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sketchy business

As an employee of Bluegreen, I do have to say the product is valid, and for those that can afford it, it's worth the consideration. However, I don't like the sales tactics we have to use to get people involved. It gives me great pains to have to try to heavy-hand someone into buying. I've made a few sales with people who really wanted this product and they have walked out happy guests/owners, and I hope they are happy with what I've sold them. I also had a cancellation. In the end, I'm not so sure this is something I really want to do. I need to find another job before I get ulcers.

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    James Lauricella Mar 24, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want out of my timeshare with bluegreen. The wife and I got sucked into buying with them with all their lies, now I owe MF for life which they did not mention. Email [email protected]

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Resolved lies and misrepresentation

What ever you do DON'T buy anything from Bluegreen Resorts!!! Not only will you be in depth with a horrible cheap product, your credit will be destroyed. The sales representative are allowed to lie to you, so do not be fooled when they say they never would or couldn't. I have proof they do, and it doesn't even matter I am still stuck with my crappy timeshare and endless rising Maintenance Fees. Oh and if they try to say the fees will never go up or only by a little, laugh in their face. Again, they will lie to you and are told to do whatever it takes to make a sell. Oh and the whole thing you have 10 days after you sign the contract to cancel, another lie, because I did and I am still stuck with it. My lawyer says there's really no way to get out if this because they have made sure to cross every T and dot ever i. So you will be stuck. I can actually go on and in but I'm sure you get the drift. And if you still want to buy a timeshare, please buy mine, I can defiantly sell you one for a lot cheaper than they can. [protected]

  • Ca
    callingouttheBS Sep 25, 2013

    This guy a hoot!!
    He first complains about what he has and then askes if you wanna buy it!! LOL hahaha
    That;s like trying to sell sour milk after you have complained about it!
    BTW folks its a 5 day cancel period.
    nuff said
    Bluegreens fine T-hall is not and needs help.

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  • Bl
    BlueGreen Lies Sep 16, 2014

    My video review

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Resolved we won!

My wife and I luckily did a little research before going to our mandatory 2 hour Bluegreen sales presentation...

Resolved lying salespeople

I'll keep this short and to the point. when I bought into Bluegreen Resorts in Branson, MO.
I was promised: Bluegreen would buy back my timeshare if I was ever not satisfied. Lie, we tried they never head of that program.
I could go to any Bluegreen resort. Lie, we found out we didn't have enough points. We needed a bigger point package.
This is a great investment. Sell it and make money. Lie, couldn't give the damn thing away.
Your maintenance fees will never go up, besides we'll work it where you never have to pay those fees. Lie, fees go up every year, I was stupid. And you have to use thousands of your points to pay only part of your fees.
You will have worry free vacations for the rest of your life. Lie, I'm throwing up now.
I did get out of the timeshare, they even refunded most of my money. But three weeks ago my parents fell for the same lies I did. Mom and Dad are not stupid, they are caring, trustworthy good people. They were lied to and pounded on until they gave in. I know I can get them out of with the help of the guy who got me out. But they have open a can of worms. I am now a avid warrior against Bluegreen. Watch for my posts coming to a complaint board soon Bluegreen. Anyone else fed up? email me at [protected]

Resolved sales pitch

We were contacted by phone by someone offering a 4 day 3 night vacation in Pigeon Forge for $129.00 and all we had
to do is attend a 90 to 120 minute sales presentation. Sounded like a good idea and we had been through this before
with them and it wasn't so bad. They said it would be ok as long as it was more than 15 months since we had done
it. Well, the presentation alone lasted 2 hours. Then we were taken individually to tables with a sales person. Right off
the bat they produced a $12, 500.00 contract for us to sign. Payments were nearly $600.00 a month. We declined. He
then calls over another salesman who just can't understand why we could turn such a wonderful deal down. He produces
another contract for less money and begins the pitch again. Finally, I just looked at him and point blank told him we
are not going to buy this. By now the 90 minute to 120 minute pitch became 3 hours. By the time they fooled around
getting our gifts we finally got out after 4 hours. They made us sign something saying we could not do one of these
vacation deals with them again. Have no fear, I learned my lesson.

  • Ca
    callingouttheBS Sep 25, 2013

    You are an out right lier!
    I work for this company and have for more than five years
    The pitch and procedure has not changed in that time.
    First off the "presentation" meaning the Podium as we call it is a speaker and it is never more than 45 to 60 mins they are trained to this time and will get written up if they abuse this rule.
    Second, by law and Nearly ever state and by nearly I mean some states are more rules not less,
    you are assigned to one sales person and can not have more than one talk to you unless its a Manager and no more than three in the process is permitted so you lied about that and and your time.
    There is no way in gods green earth that the salesperson showed you a upfront price of 12, 500
    A.. we dont have thet package and B. the first price is three time that amount and worth it I might add.
    The next time you wanna lie just keep it to yourself cause you obviously are use to it.

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  • Be
    bernie1 Dec 09, 2013

    Our sales presentation was about 3 to 3.5 hours in Orlando. We talked to one rep, then another, than an older manager. The attempted to pressure us into the cheaper deal but were nice when we declined. The presentation was much longer than they had stated though. The unit we stayed in was very nice, but please note the ones you stay in before you sign are much nicer than you get. Our friends are "owners" and when they stay they get the circa 1980s ones with outdated furniture and electronics. They are still nice, but def not the new ones you get when you sign up. They always promise that they will be updated in the future...but thats not in writing. I would go again, just be aware you will waste a morning in the meetings.

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not being completely truthful in their gift offers for spending two hours listening to sales pith fr timeshare

We were solicited by a phone call inviting us to come to a timeshare presentation (1 1/2-2 hours )and two day vacation At their resort.In return we were promised a 100.00 gift Visa and another land vacation for four nights / three days, or a cruise for the family for the same duration.
All of this was or a cost of $189.00. We were up front with the solicitor, from the beginning, telling him that we were not interested in buying a timeshare package because of a very bad experience years ago. But, we were going to be vacationing in the Charleston, SC the city where we would listen to the two hour sales pitch, anyway. Why not. Well, upon arrival we had to fill out paperwork prior to the pitch. I realized that the 4 night 2nd vacation required a $50 deposit before using. This was not is disclosed in the mailings that we were sent shortly after our booking the presentation.i read all of the fine print. Also, they could not give us the promised $100 Visa because their machine was not working. They did give us a company check that we could cash locally . They did not disclose that we would be charged a check cashing fee because we did not have an account at tht bank. We sat through the 2 hour presentation which was as expected-no problem. At the close of the presentation we were given a certificate for our second vacation to a "moderately priced hotel" in one of about six locations throughout the US. We were led to believe that we would be staying at one of their resorts vs an unknown hotel. Furthermore, the certificate was good for only two adults. We were told from the beginning that we could take our family. We have one college age daughter who we wanted to take on vacation with us. Again this was misstated. When confronted with my deliemma they gave me another certificate that would require an additional $50.00 deposit. Mind you, that would only be a total of $100.00 for two rooms for four nights, but that is a fee that was never disclosed at any time and in any fine print. This may not be unethical but it sure is not transparent. We will most likely forgo the second gifted vacation all together, and call it even .I do not want to deal with a company that is not completely up front with its customers and has to mislead its customers to stay in business.

  • Ca
    callingouttheBS Sep 25, 2013

    The lights are dim w/ this one.
    Every hotels, motel, requires a deposit for incidentals I.E they don't know what kinda person you are and could go nuts in the rooms w/ damage and what not so weird complaint. BTW most deposits are more too.
    The rest of your complaints are petty and well...

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Resolved rude/pushy sales tactics

We were approached by a salesman at Bass Pro Shops in Concord, NC for a vacation getaway for a discounted...

Resolved lies

We were lied to by Will Barnes and his manager, at Harbour Lights in Myrtle Beach, during our sales pitch to upgrade our points. These people are SO good, he even played off the fact that my husband is a preacher, telling us about the church he is involved in. We were fed a lie that gave us false comfort in our decision, he passed us a piece of paper, one of a few signed in his office, "signing this paper", he said, "states that you will give Bluegreen first rights to buy your points back if you ever decide to sell. We don't want these vacation points sold for less than what they are worth." SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM TO GIVE ME A COPY RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!! Our contract states that if it is not in writing in the contract, it is not legal and binding, also states that nothing your sales person tells you is legal and binding either, if it is not in the contract. I looked through all my papers and I was not given a copy of anything he had us sign in his office, only what we signed with the underwriter (what she is called). These sales people are taught to make you feel comfortable about taking on this financial burden! We were told other lies as well, but that one really shocked us.



Resolved getting out of contract

We were suckered into "purchasing" a weekend in Pigeon Forge, TN at Bass Pro Shops for 100.00 if we listened...

timeshare headache

My husband and I were told alot of things during the process of us becoming timeshare owners, that this company did not live up to. We were told that they would buy back the timeshare in the event that we coluld no longer afford to make payments, not so. We were quoted one price for yearly dues and the price was double what was quoted. We just want out and want to forget Bluegreen Resorts even exists.

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Jul 13, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Toyotafan have you looked into timeshare or are you one of those idiots that think they know everything and in fact know nothing.
    We have made timeshare work along with many many thousands of other happy owners.
    Over the years we have saved Thousands of £ on holidays, been to places that would have been far to expensive to even dream about going to.

    So untill you know what you are talking about please shut up.

    There is no scam in Bluegreen it does what it says on the can, the problem is that people do not do their homework and can not be bothered in learning how to use what they have bought ... it is like buying the latest TV and then throwing away the remote controll and complaining that the TV does not work.

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  • Ol
    OldBGOwner Jul 18, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lord Mankinholes, You are the one that does not know what they are talking about. I just got talked into an upgrade with BG. My wife and I asked the sales person 4 times how much would our Maintenance Dues be affected by this upgrade. We were told that they would double but no more than that. We are now being told by BG that we owe over $2000 for the MD for this year. We were paying around $500 per year before the upgrade. I have spoken to several people at BG and they agree with me that there must be some kind of mistake but no one will do anything about it. This is no way for BG to treat their customers. We were lied to by the Sales people and now we are being blackmailed into paying double the standard amount for MD because if we do not pay the MD then our account will be frozen and we will be unable to use our vacation points until we pay this outrageous amount.

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  • So
    SonOfDad Aug 03, 2012

    Toyotafan123 : TAKE A HIKE TROLL

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  • Ts
    Tshareowner Jul 10, 2017

    @SonOfDad I've been a BG owner for 10 years and they absolutely changes the rules as you go along even if it's in writing! We actually own with 2 companies and BG is my least favorite of the two - if I could get rid of it at a reasonable price I would! Some of us may have been a bit "uneducated" at the beginning of the process but that doesn't make what this industry is doing right. Why do you think there have been so many lawsuits and complaints! Wake up a smell the coffee.

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Resolved lies, lies, lies!

I took a tour/sales pitch and I did sign up for a sampler package which gave me 9, 000 points that cannot be...

no sales in two years of market

I have had a vacation property with Bluegreen on sales for two years after paying this organization $995. to sell it in a 90 day period. I dropped the price to $10. to get out from under this property with no avail. I have called and spoke to the customer service at [protected] ext. 4300 and have not got any action at all on my sales account. I beleive that this is a scam of
a service to sell properties and need someone to look into this company.
My loss.

Resolved theft


stay away from these rip off company

I been been for 3 years and haven't used my time shares and they took 20000 points because I never used it.And they wouldn't let me use it because of maintains fees and the fees was suppose to be 1100 dollers but to find out they want 2015 dollers because I was 3 month late! I need some help how to sue this ripoff company please help! Because this company is ripoff!


My husband and I went through the whole thing in Gatlinburg TN in 2006 and like dummies reuped in 2007 thought it would be great!! Well I have tried 3 times to use it and unable because it was booked and when I finally able to I was at Myrtle Beach without the beach and in a room with 3 kids that was not big enough for anything it was terrible!!! Now I have made payments every month and kept up with the problem I have is maintenance fees and I know we owe but I want to sell this and it has been impossible and bluegreen is of no help. I WANT OUT AND I WANT SOMEONE TO HEAR ME!!! I have paid since 2007 and still owe more than what I paid for the property and I thought it would be a great thing but I was wrong

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Nov 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you were in MB without the beach then it must have been Harbor Lights, if that is so then if you say that the unit was small for both of you and the 3 kids then it must have been a 1 bed unit. If I am correct then you broke the rules these 1 bed units sleep 4 only for a family of 5 then you should have had a 2 bed, I have stayed in these units and I can tell all of you that they are not small. Just had another thought you did not try and con the resort and book a "Hotel" style room did you ?
    I have been an Owner for 7 yrs and have never had a problem getting the reservation that I asked for and all our reservations have been in the summer high peak period.
    You say YOU WANT OUT well I am sorry to tell you that the resale of any timeshare in these times of doom and gloom are being given away and the value is zero to the seller, on the other hand a big bonus for the happy owners who want to increase their ownership, and my friend there are many many thousands of very happy owners.
    Now for the crunch YOU CANNOT SELL IT OR GIVE IT AWAY BECAUSE IT IS NOT FREE OF DEBT, this is very clear in the paper work for you to get rid of it it must be paid off and all fees upto date.
    Untill you have done this then do not waste your money trying to sell it, DO NOT give any company any upfront fees because they say the can sell it for you ... THEY CAN NOT

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Resolved dirty resorts, bad investment

Bluegreen is not honest in what they sell you. Only partial information given and information is given in a misleading way. Resort management in TN is terrible. Resorts are unkept. Maintenance fees are out of hand. 1st year (2007) was $800.00 this year 2011 was over $2200.00. It's buyer beware. Check them out completely then check them again for your protection.

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Sep 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Now somebody on here is telling porkie pies ... and it is not me so I will let you make your own mind up.
    If you MF were $800 in 2007 (you must have 14000 points since that is the nearest I can get to your fig.)

    Then your 2011 mf were $950 not $2200 as you state ... $32o base fee + $0.045 per point

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  • Le
    Lets Be Honest Dec 21, 2011

    Re: Lord Dinkhole!!!

    Why would someone half way across the world in England give two shivers about what we here in the states complain about, unless you were on Blueturds payroll... This is a complaint board!!! If you want to blow rays of sunshine up Blueturds Corporates butts, I suggest you find another venue to do that. They are only in the business to take honest peoples money in a shady way, nothing else. They hardly ever have open bookings and their customer service might as well be housed at the local kindergarten class in Boca Raton!!!

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  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Jun 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lets be honest ... have you found your missing MF money or did you spend it on something your other half dosn't know about lol

    You ask why I am bothered ... I pay my MF and I for one do not expect BGVC to have to pay out to defend these people that lie

    You may have come across better if you had been honest in the first place, you still have not answered why you had to grossly inflate the 2011 MF.

    Come on now tell us all how much your 2012 fees went up ?

    Mine like all owners in trust fund E went up $0

    Again I have to repeat myself I have never had a problem in getting a reservation

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total fraud

This outfit is a TOTAL FRAUD!!! First of all, it is owned and operated by Iraquis who have taken full advantage of this country's aid in starting new business and even Federal and state funding, etc.

They will force senior people, who are on Medicare, to accept these "aids"
who come to their place of residence to help care for them. What these
innocent and unsuspecting seniors are not being told, though, is that the
people being sent to their homes are people who have not even been screened
and background checked, etc., before being hired, etc. Most of these so-called
"aids" have criminal backgrounds and records. They will come into someone's
house and steal anything and everything of any value, such as money, jewelry,
prescrirtion drugs, etc., etc., etc.

DO NOT allow this "agency" to send anyone into your home. This is a TOTAL
SCAM and FRAUD ring that apparently the so-called "government" is in on.
They will try to flim-flam Medi-Care recirients into believing that it is a much needed service. This is just their way of weaseling their way into your home
to check it out and figure out how to best make their heist, etc. BEWARE!!!

You will very clearly see this, if you ever have dealt with them. These so-called "aids" are the laziest and most useless individuals that can be imagined.
Everything that needs to be done in a household, they will claim that they don't do, or that they aren't being paid to do, etc. Why are they even there,
then???? !!!

Resolved fraud

People be very very carefull when you are out shopping at Bass Pro Shops in the future. Jonny Morris must have lost his mind as he has let the Bluegreen Resort cockroach's into his stores to screw and scam the customer. I came across the scam at my last vist to BPS. The salesmen and women ambush you from a counter called Outdoor Travler. They claim that it is the "Best Value In The Store" They give a pretty sweet come on and have som real nice pics. of resorts you get to stay in for the low price of $129 for three days. All you need to do in return is set through a 90-120 tour and sales presentation. Well folks let me tell ya what. The first thing is $129 gets you the worst rooms they have to offer at these resorts. Next you have to pay $30 more for a weekend check in and then another $40 for a room big enough to fit in. The best part is you can't check in until 4 pm and they kick you out at 10 am the third day, so do the math you really get 2 days at this wonderfull place. Next when they set your tour time (thast right they say whenyou get to tour not you and they pick the worst time for ya) so the full day is shot. The tour is so high pressure they try and crack you and use the same crap as the rest of the timeshare people that we all know and hate.The tour was so bad I told the scumball he could keep the Bass Pro gift cards cuz I will never shop at a bass Pro Shop again if this is the way they set the customer up. Check out other web sites and you will soon learn these Bluegreen people have been screwing people since 1968. Check your local BBB and see this company has a F rating. I also have learnd these duchbags are now at all of the NASCAR race tracks as well. I guess they figure maybe they can pick off some people that have had a few drinks and screw them as well. Looks like NASCAR has sold it's soul to these bottom feeders. Folks remeber the old adage A fool and his money are soon parted. If you don't like that one how about "If it is to good to be true, then it is"

Resolved high pressure &soft sale&

We just returned from Bluegreen Club 36 in Las Vegas. We knew it was a timeshare pitch when we signed up. We...