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I am trying to find out who regulates BB&T. I have tried the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission but cannot locate BB&T in their list of banks that they regulate. I have filed a complaint with just about every other agency known to man but I am sure they will all fall on deaf ears. BB&T shifts transactions around, sometimes waiting up to 5 days to post deposits in order to justify their overdraft fees or NSF fees, Paid Item fees and Maintenance fees. They do not post your balance behind each transaction so you are left to estimate or guess about that. They do not post deposits on Fridays, Saturday, Sundays and in some cases Mondays. However they will post a debit in real time. Just an example, this month alone (March 2009) I made a total of $1, 461 in deposits, and just $588 in withdrawals. I was charged a total of $785 in overdraft/paid item/NSF and Maintenance fees. Although my records show that I have $872 in my account, BB&T has my account at -$166. They do not return my messages any longer. I will continue to seek legal action against BB&T, however I believe that it will ultimately take a class action law suit to bring this company down. If anyone has any information they would like to share or if anyone can be of assistance please contact me.


  • Mr
    Mringer0001 Aug 12, 2015

    I have ha bbt for a while. I get a disability check direct deposited into this account. Once I was hit with my first over draft fee it was like I was targeted. In the last four months my account had been at a minimum of 231$ negative. The max reaching 499$. I have complained to anyone who would take a complaint fourm. Every time bbt sends me a huge package with a print out showing that the charges are legal. I finally had enough and I pulled all my funds out of the account in person. The teller wrote me a teller check and changed it. That check put me in the negative. I even left 20$ in there just in case they wanted to mess with me. I got an email from PayPal that something I bought was out of stock so I had a full refund. I logged into the account to see if it posted and boom I was negative 231$ . they hit me with a fee for the teller check a 2.30 coke from Wendy's and the 29.99 from PayPal . they said they don't see any refund. And then when I called bbt I was told the teller overdraft was a fair charge. Someone start this damn class action so these ### can get felt with. I am tired of being treeaded like a cash cow and trash. They are crooks and goombas.

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  • Ta
    tatiasc1966 Dec 20, 2013

    Same problem
    charged me 72 dollars in overcharge
    my payroll was posted last after charging me 36 for .63 negative
    and for 10 negative

    this is ridiculous have over 1000 positive balance!

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  • Sk
    skjtnc Aug 13, 2010

    We had been a patrons of BOA for many years but wanted to support a regional bank since we moved to NC and decided on BB&T. Worst mistake I ever made in banking (mea maxima culpa, not my wifes). In just slightly over a month of being with them it has been a nightmare; 1st - We funded the account by an electronic transfer from BOA thinking that would be the fastest. They held that in limbo for I believe 8 business days even though BOA debited our account the day I initiated the transfer through BB&T. Who had our money? Not us. After about a week I called BB&T asking why our account had not funded yet and was told “that's just the way it is with electronic transfers, they take 5-10 business days”. That is total BS, anyone in this day and age knows that money now moves with a click of a computer key, 24 hours max for an electronic transfer. 2Nd - Their check company charged us for checks I didn't order and to cover the charge I was never told I had incurred, BB&T transferred money from our savings to checking and charged us $10 for that. I resolved the problem with Harlond Clark and they agreed we were owed a refund. I called BB&T and said they would only return the transfer fee when HC refunded our money. About 3 weeks later we finally got the refund from HC and I called BB&T to ask for the $10 back which finally posted about 5 days later. All in all about $40. of our money was tied up for 3-4 weeks. 3Rd – While all that was happening I had set up our bill payments and scheduled a few well in advance. Each confirmation said it had to be scheduled 5 business days in advance for the payment to be received by a certain due date. Sometime between when I scheduled the payments in mid July and when they were supposed to go out at the end of the month BB&T changed 3 of the 10 payees I had entered from 5 day paper check delivery to 2 day electronic delivery but neglected to notify me which resulted in a payee receiving an electronic payment on 7/28 instead of 8/2 which is the confirmation I received when I scheduled the payment. Of course a $35 overdraft fee resulted. I called BB&T to ask how could they change a payment delivery date without notifying me and was told that this type of problem needs to escalated to level 2 support. When I asked to speak to Level 2, I was told they don't talk to customers and “they will review your request and if BB&T was in error your $35 will be refunded in 5-10 business days”. I got what they call a service request # and the name of the person I spoke to. I then waited about 5 minutes, called back and told them I had a service request # and wanted to speak to a supervisor. Of course I was told there were none available and so I said I will wait on the line until one is. ALLWAYS DO THIS AND GET THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ARE SPEAKING TO. My wife used to work for a call center and they cannot hang up on you or it reflects poorly on their ratings and ties up their line. In about 3 minutes a supervisor came on and said she had reviewed my complaint, it was without basis and I was not due a refund. When I told her that I refused to accept that answer and again explained the sequence of events she agreed and I saw the refund appear as pending on my account as we spoke. I could go on and on with examples like this in less than a 6 week period but let me finish with a few quick things. BILL PAY; use at your own risk. They canceled payments I had scheduled because I didn't have funds in the account on the day the paper check was supposed to be mailed and did not notify me. This is because they deduct the money from your account the day the payment is to be mailed, even though it is not scheduled to be delivered until a week later. When I called and asked how they could do this this, a paper check should not be honored until it it presented I was told “that's just the way we do it”. CUSTOMER SERVICE; calling them to get your money back after you have been unfairly charged fees? You'll be charged if you contact them more than 2 times a month, even if it's their fault. The final time I called them was today to complain about the $2 charge that had just appeared on my account even though ever single call I made to Phone24 was to dispute fees that we never should have been charged. I informed them they would be losing our business and direct deposits because I had never experienced a less customer friendly bank in over 40 years. When I asked if I would charged $2 for the call she graciously said she would waive the charge (but she lied). The next day a $2 refund did show on our account and then the next day a $2 charge was debited for the call I made to get our first $2 back. CASH DEPOSITS (Made inside the bank with a teller); were shown as a “pending” transaction for 5 days and I have no idea if we had actually tried to pay a bill which would needed to use any of this “pending” cash if it would of resulted in an overdraft fee or just been declined.
    Bottom line; if you're very wealthy and never let your balance drop below several thousands of dollars you may like BB&T, I'm sure they'll treat you very well. If you're an average guy like me living from paycheck to paycheck avoid them like the plague.

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  • Ro
    Robs BBT Mission Apr 29, 2010

    Da Banker,

    I am one closing my account with BBT too after we have had multiple accounts with them for over 4 years. There are banks and credit unions out there that post deposits first (the day you make them in full), and take the larger amounts first. My wife had to have car repairs done on a Friday afternoon. I took money to the bank first thing Monday morning. Then I find out about BBT only really credits $100 of your deposit the day you make it. It shows on the online banking it credited the day you made it but only the first $100 counts for that day, and then they pay the higher amounts first and then the lower amounts. $350 NSF then I make a cash deposit as the teller tells me it will be credited in full that day. NOPE! Your debits come out first then the deposit is credited. This is there way of making more money and they do not care. They came up with every excuse possable. Would even state one thing that would be the reverse of the previous conversation and then say they never stated that.

    People there are other options out there that are not the same policies of BBT. In the mean time I am switching to one of these others and joining the class action suit, posting on all boards, contacting individuals in the govt, local media, etc

    If anyone is smart they will not bank with BBT as emergency items do come up.

    The way I look at is if I can keep multiple customers away from BBT so they will not burned the same way then that is less money in BBT's pocket.

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  • Da
    Da Banker Apr 07, 2010

    You all absolutely kill me with this stuff. I am willing to bet that none of you all read the Bank Services Agreement you get when you open an account. It clearly lays out the posting order of deposits and withdrawals. I am assuming that all of you can read. I have worked for 5 different banks in my career and all of them have the same posting procedures. I have to deal with this stuff every day and 9 out of 10 times it is the persons fault who spent the money not the bank. You sign your name, therefore you sign a binding contract. This doesn't just go for BB&T. It is the same at Chase, PNC, Bank of America, and so on. The main thing is, IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT DON'T SPEND IT. Also have you ever heard of Overdraft Protection?

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  • He
    Helpusall Feb 11, 2010

    BB&T has charged me over $1005 dollars this year. I recieved $375.00 back only because I was going to withdraw all our accounts from them. I have direct deposit of my check, which is put into the bank at midnight. Any checks, atm's, etc are taken out of my account before they post my deposit. They also go from the largest debit to smallest so they can charge these outragest amounts.
    It use to be Banks were someone you could do business with and count on...Now they are out to get as many of us as they can. Because of their practices...we get bad credit ratings.
    I deposit a check from one account into another account from BB&T. I told the teller, I needed the check cashed and then put into the other account as cash. She felled to do this and I was charged over $475.oo. When I contacted BB&T they told me they would check into it. They called me back and told me, the teller was not informed that was what I wanted to do...HELLO who was making the deposit and it was my check from this bank???!!!

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  • Ae
    AE7 Jan 31, 2010

    You need to talk to these guys.

    I fully agree with you. BB&T is out of control. I got messed over because of their unethical policies.

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  • 3c
    3Chrissy3 Jan 20, 2010

    I've been a customer of BB&T's for over 25 years. I MUST be an imbecile.

    I'm sitting here this AM fuming about NSF fees charged to my account on charges I made via my check-card over the weekend. This, after having made a $500 C A S H deposit Friday afternoon. Furthermore, I processed each my subsequent check-card charges as 'credit' rather than 'debit'.

    Let me say that I am MORE than willing to forego NSF fees when it's my fault...even if it's barely my fault...I'm happy that BB&T covers me in these situations, paying my payee in good faith of future deposits/deposit posting. But when they turn against they turn against me by manipulating my deposit(s) vs debits, using methods that are clearly illogical & obviously a technological manipulation done by them in their favor - especially when it's around a C A S H deposit I made before I made any check-card charges - it's downright criminal. Yet I have so little power in making any 'corrections' with them. They are extremely illogical & inflexible & show absolutely no concern for their customer's overall satisfaction with their banking practices or for any personal circumstances that may surround a customer's reason for even bothering to try and turn an unreasonable situation into a reasonable one. It simply does not concern them in the least.

    The latest NSF fees for us total $140...for four CREDIT charges on my check-card totalling $47...over a weekend, (a HOLIDAY weekend at that, banks being closed Monday)...all the while sitting on my C A S H deposit made the previous Friday afternoon.

    Let me point out that C A S H deposits are "available immediately". This is further confirmed by BB&T tellers almost every time I make a cash deposit, telling me flat out that "your cash deposit amount is available immediately".
    SOOOOO, why then am I being charged NSF fees by BB&T who is - at the very same instant - sitting on my $500 cash...that's "available now"???
    Only BB&T knows the answer to that.

    BB&T has raped me for the last time. I'm out.

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  • Ci
    Cindyb73 Jan 19, 2010

    I agree and i did file with a class action lawyer Here is my post and also the lawyers info:

    I just wanted to advise everyone to do this. BB&T really needs to change the policies they have. I have been told it was because they would get bad checks and not know until the money was out, however because of that then that is the reason they charge someone all of these fees. They always hit debt before credit so even if it is your fault you are negative you can not deposit to catch it because everything that is pending will get a fee. They say they pay the biggest amount first for the customer because of home and car payments etc. However they REALLY do it so they can get more fees. If they had taken the smaller charges first, I would have gotten one fee I got 7 because of them! They need to be sued. Here was my letter to the lawyer! Please send your story to and hopefully we can change it!

    I am a customer of BB&T and they have charged me unjust fees in the past however this recent incident was the last straw:

    I am currently in Bankruptcy and they are aware of this. I had a medical bill company try to garnish my account. I let the bank know as soon as I was aware and was told that it was a mistake and would be released. It was released, however because they took $700.00 the day after Christmas on hold then my other checks out bounced. They charged me $560.00 in FEES and even charged another 200 in fees the same night I made a deposit of 2900.00! They take the biggest check or purchase and put it through then the little ones so they will have more fees. They should have only had 1 fee and there were 7. They also deposit debt before credits so if you make a deposit to cover yourself you are still screwed. They advised me that they could not refund any of the fees because they have helped me in the past. I have had this account for 15 years. Not right and they should be sued!

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  • Oh
    oh my word Dec 15, 2009

    bband t is a rip off. We have decided to close our accounts due to the same problems as in previous posts. I agree it will take a class action suit to evoke real change. The Customer Service rep actually explained to me today that I agreed to having my highest transactions debited first when I opened my account and that I deserved to pay the 5 overdraft fees that occured. I deposited 321 dollars and made 5 transactions all under 35 dollars. then MY fault I forgot about my automatic Credit Card Payment of 328 dollars. So instead of 1 INF fee I got 5 because the 328 was the highest. I asked the CS rep if I could have a copy of the agreement I signed when I opened the account in1967. She said it did count anymore. So when I repeated her previous excuse that she said I agreed to this policy she referred me to the President of the bank and disconnected the call.

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  • Ug
    ugly banking Nov 05, 2009

    Change banks

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  • Tj
    TJC2009 Oct 21, 2009

    As of this morning we have decided to close our BBT accounts due to the exact same problem.

    We have 2 accounts, one business and the other personal. We are self employeed and run funds through the business accounts and transfer them to the personal for tax purposes. Most checks we deposite are held for 5 days, and one was even held for 11 days! So over the past 6 months, that's only 1/2 of a year, we've been charged over $1000.00 in NSF and Overdraft Fees. When I call our local branch, the one we thought we had established a good relationship with, they said 'the compluter will only let me refund $35 our of the $175 fees'. It makes me sick to think that they BB&T gets away with such theft of peoples hard earned money.

    If you find an effective way to complain and get a response please let us know. We've been with them for over 12 years and it's just continued to get worse and worse.

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  • Em
    emptygirl77 Jun 08, 2009

    north carolina commisioner of banks regulates bb&t - you can start online and fax or mail the form to them. i faxed in my complaint got a letter from them less than a week later. no end yet still a work in progress

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