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Do not use them

I had a bad experience with them flowers were not fresh, looked nothing like the picture used cheap flowers instead of what I paid for. They deliver whenever they feel like it not on the day you ask. They refused to give a refund even though they did not provide what I paid for. worst mistake ever not with it. Go to any other place. Businesses like this should not be allowed to run

Two day late delivery, seeking delivery free refunded

On Monday April 4th ordered flowers for day-before Mothers day delivery on April 9th. At the end of the day on the 9th when the flowers did not arrive I tried to phone Bloomex, but only a recording message. I also tried their chat service and they changed my order status to "Under Investigation". On April 10th (Mothers Day) the flowers still did not arrive. I emailed them and got a canned reply back saying we will respond to inquires on the 11th. The day after Mothers Day the flowers arrived. I emailed them again asking for my delivery fee of $14.95 refunded. I feel that they had broken their own delivery policy stating that only acts of GOD would prevent delivery. I have not heard from them at all since.

Dead flowers received for mother's day

I ordered a basket of flowers called Pink Beauty. They were for my mother who is 92 and lives in a senior's home. My mother received a bouquet of Dead Flowers. How heartbreaking. I contacted the company and I was offered $20 off my next order. I refused this offer and contacted the company a second time and this time was offered a 15% discount on my next order. Why would I spend more money for dead flowers. The money isn't the real issue, instead it's how do you compensate sending dead flowers to a senior.

Dead flowers received for mother's day
Dead flowers received for mother's day



I received a Mother's Day bouquet (certainly not the best word for it) from my daughter. Half of the flowers were dead, one had mold on it (from sitting in a cooler too long) and the majority of the arrangement had broken flowers. I reached out to Bloomex to complain about the arrangement, and have been told that the picture and the bouquet don't always look the same. Basically they've wiped their hands saying they did their part, and if I watered the flowers they would "bounce" back. How can something that is DEAD bounce back?

This is absolutely the worst possible company to deal with - it only took TWO days to respond with the crap they are trying to sell me - that way they don't have to do anything, money in their bank account and my daughter is upset that SHE messed up. Nope - it's Bloomex.

I ordered from the same company (unfortunately) and paid an additional $20 to deliver flowers to my daughter by Mother's Day. No one will tell me where the arrangement is, but as of the writing of this review, the flowers have not made it to her place!

In today's present climate, putting out the kind of money we have under current financial restraints, this falls under the heading of fraud.
DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THIS PLACE - it's a total SCAM and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Misleading advertisement

I spent a lot of money on a flower arrangement that was supposed to be a beautiful gift and Bloomex delivered the cheapest most hideous flowers. The arrangement was nothing like what i ordered. They use their "substitution policy" to argue that they are justified in delivering a flower arrangement that looks nothing like what you've ordered. I made attempts to speak to someone directly and i learned very soon that the only communication you will have with someone is via email. Please save your money & time!! Bloomex is a scam! The flowers you see on their website are advertised to entice you. You will get a better looking bouquet at the grocery! I've got the photos to prove it. I repeat, save your money & time!!

Misleading advertisement
Misleading advertisement


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[Resolved] The email came shows my order is cancelled due to nothing

I've placed order 2 hours ago. The email came shows my ordere is cancelled due to nothing. No reason and double charge! Are you out of your mind! I've already started disputing with my bank about that and they told me I am not the first in a row. That is your pathetic business error! I am waiting to be replied for that 2 hours from you customer service or chat just hungin up me from both. Any help advice are appreciated.

The email came shows my order is cancelled due to nothing

  • Bloomex's response · Apr 15, 2020

    Hello, Ross. Thanks for you inquiry about.
    Sorry, we had an errors due to last update. Please mail us to [email protected], we will refund a charge and restore your order to be delivered on day selected.
    Sorry again for that inconvenience, waiting for you reply.
    Yours Bloomex.

  • Resolution Statement

    I sent email to [email protected] yesterday as they said, got immediate reply with sorries for their system error. My order has been fixed and ordered parcel is already there, recepient loved it.

Easter lindt hamper

Due to covid19 restrictions I could not visit my elderly parents for easter I ordered a lindt hamper through bloomex, the hamper they received contained no lindt I received no notification they had run out of items. The products replacing what was displayed and described at time of purchase were inferior.
When I emailed the company I was ignored when I contacted them they were extremely unhelpful and just brushed me off

Easter lindt hamper
Easter lindt hamper


I was robbed

This company literally robbed me. I placed an order for $122 for my elderly parents who are currently quarantined. They are extremely upset to not be seeing family this Easter, so I tried to brighten their spirit with a lovely spring time bouquet. They physically received a few red and white roses that were half dead and had to be discarded the next day. I paid extra for their "supersize" option and can only imagine what they would have received if I didn't. I contacted the company over a dozen times and got zero response. I am utterly disgusted that during this sad time in the world, people like this exist to rob you! Disgusting and shameful!


I love these flowers. At first glance, I wondered what I'd bought, but after they come out of the bag, you fluff them up and you do with them whatever it is your project is, they're gorgeous! With my first two sets, I cut off all of the leaves (the leaves, to me, make them look very artificial) and greenery with wire cutters, like Mommy Dearest in the rose garden, and made a bouquet for my bedroom in a vase that I did a DIY Mercury Glass job on. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm now making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked so many times where I get them and how real and beautiful they look.I would definitely recommend to anyone seeking for flowers should order from Bloomix.

  • Bloomex's response · Mar 04, 2020

    Hello, Victor. Thanks for your review of us. Why is there only 1 star if we are affordable business for you? Could you bring a little light for this situation? Thanks.

anniversary flowers

My husband ordered Anniversary Flowers from your company. I have to say it was such an embarrassing moment for him. They arrived not even in the vase and not bloomed but dead!

For a company that advertises constantly on social media and prides themselves on quality this definitely was a huge disappointment! You would think your quality of flowers would be exceptional, but your suppliers definitely failed you.

We would like a refund back as you flowers are very costly and did not deliver on the quality. Very disappointed!

anniversary flowers


failed to deliver flowers as promised and refuses to refund.

From the US. we ordered flowers for a funeral in Canada. Bloomex confirmed in writing that the flowers would be delivered no later than Noon for a funeral that would start at 2 PM, and we paid extra for that confirmed delivery time. No delivery was even attempted until after 3 PM, more than two hours after the agreed latest time and more than an hour after the funeral started. The church declined to accept delivery for a funeral that was already into its second hour. First, Bloomex suggested we should go to Edmonton to pick up the flowers. )Think about how ridiculous that suggestion is.) Then they offered store credit or an alternative arrangement of flowers, both of which are useless to us. I've now researched this company, and it's a scam. Take a look at Side note: if you order from the U.S., they price your order in Canadian dollars but charge you in U.S. dollars, adding 30% to the cost. This is disclosed in fine print that I would bet 90% of people never notice.

  • Sc
    scha manio Sep 25, 2019

    Yes same. I place an order september 23, and they promised and keep telling us dont worry they will deliver it the next day abd i'm expecting it as a surprise bday gift to my family. But guess what? they did not deliver it. And no one iform us. i keep calling but they are so rude they keep ending the call. Poor service. if they will not deliver it today i will make complain to this company, i saw a lot of reviews and this is not good what they are doing. i'm from dubai, so i will make complain here. regarding this if they will not deliver it today. since i am not the one who's making complain i will let them to check all the reviews here so they can make an action.

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Payment was taken in USD and not AUD which amounted to being almost charged double. This was not made clear...

order of flowers and card

The flowers received looked nothing like the photo of the bouquet on their website. The card was the wrong one and what was provided specifically no chosen because the recipient associates purple flowers with death.
Delivery was not until very late in the day (around 5pm), despite the representation that they were delivering from a location which is only 5 minutes from the recipient, and despite the order being made at 1am and being confirmed at 7.41am.
And to add insult to injury, the message was stapled on what looked like a receipt in the card under a voucher regarding a discount, so the recipient did not see easily who it was from.

order of flowers and card
order of flowers and card
order of flowers and card
order of flowers and card
order of flowers and card

Bloomex Australia

delayed delivery of flower wreath

On both the 25th & 26th of june, I have ordered four flower wreaths with stands to be sent to a funeral on...


delivery and refund

Don't ever order from this company!!!
After submitting this complaint (ordered two bouquets of flowers on friday may 10th for mothers day, it is currently may 12th at 8:30 pm neither order has been delivered. After using the extremely frustrating live chat I have found out that both orders are being delivered tomorrow monday may 13th - mothers day is sunday not monday!!! To make matters worse my mother in law is currently in the hospital and being moved tomorrow to another hospital so I suppose my $60 flower bouquet is going to be enjoyed by a complete stranger. I will never order from bloomex again and I would recommend you do the same. Signed extremely disappointed) they offered me a $20 credit or an upgrade -

I then replied

I live in ontario and my mother in law lives in bc
I have no idea which heart institute she is being transferred to.
These flowers needed to be there sunday not just because it was mothers day but because she just had a stroke and she is all alone.
Her whole family is here in ontario and flowers on mother's day after a stroke and being all alone would have been so special... That is gone now!
I don't want them sent elsewhere nor do I want my order upgraded (I had already paid for an upgrade) and frankly it won't mean as much to her as it would have yesterday.
So i'd like my order reimbursed.

They sent me this :

Dear jennifer, thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the delay caused. It was prepared in time, but due to courier mistake it was delayed. Such issues are out of our control and we are ready to rectify the situation and provide you store credit for $20 or refund of extra delivery fee paid. Please advise, how you wish to proceed with an email or contacting us in live chat on the website. Once again, we apologize for inconveniences caused. Sincerely, bloomex team

To which I replied once again:

I've now just spent 30 minutes trying to use your online chat and once again frustrated with your company.
First to offer me the option of a $20 store credit is ridiculous, I will never use your services again
I actually found out from my husband that you're the same company he used two years ago for our anniversary, he order two dozen red roses and that order got screwed up
He spent $200 for a bouquet that a. Was not roses and b. Came the next day (so not on our anniversary)
I do not want a store credit nor do I simply want a refund for the delivery fee. The companies you hire to make the delivery's have to be accountable and therefore so are you, courier mistakes might be out of your control but your company has to take responsibility for them, as I said you hired them!!!

At the end of my rope I called and ask to speak to a manager, the lady said I will have one call you back... What did I receive yet another generic email offer the same thing. I called and when I ask for a manager I get hung up on... Not once but twice.

Then when I finally get another agent he argues with me for 20 minutes, your not getting a refund so we can go around and around all day, his words!!! I said you hire these courier companies so you need to go to them and say when our customers aren't happy you need to compensate for that.

I am hoping to get the word out there and have no one use this company ever!!!

product and delivery

placed an order for mothers day, paid extra for before noon delivery but didnt get the box till 7 pm. when they arrived the box was upside down, the flowers were broken and dry. tried to contact them but havent been able to. there is no customer service here. never order from them!! scam and no one to complain to. no place refund area. never again.

online florist

Bloomex is an online scamming business. The only reason I went against my better judgement and placed an order with this business is because they confirmed they could do a last minute delivery (during the purchase process). So I went ahead and ordered 36 long stem roses for delivery the following day. Not only was my order not delivered on time, the chat system was completely ineffective at keeping me abreast of the delivery status, and I did not receive any correspondence advising me of the late delivery, nor I was given an option to cancel my order.

After much chasing and navigating the frustrating "live chat" platform - let me tell you, there is nothing "live" or "interactive" about it - I was advised my order would arrive two days later than requested. I promptly emailed Bloomex requesting to cancel my order. Despite my instructions, and with no return correspondence, Bloomex went ahead and delivered the order. Instead of 36 long stem pink roses in a vase, they delivered 9 wilted tulips in a box!!! Imagine the embarrassment on my behalf. What was supposed to be a thoughtful gesture toward my recipient, ended with me apologising profusely for sending such a ghastly gift. Dead flowers!!!

Upon receiving my complaint, Bloomex offered to refund my payment only if the recipient returned the dead flowers to their nearest depot. Bloomex did not bother to provide an address for said depot.

I couldn't imagine anything worse than asking a recipient who has just received 9 dead flowers in a box, to help me obtain a refund by ferrying these dead stems to a depot in an unnamed location. @Dimitri Lokhonia, could you?? (hint: you are in the business of bringing people joy)

Bloomex is now refusing to refund the amount paid for the product / service they failed to deliver. I have made numerous requests for a call from management, or for the escalation of my complaint. I can't get through to Bloomex over the phone, and the personnel managing the "wecare"@bloomex email address are becoming increasingly antagonistic.

Does anyone out there have Dimitri Lokhonia's details? I will not let this go. This is daylight robbery.

flower delivery

I ordered flowers for my mother for mother's day and she never received them. My order number was 2409783.

I had tried to "chat" online with their online service however it was just a robot.

I emailed to confirm the address as the house number hadn't shown up properly, however I never even received my email back as promised within 24 hours. It's now been over 3 day and no word back AND my mom didn't receiver her flowers.

Still no response from them and I have been billed.

mother's day flowers order blmx2396176

On May 10, 2019, I received Mother's Day Roses from your company. They were old, dead and dying.

I contacted my daughter, Melissa Nicolas, and she said that she will not be using your service again, nor will I.

I ask that you either return her money, or resend me a proper bouquet.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Stebbing
113-3402 S Main St, Penticton be V2A 0B6. marg.[protected] [protected]
I have pictures is you need them!


Order number: 1420177
I am extremely disappointed with the service from your company
1. I ordered flowers and payed an extra delivery fee for them to arrive on Mother's Day and they arrived a day early ??
2. I strictly asked for them to be handed to my mum herself and to be wished a happy Mother's Day but none of that was done and it was handed to a guest at my house
3. My mother is allergic to mint chocolates and A tiny box was included with it, but online they said it was going to be decadent chocolates but it was a cheap box of chocolates
4. The flowers I received were nothing as what was pictured online and is not worth the amount I payed for them.
I will not be using this service again
I want my money I wasted back