resort location from 12 destinations that you choose from. When I booked the Orlando trip i confirmed...

Blue Green Resorts / timeshare

scheurecker on Jul 16, 2017

If any of you are planning a vacation at a condo affiliated with a timeshare company, do everything you can to stay away from the sales room and representatives. The sales reps will promise you gifts if you just listen, but before you know it, you are walking out of the presentation with a...

Bluegreen Vacations / membership

franksj1 on Jul 12, 2017

I became a blue green member in November of 2014. I bought an $8600(3000) point membership. I shared this membership with my exwife. We divorced about a year later. We agreed to share our blue green membership. I would use 1500 points. She would use the other 1500 points. My exwife went...

Bluegreen Resorts / timeshare

Lindsey Gia on Jun 22, 2017

Timeshare salesmen have to be the biggest slime bags on the face of the earth, and this particular sales rep from Myrtle Beach named Kenny, last name began with with a W, can't remember it, was no exception. He lied so much to us that he couldn't remember one lie from the next and he kept...