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If any of you are planning a vacation at a condo affiliated with a timeshare company, do everything you can...


I became a blue green member in November of 2014. I bought an $[protected]) point membership. I shared thi...


Timeshare salesmen have to be the biggest slime bags on the face of the earth, and this particular sales rep...

vacation opportunities

This company is an absolute sham. There are no available dates unless you book through RCI and pay more fees. The bonus time option was oversold to us and is not a real option as no sites are available. Their sales tactics should be referred to as bullying with nothing to deliver but a lot to be promised. The ABSOLUTE worst decision we have ever made. Will probably never be able to use points purchased.

bluegreen vacation hotels

My husband "won" a free weekend getaway in October 2016. We were already going to be in Orlando this weekend...

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unethical, liars, horrible experience, can't use my nights bought!

Purchased explorer package 7 night option in January 2014, Used the first 3 nights in September, have not been able to book the other 4 or use them. Every time I call, they say nothing is available, not yes, you can go in 2018 or you can go in this month. "There is nothing open" sorry you cant go there. I have tried and I can not get anything booked. I called today and was tole my nights expired and I cant use them! I was told they don't expire, I made sure of that or I would not buy since my husband was going through surgeries from neck injury. I want my money back. I have tried for 3 years to use this and I cant book anything at any of the facilities I want. Its prepaid and I cant do anything with it. I have tried to get a supervisor or manager on the line and they wont do it. they wont give names of anyone or numbers that you can call and talk to.

unethical sales tactics all lies

I have been researching bluegreen vacations and all the complaints since I tried to call them back and sell...

vacation package sold at bass pro by bluegreen vacations. scam.

I purchased a vacation package from Bluegreen Vacations at our local Bass Pro shop for 100 dollars. At the time I was assured that the value was 4 times that. This was a blatant misrepresentation. Booking was the problem. 30 to 40 day waiting period? Prime months blocked out? More money in hidden fees? Ridiculous. The company's sales reps, all that we could get in contact with, offered us an upgrade trip to Tennessee. Tennessee? Not even close.
Avoid this nonsense altogether. Bluegreen is a timeshare player looking to capitalize on unsuspecting consumers. Bass Pro is another problem altogether for letting them through the door. Save your time and money. Do not even talk to them. More than a year later they are still contacting us with extensions and "free" upgrades. Once bitten, twice shy.

verbal abuse of my 80yr old mother

aid got to my mother's home late said she was only mopping the bathroom floor because she had somewhere...

tiffany bates from garland, tx

While I have not done business with you'll it will remain that way until I feel something is changed. When i...

lying salesperson at falls village in branson, mo

July 2015 at Falls Village, the salesman convince us to spend over $25, 000 to purchase points that would upgrade us from Silver to Gold by telling us that this would put us in a situation where we could make reservations for people and sell them. He said that he had made over $10, 000 doing this just last year. We went in the owner update not planning on upgrading so I hadn't checked to see what we were offered previously to purchase points for.

When I went to another update in Daytona in November of the same year, I found out that we were not upgraded to Gold, that we were still points short. And the saleslady asked why we paid such a high price when she had offered us the points at much less a price the previous year.

She also said that "selling" the vacations was really not an option and that we needed to purchase 10K additional points to be Gold.

I like BG...Just not the lying salesman in Branson. I complained to corporate, but never received a reply.

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    Trib60 Dec 30, 2016

    After sending registered mail to corporate, they reached out. However, it has been five months and check still has not been received for reversal of contract.

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bluegreen scam

We have been a Bluegreen owner since August 2015. We purchased at the New Orleans La Pension location. We...


On Feb 5, 2016 I attended a review of my ownership while staying at Tradewinds Resort at Treasure Island, FL this for a $100 gift card inducement. After many hours of sales pitch I was sold 5000 additional points at Trillium in Cashiers, NC on the premise my dues on my current UDI (Undivided Interest) ownership at Shenandoah Crossing, VA (DC3052)would be reduced by about $1000 and I would be free of the UDI portion of my ownership, but keep the 9000 yearly points I currently receive. After much deliberation I decided it was an OK offer and payback for the purchase would only take a few years with the savings on maintenance fees, the bill of good I was sold. I left feeling all was well. A couple of days later I had a nagging feeling about the transaction and called the sales manager at Tradewinds, who said she would check with the corporate office In Boca Raton to confirm all was well. On the next to the last day of 10 day period of right to rescind the transaction, I was informed that what I was sold was not true and that it did not apply to my UDI ownership and Bluegreen would make a refund which the did a week or so later.
My complaint is that if I had not called the manager during the 10 days after the sale I would have been stuck with about a $6000+ purchase that did not accomplish the bill of goods I was sold and would have had to pay about $3000 a year maintenance fee. I was sold a lie. I am done with Bluegreen, their high pressure sales pitches that are full of partial and total lies and feel that they should now take back my UDI ownership to right this wrong.

  • An
    Andy Kerr01 Jul 14, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bluegreen scammed me, a friend and my mom and dad. We all did get out and our money back. Email me at [email protected], don't take their crooked ways. And so you Bluegreen employees that browse the complaint boards I am going to keep coming on here and telling the truth about you. I stop when you are out of business

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I was promised 200.00 in Visa cards to listen to a blue green vacation rentals sales pitch for 3hrs of my...

the agent tried to change our decision and was too pushy

We made the appointment in Bluegreen Vacations LLC Inc. My husband and I arrived and our agent started to tell about the vacations’ opportunities and he tried to assure us that if we spent more money, we would get more pleasant vacation. He told the prices and it was too high for us. Also, this guy was too pushy and tried to change our decision. After this conversation, we decided to cancel the deal at all, because it wasn’t wise to trust our money to these greedy and wry people.


Prior to me evening having a chance to go for the actual "vacation ", the $50 gift card was voided out prior to its expiration date. When I call the number on the back of the card, the credit card Company informed me I was 1 of many! When speaking with customer service all I got was there is nothing I can do for u, u only had till the beginning of mo...not end of mo. So this experience has started off on a negative foot! After reading many of the reviews on multiple cites I'm shocked this company still has a BBB rating of A! Let's see if they follow through with the other "gifts" that were offered.


4 months ago my wife and I took the 90 min sales presentation in Orlando. After promising ourselves we wouldn't buy we unfortunately gave in. When we got home we started reading all the reviews online and immediately called to cancel. The manager said we were "all set" and that he would cancel our contract. Our mistake in believing him. A month later we got a bill and called to see why we were told that we had to mail a letter saying we wanted to cancel and that just talking to someone wouldn't do it!! Why didn't he tell us that! What a scam! We started looking on the web at these timeshare cancelation companies and chose one called Timeshare Discharge. I don't know the difference in all of them but they weren't that expensive ($1500) and answered the phone and our emails every time. It took 2 months but we are out! Plus they got part of our down payment back. Luckily we got out! Spread the word- and Bluegreen management should be put in jail. Glad we are done with it.

  • Do
    Doxa Sep 27, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just need to know what time share discharge company you used. Thank you

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unethical behavior

Time-share meeting and contract date [protected].
In order to get an idea of the value of the 6000 points that I was signing up for, I asked the representative how many points it would take per night. He stated anywhere from 250 to 450 points. I was also told that I could by-pass RCI, thereby not having to pay additional fees required by them. I was also told that I could start using my benefits on February 1st which was stated in my Enhanced/Traveler Plus Agreement that I could start using my benefits on the 1st of the following month.
On February 1st, I tried to start using my benefits by phone call and through the Bluegreen website, I got "account not found". I was told in the phone call that I could not do anything and had to wait 45 days.
I started making additional phone calls checking into what it would take, points-wise, and found out that it would be 1000 to 2000/per night plus out-of-pocket expenses, certainly a big difference compared to what I was told. I also checked into seeing what it would take to book an 'Extra Vacations Getaway' certificate at a Bluegreen resort and was told I would have to go through RCI, thereby paying additional fees to that company. Again, not what I was told originally when signing up.
On February 2, 2016, I faxed a letter stating my complaints and requesting my contract to be null and void due to misleading/false information and requesting a response. I have yet to receive any kind of response.
My desirable resolution would be to have my contract voided and all monies, $14, 150, refunded.

  • Ho
    hollyroller Apr 23, 2016

    Blue Green has allowed Pinnacle to misrepresent their Company. We have been owners for 20 years. We got behind on our Maintenance Fees, due to lost of jobs. We were not able to afford our maintenance fee which led to us loosing out annually points and the opportunity to use our timeshare. Every year we were able to pay our pass due Maintenance fee in August. Once paid we tried to make reservations for the upcoming year but was then denied because the next year's due were due before we could use our points. Now that we have paid our Timeshare off and paid off pass due MF we now are eligible to obtain a deed which was promise in 1997 when we first purchased first property. My problem is this Company Blue Green has misrepresented itself through fraudulent actions and has voided all ethics, value, trust and brought shame upon their selves. Hope you enjoy my hard earned 20 years payments and invested them wisely so you respond to the enormous amounts of claims that are forthcoming.

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salesman, don allen holbrook Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook, is making thinly disguised death threats. He has been threatening, suing and harassing customers and critics for years. He is the brainchild behind the failed international destination theme park, Earthquest. He sued all of the taxpayers that commented about that waste of 24 million tax dollars. He also sued The Houston Press, Craig Malisow, Our Tribune, Cynthia Calvert, The Pahrump Valley Times and me. He lost in court and was immediately thrown out on his ear. He has been mired in controversy and threatening lawsuits for decades. He has been fired from 2 Economic Developer positions and not renewed for a 3rd. He fraudulently claimed to be a Phd for years. Holbrook is clearly dishonest and dangerous and Bluegreen needs to take appropriate action immediately.

salesman, don allen holbrook
salesman, don allen holbrook

  • Re
    realscam / Soapboxmom Jan 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Resume fraud:

    From: Tracy Kitts [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Monday, January 04, 2016 5:29 PM
    To: Heather Dobrott
    Subject: Re: Formal Complaint Against IEDC CEcD and Fellow Member Don Allen Holbrook Part 1

    Dear Ms. Dobrott,

    In doing my preliminary review I've discovered that Don Holbrook's membership and CEcD status lapsed a few years ago. He is no longer a member of IEDC (and therefore no longer a Fellow Member) and no longer holds the CEcD designation. We currently have no relationship with Don Holbrook and so cannot put this case in front of our Committee on Professional Conduct.

    Best regards,


    Tracy Kitts
    Chief Administrative Officer
    International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
    Main: (202) 223-7800 | Direct: (202) 942-9484
    [email protected] |

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  • Re
    realscam / Soapboxmom Jan 09, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Judge Robert D. Stack of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, author of the defamation treatise Sack on Defamation: Libel Slander and Related Problems, describes when a libel suit might result from a work of fiction:
    "Where the defendant invents defamatory dialogue or other defamatory details in what purports to be nonfiction, uses actual people as fictional characters, or bases fictional characters on living person but fails to sufficiently to disguise the characters, so that the fictional characters are understood to be 'of and concerning' their living models, liability for libel may result." Even if the work contains a disclaimer stating that it's fictional, a libel claim can still arise.

    The title Soapbox-Momster steals my online name of over a decade and the main character is Heather. Another colossal failed project by Don Allen Holbrook!

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  • Jj
    jjwatching Aug 20, 2018

    Why he is not in jail is just a matter of time. Karma's a bitch

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After booking a "vacation" on 10/27, I checked on Blue Green and discovered it was not for us. On 11/5 I requested from Customer Service a refund and was informed that I would receive an email confirmation and refund w/in 3 - 5 days. I received neither. On 11/16 I followed up and received an apology and reassurance a refund and email would be processed. I received neither. On 11/23, still on email or refund. I called Customer Service again and was given the same reassurance as before. I strongly question the honesty and integrity of Blue Green Vacations but still waiting on email and refund.

  • Pa
    Pam K. Feb 19, 2016

    You know the saying one something is to good to be true it probably is? This is it! They had called me this Monday to book a vacation with them. They told me they had dates open that I was looking for but to call back as soon as I had dates for sure. I call back the very next day to find out that they totally screwed up on my package. I was suppose to be upgraded to a log cabin at Christmas Mountain for a ski trip getaway with my family and it was suppose to be for 2 nights and 3 days. Come to find out it was for 4 nights and 5 days. Great right!!! No, because there is no open days for the weekend only during the week...Not what I had wanted.. The guy totally lied to make me book this vacation. (Frank) Then I call and tell a lady (Lisa) about the screw up and she tells me that if it were suppose to be for the 2 night 3 day she could see where the guy might have had those days open so she would look into getting me the days I wanted and would call me back. This is Tuesday, it is now Friday, so I call back again and they transfer me to customer service (Dominic) who is no help also. I tell them if they cant find the dates available I would just prefer to get a refund. The lady( a different one at this time because I was cut off on the last call) tells me that I have to WRITE a stupid letter to someone in Florida who will contact me ( and probably try to make it right again, who won't) and I will probably have to jump through another hoop to get my money back if even possible, the way this is going. It isn't even a week since I had booked this. So now I have to waste time to write a letter to get a refund. Very, Very disappointed with this company. This is why I usually hang up on these people because it is always a scam and I should have known better. I will next time! Don't book a vacation with these people...They lie to get your money and make promises they can't keep and then when you just want a refund because you are very unsatisfied you have to jump threw hoops. They can take your money over the phone but wont give it back.

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