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Bank Of America / account closure

ELickerent on Mar 10, 2013
Received letters from b of a advising our business had 21 days to close all of accounts. This included 2 business checking accounts. 1 personal account and the companies profit sharing and trust account. There was no explanation given by the local management and a recorded message when we...

Bank Of America / closing account

missionary_dave38 on Feb 22, 2013
I went to Bank of America in December to close my account because I am not living in the country right now, and they do not have a sister branch where I am living. The teller withdrew my money from my savings and checking account, and handed me my money. The other day person handling my...

Bank Of America / deposit lost

madonenow on Feb 15, 2013
I made a cash deposit into my landlords account and she never recieved it. i called the bank and they have no record of my deposit ever being made. i did receive a receipt and then i lost it. there are cameras there and i know those can prove my story. they will not help me at all unless i...

Bank Of America / freddie e. boatfield deceased

donna boatfield bishop on Feb 12, 2013
Home equity loan 031528039. Estate of freddie e. Boatfield. Letter of testimentary 1/31/13 from executor james johnson. Results-sucess. Donna boatfield bishop 4101 reynolds rd pays the loan of over 5 years now. Called 1-800-293-8157 as told by douglas branch still told cant discuss the...

Bank Of America / short sales

iris fergusn on Jan 24, 2013
I purchased my home at 55, 000 in 2008. At that time I struggled for several months to make my mortgage payment, and was also hit with some medical payments that I did not expect (The cobra payment was more than twice what I was paying when employed). I knew I would have to sell my home to...

Bank Of America / gold option credit line

StaciSayre on Jan 23, 2013
I took out the Gold Option Credit Line to pay off some hospital bills in 2006. The loan was supposed to be paid off in 2014. About a year ago I noticed that the principle amount on the account was not getting smaller. I called and was told that "something" happened in 2007 to change the...

Bank Of America Home Loans / defrauding through flood insurance

tilloglobe on Jan 18, 2013
Bank of america continues to charge me for over their inflated flood insurance even though I have fema and have increased, as requested. So many calls from myself and my agent. We are told over and over again that everything is corrected, but they keep sending letters indicating that I...

Bank Of America / customer service

tysondog on Jan 4, 2013
i have been going to this same branch since 06. this branch is where they train so there is always new faces. the biggest problems with this branch is the slowness and the tellers calling you up to the counter but there ready for you yet so they keep you standing there waiting. one older...

Bank Of America / mortgage fraud

Joe.MD on Jan 3, 2013
To all consumers debating getting involved in a hamp program. Don’t do it! The below letter was sent to the maryland attorney general’s office detailing bank of america’s (Boa) fraudulent activities involving my hamp mortgage modification. The attorney general’...

Officer Bank Of America / said i was credited 10.3 million dollars

earnest e brown on Dec 22, 2012
mr.brenake officer of bank of america{aid send 185.00 to Peter Nweke, nigeria, city Abuja bak of america. And they would credit my account for 10.3 million dollars.

Bank Of America / harassing phone calls

Disabiled Woman on Dec 21, 2012
The company started calling me today twice, I am disabled and have an attorney and I am waiting for me court date and I cannot pay right now, The Bank of America has had a letter filled in court about this. They do not have to call me and harass me at Christmas. They know the story. I...

Bank Of America / reverse mortgage scam

Elaine J. Campbell on Dec 21, 2012
Do Not Acquire a Reverse Mortgage with this Bank. They will try every trick in the book to shove you into foreclosure. I was $39.00 short on my property tax payment; I took my payment amount from the County website, not knowing it is not kept current. Bank of America had my payment of...

Bank Of America Mortgage Loan / delay of processing refinance loan

Paula Carlson on Dec 5, 2012
I have had a refinance loan in process with bank of america since august 1, 2012. The loan still isn't ready to close and there something wrong. I think that it is quite possible that the slow process has nothing to do with incompetence or complacency at the bank but something else...

Bank Of America Mortgage / loan payment

MadatBOA12 on Oct 31, 2012
I was notified last night that I was late for my Oct. payment. I went into my personal checking to determine if a check was processed, and sure enough- it showed that it cleared before its due date so I called BOA that night and told them my situation. A lady on there told me that it will...

Bank Of America / interest charged on paying off total balance

Dianne Olson on Oct 30, 2012
I currently am the owner of a tax preparation/representation business. I have a Bank of America VISA card on which I put all my expenses. I don't always pay it off each month. So I do incur interest charges. However, I did pay it off in September 2012. I also charged some expenses on...

Bank Of America / illegal fraudulant lien

1Fisher77316 on Oct 25, 2012
Bank of America filed an illegal fraudulent lien on my property. I bought a waterfront home site in October 2007 with clear title and title insurance. In 2010 I paid off the property and built a house paying cash . In October 2012 I sold the home and scheduled a closing for October 30...

Bank Of America / involentary account closure

steve Lond on Oct 13, 2012
I have received a letter from bank of america telling me that they are closing my account which I have had for over 20 years, I had more than the required minimum amount at all times, why is this happening?

Bank Of America / bank of america home loan modification program

eqsinc on Oct 10, 2012
I have been trying to get a loan modification for almost 2 years now. It started when the film and TV writers went out on strike and I was out of work for almost 8 months. This was about the same time when the economy crashed and the housing market also crashed. I got some work at the Art...

Bank Of America / legit cash rewards stealing

notu10 on Oct 6, 2012
Bank of America issued me a cash rewards card in 2011 when my credit score was low. I was using the card for over a year and made payments on time every month. Sept 2012 i sent over a pyment to pay out my balance. A week after the bank recieved my payment and my balance was piad they sent...

Bank Of America Survey / millward brown and decipher, inc false reward

Lyana2012 on Oct 4, 2012
Deceiving message about $20 Amazon reward for the Bank of America survey completing. Possible phishing site. The survey's site: http://t2.ktrmr.com/surveyr.aspx?i.project=F646E&s=GEN24&id=1&chk=000&pid=plawRQymnQ&Seg=1&Mod=XX&BOAPid=21377990

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