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trip not taken

I got a call from someone claiming that the trip that I did not take that I now owe more money. When I went through the trip with my wife we went to the dog and pony show and said no at that time but they wanted us to try it again and we were told that we could buy a trip for 900 and change. We decided to try it and were not able to make the trip due to my wife changing jobs and not having the time to take this trip. We did not take this. Now I get a call telling me that we are now going to owe money.

They canceled my reservation but no refund

It's such a shame that our country is going through a crisis right now and Bluegreen Vacations won't give people their money back after canceling my reservation due to the coronavirus. The news was right. They're bailing out the big companies and the companies is screwing us. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Y'all gonna cancel my reservation months ahead and not refund me. What kind of world are we living in that you can be ripped off this way.

They canceled my reservation but no refund

Bluegreen Vacations

Was Misled

My wife and I attended a free three day weekend at one of the clubs, in early 2019. For this we had to sit through a presentation for the purchase of a timeshare. After we sat through the time share, we then spoke to several people providing us with a deal.

One of the first things I was told and now learn was false, was i could deduct the mortgage interest on my Taxes. WRONG this tax deduction i learned later was removed in 2018.

Second was being a part of blue green, allowed me to stay in their Sister hotels for no more than $69. a night, regardless of price. I thought this would be great as my wife at the time traveled alot. This to was WRONG. We would receive a discount, which was never anymore than 10 dollars a night.

We were also told we could Resale the deed back. AGAIN wrong, my wife was laid off from work so we began to research on how to sale it back and was told there is no resale in Blue green.

We were told out maintenance fees would be Minimal and quoted one price. And learned that to Was WRONG.

We purchased in May 2019, we have never used it, nor have we ever been to the orientation meeting.

timeshare misrepresentations and unethical behavior

We signed up with BlueGreen at a sales presentation some years ago. They represented that we could stay at a...


Bluegreen was the worst company I ever dealt with. They told Us numerous lies just to get us to sign the contract. We ended up owing 45, 000 before we knew what hit us.
So I went on all the Bluegreen forums and asked what to do. Numerous people referred me to a firm that had a lawyer that helps people get out of fraudulent contracts.
So 8 months later we are now free and clear of our contract and debt. I hope this class action works.

  • Updated by Brenda48 · Oct 31, 2019

    The company I used was

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money not returned from cancelled vacation.

I bought a two-night vacation on 9/19/19 but cancelled shortly after. They did not follow through with a refund like they said they would, it is already 10/27/19. I expect my money back into my debit Visa card. My name is Carolyn Pierce. Adress : 7668 State Route 97 Mansfield, OH 44903. E-mail : [protected] Phone: [protected]. Please respond as soon as possible regarding this important matter. I have bills to pay and am highly upset that this has taken place.

bluegreen time share

They use anything they can to sell sell sell, we were told as far as maintence fees if we didn't add points to our ownership then the maintence fees would remain the same through out the length of our ownership, it has continuously increased and our points are still the same we started out paying 350 and now it's at 843: we were also told as long as we had the points available we could get in and stay anywhere they had a resort that too was a lie, they have over sold and we have never even got reservations at 90% of their places, also told they would buy back any unused points, lied, tried to sell they prevented that, by saying that we had to sell at market value and that would be determined by them . Maintence fees are suppose to go for upkeep the units are getting as little done to them as possible they aren't clean, there's tore up nasty furniture, lumpy mattresses, but yet the fees continue to go up, , I'm so fed up I'm refusing to pay another dime to them

bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share
bluegreen time share

Bluegreen Vacations

2 bedroom cottage

I made reservations months ago for a vacation in Wisconsin Dells. I booked it through RCI because I had a...

vacation package

Called to reserve before expiration date. Paid $130 for 2 night stay, selected Smokey Mountains, TN. There is a $200 cancellation fee if we can't make it, my husband is a lineman and could be called out. Won't allow reschedule or refund our money, want $25 to extend for 2 months. Wicked scam. Shame on Bass Pro Shop for allowing them to set up in stores.
Has anyone actually successfully received a refund?


In February of 2019, my wife and I (senior citizens) attended the Bluegreen presentation at the facility in Tennessee. We were detained there 4 or 5 hours. After seeing the cost of ownership, we said no, this was not for us. Three different people rotated showing us one offer after another. We said no multiple times, tried to leave to go eat lunch but it was always one more thing. They beat us down mentally and emotionally for over 3 hours. To us it was harassment to no end until we relented. We were never allowed to make a phone call to ask our kids and never allowed to take time to read and ask questions as finance man said he needed us to sign because we had been there long enough. None of the details of the contract were fully explained. We did not know there was a cancellation period as it was never mentioned. My health is failing now, so most likely we are going to move in with our daughter and file for bankruptcy. That may impact our credit, but my retirement is protected by federal law and may not have a choice. I feel that this company is unethical, or at least the Tennessee office is. I believe there is a class action suit against Bluegreen in Tennessee that was amended at the end of August 2019. The law firm associated with it is Abrams, I think, if anyone wants to check.


April 2017, purchased this garbage scam. I am extremely upset that my husband and I fell into this trap...

customer service

My name is Timothy Moore, I was somewhat doubtful of utilizing an excursion program like this one. It is consistently a catch. I acquired this excursion bundle and went on a trip to New Orleans. We had an incredible time and the property was decent. In any case, presently it's been 4 months and I am attempting to utilize my Certificate and I am getting the run around. I conversed with somebody 45 days back, around then I was required to put down a $100.00 refundable deposit. The agent said to be on the lookout for a email about dates that are accessible. No email was sent, I called today and I get a robotized recording, my concern isn't settled. The framework won't let me address a human. So I am very disturbed and angry with this company for the lies they sold me. Despite everything I have a multi-day and night remaining and a flex FLEX CRUISE Certificate I CANT USE WHAT A WAST OF MONEY!!! This is the last time I utilize this organization and I will inform every one of my loved ones concerning the games they use to get your money!!

bluegreen cheated us by providing wrong information to buy

I didn't know where to complain so thought of sharing with you to get some inputs..

We got to know about blue green from their marketing partner. So we went to their resorts sometime in June Last year (2018). Initially we decided not to buy any points from them. We have attended a presentation and while exiting they asked us to wait for sometime and one of their sales representative came. He explained about their vacations and we said we are not interested, first the sales person said each point is 3.XX and we said no then price came down. What I asked is if I want to sell should I get my money that invested here. Honestly I am not interested in any profits at that time and just expected my investment. I WAS TOLD THAT CURRENT MARKET VALUE IS 3.XX AND I GOT IT FOR 2.XX. We bought 5000 points for 13500 USD approximately.We were happy that atleast we can enjoy the vacations and get our money at the end. I asked them clearly if we want to sell, should we get my money back then they said YES. Otherwise why should WE buy? (Still we were under impression that our purchase was a good one). We just TRUSTED. They asked us to come back in 2-3 months for demo on the programs.

In OCT-2018 we went to Myrtle Beach to attend the demo/session. After the session, another sales agent came and he started explaining. The sales guy told us that with 5000 points we cannot do anything and he insists to buy another 10K points to book a comfortable vacation with 15000 points a year. He said he has 45000 points and he can get points X 3$ even if sells upfront. I asked all the questions on the selling to make sure we are on NO PROFIT/NO LOSS at least. But that sales person said "You are on complete profit side" no need to worry. So, we had to buy another 10K points and the point price value was less. During this session, he said about pinnacle vacation and showed some interesting rates to sell(but that is correct info) if needed. So far for 15K points we spent 34K USD. After 3 months One day, I just called their official partner to resale(Pinnacle) to know the price and estimate sale time I got shocking info. The price they said is very less that I purchased. I was very unhappy. Then I sent an email to buegreen customer care on this and I got bad response from them. I told bluegreen that I am not happy with what i was told and I want my money back then they said only option is resale thru pinnacle.

We booked Shorecrest for two days to spent sometime but points are expensive so I booked for some price. We didnot ask for any appointments but at the reception they asked if we are first time in this year then I said yes. Receptionist said this year we have new interesting changes for their customers. I thought will ask all my questions on the resale. We were in office room and one lday came. I asked all questions on the resale. We were told that bluegreen introduced new changes that will help their customers. Here are the two main.
1. IF we are at bronze level(20K points), we can sell the points to bluegreen that we can use it to pay maintenance fee (each point would be 2 cents to 16 cents)
2. Resale value will be controlled by bluegreen(In their forms they added one point in the agreement as well)

On the resale, she has showed wrong screenshots. Bronze customers sold their points within 4 days. This is completely wrong. SHe showed wrong screenshots with bronze level points sold with in 4 days on pinnacle for 40K USD. When I asked Pinnacle they said the 20K points worth is only 35K and that too it takes 6 months - 1 year time. This is completely cheating.

She insists to buy another 5K points to help on the resale. I wrote everything from 1st session what they promised.

And interesting fact on the points selling to pay the maintenance, when I asked bluegreen agent I got reply that for 20K points they will give 200 USD which is ridiculous. Yearly like maintenance I have to pay 1750 USD. So I really felt bad and decided not to proceed further. Whatever the info/promises they mentioned it is wrong. Will share more info if needed.

I wanted to get rid of this. Can someone advise on this please? Thanks

timeshare presentation

I'm not even sure this is the right place to lodge my complaint. If not, can you please pass my message along to the correct department? Thanks.
We decided to do a timeshare presentation in Myrtle Beach this weekend. We checked in yesterday and we scheduled to do the presentation at noon today. Due to traffic and trying to get our three kids situated before the presentation, we arrive 10 minutes late. After initially talking with Dominic Spine about seeing the presentation, Candi Williams came to greet us and said the doors were locked and no exceptions would be allowed and we would have to reschedule. I inquired about the possibility of seeing the presentation again since it was slated for 90-120 minutes and didn't see why a few minutes would make that much of a difference. Candi then proceeded to be condescending and rude towards me, which I took personally. Dominic was trying to help and was professional the entire time, but Candi was not. We eventually rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but there is no way that I will even own anything with Bluegreen vacations because of this experience. I'm not asking for anything to be done, because the damage has already occurred and we have to now reschedule things we were going to do around another presentation tomorrow. I just wanted to relay my frustration with the unprofessional manner in which I was treated by Candi Williams. Thanks for listening to me. Have a blessed day.
Robert Zauner

services promised and not delivered

My husband and I upgraded in 6/2018 at Big Cedar.Travis Elliot was the person that assisted us with this. With this upgrade, we were promised 2 FREE round trip tickets to anywhere we wanted to take our next vacation. We went thru the process of dealing with your third party company, CRV to make this happen. I have come to find out that these airline tickets are not free at all. I had already paid $198.00 plus a convenience fee. Since this disaster, I had to cancel my certificate, request a refund from CRV minus the convenience fee and pay out of pocket for 2 round trip tickets to Gatlenburg Tennesee in October 2019. Travis should NOT be promising gold owners a product that he can't deliver! FREE is the key word here. In essence, Blue Green put 17, 000 points back into our account and I have requested that CRV refund my money. My blood pressure has gone thru the roof and my heart has suffered because of this. I would like compensation of returning my maintenace fees of now are over 3 grand as of April 2019. We upgraded thinking that we were getting 2 free round trip tickets from this company that did not happen. Do not make promises that you cannot keep to owners of your company. I really hope that for the integrity of your company, you will not even think twice about granting my request. Mind you, I am very angry and disappointed in Blue Green for what they have put us thru. They are pushing us to upgrade to platinum but that is not going to happen unless in lieu of our maintence fees, your company upgrades us to platinum without any money for another upgrade. We have invested thousands of dollars of our hard earned moneyinto your company up to this point just so we can take a vacation thru Blue Green. Hinesite says that we should have never bought into this. Please respond to our complaint at [protected]@ in a timely manner. Respectfully, Brian and Lugene Johnson. 17764 Franconia Tr. N. Shafer, MN 55074.

accommodations, wait time to book

I won 2 vacations; 1 4-day and 1 7-day. I did not know the accommodations were standard. I had to pay $130 out of pocket to upgrade for the 4-day trip because the hotel was in the middle of nowhere. The 7-day did not work out at all because you don't pay for airfare or taxes or food so it was too expensive (considering I won the trip). I did better better booking my own all-inclusive vacation. The wait time to book is ridiculous. I can go online, browse different resorts and book in less time than it takes just to get connected to an agent or call my travel agent. And, there doesn't seem to be enough properties to go around. It was a very frustrating process. After this experience if I enter a contest again and win a trip I will pass on that.


I was led to believe that purchasing this was going to allow me to travel and save money doing so, It has not! I cannot book, it is not available to me where and when I need it. When we went to the seminar I felt they were very deceitful and we were there for over 5 hours being pressured. At one point when I was trying to leave they worked on my fiance, (at the time) to get her excited about the purchase. It was very uncomfortable. I feel I was not given the proper time to look over the agreement nor was I explained properly all the fees, and obligations. A huge mistake.

timeshare points/maintenance fees increasing

we live on the eastern shore of maryland and our options for vacationing have been very limited, also we were not aware until after we purchased more points that we would be paying maintenance fees on three separate mortgages, as points were bought in mine and my husbands name and then we were aggresively solicted to buy more points during a vacation, not all information was explained in full to us. we are looking to get out of our contract. can you direct us, thank you, robin and rodney v.


Sales tactics are high pressure and are not up front about fees and maintenance cost, nor the availability to...

unethical behavior

On April 7, 2018, my husband and I signed up for this misleading vacation in Carlsbad, CA at the Outlet Shopping Center. We were promised 4 nights of hotel stay with 6 cruise tickets, the salesman even called in and upgraded us to a suite cabin. A few months after, I called to book my trip, to find out that I would have to book my hotel separate from my cruise. The hotel is in Vegas and I would have to attend a timeshare first before receiving my cruise tickets. The hotel have taxes and resort fees totaling $300 something. So I decided to book the hotel anyways still assuming I will get my cruise tickets. Then today when I called to confirm, I was told I will only get 2 cruise tickets. Now this is annoying, I've been lied to so I asked for a refund. They said they cannot give me the refund, but after the hotel stay and going to their timeshare meeting, they will give me a Mastercard of $50 to swap out the cruise tickets. This is ridiculous! Why would I waste time and money to go and get a $50 Mastercard??? The rep, Caleb was not able to help me beside offering to upgrade my hotel stay in Vegas. I told him this makes no sense to me and it's a lost for me and a gain for them. So I canceled the Vegas stay. I am upset and recommend others to not sign up with this misleading company. They are after your money only! Member #[protected]