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timeshare, travelplus, bonus time & rci

Buyer beware!!! Do not let them pressure you into buying this, you will not beable to use it!!! I wish i...

false advertisement/and high pressure

After purchasing a vacation from Bass Pro here in Arundel Mills, Maryland i Purchase A 7 day for the price of...

they didn't help me with the selling of the documents

I have timeshares and decided to sell them. I contacted Bluegreen Resort Management Inc. I spoke with the rep and asked for the assistance. I needed to sell these timeshares as soon as possible. I needed some documents from them, but they decided to tip-toe. They told me to call them later, because the documents haven’t been finished. I have waited 2 months already and I understood that they wouldn’t help me. Don’t rely on them.

mortgage payments - rip off

Consumer beware! Don't set your payment up for direct payment out of your checking account.

We were wondering why our bill with Bluegreen was not going down. To our surprise out of $117.50 a month only $.30 was being applied to the principle. We also noticed that there were several unexplained adjustments made to our payment to the account. We had made some lump sum payments that were not posted for the full amounts but were divided in some weird way. When asked about it, the rep said it was because of late payments. There was no way that our payment should have ever been late, because we set it up for direct deposit from our bank and we monitor our bank account every month to ensure that all of our bills are paid on time.

In our excitement, the customer service rep started telling us to calm down and stop yelling. We were not name calling or using profanity, just letting him know that we have never been late paying any of our bills and the large payments that we made were not posted correctly. Instead of telling us, "yes you are correct this does look strange, let me see what I can do to help you." He gave us no assurance that the problem would be solved. Instead he told us that this is what happens when you make an electronic payment and unless someone discovers it will be all messed up like that. In his impatience and incompetence to help us he hung up and we were not able to get through the rest of the day.

I believe this account should have been paid off long ago. I can only hope that someone will take the time to help us.

dishonest selling

They will say anything to get a sell! Don't buy this off the street or a set up near wal mart or...

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misleading and deceitful

I would never recommend Bluegreen vacations to my worst enemy. They lie to you during presentations they...


Okay so here is what this vacation agency did to our family. Last year we traveled with Bluegreen Vacation...


Bluegreen salesman lied leaving me to believe we were buying into a no lose investment and they would buy it back from us. Also we could trade it 45 days or less and go anywhere we wanted (not holidays). What a crock, what they sold us wouldn't even allow us to go to all the Bluegreen resorts, but they offered to help. We just need to buy more points. I got out from them and my money back. Feel free to email me at [protected] They don't care about owners.

  • Ro
    Robert Tucker1023 Oct 27, 2015

    I am an owner with bluegreen and have been for over 3 years now. and it is a great company to work for worst thing I've run into was when two people tell you two different things at different resorts. If you say that you can't get rooms on bonus time you are hugely mistaken as I have personally done it on multiple occasions. I don't know how many points you bought but I can tell you for a fact there are resorts you can stay at for as little as 4000 point for a week. Even the one in Arub can be done for only 7, 650 for a week. A two bedroom in Branson, MO for only 8, 350. Currently the minimum points you can purchase is 10, 000 which could be two weeks in some locations or over a week at resorts such as the one in Branson. I am sorry you had a bad experience but I can assure you it isn't the norm but the rarity.

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  • Ro
    Robert Tucker1023 Oct 27, 2015

    I am making a correction to my previous comment. upon rereading it I noticed I put working for them. I do not work for bluegreen I do own however and as stated before the complaints on this site are bogus.

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  • An
    Andy Kerr01 Oct 27, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Haha Robert. Busted. If they are so great why are you trolling the complaints board

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lies and deception

We were invited for an owner update that cost about $56 for 3 days/2 nights. We then received a promotion for...

fraudulent deceptive practices

It is so disappointing that I am sitting here trying to hold Bluegreen Resorts accountable for their...

Saint Pete Beach Vacation Clubs

we never have gotten to go on vacation yet

Bluegreen is a scam. This is the 3rd time we have tried to go on a vacation and have gotten absolutely NO...


To all Bluegreen Owners who have been lied too/mislead -file complains with the Attorney Generals office in...

lost vacation property during obama hardsip.

I had been paying on an ownership property . had paid over 23, 000.00 cash. Lost job when economy was bad and...


Blue Green is a Vacation Club/TIme share that does nothing but lie. When we purchased from them I asked if we were unhappy could we resale it back to them. Yes was the answer. Well they wont.
They told us our maintenance fee would never go up. NOT TRUE. It goes up every year
You have trouble booking reservations
We were told so many lies It took two legal pages to write them all down. I have contacted the Attorney Generals Office in Fl but have not had any response. I am looking to find other members that are dissatisfied. I did find a site on Face Book where they want to file a class action suit so if you are interested please join!
If you haven't bought from this company please DONT or you will regret it. They are money suckers and I will find any way I can to report them or keep people from purchasing from them. I can't believe Bass Pro is affiliated with them!

difficulty getting refund

Went to a "2 hour" no-obligation presentation which lasted 4-1/2 hours. It became apparent to me that they were not going to give us our "free" night if we didn't sign up for something. Paid for the cheapest deal offered and felt lousy about relenting to the tough sales pressure.. Checked for complaints against Bluegreen Vacations on-line and decided I needed to cancel the contract I signed.

Since I did not trust this company after what I learned from complaints against them, I sent a certified letter of cancellation, dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's. They received the registered letter on Nov. 29, 2014. To date (12/15) I have not received my refund of $795.00.and was told by phone that the SOONEST I might receive the credit to my debit card is the end of December..

Merry Christmas from Bluegreen Vacations to me!!!

false everything

We have been lied to from day one.. cannot use points, cannot use RCI weeks when we want..unlimited number of...

Resolved bluegreen vacations timeshare scam warning!!!

Disclosure: Results my vary, as this is my personal experience only. My video review on the BlueGreen...

missleading and false promises

My husband and I where encouraged to purchase a Time Share and with that Time Share a credit Card Account wa...

misrepresentation and lies!

I was told I could take this trip with anyone I wanted. After paying and getting my information (3 month...

Resolved high pressure sales tactics

I got a call that I had "won" a 4 day stay in Orlando and a 4 day cruise all at no cost to me! I never win anything so I thought it might be nice to take a short vacation.
After about a 25 minute phone call the "catch" came. I needed to give a $198 deposit which would be refunded when I checked into the hotel. I told the gentleman that I was not going to give my credit card # over the phone until I had a chance to check the company out, he said he would hold while I did my radar is really spinning. I said I would be happy to take his phone # and call him back once I had the chance to check out the company and speak with my husband.
The manager got on the phone and again asked me the same questions, I said I needed to check out the company before I gave them any credit card information would call them back. She said unless I gave them the credit card # then, I would lose my "free vacation". I told her I was not interested. If it was a legit company, they would have no problem with me doing basic due diligence. Now I have been reading the horror stories of folks who got stuck with in a time share with this outfit. HUGE BULLET DODGED!!!

  • Ea
    Earlene Rott May 05, 2011

    We bought into Blue Green Resort and was told we could sell it anytime and that all we needed was 2-3 days advanced notice to be able to stay. Well let me tell you SCAM!SCAM! Can never get in when we want never enough points even if we haven't used any in a year. Wished we had never listen to them. Don't believe any of their promises. Bunch of CRAP!!

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