Bath & Body Works Direct Complaints & Reviews

Bath & Body Works Direct / Seasonal Fall Candles

Oct 13, 2019

Bath & Body Works DirectWe purchase candles from you guys on a regular basis. We have never had an issue before now. We bought fall scented seasonal candles and they are not burning. Sweater Weather, Maple Pancake, and Welcome Home the wicks curl down into the wax and are unable to be burnt. The candles are...

Bath & Body Works Direct / wallflowers refills emptying so fast!

Oct 04, 2019

Order #[protected] Don Atteberry . I purchased 7 of the Warm Vanilla Sugar, Wallflowers ITEM# [protected] and 4 of the White Flare, Wallflowers Plugs ITEM# [protected]. I was in the process of a complete remodel on my home and had ordered these for once my home was done I could use these to...

Bath & Body Works Direct / double charged for purchase

Sep 27, 2019

We made a purchase in the Canoga Park, CA store as the West Hills store did not have the item we wanted. We were doubled charged because of a malfunction of the equipment at the Canoga Park store. We were ASSURED we would not be double charged. WE WERE!!! Our purchase was on 9/20/2019. I...

Bath & Body Works Direct / customer service

Sep 09, 2019

Today, I went in to the new Edinburgh store, which I have visited several times and had bad experiences every time. No one asked if I needed help when I walked in, in fact, they never even spoke to me. I saw someone standing by the register so I asked her for help and she acted like it wa...

Bath & Body Works Direct / limoncella candle

Sep 06, 2019

Bath & Body Works DirectOrdered 2 candles out of which 1 limoncella one was broken.. kindly look into this and sort it out.. the other one beautiful day was bubble wrapped properly so it was fine but the limoncella one was not bubble wrapped it was just in a case.. it smells so good but mu mood was off after...

Bath & Body Works Direct / online order not shipped

Aug 25, 2019

I have online order, which should be shipped to my address within 3 working days as mentioned on [protected]@body works website. I irdered on August, 16. Till today, 26 of August, my order is not dispatched to the carrier, Aramex. I called customer care multiple times, each time the agent...

Bath & Body Works Direct / cashier

Aug 24, 2019

I presented a screenshot of the coupon which I had received in our email I was embarrassed that the assistant did not really believe me. Where did she think I got the coupon. The waiting time was too long as the other payment machine went offline. This meant there was a line behind my...

Bath & Body Works Direct / wallflower diffuser

Jul 21, 2019

These diffuser oils have caused me terrible burning, watery, and itching eyes, terrible sneezing and a headache. I opted to be outside in 100 degree heat than to be in an air conditioned house tainted with this wallflower diffuser, I suffered less in the 100 degree sun. So disappointed...

Bath & Body Works Direct / shipping company

Jul 09, 2019

Hello, The last order I placed with you was lost due to your choice of shipping companies. The rep at that time over-nighted that missing order using UPS. I told that rep that I do not want to use this shipper ever again because when I tried to contact them, I waiting on hold for 30 minute...

Bath & Body Works / hand sanitizer

Jul 05, 2019

My complaint is similar to one sent to you on July 7, 2017 from Carla Jean in Georgia. I also purchased hand sanitizers along with a holder that attaches to a purse from Bath & Body Works. The same thing happened to me - the lid came open and dripped onto my purse which was an expensive...

Bath & Body Works Direct / shipping concerns

Jul 02, 2019

Bath & Body Works DirectI got my order today order #[protected]. Several of the bottles of lotion and body washes were open and spilled all out in the box! Last order I got in the mail both of the candles I ordered were broken. Please try to wrap the candles better and if the bottles of products aren't sealed with...

Bath and Body Works / black raspberry vanilla

Jun 30, 2019

Hello, I don't love any other line besides you. I use so many of your products. Like all of the ones that I love I decided to try something different. When I smelled Black Raspberry Vanilla, I fell in love. I bought the shower gel, lotion, and fragrant mist as usual. But then I started to...

Bath and Body / 4 oz candles

Jun 21, 2019

I went to the bath and body In FW on university! I bought five of the 4 ounce demo candles and they were on the 75 % sale! So I went to the highland store to get more! The associate told me I could not purchase them as they were the demo samples! I explained to her I just bought them...

Bath & Body Works Direct / wallflower

Jun 03, 2019

Hello, I wanted to inform you that tonight as my girls were getting out of the shower, all of a sudden their skin started burning. It was from a wallflower that I had plugged in. It didn't catch on fire, but the aroma was bad. It had a cinnamon smell. I didn't even have a cinnamon scent...

Bath & Body Works Direct / twilight woods body/bath wash bath and body works

May 24, 2019

i purchased Twlight Woods and on 5-17-18 after taking a bath I broke out from the waist down with itching. The following day I went to the Urgent Care three times, as well as my dermatologist four times. It took 45 days to resolve the itiching and heal my skin from the welts. I still have...

Bath & Body Works Direct / employee/store manager nancy

May 10, 2019

The store manager at the Washington square mall in Indianapolis her name is Nancy Daniels she extremely rude every time I go in that store. She always has a attitude. Makes me not even wanna shop there anymore. Which is a shame because I love your products, i'm just tired of getting...

Bath & Body Works Direct / complaint against employee

May 10, 2019

I went to the Laurinburg, NC Bath and Body Works on 5/7/19 at around 3pm. I went there for the 5.95 candle sale instead of the employee handing me the bag to shop with she stood their. I mean literally stood their watching me ands my daughter smelling candles, while the other customers get...

Bath & Body Works Direct / I am complaining about the service from a employee

May 07, 2019

I went into store #81505 located in Laurinburg NC to purchase hand soap. A customer infront of me made a very large purchase of hand soap and hand sanitizers . Customer had coupons for free gifts which I always knew it being one per customer. But the cashier allowed the older woman to use...

Bath and Body Works / sales / customer service

Mar 31, 2019

After seeing some items that looked very nice, we thought we'd purchase online and try some, especially considering the sale prices of a few. However: •No "Pick Up In Store" Option; •Sales only apply online; •Shipping costs are insane ($10 to ship a small 8-ounce tube?); •Then they add a...

Bath & Body Works Direct / manager/ashley

Mar 14, 2019

I have been a customer of bath and bodyworks since the beginning, it is my place of choice for gift giving to friends as well as myself...I was estatic to find that they were opening a new one near me in selden, long island/n.Y., which saved me trips to the mall, couldn't wait to tell...

Bath & Body Works Direct / Defective product

Mar 07, 2019

Bath & Body Works DirectHi, So I purchased a Bath and Body Works product - Sweet Pea Foaming Sugar Scrub, from the store in Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida, India on 10th February, 2019. The Bar code for the product is - [protected] Since then, I have barely used the product twice and the third time when I used it...

Bath & Body Works Direct / service at gurney paragon, penang malaysia

Jan 17, 2019

A female worker with long hair nearly touching the boobs was very rude. She treated me and my friend like we are poor kids. When I asked for body scrub she said that I should just look at the promotion area. Please pick better workers who are more educated. She followed us so obvious and...

Bath & Body Works Direct / an employee

Jan 14, 2019

Yesterday me and another person went into the store in Lincoln city Oregon 01-13-2019 while they had their 75 percent off sale we both had our baskets full I had grabbed an object that you use in your car and I asked for help locating the frangance that you put inside but couldn't find...

Bath and Body Works / online ordering

Jan 05, 2019

Bath and Body Works really needs to do something about their online ordering system.Three times now I've tried to order candles off their website, and after I put what I want into my bag, it says they are out of stock, yet when I went back to check, those same candles are still coming up...

Bath & Body Works Direct / customer service

Jan 01, 2019

I was in bath and body works in bower mall in red deer and when i went up to pay the cashiers were talking about as i quit my job there due to lack of hours and they were rude and i felt so disrespected and embarrassed. I felt as if i wasnt welcomed to shop there without being judged and...

Bath and Body Works / double the pending charges from online ordering system crashing

Dec 31, 2018

On 12/26/18 Bath and Body Works had a sale on their 3 wick candles. I went online and placed a large order - instead of going to the store which is what I should have done. After hitting submit, the system came back with invalid credit card information. So I checked my debit card...

Bath & Body Works Direct / rude and disrespectful store manager

Dec 21, 2018

I visited the pentagon city in Arlington, VA store on 12/15 and was very disappointed by the treatment i received by the store manager. After spending $181 just on that visit, i requested a gift receipt. The cashier helping me was the manager of the store named Alicia who was having...

Bath & Body Works Direct / 3 wick scented candles

Dec 18, 2018

I ordered 4 three wick candles on 12/11/2018. Package ID [protected], Store #083020, shipping method NEWG, Trans # 4379. Received by USPS on 12/18/2018. They were haphazardly packaged and box was damaged. Three of the candles were intact, but the tops of the containers were ajar and the...

Bath & Body Works Direct / lotion bath gel

Dec 16, 2018

Bath & Body Works DirectPurchased buy 3 get 4 free with $10 coupon and store refused to honor promotion. I was given some double talk about old labels versus new labels; the old labels (which were in the area designated for the sale) were not part of the promotion. My daughter and I just returned our product...

Bath & Body Works Direct / what is the restroom policy

Dec 08, 2018

Basically brought my girlfriend there to do some shopping upon waiting on her I needed to use the restroom an was told there's no public restroom so I ended going across the street in the rain an cold to urinate... which I think I very unfair so I wonder if it was an elder that need to go...

Bath & Body Works Direct / buy 3 get 3 free sale

Dec 03, 2018

I purchased 3 items and supposedly got 3 free of equal or lesser value. After looking at the receipt everything was marked down and nothing was "free". When I asked the cashier what is free she attempted to get out a calculator to show me where and what is free. After several minutes of...

Bath & Body Works Direct / "fireside" 3 wick candle

Nov 28, 2018

Bath & Body Works DirectHi Bath and Body Works. I recently purchased a Fireside three wick candle - I was so excited as it's one of my all-time favourites. However after the first burn I noticed that part of the label had started to peel back. After another session of burning the candle I noticed spots of the...

Bath & Body Works Direct / employment unfairness

Nov 24, 2018

Hi, my name is Geneva Clay. I currently work at Bath and Body Works at the Hip Mall in Norridge Illinois. I got hired for seasonal and late October and started training November 1st-November 2nd. For some reason, they told me and another girl to go home because we came at 12. However, It...

Bath & Body Works Direct / store in oakville, ontario

Nov 19, 2018

Sunday, November 11, I went to the Oakville store. As soon as I walk in I can hear the lady at the front get onto the radio to tell the staff how to handle me. Totally put me off and I said very plainly I didn't want help. What I wanted to buy was right in front of me but this lady's over...

Bath & Body Works Direct / candles

Nov 19, 2018

My daughter has a huge collection of these candles and every time she has damn lit I start to feel nauseous and get pretty bad headaches. Most recently, are dog was in her bedroom with her while her bedroom door was closed and the candle was lit. A few moments later as I started to feel...

Bath & Body Works Direct / store management

Nov 18, 2018

Hi. My name is Peyton Smith. I was hired at your Crabtree Valley Mall store in Raleigh, NC, on the second level, almost a month ago. After several attempts trying to contact the manager on when I was to start my training, they finally called and scheduled me for a day to train. When I got...

Bath & Body Works Direct / glitter square vent clip scentportable holder

Nov 18, 2018

Bath & Body Works DirectThe scent holder leaked onto my car dash and the oil literally ate away pieces of the dash. It happened so quickly that I could not contain its affects. The photos show the after affect of the oil that leaked onto the dashboard. It will also show that my plastic dashboard became a paper...

Bath & Body Works Direct / rude worker

Nov 17, 2018

Today I went to bath and body works after just having surgery last week. I am going through treatment for cancer and Chemo messes with how I read numbers and letters. I accidentally read a wrong price. I asked about it and then worker rudely told me the price and spoke to me like I wa...

Bath & Body Works Direct / shipping and package

Nov 16, 2018

My granddaughter, Alexis, ordered your products online. She is currently serving in the Navy in Japan. She will be coming home on December 17th for a 6 day leave and asked me to hold this package for her. When the package arrived it was seriously dented and I opened it to make sure that none...

Bath & Body Works Direct / employment problems

Nov 15, 2018

On Friday November 2nd I was hired, I worked on November 3rd and was not clocked on for the time I worked. I got told I would have the schedule on Monday November 5th, I did not get a call or an email on the schedule. I called in on Wednesday November 7th and was told Jennifer would call...