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I have always paid my visa card on time, however, I received my mastercard and activated it on june 23, 2009. On saturday june 27, 2009 I was denied use and was contacted on sunday june 28, 2009 and informed that mastercard had not received my payment (Which I had sent to visa because I never received a bill from mastercard) and if I did not pay them immediately they would not the credit department and effect my credit they also wanted $15.00 for processing the payment. When I informed them I have paid the bill to visa they said that had nothing to do with them and I needed to contact visa myself.

Visa informed me themoney I paid them would be sent to barclays mastercard (Now I have a credit on my account)

I believe this could be a scam to get an additional $15.00 from hundred (Thousands) of card holder being force to convert fro visa to mastercard


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      Jul 04, 2009

    You may be right. Perhaps there is a possible class action there, if more people had the same experience. They have millions of customers, so we may be talking vast amount of money arising from the attempt to improperly charge $15 to each account.
    MasterCard from Barclay's has been forced onto Bank of America customers, but I predict that we will be leaving both the Mastercard and BoA in droves. I have not had the same experience, but want to share another one. I have thousands of dollars in available creit. I attempted to purchase an airplane ticket, this morning. I got the message on the BA board that my card was rejected and to contact the provider. I called. Spent 10 minutes on line, having confirmed the authorization, was told that everything was taken care of, tried to purchase again, same story, only in the interim the customer rep hang up on me. I called again. We repeated the routine. Finally, I bought the ticket using a different card. An hour later my attempt to pay at a restaurant (less than $40 check) was rejected and I wa stold my card was cancelled. I used another card and called the customer service again. They kept me on hold then apologized profusely and told me that the card was usable. Later in the afternoon, I attempted to use it in a grocery store. The bill was $39. The payment was not approved. I used my debit card. Wjen I called again, I spent 42 minutes first with another incompetent customer rep, who sounded drank, but perhaps was just poorly trained, then with a supervisor. The latter took 30 minutes to purportedly correct everything. We'll see. If my next attempt to use the card is rejected again, I will just pay it off, cut it up and move my money to another bank altogether. What is the point of having a credit card, when you cannot purchase an airline ticket. At a minimum, they should have advised us, when we were forced to switch to this incompetent provider, that we should call in advance of buying anything on line. O.K., I vented. But I think that it would make sense to have customers react en mass to incompetent institutions. God knows they cost us enough.

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      Jul 16, 2009

    I also had problems when my B of A Visa was cancelled and Barclay's Master took over U s Airways Dividend Miles. I do all my banking online and had advised B of A to pay my US Airways Visa card on the 22nd June. Without my knowledge B of A removed my Visa card from my online banking site and also removed the request for payment to Visa on the 22/07. A few days ago I received a statement from Barclays and it had the remaining balance from my old Visa and the new charges I made on my new Visa (not my Barclays Master Card) and I can not explain how that ever happened. The charges were legitimate but they were on the wrong card. I did receive new cards from Barclays but never activated them because I do not like dealing with Master Card. THERE WAS ALSO AN $87.+ FINANCE CHARGE INCLUDED BECAUSE I DID NOT PAY THE BALANCE ON MY VISA. I hope everyone is also checking to make sure there were not illigitimate finance charges on their bill. After spencing at least an hour on the phone with Barchaly they told me that I would have to pay my bill via telephone to avoid the $15 charge to do it in person. When I tried calling they said I would have to set up a bank account to make the payment, then told me to give them a routing number and account number. I punched in the routing number and it immediately returned me to customer service who said they would have to charge me $15 dollars. I then called my Premier Bank Manager at B of A and told them they would need to take care of this. What a mess. And, I still have not paid my bill to Barclays because I do not know if B of A is paying the previous balance to them or not!!! Check your statements!!

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