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don't trust geek squad/best buy

Geek Squad/Best Buy #845 of Folsom, California charged my credit card for actions either not actually done or...

dishonest business practices

I brought in my computer for the very first time into Best Buy over at what is Steel Yard Commons in Cleveland Ohio on the day of Monday of January 12th of 2009 for much needed improvement and for enhancement and for virus removal.

The cost of removing computer viruses as was explained to me from a representative of the Geek Squad for my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

Now I had been working a lot for the month of January of 2009. So normally in any given situation of my life. I would never have the kind of dispensable financial resources or excess cash just lying around to just pay this whopping amount for the computer.

However as it relates to Best Buy on this day in question. This was an exception in this instance. I reluctantly surrended my computer with some anxiety and discomforting uncertainty over to the people of Best Buy and to the Geek Squad on that day.

I was also charged the initial amount of $ 300.00 which was not including the 7.75 % sales tax upfront before anything was even done on the computer.

After having written a check. I walked out of the store on that day with the hope of seeing a much more improved and functional computer in the next three to four days later.

In my mind I had wanted to think of Best Buy and the Geek Squad as being trust worthy and reputable and honest and knowledge-able experts trained in their field.

I tried to dismiss my anxiety and distrust, and instead replace it with something more positive and hopeful.

Since this was my very first consumer experience and encounter with Best Buy. I knew nothing at all in that moment on that day of the previous horrible and notorious reputation for that Best Buy and Geek Squad have between themselves and any other of the many unsuspecting people and consumers who come into their store.

I placed my consumer trust into Best Buy and into The Geek Squad and I was later bitterly and wretchedly disappointed in the results.

When I received my computer back after about some four days later.

They put a lot of paper work and receipts into your hand as if to express and demonstrate that they conducted a fair and balanced and a honest transaction.

Reading over the lengthy paper work alone would make an ordinary person’s head spin.

But when finally I took the computer home. I could not really see any discernible improvements at all done onto my computer. The cost of removing the viruses from my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

And the cost of purchasing anti virus soft ware from them which in this case was Kasperky anti virus soft ware for which cost about $ 56.00.

I immediately after wards then took the computer back to Best Buy with all of my paper work they had given me about two days later after I had taken it home for the first time.

They provide a 30 day warranty window of time to cover what ever issues should arise afterwards. Well, 30 days is not very much time for when you work forty hours a week or more. And there are many other pressing demands in life.

So I take my computer back to Best Buy for the second time and I express my dis-satisfaction with them. The person at the Geek Squad pointed out that the computer’s power supply system was not functioning correctly.

This would have been something they should have noticed before from the first time. The fan was not functioning correctly.

Just about this time, all kinds of red flags are coming up every where. I am realizing that I am dealing with very greedy and selfish little weasels.

So now once again about three or maybe four days later. I finally get the computer back on the second time with a new power supply. For which I had to pay another $ 35.00 out of my pocket to Best Buy for.

I was so angrily disappointed and bitter with Best Buy and with the Geek Squad. That had I actually gone back to the store for a third time. I would have been arrested by the police for felonious behavior and conduct. Because I felt that I would not have been able to conduct myself in a self controlled and a law abiding way.

So instead I choose to stay away from the store.

I have warned all of my family and friends and anyone else connected to me in the Internet community to not place their trust in either the management of Best Buy nor in anyone else who works for The Geek Squad.

I will never as a consumer ever again walk through the doors of any Best Buy that exists here in Cleveland but especially true of the store that exists on Steel Yard drive in the 44109 zip code.

I am not the only person who has suffered a bitter financial sting from Best Buy and from the Geek Squad.

There are numerous reports now on the Internet that describe and characterize the poor and the dishonest manner of Best Buy and The Geek Squad that include Cleveland Ohio and many other Best Buy locations.

I would not recommend that anyone in Cleveland Ohio ever put their consumer faith and trust into Best Buy or into The Geek Squad ever again.

If paying a lot of money and receiving no benefit from it and becoming subject to terrible customer service is something you seek. Then Best Buy is the ideal place to find this recipe.

The only thing that I would like back from Best Buy but I know I won’t get back any way. I would like my almost $ 400.00 that I spent on my computer back.

I hope Best Buy will fully reap and sow the consequences of how they have betrayed the trust of the public who pay egregious costs and then walk out the door with no positive benefits or results from that excessive cost they paid.

  • Pk
    pk18121 Oct 30, 2009

    I had a VERY similar experience with the Best Buy at Steelyard Commons. I bought a computer package (CPU and flat screen monitor) on (my 1st mistake) and chose In-Store Pickup at the Steelyard Commons store (my 2nd mistake, and a big one it was). When I went to pick it up, I was told that they didn't have THAT monitor, but gave me a different one instead. I said, "OK, as long as it comes to the same price, that's fine". But they were unable to just make the switch that easily. But even though I had already paid $311 using my credit card (via PayPal), the only way they could make the numbers come out right (I GUESS that was their intention) was to change the price of the CPU to 262.99 and then charge me 113 for the monitor. So far so good IF that’s what they would have done. But I had already been charged the 311, then they charged me the $113 on top of that.
    I went back to the Steelyard Commons store and tried to explain it to the Customer Service people. After explaining this unsuccessfully to 2-3 people, they got the manager. She said it takes 72 hours to process, so I need to wait 72 hours. So I did. No change. Then I called and tried to explain it, and the helpful person there said “Oh I see the problem, your first order for a monitor was never closed out, I’ll do that and it should fix the problem”. Well, that refunded $1.16 to my account. She said I would need to go back to the store for anything more. So I went back to Steelyard Commons Customer Service (the third trip now) and said (against after trying to explain it to 2-3 levels of people who couldn’t even figure out what I was trying to show them, they got the same manager and I said ) “Look, I was overcharged by $113, see?” and she lied right to my face, arguing “no sir, you weren’t overcharged.” But I WAS, it was right there on paper. Trying to be nice and just get this resolved I said “Look, I paid for 2 monitors, if it is easier for your book-keeping to just give me a second monitor, that’s fine, I’ll figure out something to do with it”. And she got argumentative and said “we don’t’ owe you another monitor”. I told her “I am not coming back here a 4th time, if you don’t get this fixed this will be going to Small Claims Court”. The Customer Service Manager said “If you are going to threaten legal action, I can’t help you”. Next she called who said they are processing a refund for me (now we’re getting somewhere, right?). They said it could take up to one billing cycle for this to be processed. So I left the store thinking OK, this will be OK. But alas, it turns out the refund is processing is for a whole SECOND computer system for $311 they billed to me (on PayPal). This is currently ‘in process ‘ so I can’t file a dispute with PayPal. I would NEVER buy a thing from Best Buy after this experience. And if I never set eyes on the Steelyard Commons store it will be too soon. Best Buy is a horrible horrible company, and their retail stores are worse.

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poor customer service

So I stop in at Best Buy to purchase a camera the day before heading off to a long planned carnival (Trinidad MardiGras if you are unfamiliar) trip. Read lots of costumes and picture taking opportunities. I need a compact point and shoot at a reasonable price. I get offered a seemingly good deal. Just returned 'brand new' all checked out (customer wanted to change the colour) Sony Cybershot DSCW150B for $132 (as the box had been opened). I believe the sale price that day was $150. Great I think. I get to Trinidad, battery incompatible error. On the trip, I tried googling for software upgrade etc., no go. My whole vacation, no pics, very disappointed. Confident though that because it is Canada and given the economy, I would have no problems replacing my camera for a new one OR even an upgrade in light of the situation. Joe and the lady on that shift at the Ajax store (Thurs 5th Mar pm) ensure me that they 'will take care of me' and then offered that I go to their trouble shooting website to try to fix the problem myself IF it is a software issue OR they could give me a new (same model) camera for an additional $20 plus tax on my sale price!! What???!! I have to either fix the problem myself or pay MORE for a replacement because I got a defective product at a sale price???!! Is this considered customer SERVICE? Anyway, I politely asked for a refund (which I got with a bit of attitude as if the offer was good..."Just GIVE her the refund!") and have taken my business elsewhere...for good! I am in no rush to replace the camera now anyway, the vacation has passed and I am sure I will get a good deal AND BETTER service somewhere else! ? Yah really! Oh and btw, I just got a DSCW170R (more features) for $150 (including the tax) elsewhere! Looks like Best Buy is not looking to KEEP business in these times.

warranty repair horrible!!!

I purchase an appliance from Best Buy and also got the warranty. My refrigator has been broken for almost a week and I am still waiting for someone from Tech Pro Plus to show up!!! I have taken time off from work waiting from a suppose appointment just to find out that they made a decision in the morning of my appointment that their schedule was to busy to get a technican out to my house. The Best Buy representatve gave them the wrong number and of course, Tech Pro Plus did not try the alternate number --- That would be consider.

I still do not have a confirmed appointment. I have called Tech Pro Plus 15 times and a person answered once. Two Best Buy tech have called and guess what - They get the voicemail also.

Beware of Best Buy warranties- The customer service and response time sucks!!!


customer service

We purchased a LG refrigerator (French Door white 22.6 cf) on a Sunday and they took away our old refrigerator and brought the new one on Tuesday. The new one DID NOT COOL! Discovered it only later in that day after it was plugged in. The control panel did not operate. Called Best Buy back. They said to call repair. I called an 888 number and they said if the refrigerator is less than 30 days than we could get a new one. We called back to Best Buy. The best reply was to wait a full 24 hours to "make sure."

The next morning (Wednesday), as the food was spoiling, the refrigerator obviously had the same problems. I called Best Buy - of course, the people I spoke to the day before and the sales person were off that day. Now we are 24 hours without refrigeration. I finally got a hold of someone in the appliance department who just did not understand me or the problem. I got in the car and drove to the store to explain. This new person kept trying to sell me a new, more expensive refrigerator! There were no more models of the original refrigerator in the area. He kept going off to some manager who did not had the courtesy to come over and help with the situation. To repair the machine would need a "Geek Squad Tech" to look at it and make a determination. The earliest one could come would be the NEXT day.

Many tears later and another day without refrigeration, on Thursday a tech shows up ("why didn't they call me yesterday?) and says "aha just what I thought - it needs a new control panel" - THIS IS WHAT I TOLD THEM FROM THE BEGINNING. He says it will take at least two days to get the parts. Later someone calls who confirms the parts are ordered and will be in on MONDAY (which is 4 days) - nearly a week after the refrigerator was delivered.

My husband took over from here and after many, many phone conversations (and he went over there) with the original clerk, who always had to leave to talk to a "manager", the solution was for us to buy another refrigerator and then when the original refrigerator came back in stock, they would come, pick up and credit the new refrigerator. We would have to have TWO refrigerators on our credit card until then. My husband even offered to take one of the dented ones until the original one came in...but they insisted we keep the original one on the card and we buy another. WE DID NOTHING BUT BUY A REFRIGERATOR???

To make this long, long story short we have spent hours on the phone and trips to Best Buy and in the end we told them to come and pick up the refrigerator THAT NEVER WORKED SINCE IT WAS DELIVERED and give us our money back. Is this crazy or what? Now to get back money for ruined groceries. WE WILL NEVER, EVER USE BEST BUY AGAIN (we had also just bought a computer there) and suggest the same to others - who want service and respect.

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tv dead after 12 mos 5 days

I purchased a Insignia ns-ltdvd26 26" LCD/dvd combo TV and it stopped working after 12 months and 5 days. I called insignia's tech support and was told that they do not support their products and sent me to 1888-bestbuy. I called them and I explained the situation and was told sorry it is out of warranty and they could send me to a parts technician. only 5 days out of warranty? so I let them transfer me to the parts guy... 1 hr later I get a guy on the phone and I explained the situation and gave him the model# of my TV. he explained that he needed the part # off of the power supply and some main circuit board. I asked how do I do that and he worked with me to disassemble my TV!! My Gosh since when did I become a TV repairman? what if I got electrocuted?
so he said he ordered the correct replacement parts I finally got the parts on the 26th of jan 09 and the wrong parts were sent... Now after6.5 hours on the phone and waiting on hold, getting transferred and then the automated system hangs up on me I went through this cycle 7 times. and still no resolve on either correct parts, return info or anything.

If this is what best buy has to offer I want out!!!

  • Jm
    jmatth Feb 13, 2010

    Same issue with me--same Insignia STDVD26 a few weeks out of warrenty. It works for 30 minutes and then shuts down. I have to unplug it, wait, plug it back in and it will work for another 15 minutes...and on and on... When I asked at BestBuy what they could do they told me that the life of an HDTV could be only a year! They suggested that I simply buy a new one--unbelievable! I will never purchase anything from them again.

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I purchased3 television from Best Buy in October of 2007.

2 - 15" Insignia LCD's
1 - 19" Insignia TV/DVD Combo

I did not buy the extended warranty, I never have on any other TV and have never had problems with other brands.

The 19" tv/DVD Insignia combo died on the 13th month. They wanted over $200 to fix it. This TV was for a spare guest room and was only used maybe 10 times. The first time we used the DVD player it did not work and within 2 weeks the entire TV died. They said the tube died but would not support it without a warranty. 3 weeks later one of the 15" Insignia TV has died.

I will never purchase another Best Buy name brand again.

  • Ma
    maristout Jan 04, 2009

    Same here, my husband purchased the dvd flat screen insignia for me from best buy and on the 13th month the sound is out!

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hassel redeeming

In November 2007 my son's Playstation 2 wireless controller became unusable (a button began sticking). Since the malfunction was within the 2-year extended warranty, I referred to the Best Buy extended warranty brochure to see how I should proceed with replacing the product.

The brochure stated that *before* I brought the defective product to the store I should get a return confirmation code by either calling an 800 number or filling out an online form. I opted for the latter and went online to fill out the form. After completing the form, I was surprised when the website informed me that I should be receiving the confirmation code "within 5 to 7 working days" via snail mail. What?! My plan was to exchange the defective controller the same day, not a week from now! I printed the receipt from the online form and proceeded immediately to my nearest Best Buy store.

At the Best Buy store I presented the broken controller, the store extended warranty, and the receipt from the online form. To my surprise, the Best Buy customer service rep told me that because I filled out the online form, I had no choice but to wait the 5-7 working days before exchanging the broken controller for a new one. I was then asked why I didn't simply bring the defective product to the store in the first place, in which case they would have been happy to replace it immediately. What?! I pointed out that the extended warranty brochure clearly stated that I was obliged to obtain the return code BEFORE bringing the product into the store. No, I was told, I *should* have just brought the controller to the store, or made the phone call, but not fill out the online form because the online form takes several days to process. Again the Best Buy customer service rep said they could not replace the product that day because I had already filled out the online form.

Needless to say, I was angry. I pointed out that nowhere on the extended warranty brochure did it state that if I opted to fill out the online form I was adding at least a week to the replacement process. Since when, I asked, does someone go online to take care of business with the expectation that it would take *longer* than alternative methods? I was composed, but firm. To make a long story short, I resolved not to leave the store without the replacement product in my hands (my son was counting on me). I worked my way up through the management until I finally got a manager who--grudgingly--agreed to replace the product then and there. It took over a half hour to get satisfaction and seemed to leave everyone with hard feelings. What the heck.

By the way, ALWAYS purchase the extended warranty when purchasing a Playstation game controller. I've never seen one last beyond 2 years without one or more buttons sticking.

fraud and cheating

Bestbuy, first of all overcharges all their customers!! Believe me if you know an employee there, ask what their price is compared to regular customer prices!! They get wholesale price!! While us innocent customers get jacked by there ridiculous fees!!! I bought my laptop from Bestbuy about 4 months ago!! A Toshiba Laptop, Well the screen was slightly coming apart, so I took it back... It ended up being a DEVO.. It took about an hour, for the managers to decide!! one lady manager, was trying to say it was wear and tear, IT WAS ONLY A MONTH!! My warranty was going to cover it!! But Bestbuy Managers are complete ###s!!! They ended up switching, my laptop, for another Model, b/c they somehow discontinued them right after I bought it!! I was suppose to get 250.00 in rebates, well after the switch no one told me anything about the rebates.. I received a letter stating that I was declined of my rebate b/c i returned my purchase!! No body told me anything of that, I even paid more for the newer laptop!! Bestbuy, is nothing but a scam, taking peoples money, and hesitate to return items! I am glad, the bestbuy in houston, was robbed the other night of 50, 000.00 they deserve it!!! They had it coming!! And the other bestbuy in Houston got their windows shot out!! I think this explains that people are fed up with bestbuy...

  • Da
    Daveee Mar 02, 2009

    seriously?... this is almost funny... if you would of brought that laptop to me i would of told you to go sit down. for the mere fact that they replaced it you should be happy. Plus one more thing you should kno, there is no mark up on laptops... so you saying you are being overcharged for it just proves that you really do not have the slightest clue of what you are talking about. And the fact that you are happy that the store got robbed and shot up just shows how immature you are. Listen to one piece of advice i have and that is no one at any retail store owes you anything unless you bought into an agreement with them that states they do. So keep in mind if you come into a store and treat people like ### and they realize they are making about $8 from you... you will be treated the same way.

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  • Ha
    Hatethegames Oct 31, 2009

    I just left the Best Buy store today with the determination to : NEVER SHOP OR BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY AGAIN! They are nothing but scam artists... Lap tops that fail after 2 months! Add on fees to 'optimize' the computer, add spyware, extended warranties, etc etc. The new lap top, that we purchased in August, breaks down two months later. Hard drive problem - no worries, they will swap it out for a new computer! .. that happens to cost more! Add ons, crappy service after the sale, and classic bait and switch. Hey, there is a market out there for honest sales and service of technology... you tell me where this is and I will happily give my money to them! Not to mention refer family and friends!

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  • No
    notnicetopointfingers Mar 01, 2010

    hahahah, that's why half of the sale prices in the ad are actually below cost... Anyways no manufacturers warranty covers normal wear and tear. And there is a reason they only give you a ONE YEAR manufacturers warranty... and don't buy clearance laptops cuz you will not get the same one if you have a problem. It will save you some time and trouble in the future.

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bad service

I purchased over $3000.00 of appliances from BESTBUY.COM and paid additional for installation and haul away of my old appliances. This morning I was supposed to get the installation (the appliances came earlier in the week, but BB couldn't install until now) This morning the installer failed to show. I called to sort out the problem. That started over 2.5 hours ago, I am now on my 9th phone call and still have no resolution. There customer service sucks! Their excuse is that the computer systems for installation, purchasing, compliants etc are all different and they don't have access to the different departments. I have been sitting on hold for almost an hour just to reach a customer rep - just got disconnected again! I doubt that they really monitor phone calls otherwise none of their reps would have jobs.

customer service policy and treatment

I would like to report my experience with the BestBuy store in Marlborough, MA, more specifically with the...

fraudulent banking practice

Waited 6 weeks for the card and / or statement. Never received either. Called best buy to get phone # for information. Found out I was being charged a late fee as well as supposedly getting paperless statement. Tried to explain I had no card thus no account number to reference. Refused to give me number and tried to charge me to make a full payment by phone and close the account. Finally got them to waive late fee and phone charges top pay account and close it. A week later called to inquire why payment hadnt posted to my checking acct. And new fee of $ 5.99 had been posted. Still received no letter confirming closed acct. Waived fee told me I had a zero bal. A few days later collections started calling never leave a message but call 5x a day. I call and inform them pmt. Had been made but lo and behold they have the wrong acct. # for my checking acct. And ar charging another $35 dollars for returned ck fee. Finally yelling I get fees waived and reprocess pmt. Waiting to see if they get it right.

awful everything

My name is Dean Weber, and my family purchased an e machine computer from BestBuy about a year ago. We also purchased an extended warranty. when the computer failed to power on- in august 2008, I brought it back for repair- to BEst Buy at westbury, NY- that was SEVEN weeks ago. The computer did come back once- supposedly 'fixed'- but it still did not go on at all- this, despite the work sheet saying that it was tested!

The computer then went back to Kentucky- which is where it still is- today- 7 weeks later. I do not receive any approximations as to when it will be fixed. In my opinion, the treatment that my family is receiving at the hands of BestBUY is very, very poor. BEstBuy does not seem to care about my online complaining- since I did tell the rep that I would be blogging and complaining- but, in my opinion, BestBuy just does not care about its customers- or at least this customer- my family. They do not seem to want to honor the warranty that my family purchased, This is very, very bad business- and I wonder if anyone else has had his experience with Best Buy- I hope that no one else buys ANYTHING from Best Buy- until they change the way they do business!!!

laptop repair

I had the misfortune of taking my laptop to Best Buy's Geek Squad at Fairfax, VA on August 01, 2008...

defective machine

i bought an insignia dvd recorder at best buy . about 8 months later it stopped recognizing dvds saying there was no dvd in the machine when there was or to try another dvd. i bought it back to best buy and they fixed it after having it for a month they returned it . a few months later i am having the same problem again, they want me to pay to have it repaired and refused to give me a new machine . i am junking the machine and buying a new one not the same brand and not from best buy will never buy anything from them again

  • Ja
    Jamie Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact same problem with the same machine from best buy. I am junking mine and buying a Sony. I guess I learned my lesson.

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worst buy

I bought my wife a digital camera to replace the one she had. The previous was bought at this same Best Buy...

do not trust them

I had a balance of 1487.00 on bestbuy creditcard and it was due on 5/3/08 Saturday. I made full payment on 5/3/08 via bestbuy website and they received money on 5/5/08 Monday. Since it was late one day (Sunday) they charged me 65.00 dollars as late fees and finance charges. I didn't know that until I get the local best buy store to buy some items and talk to customer service to several minuts to get a credit. They didn't help and i didn't buy anything from bestbuy that day. Couple days later I called again to resolve this issue and talked to one customer rep in india and his name is anoop. he ask me to make a payment via phone and he can credit 20.00 dollar. I made a payment on 7/9/08 and my balance should me ZERO at that point. Guess what, that DAMP guy didn't keep his word and my account shows a balance 37.00 dollars now. So now besy buy need 80.00 dollars from a customer to keep his account current which is fully took care back in 5/3/08. These people are doing day time robbery and calling its latefees and interest. I will tell all the people that i going to see to do not use bestbuy credit card.

extended warranty!

I purchased a 65" Mitsubishi TV model #WD-65731 in the amount of 2457.26 also purchased the extended warranty for 432.99 When I purchased this tv the salesman told me that the lamps would have to be replace once every 4 to 6 years I was a little weary but what a nice tv and a very good name brand I thought. Surprise they lasted 54 weeks just out of mfg. warranty. The tv was purchased on 4-22-07 and went out on 5-4-08 I called for service immediately and had an appt.for 5-6-08 in the afternoon took off work to wait for the service never showed called Best Buy Service and they rescheduled me for 5-8-08 I asked for a morning appt. and took off work again and at 2:00 I called the Best Buy service dept and the said they would have to reschedule the appt. again. I decided to drive to Weatherford where the TV was purchased and speak to the mgr. he informed me that this was not Best Buy problem and the called the service man direct in Ft Worth after trying several time in frustration they gave me his direct line and told me to take care of it myself. I purchased the tv and extended warranty from BestBuy and the warranty paper work has there name all over it, how can it not be there problem. I still do not have a working tv and I have no appt. to get it fixed. No one knows who is responsible for the tv or the extended warranty. I have contacted Mitsubishi no one answers there phone, I have contacted BestBuy and AIG warranty co. But at this time no one has called me back or offered any help that will fix this lemon.

  • Ta
    tammy bolden Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a mutsubishi wd-52327 65' tv and my problem is with the lamp. 1st of all, I would not have purchases a tv at cost of $2600 if i knew, i would need to replace the lamp every 18mos,
    the cost for a new lamp with shipping is near $240 dollars.
    If you keep this tv for ten year you will purchases the lamp about 6 times. at today"s cost, I will have spent about $1440 dollars.
    Next time I purchases a tv. I will look on line for complaints.
    At this cost I can not afford this tv, cable is high enough. I fell it is a problems the company needs to warrant, extended warranty cost enough, in ten years i will have pain $4478 dollars for this tv, not including cable.

    Now i fell like kids say"jack" for a freaking tv, i thought was a good purchases deal, not on sale.
    oh yea, my salesman of 11years at conn's . when I ask him, what was the one thing about this mitsubishi tv I would have problems with. He states " nothing, you will not spend any more money buying a tv cause this tv will last you 10 to 20 years, just keep the filter dust free". I always clean the filter every 4to 5 mos.
    I guess the salesman forgot about the lemons parts for mitsubishi tv. oh well, call me jack by mitsubishi

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  • Te
    Ted lamp Oct 28, 2009

    i know the feeling i bought one around same time and have alot of problems with conn's and still being screwed because know i am not get around same price ###

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lies of general manager to corporate

Recommendations: (1) Fire Mr. Brian S., the Customer Relations Manager at Best Buy store 415 in Port Huron...

late payment fee for paying early!

Best buy retail services charging $39 Late fee for paying early. Payment dates as reported by Best Buy Customer service: 12/3/07, 1/3/08, 1/22/08, 2/11/08, 3/5/08, 4/9/08. Payment due date: last day of month. (31 day cycle). Inception: 11/4/07

From their own records its pretty obvious that I have paid every month buy looking at the payment dates. However, The corporate stance is that by paying before the 5th of the month I am not being accounted as a monthly payment, just an additional paydown of the balance. My mistake is paying too early!!! You would think that a simple phone call to clarify the problem and remove the charge is all that is necessary. Both the service agent and her supervisor could not do better than removing half the charge stating that by paying before the statement date I am the party in the wrong and that the fee is justified.

I stand by my belief that human intervention is needed here to remedy a problem. The problem is the corporation not seeing what their own records reveal. My statement declares on the back to send payments before the "Payment due date" TO AVOID ADDITIONAL CHARGES".

Loan secured 11/4/07

1st payment made within 31 day cycle, 12/3/07. ( I hadn't recieved a bill yet, so I payed what I believed to be the expected amount) To my thinking this constitutes the December payment.

2nd payment made 31 days later, 1/3/08. I had recieved the bill in the meantime and was paying slightly over the minimum. This is the January payment.

3rd payment made 19 days later, 1/22/08. This was intended to start paying down the loan early.

4th payment made 20 days later, 2/11/08. This is the February payment. This payment is roughly 3 times the minimum payment due.

5th payment made 13 days later, 3/5/08. This is the March payment. Again payment is roughly 3 times the minumum payment due.

6th payment made 34 days later, 4/9/08. This is the April payment. Payment is over 3 times the minimum amount due.

Each payment made during the calender month it was intended according to the bill statement. I received the April bill on 4/12/08 with a $39 late fee assessment on it. The minimum payment amount went up $8-10 and I am bewildered that I have a late fee.

In calling the customer service (India) I was informed that my payment history is the reason for the Late fee.

When I asked to speak to the supervisor. I was informed that I was sent an additional billing in March for $10 to be paid by 3/30/08. The Late fee stems from not paying this $10 charge.

I am wondering how my minimum expected payments for the past 5 months equal approximately $270 and the monies received by them in the timeline described above equaling $555.00 (double the minimum) equates to a "late fee". Each payment fell in the calender month and was well before the statement due date. I don't care about the other reasons or technical issues. Its simple, I pay each month, I pay more than expected, and I got a fee for doing this. I think this is inappropriate and that it should be removed.

I will most likely not ever use this consumer credit service again. I have been a credit user for over 25 years and even managed to maintain communications with my creditors while serving in the military overseas before internet. I have always been treated well and always been in the right. I even prenotified and paid bills when I didn't have a statement to remit, simply a letter explaining the delay in mail.

I do not understand why I should pay a penalty for paying early.

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    Jon Aug 20, 2008
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    Found your post via Google. I just had a similar experience with Wells Fargo Credit Services. I made an early payment the 13th of July, thinking that it would cover my due date of August 8th. Unfortunately, according to the rep that I spoke to, I missed the new statement cycle by two days (15th of July). So their logic: I paid early, therefore I am late.

    That's the only blip on my credit report, brought down my score about 40 pts.

    Needless to say, I'm taking my banking business elsewhere.


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    april nicole Jul 06, 2009

    I am having the similar problem with this now. And they would only credit back one.

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