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flowers and vase delivery

This company is a complete farce! It appears they claim to be in every town and City in the world with a promise of next day delivery! They do not deliver on time! Our next day Birthday delivery order to a friend from them took 5 days and the vase was smashed. Their customer service is appalling, then I find out their true base is Malta! Avoid this company like the plague as they are disgraceful!!

delivery of flowers which were completely wilted the next day

Flowers were sent to my wife who had received lung surgery fro cancer on 23rd may by friends in the USA via Serenata Flowers. They were in poor condition and the next day had wilted. I contacted Serenatat Flowers several times to complain and received automatic relies saying they would look into it. Eventually they said that our complaint should have been within 5 days - it was day 6 . Moreover I could find nothing on the web site to say this. perhaps it was communicated to our friends who sent the flowers. Naturally we did not want to report it to the friends who sent the flowers.

We have received no satisfactory response from regarding the delivery of flowers in poor condition and which wilted the next day. It is shocking service and a complete failure to deliver a quality service. Since they have failed to respond appropriately to my request to replace the flowers I have no option but to go ahead and promulgate their poor service on the internet to deter others from using this very poor service. It is particularly vexing that there has also been an insensitivity to the fact that the flowers were sent because my wife had received surgery for lung cancer which I had communicated to them. There is no facility on their web site for publicising their poor service. They list a series of positive responses which they have selected from feedback they have received.

poor flowers and appalling customer service attitude

I ordered a bouquet to be sent to my sick daughter. It arrived virtually dead and smelling of rotting vegetation. She was obviously upset and embarrassed to tell me about it. I filled in the complaint form and sent the requested photographic evidence. I was then asked to send another picture. Customer service offered to resend the same bouquet but the occasion was gone and I didn't trust the company to send flowers of a high quality. I asked for a refund and told it was not customer policy. I then as as compensation, if I had to have another bouquet for an upgrade, once again told it was not company policy to do this. I would not recommend this company which has failed to deliver a service it promised and it seems to me once they have your money you have no rights. It would be cheaper to buy cheap supermarket flowers which would undoubtedly be a better quality. I feel cheated and ignored by this shoddy company and will ensure that I will use all media outlets to inform others not to use them. This company has no empathy and is a disgrace

poor flowers and appalling customer service attitude
poor flowers and appalling customer service attitude

terrible customer service

I ordered flowers from Serenata for delivery on Easter Saturday. The flowers arrived with no message and no senders name included. My complaints received the standard non committal responses. A final email to ‘thomas' named managing director, received the same standard response, but this time a £3 credit was offered 🤣. My response to SERENATA is to NEVER use them again! I have been a customer with them since 2016. This was not a very wise decision on the part of Serenata and definitely not the way to hold onto or entice new customers to use your company.

order reference: [protected]

471222 We selected the deluxe autumn selection. They arrived 2 days late and damaged. Serenata washed their hands of our complaint. The flowers were 5 days old when we arrived at my...

flower delivery

Totally let me ( and my mum) down for Mother's Day, whilst I appreciate that items can go out of stock (first it was going to be delayed then within hours "out of stock indefinitely " ? ?) the way it was handled by this company was dreadful, very short notice all processed through an automated system making really difficult for me to amend the order / ask questions etc and requiring me to do the work to try ans sort the order out so not exactly putting the customer at the centre of what they do. And all topped off with 5 days to process my refund 5 days? Luckily Bloom and Wild came to my rescue they had lovely collections and you can even speak to a human being if needed!

they advertise fresh flowers and send you dead ones

When I complained about receiving dead flowers they replied with this

We have reviewed the photographs you provided and we feel that the bouquet has been made to the quality advertised. Please note that roses are delivered with guard petals, these are the outer layer of petals which do need removing on arrival. As roses are particularly delicate flowers the guard petals are left on during transit to ensure the inner rose remain safe and intact.

Has anyone ever heard of guard petals? And are they brown and rotten.
Warn everyone you know not to use this company.


The flowers that arrived were very old and dying. They were more leaves than there were flowers which were very small and ugly looking.
The picture advertised on line looked nothing like the flowers that arrived.
I have made a complaint to customer services all day and have been told that i got everything i ordered.
The flowers were not worth £30.
You have ruined mothers day for both me and my mother.
Will never order flowers from you ever again.

confirmation of order

I have tried unsuccessfully to download the confirmation to my order [protected]

price £34.99 to Mrs Lynette Hopkins, "sawasdee" 14a Parkers Close, Brentry, Bristol .Bs10 6LZ

I have tried Phoning but none of the numbers are working. I would appreciate you sending the confirmation for this order to my Gmail address = [protected]

I need it so I can be refunded by our Club Treasurer
Thanking you for your help
Ken Keith, Hon Secretary,

Bristol District Spread Eagle Club

the poor quality of the flowers

471222 I received a bouquet of flowers today from some friends to cheer me up as I wait for some hospital results. Unfortunately the quality of the flowers is extremely poor and I am so...


Absolutely horrendous service. Flowers should have been delivered yesterday and despite emails to Serenata still no delivery. Even the Managing Director Martin does not care. i have used them before and they were good. Yodel Couriers are the culprit but Serenata choose to use an awful Courier Company so they need to sort the issue out. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Ab
    A Bender Feb 18, 2019

    My experience has been the same. I used them without trouble then an order went astray. The only way to try and sort it out is via raising a "ticket" which I think must go to an outsourced customer service group God knows where, who reply with template emails ( one came headed template with no actual message!). When a fuller reply came it was in very poor English and the customer service agent had completely misunderstood the situation. I'm not sure whether it was poor command of English or just downright rudeness. I will never use them again.

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awful service

Had an awful experience with Serenata Flowers. Never even received my delivery. I tried to talk to customer service and was brushed off, they didn't listen to my issue and didn't seem to care at all. The worst communication i have experienced and appalling customer service. Very very disappointing, will never use again. Do not waste money on this is company!!!


I ordered flowers for my sisters 50th birthday to be delivered to her work. She works in a king George hospital. The flowers never got delivered she knows most of the staff well and they have all searched the hospital high and low. There are no flowers. The company are saying the flowers were delivered. I paid £40 and they just keep saying the flowers were delivered but will not provide any proof of this. I will never order flowers online again after this experience. I wish I had of seen some of the other comments on this company before I ordered the flowers. How can companies get away with this. ?


poor quality of flowers received and inadequate moisture for transit

471222 I have just tecieved within the last hour pink roses of which almost every head has visible browning of petal edges. Not acceptable quality in my view. Weather aside, they were...


471222 I just received some flowers from a friend due to finding out I've been doing diagnosed with cancer I'm very disappointed the roses are fully open and brown at the end of the...

order not delivered due to flowers not good enough quality

Ref PO: [protected]. (Saturday 28th July, 2018)

I ordered the flowers and vase for my friend as a surprise and expected them to be delivered on Saturday. I received an e-mail on Monday morning (I do not check my work e-mails over the weekend) stating that the flowers and vase were not delivered and what I wish to do.

I then sent several e-mails to the customer service department who failed to treat me as a valued customer and just fobbed me off with excuse after excuse. I felt as the problem was not due to me that, as a gesture of good will and good customer service that it would be appreciated if I was given a timed delivery slot and a better bouquet to compensate for the ruined surprise and lack of flowers for my friend's birthday!

Nothing was resolved and then the customer service person (Francesca) decided to cancel my order when I had NOT specifically asked for that, I had merely suggested I might have to do that and use an alternative, more reliable flower company if my requests were not met.

I also stated that I have recommeneded Serenata Flowers to several friends and now feel upset and frustrated that I have been treated so badly.

It is now too late for you to redeem yourself as a company but I would be very interested to hear what you have to say on the matter.

This has caused me great stress and anxiety and has taken up far too much of my time, i'm really not happy!!

wilting flowers

I received a bouquet of flowers on my birthday from my daughter on 23rd July 2018.

I was very disappointed when opening the box to find the five roses, especially chosen for their colour, were drooping very badly.

What can you do to compensate this please?

Thank you for a quick response.

Barbara Lefevre
5 Candlefield Road
Hemel Hempstead

anniversary flowers to be delivered on 7th july 2018

Steven taylor-hayward ROSE cottage Ffrwd road ABERSYCHAN PONTYPOOL Np4 8pj [protected] I am extremely unhappy at your service. I ordered the delux 12 red rose...

floral delivery

Misleading website makes you believe what you're ordering will in fact be delivered on time - yet my delivery was not!!! Ordered thur june 21 & received conf email at 17:43 ordered ref [protected] / delivery june 23rd / guaranteed courier delivery : nowhere did it say "might not" be delivered on time... Received conf when I tracked delivery sat am that courier had picked up flowers... Why were they not delivered on sat23rd as ordered???

floral delivery
floral delivery

jar of olives

I am totally disgusted! My husband had a cheese and olive hamper from SA through Serenata and the olives were leaking so badly...oil everywhere. On inspection both sides of the security tape were undone/torn and had obviously been tampered with and the jar opened up.
This is a health and safety issue and I would like recompense and an explanation. I wouldn't dare consume the olives!
The photos enclosed show exactly what the jar looked like on delivery...I have pulled out the tags out to show how it was tampered with. This could not have happened on route.

jar of olives
jar of olives
jar of olives

  • An
    Angji Sep 17, 2018

    Very disappointed with flowers delivered for my 60th birthday, most of the irises were already brown, not wanting to upset my daughter, I delayed complaining only to be told they have a 3 day open window for complaints, disgraceful company policy. Obviously do not expect their flowers to last beyond 3 days.

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  • Da
    daddy40 Oct 11, 2018

    Ordered flowers as a gift which were left by some bins at the back of the house but no communication of this to me or the recipient. Flowers were useless by the time were seen. The company had no interest in dealing with this issue.

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My colleagues from work sent flowers and I didn't get them. They said they left them on the portch. I don't a porch. I have s secure door. My colleague Chris Anderson ordered them and I didn't get them. I think this is bad as my work colleagues care and wanted to send me flowers as am off sick. I live in a flat Chris contacted the company and they give no resolution.

Can you please help us



overcharging and delivering dead blooms. charming!

Firstly I was charged £59 for an order of £29. Obviously I wrote to the company via the site. This was a week or so after mother's day.
Needless to say i've had neither reply nor refund.
I then ordered another £29 bouquet for a client. This being the case I actually saw the flowers. I can provide photo evidence.
Absolutely pathetic for the price and roses dying after a couple of days. Shameful.
Will somebody from this sham of a company now respond??? I expect compensation and a refund because i've actually been. Quite a good customer up to this.
Let's see shall we?
I will now contact my bank to deal with this appalling situation. Never again either.

overcharging and delivering dead blooms. charming!
overcharging and delivering dead blooms. charming!
overcharging and delivering dead blooms. charming!

the quality of the flowers

My daughter who lives in Dubai ordered flowers from yourself for mother's day the flowers you sent where very few and what flowers I got some was already dead and the others where dead and he Day after. I took a photo and sent it to my daughter she was disgusted. We have used you shop quite a few times and never had a complaint before the address is 8bridle court St. Helens Wa95as could you sort it out please

  • Updated by Kazz22 · Mar 23, 2018

    Could you please look into this

mothers day flowers

Hi my name is mrs Ruby Rundell my sons name is lewis Rundell I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour with 6 months to live so this would have been the last mother's day with...

poor quality flower bouquet

471222 Flowers delivered on13-3-2018 by dpd To KA7 4SF, delivery no.1550 [protected] Flower quality not up to standard, 3 roses were not fresh and turning brown, 5fressia were too far...

quality of goods

Flowers arrived on time for mother's day but were wilted & rose petals were brown. They were completely dead 3 days later. My mother said they were rotting from the inside out like something was inside them eating them! I contacted serenata with my concerns and was told there was nothing they could do because I didn't email them right away. Second time I have ordered flowers from here which have arrived this way, used to recommend them but not any more. In my mother's words "don't waste any more money buying from them". Very disappointed in the flowers and even more so with the response I received. I will not be using this company anymore after being a customer for several years.
Not all customers can get photos uploaded straight away to complain when something is wrong, especially not when it is an elderly woman who can't work technology!
Flowers do not match quality as advertised, I have added a photo from the website and an actual photo of what arrived.

quality of goods
quality of goods

flowers never delivered

Order Number [protected]
I ordered flowers and chocolates for my Mum for Mothers Day and she has still not received them, . I get notifications of failed delivery but not explaining why. They then tell me they're sending the flowers chauffeur driven and then another email saying failed delivery. This keeps going on and all I can do is keep sending emails to the help center. I can't call and speak to anyone so keep wondering is this a real company???? I am so angry and upset as my Mum never got her gift. Really don't think this is a legitimate company, beware!!!

  • La
    Lady Gem Apr 16, 2018

    Similar here. Flowers should have arrived for mum's birthday last Sat, ordered the previous Monday. Nothing came. Told via MANY MANY emails to customer service that they were with the courier and they'd contact Yodel. This this morning had a despatch notice email from the 'general' part of the company. A WEEK after placing the order! I could have bought a bouquet and walked them to my mum in quicker time. So haven't even reached the courier yet!!!

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order [protected] not delivered on time.

It was a bouquet for my Mum for Mother's Day. She was only going to be there on Saturday and Sunday so Saturday delivery was fine.

The weather in the region (near Perpignan in France) was fine on the Saturday, 13 - 15 degrees, sunshine, no rain and little wind (6km/h max).

The flowers were not delivered and the excuse serenata flowers are given was the carrier could not make all their deliveries due to bad weather - this is complete rubbish and not acceptable.

I have proven to serenata flowers that the weather was absolutely beautiful on the day but they still refuse to refund.

Awful customer service trying to hide behind a clause in their terms and conditions which actually can be proven not to be right.

They refuse to refund, I will be taking this further with Trading Standards and ensuring others know how bad this company is.

I am complaining about being unable to revise or cancel my order

Kamoo Kajee-Lalla Ameliapolder 12 3825 lh amersfoort The netherlands The above name and address is the one which I originally asked for the flowers to be sent to. This order wa...

damaged flowers

The roses that I received on the 13th of February 2018 are old and damaged, with petals falling off. Also the petals are already black and damaged. Furthermore, in the pictures attached it can clearly be seen that the delivered roses do not match the picture on the website. This is not the level of quality assured by the website, I'm very disappointed. I would like a refund. Order number: [protected]

damaged flowers
damaged flowers
damaged flowers
damaged flowers
damaged flowers
damaged flowers

flower order for molly kolosowski order # [protected]

I ordered flowers for my mother' birthday on January 8. The flowers were delivered to the wrong address and the occupiers did not return from vacation for a number of days. When...

non existent company — ripoff

I made an order for a special delivery of a product, which required an extra payment for a specific day and time. When the product did not arrive as indicated I demanded a refund and have no way of contacting this organization, which appears to be a front on the internet -- and has no customer support or other operations behind it. From what I can tell this is a completely fraudulent business that should be removed from the internet, or at least Google should not allow you to search and find it.

I made the order the US and will now be using my US bank to dispute my payment with them. I suggest that all individuals stay away from this company.

  • Ch
    Christina Casey Sep 20, 2018

    I also have gotten ripped off by this company. It’s appauking that they are allowed stay in business online. How can we stop this happening to someone else?

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  • Fi
    Fiona Fontenelle Apr 03, 2019

    too late ...

    i tried to complain to a company that deals with complaints relating to florists and i got this response...

    The retailer that you have entered is in our database but on previous claims has refused to co-operate with us. Therefore, we are unable to take your claim forward at this stage.

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I have ordered a christmas rose to be delivered, and have not received any email to confirm this.

I placed an order for a delivery of a white Christmas rose to be delivered to Pam and Malcolm Cave. 31, Scardale way, Belmont, Durham, DH1 2TX. England on the 24th of December...

sunset serenade

I ordered sunset serenade deluxe for my mother's birthday, she happened to send me a photo of the flowers she received and it basically looks to me like a bunch of chrysanthemums with a few ears of corn!!! I would not have paid £30 for it if I had seen it before purchasing.
I have sent flowers through serenata several times and they have always been of high quality, the recipients have always been impressed. Unfortunately this time to say I am disappointed is an understatement. Not value for money, not even close to the item description. I have attached photos, I am sure you will understand why I am so disgusted.

I would like a full refund and the correct flowers sent
Thank you

sunset serenade
sunset serenade

flowers have died within 3 days a complete rip off.

The flowers were delivered on Friday 20th October 2017, by Monday (23th October ) they were all dead, these flowers were for my mums birthday of which she was very disappointed with.My order number was [protected].I have ordered from yourselves many times in the past and this time I was very disappointed hence I will not be ordering again. I would like to request for a refund.

Bad experience

They have let me down and ruined my surprise! I ordered flowers for my mom's birthday and they scheduled the delivery. I also paid for an expedited shipping. I thought it would...

12 roses

Hi I had a delivery for my daughter's wedding anniversary this morning . It was supposedly 12 pink and red roses, but unfortunately she only received 10 . I am not happy about...

a dozen red roses - deluxe

471222 I received some flowers from my boyfriend 2 days ago. When delivered the flowers were in a box that was damaged and when opened some of the petals were already brown. Withing just...

Avoid them

I am not going to write long complaints. My problem is that they didn't deliver flowers on time. Not even on the day when they were supposed to be delivered. It was a present...

They avoid customers

I ordered a Strawberry Sundae bouquet for my mother and chose the delivery option. It was a surprise that she never received. When I understood this I tried to contact their...