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Bank Of America / illegal fraudulant lien

1Fisher77316 on Oct 25, 2012
Bank of America filed an illegal fraudulent lien on my property. I bought a waterfront home site in October 2007 with clear title and title insurance. In 2010 I paid off the property and built a house paying cash . In October 2012 I sold the home and scheduled a closing for October 30...

Bank Of America / involentary account closure

steve Lond on Oct 13, 2012
I have received a letter from bank of america telling me that they are closing my account which I have had for over 20 years, I had more than the required minimum amount at all times, why is this happening?

Bank Of America / bank of america home loan modification program

eqsinc on Oct 10, 2012
I have been trying to get a loan modification for almost 2 years now. It started when the film and TV writers went out on strike and I was out of work for almost 8 months. This was about the same time when the economy crashed and the housing market also crashed. I got some work at the Art...

Bank Of America / legit cash rewards stealing

notu10 on Oct 6, 2012
Bank of America issued me a cash rewards card in 2011 when my credit score was low. I was using the card for over a year and made payments on time every month. Sept 2012 i sent over a pyment to pay out my balance. A week after the bank recieved my payment and my balance was piad they sent...

Bank Of America Survey / millward brown and decipher, inc false reward

Lyana2012 on Oct 4, 2012
Deceiving message about $20 Amazon reward for the Bank of America survey completing. Possible phishing site. The survey's site: http://t2.ktrmr.com/surveyr.aspx?i.project=F646E&s=GEN24&id=1&chk=000&pid=plawRQymnQ&Seg=1&Mod=XX&BOAPid=21377990

Bank Of America Mortgage / harrassment

J Luttrell on Sep 21, 2012
When my sister died in March, 2012, Bank of America mortgage called and asked to speak to her. I told them that she had passed away. I was trying to make funeral arrangements. Bank of America called again. I asked Bank of America to give me some time to sort through her financial...

Bank Of America / stay away from these guys

Bivkey on Sep 20, 2012
After refinancing we were bought by Bank of America and like millions of people we hit a bump with our payment and asked if we could modify our mortgage, after a few months they agreed and a few more we signed the papers . As of now its been 17 months an thy say were still on trial...

Bank Of America / health insurance/premiums

FuchsiaBeadGirl11 on Sep 10, 2012
I just received my spouses 2013 Health Plan Review for BoA, and it is little to be desired. The largest bank in America of course has to justify all these new rules due to supposed increased costs at 9% annually. They are making it impossible for the average consumer to obtain health...

Bank Of America / refinancing closing date

EMer2715 on Sep 6, 2012
I applied for home refinancing April 06, 2012 with Bank of America. I was told the process would take around 6 weeks. I hand carried to the bank all necessary documents. My case was transferred to 4 different processors. I contacted my refinance officer and had my case expedited to a...

Bank Of America / bad and inefficient customer service

amberlxy on Aug 29, 2012
Ok, Bank of America officially sucks. I'm an international student who opened an account with bank of america because it seems so established.Boy, i was wrong. While on summer break in Singapore, BOA closed my account without any prior notice. When i called them about it, i wa...

Additup By Bank Of America And Macys.com / denied in cash back

CAsunshine on Aug 28, 2012
From now on i hate additup and macys.com!!! I find making purchases using your system absolutely nontransparent and prone to abuse!!! this is the only website (macys.com) i used who didn't make cash back on time first time and the second time they didn't make any cash back at all and...

Bank Of America / misleading information

Leo M.Gonzalez on Aug 23, 2012
Struggling with making home payments. At first I was doing good and giving more than required payment and was also able to refinance. In 2005 my husband died in accident and started having trouble making payments on time received letter for modification plan in 2010 and for 6 months giving...

Bank Of America / over drafted

silviaz145 on Aug 22, 2012
I got ripped off by Bank of America!!! There is six $35 over drafted fees showing in my check account today, and i called them yesterday and asked about why is there so many over drafted fees and the guy told me because of some banking error and will refund all the fees for me and required me to...

Bank Of America / Home Loans / can't ever speak to a person

ANN KELLY on Aug 21, 2012
I get these letter from bank of america with a contract person's name and phone number if I need to speak with someone. Well I can call for days and leave message after message and no return calls. What kind of service is this when you are trying so hard to take care of business and no one...

Bank Of America Mortage Loan Dept / erroneous default notice

Ianeta Kappel on Aug 17, 2012
BANK OF AMERICA The nightmare began July 11, 2012 when we received a notice of intent to accelerate, which is basically a default notice from BOA We recently signed a loan modification with the Department of Veterans Affairs which holds the note to our home. Bank of America is not the assignee...

Bank Of America Privacy Source / stay away from these guys

Nieble on Aug 17, 2012
I had been on my computer trying to get work from home, I received a letter in the mail with a certified check for 900.00 I to be a person to purchase $50.00 from Wal-Mart and write a summry of the services, then get a money wire sent to a person, then call the phone # given to let them...

Bank Of America / unjust bank overdraft fee's

bankofamericasucks on Aug 2, 2012
So bank of amerika aprently randomly decided 3 days ago to change there overdraft policy, it use to be to get an overdraft the transaction had to be $10+ now its All transactions and the fee increased to 38.50. So because of this, 12 $0.10-$2 transactions that overdrafted my account by a...

Bank Of America / ebanking offer

Meagen B. on Aug 1, 2012
I was cashing my payroll checks at Bank of America. They kept HARPING on me to open an account. Finally the Assistant Manager told me about an $150 cash offer to set up an eBanking account. He did not mention that it required any other type of direct deposit other than using the ATM...

Bank Of America / false information and poor customer support

Miami Moving on Jul 27, 2012
After many failed attempts in trying to reach a conclusion on my matter, I decided it would be best to write a letter to express my dissapointment in your business and the people who represent it. My name is Jason Burlin, and I have been a Bank of America customer for many years. My busine...

Bank Of America Home Loans / modification lies

nancyee on Jul 25, 2012
I was given trial modification payments and completed them all the while Bank of America was still pursuing foreclosure on my home by taking me to court. They lost my last trial payment and at court, they "found " it and dismissed my foreclosure suit. I was instructed by their lawyer to...

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