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The so-called "Claims Department" at Bank of America is a complete joke. After I filed a checkcard purchase dispute, they sent me a letter with a copy of the transaction from the credit card terminal stating that the charge was legitimate (which it was not). So, I did the investigative work on my own-wasting several hours on the phone and doing follow up. Their investigators did not make 1 phone call into the company to see about the charge-not 1. This was a complete pain and yet again, another example of Bank of America's lack of professionalism and customer service. After all that work, they still charged me overdraft fees and closed the claim without waiting for the proof of receipt/refund/admit of error from the company who charged my card in error. Don't even bother contacting these customer service people-they don't make note and or extend any customer service.


  • Am
    Amina H Jan 28, 2019
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    Verified customer

    This is exactly what i'm going through at the moment. $4, 900 was withdrawn from my savings account without my knowledge, i immediately informed Bank of America. They told me it would take 60 days to resolve, this was in October 2018. On the 60th day i called them, they said it still under consideration and this may take another 30days!!! I am an international student and that money was all that i had. I have rent to pay, transportation, phone bill, food. They did'nt care one bit. They have caused me so much stress and hardship.

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  • Li
    LinkAJNicole Dec 17, 2018

    My account was brutually scammed of an exact amount of $3, 903.30 on 11/20/2018. My money in both my savings and checkings were withdrawn and stolen from me without my authorization. I immediately informed BofA about this horrible crisis and explained I have zero knowledge as to how my personal information and my pin was obtained and then used. They basically aren’t trying to reimburse me my funds. I am going to take legal action and get the press involved because this is clearly identity theft and fraud. This is completely inconvenience, emotional sufferring and a financial burden on my behalf, in which BofA MUST pay for. I will be taking them to court.


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  • Jo
    John b cinartizt Jun 07, 2018

    BoA a bunch of liars and I will never do business with them again

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  • Da
    David Dalley Nov 17, 2017
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    Filed a dispute in regard to paying for tires which was not never received $695.00 BofA credited the money after I filed
    Dispute one out the blues the $695 was charge back to my card after calling claims they told me “we can’t help you retrieving your money go contact the merchant” so now SOL for me, BofA does not protect you, stay away andmanager name Kent from Claims told me “go to other banks for service cause will not assist any further.

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  • Ge
    Geraldine Johnson Oct 28, 2017
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    Bank of America, where is my money? You said you were going to look in to it, you found all the evidence leading to my accounts, money missing, but you haven't refund any of my money that you call yourself refunding me and drafted protections have drained my accounts. You have taken my mortgage, car note, life savings, my utility bill money. Small Business and Bank of America both have taken my money. You pretend to refund my money back. It's in black and white, evidence proofs that my money haven't been deposited back into my account from Small Business and Bank of America. Proof is my accounts are empty. My Virginia Employment Commission has been direct deposited in to my account. Where is it? I need my money back before November and December, and credit card interest rate reduced back down to where it use to be $30 to $50 a month.

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  • Ev
    Eva Sciuba Aug 11, 2017
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    Verified customer

    I have a horrible experience with BOA customer services and the Manager named Zack at the Claim/Dispute department. The luck of understanding, care of customer`s needs is beyond my imagination!. BOA it used to be such an amazing Bank with superb customer`s skills. I have been on the phone for about over 3 hours being transferred from one place to another, repeated stuff thousand times, call being dropped, the customer reps they are not listening or literally don't care what is the purpose of the call. They have their agenda and seems to know the best and they are protecting their money not customer`s for sure. The second time I have called because on 7/21/17 my card was suspended due to suspicious activates, I was not aware of it and used to pay for a parking meter. I got later on that day citation ticket. I called bank today to explained it and take proper action since they suspended the account w/o proper notification. The rep stated that they called me but the number was wrong and they said that it is my fault that they got my number this is a joke ??? Maybe start hiring American employees who understand English not the ridicules Indian speaking people who cant understand English!!! I will never be or recommend anyone that hideous bank ever.

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  • Mo
    Mongolmaa Aug 04, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Greetings to all who read my comment :)
    It's my very first time writing comment. I don't know who to call say thank you. In april (four months ago) I inroll yoga teacher training and I paid $4900 up front. Next day (for family reason) I decided to not attend the class and I called yoga studio to cancel but they didn't want to give refund. I begged the trainer but she just ignored me. So i called to bank of america and put claim. They give me credit for $4900 and they said they will try to solve in 45 days if not 90 days and it may extend it again. I called to claim Center several times but automat machine was talking to me. During that time lots and lots of things happened to me and didn't have time to take care of this problem but just recieved mail yesterday :) bank of America won for me and I have my money back. Basically I talked with them once maybe 15 mins and made several unsuccessful call but still have my money back :) im gonna call claim Center and just wanna thank them also wanted to share it :) thats all. Good day people.

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  • Ro
    Roberto Enriquez Apr 13, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Roberto Enriquez
    8335 Jaybrook Dr.
    Converse, TX. 78109
    [email protected]
    Dear Employer:
    In response to the position in your organization I am enclosing a resume
    for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application
    presenting my background and experience.
    I have over 33 years of experience in the insurance field; 1 year in
    Insurance Sales/Field Service, 7 ½ years in Insurance Sales Management,
    19 years in Property Claims Management/Adjusting, 2 ½ years as an
    independent Adjuster, 2 ¼ years of experience in Banking (Lender Placed) -
    Property Preservation, Default Hazard Claims and 1 year as a Claims
    Examiner (Lender Placed). I am well versed in the areas of Policy
    Underwriting and Claim Settling issues in conjunction with State
    I have considerable experience in dealing with the Public and Insurance
    Claims and a thorough knowledge of the process and procedures of the
    Corporate Environment. I am Loyal, Work Well with People and Dedicated
    to get the work at hand completed.
    May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am
    available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Roberto Enriquez
    Roberto Enriquez
    8335 Jaybrook Dr.
    Converse, TX. 78109
    [email protected]
    Claims Examiner, Property Claims Adjuster, Under Writing Field
    Inspections, & Extensive Construction Background (Framing, Cabinets,
    Drywall, Roofing, & Etc.), Bilingual (Spanish).
    Integra or MSB, Xactimate all lines, Xact Contents, Xact -Analysis, CMS,
    Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Easy Stellent, Iress Access 017,
    NFR, Client Source, LPS, ResNet. Share Point, Webtop, AS400, FocusNet,
    Citrix (Real Servicing-Navigator), ISO ClaimSearch, Claimatic, NFN,
    MunichRE and Fastrack.
    Texas General Lines Agent – Texas Department of Insurance
    Texas Adjuster P&C – Texas Department of Insurance
    Florida Adjuster-P&C – Florida Department of Insurance
    Louisiana Adjusters –PL-Louisiana Department of Insurance
    Oklahoma Adjusters-P&C-Oklahoma Department of Insurance (Under
    Southern Farm Bureau Tech. – Capital County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
    California State Anti-Fraud – Unitrin Career Agency
    Core Claim Skill Program – Unitrin Career Agency
    Florida Citizen’s Certification – Team One
    TWIA Certification – Schafer, Wood & Associates
    American Strategic Certification – Advanced Claims Concept
    Allstate Certification – Pilot
    Haag Certification – Cimarron Claims
    MSB Certification – Cimarron Claims
    Flood Certification -SWBC
    McAllen High School Diploma, LUTC 1, Agents H.O. School, Staff Managers
    Development, Study and Action Course in Staff Management, Southern
    Farm Bureau Tech and 15 Hrs. annually in Continuing Education (Variety of
    Classes) state required.
    Fire, Hurricane, Hail, Wind, Tornado, Lighting, B&T, Vehicle, Etc,
    Field Adjuster, Coordination Catastrophe Team, Training Field Adjusters,
    Training of Field Underwriting Inspectors, File review of Operational loss-
    Claim Update of Status-Reserve Closure.
    Claims Examiner October/2015 to Laid off/October/2016
    Southwest Business Corp. (SWBC) 4300 Center View Dr.
    San Antonio, TX. 78229
    Review of Claims files from different carriers for status request for
    upkeep of status, Review of different carriers reserves for closure, Review
    of Escalations for placement of Operational Losses with review of
    Adjusters estimates for accuracy, Forwarding of Certified/Master Policy
    request, Review of NFN-RMS Inspection-Photos for placement of claims,
    Updates of assorted Spreadsheets and Provide Costumer Phone Service
    (Communicate with Borrowers, lenders and Insurance Carriers/Adjusters).
    Specialist III, Default Hazard Claims June/2013 to October/2015
    Financial Freedom, a division of OneWest Bank/CIT
    9002 Esperanza Crossing
    Austin, TX. 78758
    Review property appraisals, monthly inspection reports and photos to
    recover funds for lender by placing new property claims through a verity of
    insurance carriers, complete and submit all required documentation for
    insurance carriers, communicate by phone or email with claims examiners
    and field adjuster, allow access to properties for inspection, daily
    documentation and review and of e-mails, letters, reports.
    Independent Property Claims Adjuster January/2011 to June/2013
    Reliable Estimates 902 Kitty Hawk Rd. Ste. 170 Box 209
    Universal City, TX. 78148
    Contract as an independent property field adjuster, Retrieve Claim/ Log,
    Create File, Contact Insured, Route/Schedule appointments, Inspect Loss,
    Photograph/Scope Damages, Explain Policy Benefits, Keep Activity Log
    and Write Estimate, Submit Claims for Carriers.
    Property Claims Adjuster March/2005 to Laid off Date: October/2010
    Unitrin, Inc. 12115 Lackland Rd.
    (New Ownership-Capital County Mutual Fire Ins. Co.) St. Louis Mo. 63146
    Retrieve Claim/ Log, Create File, Contact Insured, Route/Schedule
    appointments, Inspect Loss, Photograph/Scope Damages, Explain Policy
    Benefits, Keep Activity Log and Write Estimate, Submit Claims to Carrier,
    Review Files, Write Claim Reports, Investigate for Subrogation. Assigned to
    H.O. as Claims Examiner
    Regional Claims Manager September/1991 to March/2005
    Capital County Mutual Fire 12115 Lackland Rd.
    Insurance Co. St. Louis Mo. 63146
    Retrieve Claim/ Log, Create File, Contact Insured, Route/Schedule
    appointments, Inspect Loss, Photograph/Scope Damages, Explain Policy
    Benefits, Keep Activity Log and Write Estimate, Submit Claims to Carrier,
    Wrote Checks in the settling of Claims, Aided in Training on Software,
    Training of District Staff, Inspection & Documentation of Homes for
    Underwriting, Recruiting and Training of Underwriting Field Inspectors,
    Coordinate work areas of Underwriting Inspectors and Coordinate Work of
    Dwelling Underwriting Inspections.
    District Manager June/1987 to Promotion: September/1991
    The Reliable Life Insurance Co. 12115 Lackland Rd.
    St. Louis Mo. 63146
    Operation of Sales Office, Operation Reports, Recruiting of Sales Agents,
    Training, Field Accounting, Sales of Life & Fire Products, Servicing of
    Staff Manager January/1984 to Promotion: June/1987
    The Reliable Life Insurance Co. 12115 Lackland Rd.
    St. Louis Mo. 63146
    Operation Reports, Recruiting of Sales Agents, Training, Field Accounting,
    Sales of Life & Fire Products, Servicing of Insureds
    Sales Agent February/1983 to Promotion: January/1984
    The Reliable Life Insurance Co. 12115 Lackland Rd.
    St. Louis Mo. 63146
    Field Accounting (Collection of Premiums, Record Keeping), Sales of Life &
    Fire Products, Servicing of Insureds (Policy Delivery, Change of
    Beneficiaries, Process Property Fire Claims).
    Awards: Nominated employee of the month of August 2013, President’s
    Club- 3 Yrs, District $5, 000 Club- 2Yrs, Army Good Conduct Metal.
    Robert Reyna
    3929 Bonham St.
    Harlingen, TX. 78550
    Insurance Sales Supervisor (Reliable Insurance)
    Noe Trevino
    2823 Nueces Dr.
    Harlingen, TX. 78550
    Insurance Sales Manager-Retired (Reliable Insurance)
    Christine Hecker
    4300 Centerview Dr.
    San Antonio, TX. 78228
    Mortgage Claims Manager (SWBC)
    Leah Brown
    503 Urban Loop
    San Antonio, TX. 78204
    Coordinator for Family Services (Boys Town of Texas)

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  • An
    Anna Chroscicki Jan 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My claim was not about unauthorized charge. I deposited several checks in ATM (I did not do it inside of branch, because- I am sure it is not surprising to anybody- I would have to stand in line for half an hour or so). At the end of transaction ATM made weird noises and spit out receipt showing $0 deposit and claim number. I asked to speak to branch manager, who told me to move out of ATM line and call number on ticket. So I did. I was told that claim will take up to 10 business days after which I will receive credit of whatever amount I say was deposited (if BoA does not reach conclusion). Ten days later my account showed "temporary credit" of amount I deposited. So I called claim department. And I found out that it is actually 45 days. After 10 days I am just getting temporary credit...Nice...So I have this money in my account that really isn't mine and answer as to why it takes that long? "Your claim is not the only one". Makes me feel so much better. I think it is time to FIRE Bank of America.

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  • Ev
    Eva Sciuba Aug 11, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Anna Chroscicki Totally agree!

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  • Sc
    Scammer_Guard Nov 14, 2012

    Contact Scammer Guard ASAP for a free consultation on your recovery solutions Our Number is 1-855-GUARD-10 . Check out our website at

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  • Bo
    BornNewYorker Nov 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had an unauthorized charge post to my account today. I found out about it from an email that Bank of America sent me regarding irregular activity on my debit card. It was great that they alerted me immediately (BUT...). The email advised me to contact the Fraud Department, which I did. I spoke with an employee that cancelled my card and issued a new one. She then transferred me to the claims department to get the funds posted back to my account...and that's when it all went downhill. I was disconnected from the Claims Department phone system after entering in all the information requested. I had to go back through the Fraud Dept. phone queue since I didn't have a direct number to the Claims Dept. The woman that answered put me back in the faulty Claims Dept. phone system, and yet again I was disconnected after entering in all of my information. I called the Fraud Dept back and told them not to out me back in the Claims phone system - that I wanted a LIVE PERSON . Once again, I was disconnected - this time after being on hold for 5 minutes. I called the Fraud Dept back AGAIN and was adamant that I wanted a LIVE PERSON and that if I was disconnected, I expected an immediate call back. Finally, I was put through to a live person. It has taken almost an hour to go through all of the systems, enter in the information requested (account number, SSN, etc.) and speak to explain my situation to a number of employees. Very frustrating. Even now I am unsure if my claim was resolved because the Claims Agent told me that I needed to listen to a 30 second recording after she confirmed the fraudulent transaction. She made it seem that I would need to take some kind of action after the recording - but instead, I was disconnected after the recording ended. I just hope that this gets resolved. If it doesn't, I will most certainly switch banks. This is not any kind of sufficient customer service.

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  • St
    staceybrewer45 Jun 16, 2011

    Thats unusual because I never had a problem with the Bank of America claims department crediting back unauthorized charges or merchants that I had cancelled their services and they refunded my purchases or unauthorized charges back to to my bank debit card imediately. I have had my checking and savings account at Bank of America for three years and have had no problems whatsoever. I guess it all depends on which Bank of America employee your dealing with and for me I have had no problems with any of the employees. If you are unhappy then I suggest you just switch banks instead of staying with a bank that your not happy with. Their are thousands of other banks out there who are glad to have your business. +

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