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Complaints & Reviews

bloomex in calgary caring about their customers

I ordered flowers from Bloomex to be delivered in Lake Lousie to my daughter. The flowers when they arrived had a couple of broken lilies, my daughter said they were beautiful except for the broken stems. i called Bloomex and told the customer service rep about this, my hopes were that the courier company would take more pride in the packages they deliver. The Bloomex customer service rep was very helpful, she apologized, and explained that when deliveries are outside major cities they use a courier company. There are those drivers that do not take the care they should when delivering Bloomex flowers, and the customer service rep told me he would send out a new bouquet FREE of CHARGE for the inconvenience. I was very impressed with the way they dealt with my small complaint. I found them to be very accomodating, and I understand that things can get damaged during delivery- God knows Canada Post has kindly delivered fragile Christmas presents in thousands of shattered pieces, and then told me "well we aren't responsible for damaged items"!!! At least Bloomex was ALOT more accomodating and my daughter was doubly surprised.

Order #[protected]- Thanks to Gilbert for the great service!

  • Je
    Jess Hobson Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered flowers from Bloomex in Edmonton for someone in hospital. I did not see the product (in real) and I was told it has been delivered in time.

    The Bloomex website shows great quality/price and the delivery is fast. My friend didn't tell me about the flowers while she was at the hospital. But when I met her days later she kissed me and thanked me for the beautiful flowers she received from Bloomex.

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  • An
    Anxious NRI Dec 04, 2008

    I agree! I ordered flowers from Bloomex Ottawa for my gf's birthday. The flowers arrived ontime and in great condition. I received emails throughout the entire process to keep me up to date with the status of the order. I then received a feedback email from Bloomex about 5 days later. I like the way they wanted to keep their client happy by asking for our opinions!

    Great service overall!

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  • An
    Anxious NRI Dec 04, 2008

    As a customer from the UK I found the ordering and transaction really easy. I was kept up to date with the orders progress and was informed when the flowers had been delivered. I particularly liked the fact that I could talk to someone online when I had a query. I have ordered a few times now and I will continue to order flowers etc through Bloomex as I have had nothing but excellent service and anyone who receives what I am sending through Bloomex has been very impressed with the quality.

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  • Yv
    YVONNE Dec 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    lol Bloomex writing there own comments ... to funny ... not hard to tell when you read the same thing basically ...

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  • Te
    tedpat May 13, 2009

    Dear BloomEx, Our order has been delivered safely to our son in Calgary and was much appreciated. It is good to know that we can order gifts with ease and confidence from your website, especially when we are so far away. Many thanks for an excellent on-line service. Kind regards. Ted

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bloomex toronto delivered perfect flowers for our charity function

On Wednesday Nov. 12th, our organization held a charity fundraiser. We had 200 roses donated to us from Bloomex Toronto flowers. The flowers arrived the night before the event, they arrived in beautiful condition, each carefully packed in celophane with a tiny water canister thingy attached at the bottom of every rose. Nearly ALL of our attendees made mention of the beautiful roses, our event was a great success, and we were very grateful for Bloomex's involvement and generous contributions.

Bloomex's recent dedication to the Canadian Cancer Society has inspired alot more corporate giving in our offices across Canada, we would prefer to support a business that supports it's communities. Businesses like Bloomex make a difference.

Susan Powell

bloomex ottawa online flower delivery

On Nov. 11th, I ordered flowers online from BLOOMEX OTTAWA. I wanted to send my father, a decorated war...

bloomex nothing but a rip off scam buying flowers or working for them

Being both an EX employee and a bloomex purchaser I can tell you quite a bit about this company, tactic...

flowers didin't arrive

Ordered flowers to be delivered to my Brothers' funeral. They arrived unmarked, no card, and...

Kamloops Flowers Delivery

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service and employees

To whom it may concern, if you think bloomex.ca treats you shabby when you order flowers and dont get a response, try this 1) when the sales operator is talking to you and trying to get you help...TRY LISTENING instead of being so focused on ### at the operator, the person might actually be trying to help you, but you can't get help if your not LISTENING. Your so focused on Yelling at someone that your not hearing anything that is being said, being an operator for Bloomex I truly try to get your order right and keep you happy that is the main goal, believe it or not the goal is to keep everyone happy and make someone else's day brighten up, it is not to intentionally ruin your day. But you call yell, scream, call us names (idot, f'n dummy, threaten to blow us up.) then expect us to kiss your ###, WE ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU BEHIND THE PHONE, WE DO OUR JOB, TAKE YOUR ORDER, LOOK UP THE INFORMATION YOU CANT BE BOTHERED TO FIND, so maybe you should listen before leaping ... and on another note ... if you think they treat the customers poorly, then you really dont want to know how they treat staff. They started us off when we were hired at a decent salary and commission for sales, then just up and decided after a contract had been signed that its not gona be that way, lowered our pays by a $1.00 and changed the commission scale so that is almost impossible to make any extra money .. So every call the sales person gets that is not a sale and is a customer complaint is taking funds from the sales people. DO US ALL A FAVOR AND CONTACT THE RIGHT DEPARTMENT WHICH IS CUSTOMER SERVICE, SERVICE CLIENTELE .. NOT SALES ... TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS AND NASTY ATTITUDES OUT ON THE RIGHT PERSON ..THANKS HAVE A NICE DAY ...

  • Ja
    Jane Dec 17, 2008

    **buyer beware** *****bloomex on line florist*****

    Carefully read all the policies before ordering and check out various web sites that list complaints, check with the better business bureau.. if you carefully read some of the compliments you will find most are posted the same day and are most likely posted by the staff at bloomex.
    **buyer beware**
    You pay for what you get. there are lots of good on line florist, check out others before getting scammed by bloomex.

    I've also heard threw other forums that once an employee quits they have to fight for thier final pay.
    **buyer beware bloomex. ca** **buyer beware bloomex. ca**

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  • Ja
    Jane Dec 17, 2008

    Bloomex Complaints - on line crooks
    Review all Bloomex complaints
    Posted: 2008-12-17 by Jane

    on line crooks

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    19 Capella Court
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Phone: 613 216 0969


    Carefully read all the policies before ordering and check out various web sites that list complaints, check with the Better Business Bureau.. If you carefully read some of the compliments you will find most are posted the same day and are most likely posted by the staff at Bloomex.
    **Buyer Beware**
    You pay for what you get. There are lots of good on line florist, check out others before getting scammed by BLOOMEX.

    I've also heard threw other forums that once an employee quits they have to fight for thier final pay.

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wilted flowers delivered

We received an order from friends as a congratulation, but the delivery person didn't knock or ring the bell. THey left the flowers in the direct sun where (we can only assume) they burnt and wilted. My wife and her mother were at the house at the time and we can't believe that the person didn't knock or ring the bell.
Then it gets worse.
When we call to get some resolution 1) we're put off onto an answering maching (they will only answer your call if you're ordering some flowers) we're told to e-mail a photo of the damage to [protected]@bloomex.ca.
Fine - we do it and read the policy that says that they'll get back to us in 24 hours or less.
It's a week later, and we still haven't heard back from them.
Our order number is: [protected] - so you know we're not "rival florists" trying to smear the reputation of Bloomex.
I'm hoping their complaints department, newly headed by Michelle Robitaille (mentioned on ellenroseman.com), will get back to us - but we'll see.
We are very disappointed.

  • Mo
    mokanina1 Feb 26, 2010

    THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Ever!!! They did Valentine's Day morning delivery at 4.30 pm !!?!! My wife was gone at 2 p.m. so they just drop the flowers at the neighbour. Nobody ever called me that they were late or that they did not delivered the flowers. When I try to contact them, it took them 14 days to respond and tell me that they cannot give me a refund but only 15% off my next purchase with them. I would sue them big time but I live in California and their office is in Ottawa so it is not worth it. They ruined my Valentine's and acted like it is usual practise for them, not even "I am sorry" or something. If anybody start a lawsuit against them, pitch me in.

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  • Ja
    Janette bagats May 16, 2012

    They are all stupid! I ordered flowers last mothers day, and they didnt deliver it on time. So i just cancel it. I received a cancellation email, and after a few days they deliver the flowers. I am chatting with there customer support, after my complain they didnt response and after a few minutes they blocked me! Wth!

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  • At
    Atalesia Feb 24, 2017

    Mom got her birthday bouquet today two roses in the composition are wilted. One very badly. Bloomex might be a good price but thats really sad as that flower has no business being gifted.


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this company is a scam!!

This company is a total scam. My mother in law used this company twice. The first time She sent us flowers and a chocolate basket for the birth of our daughter. Half the flowers didn't bloom, and the flowers were not the right ones that she had ordered. The chocolate basket was totally different then what was ordered too. But, She thought that this must just be a fluke and it wasn't that big of a deal. But, 6 months later she sent us a fruit and chocolate basket when my husband was ill. This was utterly attrocious!!! The fruit was disgusting, it was different fruit then was advertised and it was rotting!! I had to throw most of it out because it was attracting fruit flies within hours after we recieved it!! They may even have already been in it when we opened it!! Also there was no chocolate at all in the basket, instead they included some crackers, tea, and some smoked mussels (my husband hates seafood)
All in all this company is a complete scam and seems to just send whatever they have handy instead of what you paid good money to order!!! They also do not take any complaints seriously!!!

bloomex sucks!

My Fiancé sent me flowers at work for our first anniversary, when I opened the box they were all...


Where to start?

I live 12 hrs away from my mom, and every year, order her Mothers Day flowers to her place of employment in Armstrong, BC. I phoned 2 days ahead of time to ensure her flowers would be delivered on the Friday before Mothers Day weekend. And, just to be sure she receieved her flowers before going home from work on Friday, I paid EXTRA for a morning delivery. I chose the 'Joyful and Thrilling' bouquet.

Well, guess what? Nothing came. I felt horrible!! My poor mom receieved nothing for Mother's Day! And the story gets worse. I phoned and phoned and talked to countless customer service agents. I was given the run around, my phone calls were never returned and I was literally hung up on countless times. I used the online customer service agent and was just disconnected. My emails were never answered. Finally, one did return my call and the next week they sent flowers. The WRONG flowers came and they were DEAD!! Once again, I was given the run around, hung up on, and no one returned emails or calls. I can't even tell you how many phone calls or emails I have put in to the company. They make damn sure you can't get a hold of anyone, and I think they hope people will just go away if they ignore them long enough.

Almost 1 month later, flowers were going to be resent in place of the ones for Mother's Day. Well, they didn't come on the day they say they were going to, and worse yet, they are once again the wrong flowers and dead! My Mom said they looked worse than the first batch! WTH is going on with this company? They are the biggest scam artists out there! Are they getting flowers out of a dumpster? I am serious, what are they doing? It's like they are sitting in a box for a week before they get to where they are going. And why the wrong flowers? Are they buying florists flowers that are on the verge of dying for a discount and using those? I just can't figure out how they can screw absolutely everything up!

I am a real person telling a real story here. I have seen on these blogs that some people say some of these complaints are maybe the competition? Well, I am just a woman out 70 dollars and I have a Mother who received squat on Mother's Day. (My order # was 809777 and I am happy to show anyone the transcript between myself and the employees..I want everyone to be warned and know this is a legit story! )

I take solace in the fact that my mom works in Armstrong at a plant (Colonial Farms) that employs just under 100 people. I know everyone seen those flowers and knows the story behind a week late delivery which turned into a month, 2 wrong orders and 2 dead batches of flowers. You know what they say about bad service...one person tells 5 people and so on...This company just lost out on a lot of business! I intend on writing my story on every site I can so no one else has to go through this. Not only am I out money, but the sentiment was ruined on a special day.

I emailed the company after my second dead batch came and they told me there was nothing they could do. They claim they did all they could to fix the problem and that my VISA would NOT be refunded. Like I say, this company is horrible in absolutely every facet. From the dead flowers, the wrong flowers, being treated like I am a dirtbag because I want an explanation, the lack of customer service, being hung up on numerous times, and basically just ripped off...it's just unbelievable!

My advice is order right from the store in the exact town you want them delivered to! It might seem like you are getting a deal online but believe me, there is no deal to be had! Go to the florist store yourself, or at least phone the store yourself. These big companies who supposedly give you deals just don't exisit. I wish I would have done my research. It is way too easy to get scammed, I know I sure got duped!

  • Rh
    rhonda Jun 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, one month later and a ton of emails and phone calls, I finally am going to be refunded for the crappiest service I have ever had! They told me on Friday there was nothing they could do. Thanks to this blog site, I emailed the President and the customer service agent I had been speaking to. I sent them both a copy of my complaint and told them if I was not refunded immediately, I would be going to the BBB and taking it up with my credit card company. I woke up this morning (Monday) and there was a lovely apology along with a credit on my credit card. Thanks to whoever gave the good advice to go after them this way! It's absolute BS when we, the consumers, get taken advantage of! I finally have a smile on my face after a month of hell with this company. The squeaky wheel really does get the grease so don't stop fighting for what you paid for!!!

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flowers packed upside down

Ok, I am the recipient of almost dead flowers, packed upside down, leaning against the door in the hot sun...

Edmonton Flowers Delivery

delivery of flowers

Bloomex is a florist that comes up when you do a google search - florists name of city (eg: florists Kelowna British Columbia) - it will come up no matter what city you put in DO NOT USE THEM.

Here is my experience:

On May 26th I ordered flowers (order # 815497) to be delivered to my granddaughter who had been seriously injured the week before. The flowers were to be del’d to Kelowna General Hospital. I never received an email confirmation of my order. I sent an email asking for a confirmation, no response. Later that afternoon I called and changed the delivery to her home in Maple Ridge for delivery the next day (Tuesday May 27th).

I confirmed the flowers were NEVER delivered. I sent another email today re this; both emails were sent to [protected]@bloomex.ca. I requested that a credit be sent to my Mastercard account number and asked for confirmation by email.

On Wednesday May 28th I rec'd a t/c from 'Caroline' shortly after sending the above email - I told her I didn't want the flowers any longer as it was moot - after a few phone calls and checking, Caroline advised me on Thursday May 29th that it was a '2 day delivery' for Maple Ridge - I was never told that; in fact the guy who took the order on Monday afternoon commented 'we get a lot of orders for Maple Ridge'. In any event even by that policy you were already late as that should have made delivery the latest on Wednesday May 28th.

Caroline also advised she could not 'stop a delivery in transit' - I questioned how that could be when here it was Thursday morning (3 days later after the order was placed) and the flowers still weren't delivered. Again I said I DID NOT want them and I wanted a full credit. Caroline said she would get back to me - she subsequently left me a message saying the flowers were in transit, would be delivered that day (ie Thursday May 29th) and I had a choice to refuse the delivery in which case I would get a credit but HAVE to pay the delivery charge or I could accept the delivery and I would get a credit for the delivery charge.

Well guess what, the flowers were not delivered until Friday May 30th, 5 days after the order was placed. While I appreciate not being charged for the 'delivery' I question that more of a credit is not being issued to me after all the hassle I have been put to. I even explained to Caroline that the reason I had to call and place the order by phone was that when I tried to do it online it kept increasing the number of items, i.e. I ordered 1 vase and 1 teddy bear; as I would go to the next screen it would be 2 vases and 2 teddy bears and even tho I would change them back to 1, the next screen would have them at 2 and of course the cost of 2 for each of those items - I finally gave up and phoned in the order.

I have NEVER had so much trouble trying to order flowers online, NEVER had so much problem getting flowers delivered (if this were for a funeral parlor the person would have been long gone from there) - to say I will never use that company again is an understatement - I will be sure and 'share' my story with as many people as I can.

Today (June 2nd) I rec’d a confirmation email, that the flowers had been delivered and looking forward to doing future business with me.

flowers and gift basket

I purchased flowers and a gift basket from www.bloomex.ca for my mom for Mother's Day. The flowers and...

worst service ever!

Do not buy here, It is the worst service online ever!! I ordered 12 red roses for Mother's Day. I paid...

flowers not delivered

We ordered flowers on Fri May 9, 08 to be delivered on May 10, 08. We added a special delivery note that...

late and dead mothers day flowers

This is formal email I sent to the Bloomex customer service email address: Dear Bloomex Inc. Management and...

terrible service, late delivery

I ordered 2 bouquets for same day delivery, They were delivered the next day and I paid an extra 9.99 each for same day. I tried calling the 1-800 number but all you get is an answering machine telling you to leave a message and they will get back to you within 24hrs. I left three messages on line for them to get back to me to confirm delivery, they never called back. The flowers were not what I had ordered, some were dead and others had petals falling off. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!! IT is a scam!!

flowers damaged and delivered two days early

I ordered flowers for my step-mom for Mother's Day and requested they be delivered on May 11th - as the site states that "they deliver on Mother's Day". Reasonable expectation, no?
Apparently not. Not only did they deliver the flowers two days early but more than 1 dozen of them were broken. The flowers were on their side in the cardboard box that they were delivered in.

I contacted the company and they requested that we send a picture of the broken flowers. Nice that they screw up and we have to jump through hoops to get restitution.

Anyway, that was the extent of the reply AND THIS WAS LIVE CHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

When I asked again why they were delivered two days early, I never received a response. Ever! I finally logged off after several minutes of nothing after my query "Are you still there?!?"

I sent two subsequent emails with my phone number (as suggested) including the one with the picture they requested, and never heard anything back.

I will never order from them again and will ensure that as many people as possible know how terrible their service is!!

Beware of this company!!!

no delivery!

Ordered flowers on Friday to be delivered today (Tuesday) for my wife's birthday. Thought that it would...

buyer beware!

Note: This material is subject to legal complaint Bloomex is an online florist, based in Ottawa, that offer...