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want give my refund back

Kenneth forman on march 10 I book romm at the austin downtown/airport The concert that I was going to see got cancalled and I live in bryan tx which is a 100 miles away I call...

Super 8 Worldwide — extreme poor quality

We recently spent a week at the Super 8 in Chandler, AZ. Our stay was the most disappointing we had ever had at any motel. When we arrived, we were not aware that check-in was at...

Super 8 Worldwide — the manager and the room we stayed at last night

596709 I own Marshall excavation, Rhonda owns Coney Island cafe in Huron sd We got a room last night and in the middle of the night discovered cockroaches all over the bathroom Rhonda...

Super 8 Worldwide — room cleanliness

596709 Our stay at the Motel 6 Texarkana Texas upon entering the room noticing that the roof was full of dashed and dust all over the bed and curtains and counter when asked for move to...


My family stayed 47 days straight at super8 in waterloo, illinois and was ate up from bed bugs from 3 different rooms. Told owner (bill patel) and he laughed and said it wa...

Super 8 Worldwidehaving to unclog toilet myself

I've been a customer for months and had many incidents at this local. Hit my head when toilet was loose, seen bugs and now my visit here I have to unplug toilet to use and I've contacted mgmt and no comp love this establishment but idk what to do anymore I am a very loyal customer and will still pay but I feel they will not do their jobs why as a guest do I have to unplug my own toilet to use if I'm paying to stay pls respond

Super 8 Worldwidesuper 8 in athabasca ab canada

I would like to mention about the front desk person on the phone. His name is Michel.
I called couple of times to this property to make an inquiry and a booking. I received such a poor customer service from him every time I called.
I looked at the review for this property and his name was mentioned quite a bit as a rude agent. I totally agree. My experience is not only bad but also creepy. very creepy.
I don't know how he does it. I almost worry about his mental status.
What he did to me was giving me a creepy silence. I asked a room availability and he said "OK". then went to silence. I thought I was on hold so I waited for at least 2-3 minutes. I could hear some noises in the background even vacuum like nose. So finally I said "Hello?" then he was just there "yes". Was he there all the time just waiting for me to speak? Usually, people who does the booking asks questions. Very unusual awkward conversation continued. Later that day, I tried to book by phone. The same thing happened. He asked me my last name so I said it then silence again.
Normally, agent would keep continue by asking "your fast name?" " How many people" etc, etc. He seems to enjoy this strange phone conversation. I wonder if he does this to people all the time. He must have lost lots of potential customers. I asked for a manager then he said he was the one. Then I asked him anyone besides him. He just said " Is there anything I can help you?" I said, " I don't think you can help me, Could I speak someone else, pls" He said again, "Is there anything I can help you?" in the low slow creepy tone. I'd like to report about him to the Super 8 head office. They'd better check on him. I am sure the property is fine with super 8 slandered but definitely there is something wrong with this person. I hope Super 8 management team cares about this matter.

Super 8 Worldwide — service

On November 12, at 2:00 a.m., I arrived at the El Dorado, Arkansas location in an attempt to secure a reasonable place to rest for the night. Upon arriving at the El Dorado...

Super 8 Worldwidehousekeeping/ management

My husband and I booked a room at super 8 Austin north in Austin tx. We have stayed there prior to this day. On 11/13/2019 we had to switch to a different room cause the original room we had the heat didn't work so we froze to death the night before. So on the 13 the if November another room was available for us so we transferred our belongings to the the room.. room 423. When we walked in the room was stinking it smelled like feet and vinegar. So we left to go get something to eat. My husband got to go to work and when he got off housekeeping knocked on the door and said can we come in to clean cause the smell from this room is really bad. Mind you the room already smelled so that should have been taking care of prior to them moving us to that room. So we get up and go down stairs to smoke and walk back in the building and then housekeeping comes and said we need to check out cause management said so. Their was no manager on the property. The room was paid for until 11/15/2019. I feel as if we wear singled out. The whole 4th floor is for smokers only so how can you smell an odor from our room when the hallway is full of weed smoke, cigarette smoke, and incense. We will never go back there. If management wanted to check out early his old ass should have been the one to come and say something not hiding behind the rude ass housekeeper.

Super 8 by Wyndham, Wyndham Hotel Grouphotel room rental october 12, 2019

Re:Travelocity Itinerary# [protected]

On October 3, 2019, I booked a room through Travelocity for the Prescott Valley, Arizona location. The whirlpool tub, king size bed room was booked, and paid for, for October 12, 2019. This was a special occasion. Room # 125.

Unfortunately, the room and amenities were inadequate because of the following;
• The room was strangely over sized, with sparse furniture.
• The king mattress was hard and the mattress topper was lumpy and very uncomfortable.
• The window A/C in the room was too small for the large room, and blew straight up into the window covering. We used the stick in the window to hold the curtain back. However it was insufficient to keep the room a consistent temperature.
• There were no hand rails on the wall by the whirlpool tub, which made it very difficult to to get in and out.
• The one ceiling fan in the large room had a broken chain and would not turn on.
• The fan blades were dirty and caked with dust.
• The shower curtain was broken and hanging off the wall

I am disappointed because the was a very special occasion and was meant to be a surprise.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate a full refund of the $190.37 I paid through Travelocity., The room and accommodations fell well below those described on Travelocity and Super 8 website.
I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above address with any questions .


Arlys Holloway

hotel room rental october 12, 2019
hotel room rental october 12, 2019
hotel room rental october 12, 2019
hotel room rental october 12, 2019
hotel room rental october 12, 2019
hotel room rental october 12, 2019

Super 8 Worldwide — room conditions

596709 My boyfriend and I checked into the room there at the super eight on October 25 at approximately 9 PM we put our belongings into the room. At that point we left the room...

Super 8 Worldwidesuper 8 in la grande oregon

My husband and I came to La Grande to stay the weekend & are working on an Estate Sale. It's a lot of heavy lifting and hard work. We specifically looked for a hotel with a pool so we could come back in the evening and wind down & get in the pool & hot tub. One glance at the pool & hot tub made it apparently clear that these haven't been cleaned in a very long time. We just got done doing a 10 hour day in dust and dirt & are not about to get into a pool that is filthy!

super 8 in la grande oregon
super 8 in la grande oregon

Super 8 Worldwide — fraudulent charge

My government card is being charged for a no call no show on 5/27/19 that I did not even reserve. I was out of state on vacation and would not have reserved a room over the...

wouldn't allow, service dog extremely mis managed and mistreated

On Sept 11 I booked a room thru for the super 8 in Vacaville. After put me on hold to verify they would allow service animals I was told that they did allow...

Super 8 Madison/Verona — wifi and staff

The worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Checked in Aug 16th 2019 and planned to attend events for 45th class reunion from Verona High School Aug. 17th and was to check out Aug...

was charged for a reservation that I cancelled

Made a reservation for 8/31, canceled same day it was made. Decided to stop over in another city, talked to clerk who said he would take care of it. Next morning I was charged...

Super 8 Worldwide — started out 5 day stay with dirty sheets, i.e. small blood stain and obvious wrinkles in sheet

Aug.28 thru sept 1. Unwilling to accomodate a handicapped request for a 1st floor room. Dirty blood stained sheets. Dirty carpet, stains everywhere. No outside lighting on wed...

Super 8 Worldwide — very poor customer service

No coffee or food put out for breakfast, people waited more than 30 minutes then left disappointed. He refused to provide clean towels. We returned our dirty towels and he said we...

Super 8 Worldwide — Overcharging for booking and representing themselves as wyndham booking

Booked with what I thought was Wyndham booking but turned out, as I found out from Hotel 8 in Osyoos BC Canada was actually a scam booking company. They chared me in US funds even...

Super 8 Worldwidebed bugs

I'm currently staying in the Super 8 In Childress Texas 411 AV F NE, 97201.
I checked in on the 23. August and since then I kept getting bitten. First I thought it's a mosquito but today 8/26/2019 I woke up at 2 am and had a bed bug on me bitting my neck and hand.
I talked to the front desk and changed room.
It is disgusting and I wanted to bring it to your attention that an experience like that ruins my stay in one of your hotels. As a Wyndham member I can't recommend this hotel and in future travel will avoid this hotel.


Matthias Groeger


Super 8 Worldwide — fire in bathroom of our room 213

596709 August 18th, 2019 at 12:37 am. We were in town from New mexico visiting family for a reunion. When returning to our room around 12:30 am, we opened the door with smoke pouring out...

Super 8 Worldwide — problems with hotel services and accommodations

On my stay here, I booked three rooms, and in each room the tv failed to work, the remotes did not work; not allowing us to change channels or turn the tv off in general, and in...

Super 8 Motel — hiring process

Dear Super 8, I was wondering if you have a problem with race when hiring individuals. My wife applied at this Super 8 Motel which needed housekeeping. We submitted an...

Super 8 Worldwideovercharged

I stayed in your ruidoso, bk on 22 June 2019. I had placed a reservation a week prior for myself Connie earls and Bobby reveles(Jose) with my credit card but his was pay later. The next morning I went to make sure when he checked in his card was billed. The lady at the front desk said he never checked in. I said he was with me last night in I think room 125. The lady said a Jose was in there but nobody by my friends name. I called him as he had already left and he spoke to her and gave her his credit card info again. She said she fixed it. I had noticed 4 charges in my account and she said it would be fixed. I believe my hotel was 45 and his was 40. But they should've charged him not me again. So I called my bank and they put a credit to my account and it came back as a reversal in my account on 8/1/19 for 80. I need this refunded to me as I paid for my room up front and his card did get charged but they are still trying to charge me. I am the military and drove 2 hours to visit. Please assist me in getting this fixed as now I am scared to ever stay there again.
Connie earls [protected]

Super 8 Worldwide — taking my money by saying I had smoke drugs in the room because they smell which I don’t use any kind of drugs.

I checked into the super 8 on July 31 about 8:00 that night I was told I need to pay 78.00 for my room in which I was told that if I had cash I needed to pay 80.00 on...

Super 8 Worldwide — policies of payment and over all stay

We stayed for 7 days at the hotel in crawfordsville in and the polices of the payment was not done like they said they was going to. It stated at the front desk that if using a...

Super 8 Worldwide — bed bug infested /extremely dirty disgusting

My husband children, and I checked in hoping for a night of peace as we were displaced from our home.. we weren't even there for two hours, and my children started complaining of...

Super 8 Worldwide — customer service and cleanliness of hotel

Awful experience and will post all over social media of how poor the customer service, security and cleanliness of this hotel . Had issue with staff on drunk and disorderly...

Super 8 Worldwide — bad rooms and service

596709 We decided to stay here as the year before we had stayed and had no problems. We checked in on July 10 and that same night my sister started to complain about how the room looked...

Super 8 Worldwiderefund

I was driving home to ontario from new Brunswick when i decided to book a room in Cornwall with Super 8 hotel, when i was booking it online with trivago, i had noticed the dates for my stay were wrong, i clicked cancel but yet it still went through. I contacted expedia immediately(the site that i booked through) and was notified that my reservation was cancelled BUT i would be recieving no refund, this is infurating considering every other hotel will give you back a full refund within 24 hours of cancellation.

Super 8 Worldwideunethical place to stay

This is no doubt the worst hotel I ever lived at. The receptionist looked like he did not want to work there and absolutely did not smile or direct us to where we should go at all. We had to ask and he seemed annoyed that we asked.
I booked non-smoking and the guy gave us a smoking room. We asked him about it and all he said was that the other non-smoking rooms were full and offered no apology or alternate solution whatever.
The elevator smelled like leaving a wet towel for a week in a hot car - It smelled so gross. A guy smoked in the elevator too and he quickly destroyed the cigarette when he saw us right in the elevator, which would easily cause fire!
The beds were full of bed bugs and it even was caught my friend's leg! The bathroom and the sink were also full of bugs. The room looked like no one cared to clean at all - very dirty and uncomfortable to live in.
We stayed for two nights yet the hotel card did not work the second night. The receptionist also offered no apology or justification for this.
Overall, it was a very awful experience for us who tried to enjoy a road trip. Super8 at this place deserved to be close down. I felt so betrayed and cheated from this whole staying situation.
Attached is the bed bug bite on my neck. There are more on my hands, legs, and arms.

unethical place to stay

Super 8 Worldwide — my stay

596709 We came from out of town for a wedding booked the room online. For more than $100 a night I didn't expect to have this experience. The room smelled. The bathroom had nats in it...

Super 8 Worldwide — condition of rooms

July 18, 2019 Super 8 Corporate Offices: We stayed at the Fairbanks, Alaska Super 8 on July 2, 3, and 4th checking out the morning of July 5. The first room they put us in (#105...


On the 18th of July 2019 I stopped at Super 8 in Siketons Mo from driving 500 miles to rest until I finish my journey I hoped the next daughter who is 20 years of age...

Super 8 Worldwide — the place being nasty

I booked in advance room is disgusting one washcloth that looked dirty roaches running along side of wall paid over 200.00 for my stay could've slept on a corner would've been...

Super 8 Worldwide — injury

596709 I informed the front desk about an injury I had while staying in room 204 at above address. They said the manager would call me. This was 2 weeks ago. The injury happened July 2nd...

Super 8 Worldwidesuper 8 in bloomington il

First the building stinks so bad it burns your throat when your in the halls. And now it's raining in our room. We are on top floor. Asked for a new room and he said I would have to wait until 10am to talk to someone about it. So we slept in a raining room. Not acceptable my stuff got wet and I'm not happy. And we are stuck here for 4 more nights. I hope you get new management in here, they are not doing their job. The pic attached is a whole in the ceiling where the water was coming in.

super 8 in bloomington il

Super8 — customer service, motel quality

This is no doubt the worst hotel I ever lived at. The receptionist looked like he did not want to work there and absolutely did not smile or direct us to where we should go at...

Super 8 Motels Kamloops — bed bugs and unprofessional front desk agents

On June 27, 2019 my wife, daughter and myself checked ino the Super 8 motel in Kamloops BC Canada (visit was prebooked and paid for by I chose this motel because...

Super 8 Worldwideunethical behavior / wyndham platinum member

Super 8 by Wyndham Eureka Springs
3010 E Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR US (479) 253‑5040
Confirmation Number: 87080EC008909
JUN 13 THU 2019 JUN 14 FRI 2019

Upon my arrival I asked the desk clerk (male with pony tail) if he could give me a room, any room, with outside entrance because I had a motorcycle. I was told there was none available and received a room on the inside near pool below street level where I had to use and elevator and had no outside view at all. Being he told me he had nothing I took room. After a short time unloading my motorcycle to a cart and returning to move my motorcycle I notice 2 other quests just checked in on motorcycles, one moved his bike to an outside entrance room. I asked the other did you get and outside room he said yes, I asked did they have a reservation? He told me no we just pulled in to see if we could get a room. The desk clerk was standing near, I told him dude not cool. I am a wyndham member, you are supposed to try and give me a room of my choice if possible. Not only did you not do that you flat out lied to me and told me you didn't have what I wanted when you did. He answered well you got a better room. I said, no I got punished because I made my reservation through Wyndham and you already had my money. If I had just pulled up I would have gotten the room I wanted. Either way you lied to me, not cool... He quickly disappeared. The new guest with motorcycle that told me they just pulled up was hearing all this. He said to me that's just not right, if you want you can park your bike in front of our room and I will keep an eye on it for you. I stay at a lot of Super8s, Most are accommodating. Not this clerk, guess he never got caught red handed before but that upset me for my whole stay. As a mater of fact I was planning to stay at that location on my return trip but instead booked at the Stonegate Lodge next door because of this. Not a happy camper.. I hope you can prevent this from happening in the future to someone else. Thank you, Floyd Pawson