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robbing folks with nsf fees!

Bank of America is in the business of robbing people. Their rules constantly change to benefit their pocket...

unethical business practices

After myself and my other half Thomas White being customers of Bank Of America for 20 years, Bank Of...

stay away from countrywide

Countrywide bought our loan a few months after we purchased our home. Everything was fine for a while until I started trying to refinance a few years ago. They would not work with me and made it impossible to go anywhere else for financing. They started rasing our payments 4 months before they were supposed to and they went from $1258 a month to $1938 a month in 1 year knowing full well that we couldn't afford that much each month. I was told by some snotty man at Countrywide that if they wanted they could raise the interest rate to 13.75% instead of the 11.125% rate they raised it to if we really wanted to push the issue.

I fought for 2 years to save the house and finally ended up losing it last month and had to move in with my mother-in-law until we can try to fix our credit reports and save a little money to move somewhere else.

I am VERY angry about this whole deal and want some justice. I want to Countrywide to have to answer to everyone they have wronged and have to apologize, not just to me, but ot America as a whole for the way they run their business. Everyone I have talked to about them has had nothing good to say about them.

  • St
    steve colon Jan 28, 2009

    countrywide is playing games with all there customers thats what they do. they are being sued by everyone so the more houses they get they use is to pay off the investeer who is sueing them.

    I have read web pages that former employees said there all about taking your home nothing eles they dont care what happens. If the news is right countrywide cant not pay out all there law suits. in time they will get theres.

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random blocking of debit card

I went to Macys to purchase some items on Saturday, I tried to use my debit card and it was declined. Shocked, I call Bank of America to figure out what is going on because I know I have funds available and I am automatically transferred to the Fraud Dept. in Phoenix AZ. Because I am not fluent in English, I have my granddaughter interpret for me while I am on the phone with the "fraud analyst". After taking about 30 minutes into verify my information, because they insisted that they had to find an interpreter themselves and not go through my granddaughter the fraud analyst representative Cordella said my account was blocked because there was unusual activity at the beginning of this month. The unusual activity was an atm withdrawal of $500 at the beginning of the month, which I use to pay rent. I have been doing this for the past 2 years and now they say this is unusual activity? So my granddaughter asks the rep to explain why this is happening ALL OF A sudden, and the rep's reply was "I have the authority to monitor your account, it is my job and I can put a hold on it whenever I feel like there is unusual activity." We wanted to speak with a supervisor because this person was rude, unhelpful and almost discriminating in her attitude towards us. She said "I don't have a supervisor, I’m a financial analyst and I was providing you exceptional service because even though you were using profanity, I dealt with it!" And we were so astonished at her accusation because we are not the type of people to use profanity in conversations. My granddaughter was out of words and just shocked at the type of service BofA was trained to provide. She was obviously not treating me as a customer, but more of an annoyance because I could not speak English well and she wanted to get us off the phone and even denied out request to speak with a supervisor. I have never felt so discriminated by a bank employee, especially a big corp like B of A. And to think that my card can be blocked, without any reason, any time they want to... it makes me cringe to my stomach.
When I was declined of a $20 charge a Macys, I was extremely embarrassed and baffled. This is my hometown dept. store where everyone knows everyone! Who is going to pay for the embarrassment I got when my card was declined? I have a chronic cardiac disease, where if I am stressed/shocked, it could be detrimental to by survival. I had to get emergency treatment with nitroglycerine at home because I was so shocked from the situation. Also, the ruthless representative at b of A made me feel unsafe with my available funds AND was illogical in her explanations as to who this is happening. From now on, every time I use my atm card, I need to be in fear that it might be declined because someone at fraud services is having a bad day.

  • Co
    columbia123 Sep 26, 2009

    The exact thing just happened to me tonight with my BofA atm debit card, even though thousands of dollars were in the bank. I was away from home about 14 hours with a blocked debit card.

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over charge

I have credit card with bank of america for over 15 years. Recently, they gave me apr of %8.00, and charged me annul fee of 18.00, I continue to make my payment, I noticed that the payments I am making never goes for that $18.00, now the $18.00 is $48.00 and that is because thy are charging %18.99 on the annul fees. So I called, and told them I like to pay the annul fee in cash and do not want to finance the annul fee, but thy told me you can not do that. Which means the $18.00 which is now $48.00" because of high interest" will continue to go up even when I offer to pay the annul fee in cash.
That means they are forcing me to pay interest on the amount that I do not want to borrow or finance?!
Do you think that is fare even if the law allow them?

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predatory lending




I, like hundreds of other Americans, have a story to tell about the horrible and unethical business practices of Countrywide Home Loans. First, may I say that I have been a honest, hardworking, tax paying American for over 36 years. I am a single parent. I had purchased the home which I was raised upon the passing of my mother. This is the home where I, also have raised my son. So, this is more than just a house to me. It is our home and our foundation.

I originally got involved with Countrywide when they purchased my mortgage (unknown to me) by a mortgage company that was already under investigation, Ameriquest. At which time, I had never even been late with a house payment. After a year or so with Countrywide, they began to pursue me to refinance my original mortgage. They called me, mailed letters to me, and emailed me stating that I had over $24, 818.00 in equity in my home and they were offering me a “no closing cost”, “no appraisal fee”, “no hidden fees” etc. refinance loan. After several months of their persistence, I agreed to go ahead and refinance with the intention of borrowing $5, 000 from my equity to put in some energy efficient windows in my home. (As it is an older home, and living in PA, the cost of fuel is very expensive). Thus, not only conserving energy and saving on my fuel bills, but also improving the investment of my home. I agreed to refinance in Sept. 2005.

Initially, I was sent preliminary papers. The horror begins Oct.2005 when a notary comes to my place of my employment for closing with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SET OF DOCUMENTS???? Ofcourse, I was completely offguard. There I was, at work, with no privacy, confused at the loan papers, I immediately asked the closing agent what was going on? He told me he was just a courier they hired to get me to sign the papers. He rushed me and assured me there would surely be a resolution. Not only were they a completely different set of papers and loan amounts that I was previously sent, but I did not get ONE CENT at closing to put in my windows and they had used up MY ENTIRE AMOUNT OF EQUITY!!! Being bewildered, rushed and not being mortgage smart, I signed, under duress! I am an honest, trusting Christian woman who would never have thought something like this would happen to me. I was wrong! I immediately went to the phone and began calling Countrywide.. I briefly got to spoke to the representative from their Full Spectrum Lending Div., who told me that they paid off a HUD loan I had taken out (to put a new roof on) and the rest was countrywide fees.He assured me that someone from Countrywide would call me and go over it all in detail with me. Guess what? I never heard from them again!

Remember the promise about no fees? What false advertising that was! Not to mention, don’t you think they should have advised me of the paying off the loan to Domestic bank and all of the loan changes and higher interest rate and fees than they first disclosed to me in advance? I was not notified ahead of time about any of this or I would have not refinanced! As, the only reason I left them persuade me was to take advantage of the low interest rates, no costs and to take advantage of taking some of my equity to put in the new windows! Had I been sent the revised loan papers ahead of time, I would have never agreed!!! I asked all kind of questions and was told someone would call me and explain everything to me. That never happened! I persistently called them, only to be passed around from one person to another. Never getting to talk to the same person twice! I wrote to them, I faxed them, I emailed them, on many occasions. Never did they even have the courtesy to explain anything to me! Is this how you run an HONEST business? To take advantage of people and not have any respect or customer service? If they had done nothing wrong, why didn’t they address the situation? I have kept copies of many of my letters and emails, Both from them pursuing me to refinance, and my letters to them asking for explanations as to why they did this to me? I also have several sets of legal documents. Some, I actually have 3 sets of the same papers with completely different amounts on them? Ofcourse, different interest rates then originally promised as well.

I have 3 different “Schedule of Real Estate Owned” with 3 different payoff amounts?

One set listed my payoff for my original Countrywide mtg. as $59, 624 and the pay off to Domestic Bank for my HUD loan as $13, 867. Another one said my payoff to Ctrywide. Was $62, 855.74 & Domestic Bank was $14, 078 on my “Settlement Statement”? So, I ended up with a sub-prime mortgage that ended up for $81, 830 @ 8.25 (another document says 8.75%?) with ZERO money received at closing. AND ALL OF MY HOMES EQUITY WAS GONE!!!

I have 2 different “Truth in lendingstatements” with different amounts, even the “final” one said amount financed was to be $78, 125.45, but my “Note” is for $81, 830??? I have 3 different copies of “Assets and Liabilities”with 3 different amounts., 2 different “Settlement Statements”, 2 different “Amortization Schedules” Nothing, that matches or makes any sense to me? I wasn’t aware of the thieves they were until this happened to me! Ofcourse, making my payments much higher! But, I never gave up on trying to get some resolution. I didn’t know about their “Bait and Switch” schemes.

I felt I was taken advantage of, promised one thing and given another. I did sign the papers, but again, under duress!!! And immediately seeked explanations and help from them. But got nowhere! Now that I hear of all of the sub-prime mortgage mess, I am sure I was a victim of predatory lending! Every time I called Countrywide, I NEVER got to talk to the same person twice, I kept getting passed around, having to repeat my story over and over only to be told to call another phone #, etc. And I have proof of many letters and emails I sent to them asking why?

Not only that, but on several occasions they tried to charge me for home owners insurance, which they knew I already had privately, Again, I was given the run around, with the right hand not knowing what the left was doing. I even had my insurance agent call and fax them. I finally got it resolved, only to have it happen again!!!

To make matters worse, last year I was burdened with the care of a sick family member. I called Countrywide several times to explain in effort to be able to work something out, only to be treated with total disrespect! So, they tried to foreclose on me! Now, they said that “The Bank of New York” was the note holder of my mortgage? I never knew about that either. So were they also a victim of Countrywides illegal practices, or were they too, part of the scheme of things? On one occasion, I spoke to a representative named Brian Keller, who told me I would have to refinance at $150, 000.00??? Now, if my home was only worth $85, 000 (at that time) and I was already up to the limit and having problems managing those payments, how would I ever do that? It didn’t make any sense?

I met with a local legal attorney, who agreed that my loan documents looked suspicious. She tried to contact Countrywide, but also found that she understands my frustration as there is no possibility of continuity and no specific person with whom to work with.

I was so distraught that I was going to lose our home., I went to a private attorney. Atty. Shawn Sullivan, of Altoona, PA. He agreed that I was definitely a victim of predatory lending and consumer fraud. He was able to get me into a “work-out” program to avoid foreclosure, but this ended costing me an additional $10, 886.82, plus attorney fees and a title search! Talk about kicking one when they are down! Mr. Sullivan and his colleagues advised me to seek help from the PA Atty.Generals Office. Since, I do not have the resources to pay a private attorney.

I did write to them. I was assigned a file #F-[protected]. my case was assigned to a office in State College, PA. I just found out this week that they cant help me? A girl named Lauren called me and said that “ why did I sign the papers? I had plenty of time to look them over prior to signing.(this is what Countrywide is using as a defense), “ Did she not even read my complaint? Yes, I did receive papers ahead of time, BUT, THEY WERE NOT THE DOCUMENTS I WAS FORCED TO SIGN AT CLOSING’ Again, bait and switch! I cant believe Countrywide is using as a defense that I had plenty of time to read the papers and ask questions!!! Sure, I had a whole 5 minutes to read and sign the ACTUAL PAPERS! And I DID ASK QUESTIONS! I JUST NEVER GOT ANSWERS!

But, being a trusting person, I felt sure this type of thing didn’t happen in our great country! I also didn’t really know that my HUD loan was considered a lein on my home. As again, I was not mortgage smart. If I knew then what I do now, I would have had a realitor or banker look it over. Again, I was completely under the assumption that the original loan papers sent too me ahead of time is what was going to take place. There was no other changed documents sent to me ahead of time to go over, or I would have NOT went thru with it. They knew what they were doing. This way, they caught me off guard, promised me one thing, then switching at the last minute! They should have sent me the “revised loan documents” explaining everything, ahead of time to look over (just like they did the preliminary documents) . THEY CHOSE NOT TO DO SO BECAUSE THEY KNEW ONCE I SAW THE OUTRAGEOUS FEES AND INTEREST RATES AND UNAPPROVED CHANGES, I WOULD HAVE CHANGED MY MIND.!!! They knew exactly what they were doing, and it was not the first time they did this to an honest consumer. How dare they use the excuse that I had plenty of time to go over the papers??? Sure I did, THE FALSE ONES!!! And to respond by saying I had time to ask questions….what do you think I had tried to do for so long???? Call after call, letter after letter, emails and faxes!! I have copies! NOT ONCE DID THEY RESPOND! WHY? Because they knew they were involved in predatory lending practices! I will not accept this as a legitimate or legal reason. And if our government agrees that they did right by me, then will be very disappointed in what our country stands for. “We the people, For the people”? Which people, just the wealthy corp.giants? And the hardworking taxpayers are nothing?

After searching on the intranet, I have found hundreds of dissatisfied Countrywide customers. With more horror stories, very similar to mine, many exactly the same! There is actually a website :www.countrywidehomeloansucks.com. Read some of the stories of not only their predatory lending practices, but stories from employees who admit they were expected to do wrong by their customers. Even mortgage brokers with stories about how they (Countrywide) were dishonest, padded finance fees, have an “invincible” approach to business and they don’t care or are not concerned how they treat their customers with disrespect.

Even Barack Obama has a poor opinion of Countrywide. Stating” All across this country, we’ve seen how its becoming harder and harder for working families to make ends meet..For too long, the rules in our ecomony have been written to benefit Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. We saw this again today when we learned that two executives at Countrywide, are set to walk away with $2 million in payouts. This is an outrage. Top mortgage lenders spend $185 million in recent years lobbying Washington to look the other way, while they tricked American families forcing millions of Americans to face foreclosure and pushing our economy into a recession. We should be reprimanding them, not rewarding them. “ (March 30, 2008)

I was under the impression that our governing bodies were here to protect us as consumers. Apparently, I was wrong. They keep a blind eye on these illegal actions, while hard working American taxpayers cant make ends meet. Like myself, most people cant afford to hire a private attorney. This large corporate giant is tearing down American families and The American Dream one at a time. I cant believe our judicial system would allow this to continue. Countrywide is the ENRON of the real-estate industry!!

“We clearly are concerned about predatory lending” said Heather Tyler, spokeswoman for the PA Dept. Of Banking. A study released last year commissioned by the banking dept, concluded that predatory lending practices were the major reason that Pennsylvania had one of the highest rates of home foreclosures in the country. According to PA Banking Sec., Bill Schenck, PA ranks 4th in the nation for sub-prime mortgage foreclosures .

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that The PA Attorney Generals Office, with whom I had the upmost respect in the wonderful job they are doing in dealing with the drug problem in our communities, can do nothing to help me? Laura said I could file a law suit on my own, but unfortunately, I cant afford one! I expected the same laws that would prevent and prosecute “ME” from stealing, would also use my tax dollars to pursue the companies stealing from the consumers. I know had I stolen, I would expect to make restitution to my victim, as well as pay the penalty of the crime. Not only by the law that was created to protect me, but also my God, who is the final judge.

I do not feel what Countrywide did was right. They misled me with false advertising and false promises. THEY pursued ME. They should be held accountable! I cant believe their defense is that I signed the papers, yes, I did, but under duress! And again, as included in all of the 55 pages I originally sent the Atty. Generals Office, I was given a different set of papers to preview, and the first time I saw the papers I signed was at the closing, being rushed by their dishonest courier, at my place of employment!!! This too, is common practice for Countrywide. Many states have class action suits against them.

I feel I was not given the proper attention in dealing with this matter by our Atty.Generals Office branch in State College, PA. I would ask them to assign my case to another branch office. I do not know where to turn!

Not only am I having a hard time making ends meet, but all of this stress and worrying has also affected my health. I am now under a doctors care for depression and nerves, taking medication and also weekly see a therapist. This also hurts my income.

I do not intend to let this drop. I am VERY disappointed that our states top attorney isn’t interested enough to have someone more qualified to look into this. I have had several local attorneys and bankers tell me that I was definitely a victim of predatory lending!!! I just cant afford to hire a private attorney !

I intend to forward this letter to our states representatives, The Hud office of Inspector General in Washington DC, the Bureau of consumer affairs, The US Attorneys Office, The Center for Responsible Lending, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, PA statewide task force on predatory lending, The National Consumer Law Center, National Consumer Advocates, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, National Assoc.of Mtg.Brokers, The American Bar Assoc., PA Dept. of Banking, National Home Equity Mtg.Assoc. PCCA, National Conference of State legislatures….Everyone I can find who will take the time and interest in just one honest persons right to The American Dream being taken away from her. Coutrywide should receive cease and desist orders and pay back monies owed to each and every individual they cheated. Is it true they pay lawmakers to take a back seat and turn the other way? I, myself, being a proud hardworking American citizen, cant believe that. I refuse to believe that all of our lawmakers and departments will sit back and allow this to continue. Do they realize how hard it is to be a single working parent, living from paycheck to paycheck, paid taxes for over 36 years, never took a cent from welfare, and now cant afford to send her graduating son to college due to her only savings and equity being stolen by a corrupt corp.giant? My son, who is a good, honest,

Christian boy, has been accepted to Penn State, where he dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, and I cant get the funds to send him! My credit is ruined, my money is gone. What would you do? As a Christian, I always was taught to “turn the other cheek”, but not in a case like this. I also believe in the Constitution and The American Dream of hard work, paying taxes, and be a law abiding citizen. All of these values I have installed in my son.

I hope and pray, that someone that I contact will find it in good conscience to do what is right and look into this. If I need to file suit, to whom do I turn? Please, someone, put yourselves in my position, what would you do?

As of now, I can only continue to forward this letter to anyone and everyone who will listen. As I stated earlier, I have ALL of the documentation to support my claim.I have copies of letters Countrywide pursued me to refinance stating the amount of equity I had at the time. Copies of many letters I wrote to Countrywide in effort to resolve on my own, and ofocurse, several copies of unmatching legal documents!!!

It is with sincere thanks and respect that someone will respond to my plea for help.

Not losing trust in MY government,

Vicki M. Miller

  • Ve
    Veronica, NEPA Jul 12, 2008

    I feel deeply for your situation, and agree that Countrywide is guilty of many unethical or illegal business practices. Unfortunately for the common American citizen, seeking legal help is not an option when one is doing all that they possibly can as it is to keep up with the mortgage payments. Paying an attorney is not an option.
    My husband and I purchased our home in PA back in Nov. 2006. We were first time buyers, and had credit issued in the past. The most severe was a prior bankruptcy. We had managed to raise our credit scores to an decent level, but still hindered by this. We looked into buying a home, and were told that we could qualify even with a bankruptcy. Long story short, we left the NY area into PA ecuase housing and taxes were lower, but could still commute to work. The bank that we dealt with was Sterling National, and everything was done via the phone, fax, or e-mail. Countless documents were signed and filled out up to the day of our closing. We knew that we were going in at higher interest rates due to our tarnished credit, but were told that we could refinance after a year if we remained current on payments. Without tax and ins. included, we were paying $1300.00 per month.
    To make a long story short, everything was fine for about 6 months. Then my husband was in a car accident, and totalled hi car. I tried to commute both of us to work, which lasted about a week. He worked in NY, and I worked in Scranton. I was driving about 400 miles a day to get uus to/from work, and the kids were left home alone. I quit my job, and began to searech for a cheap car to purchase. This took about a month, and then I had to look for a job. I found one as a school bus driver, which I had done before, buit the hours were insufficient, so the money coming in was barely paying for gas, utilities, and food.
    We fell behind, and would make partial payments so that at least something was being sent. We applied for assistance with PA, which meant going through consumer counseling and an application to request a loan to get us back on our feet. They denied us, as did Countrywide for any sort of assistance. We would get letters saying that they can help, but when you call, are told that credit is shot due to late payments and that nothing can be done. We were told to apply for loan modification, workout, etc. All of the forms get sent, letters written, and then nothing is sent to confirm or deny the assistance. We wre then told that we are in pre-foreclosure.
    I finally managed to get into a loan modification program where our monthly payment on our primary loan would increase by about 25.00 and they would bring us current. In teh meantime, a co-worker lent us 4000.00 to catch up, and we had to pay it back with our income tax refunds. I am glad to say that for the last 3 months, we have been current on our primary loan, and only one month behind on our secondary. That is until this month, when they wer finally both paid on time together, no thanks to Countrywide. They take too long to respond, and are too quick to deny.
    While looking at my account online, I was startled to see that my June payment, initially recieved on 6/9, was reversed. I have until the 15th to pay before considered delinquent. This payment was then reapplied on 6/30, for less than what I paid, since I sent in an additional 20.00 to go to principal. Then my new statement dsays that I owe a 52.00 late fee. The same happened with my secondary loan. I made the payment, it was reversed, and then reallpied for loan amount, not what I paid. I called several tiomes, was told that I would be transferred, and then disconnected.
    Finally spoke to someone in loan modification, who said that this is normal internal procedure, and that no, my payment was not late, to disregard new statement becuase it genertaed before issue internally corrected. I do not belive them, told them so, and afriad that this will not be properly reflected within my credit report. I think they are lying, and do not know what to do. They went back all the way to my March payments. On June 30, all payments on both accts. from March until June were reversed, and then reapplied, but only at the loan amount, not additional dollars that I paid. I do not see why this would be done, and fear that this is unethical or illegal in some way. I was then told by the last person that I spoke with that I had been charged an inspection fee, for every time someone supposedly drove past my property to see if occupied or in good shape while behind. On top of that, I was charged 300.00 for an appraisal fee. I asked then if it is legal to charge these amounts without notifying the consumer, either in writing or verbally, and he never gave me a response. I am sure that they could have checked with utility company to see if services were on, and I have told them so in all phone conversations. If anything can be done, or if advice can be given about these charges, I would greatly appreciate.

    My final thoughts are that I hope that anyone falling behind is somehow able to make it through an dnot lose their home. I know how stressful it is on the entire household, and how easy it is to become discouraged. My family would not even lend me a hand, and it was the kind gesture of a co-worker that pulled us through. I think that otherwise Countrywide could have started the foreclosure proceddings, and we would not have been able to bail out of this mess. I just hope that I will somehow be able to refinance successfully without further digging myself into a hole, since one of our loans are due to be modified in Dec.
    Good luck to everyone..

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  • At
    A. Thornton Aug 16, 2008

    Ms. Miller,

    I'm not a lawyer by any means, however, I do want to reach out to you and help you however I can. First, let me say that I agree with your complaints regarding Countrywide's criminal and unethical practices. We also, have been financially damaged by them. To name a few, they did a classic bait and switch to our refinance loan; we were promised in writing a credit come back loan, yet we found out after the fact that they locked us into a sub prime 2 year hybrid libor adjustable rate loan, they falsified information on documents, did not provide us with a copy of a good faith estimate and truth in lending prior to closing, several inconsistencies between the loan application and the final documents, draggin the refinance over a 4 month period despite me providing all the documentation that they require at the first visit, pulling 4 "hard" credit reports as a result of their dragging their feet, lost payment. They also verbally promised us that we could refinance to a better loan at a fixed rate 6 months from refinancing. We received harassing phone calls several times during the day and night, even on Sunday mornings saying that we were late on payments despite me holding copies of my receipts and canceled checks written out to them. And the list goes on...

    I refused to tolerate their abuse and took matters into my own hands when customer service started to give me the run around. I filed complaints and sent in all the required documents with the Office of the President (Countrywide), Federal Trade Commission, New Mexico State Attorney General Office, and the New Mexico State Licensing and Regulation for Financial Institution's departments. I also went personally to see CEO of my local credit union and also with the mortgage specialist at my local bank with all my documents to see about refinancing with them and bring my loan local.

    Something that is not made public is that magical number (972) 608-2434/(800) 669-6020 ext. 6441. I raised hell and demanded to speak to the CEO. Of course he's always busy, so I was passed off to one of the first vice-presidents. He told me that either he would try to get help for me through the Work-Out program, or try to refinance. Because this process is taking too long to resolve, it prompted me to file complaints with the other law agencies.

    I have not heard back from the FTC to date. When I spoke with the NMAg, they were very interested in my complaint and stated that they have received several complaints against Countrywide and other lending institutions regarding predatory lending practices. I was dissatisfied with the response from the regulations department and was advised from the NMAg's office to send in an amended complaint with additional documents. I was referred to a couple of law firms in Santa Fe. Both of them wanted to take the case, however, they wanted a retainer of $4500.00. I had to pass it up since I cannot provide the retainer due to financial setbacks recently.

    The CEO and mortgage specialist both reviewed all my documents and first advised me that they are not lawyers and cannot give legal advise. However, they also agreed that there were several inconsistencies with all my documents, clear evidence of predatory lending that are violations of lending laws. I am forever grateful for these two individuals that are trying to help me out of this mess.

    If I were you, do the following:
    1. Go to your bank and/or credit union and let a mortgage specialist review your documents to look for inconsistencies and violations.

    2. File an amended complaint with your AG's office, Countrywide's Office of the President, Janis Allen, 6400 Legacy Drive PTX-320, Plano, TX 75024.

    3. If you type in the Google search engine "Countrywide complaints, lawsuits, " etc, you will see that there are several states such as California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Virginia, that their AG has filed class action lawsuits. See if there is one in your state and if so, get in contact with the law firm that is doing it.

    I hope this helps. Keep your chin up. Know that you are in my prayers and good thoughts.

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  • At
    A. Thornton Aug 16, 2008


    I forgot to sign my name in the above post,

    A. Thornton

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rewards points transfer scam

If you think that you can combine points from various credit card accounts in order to build up your total points... BEWARE! Like many others, I thought I had enough points to book two round trip tickets last summer for my wife and I. I was shocked to find that it was somehow going to take 120, 000 points and $328 cash. How is this possible, I wondered? Well I gave that idea up and just purchased the tickets. A few months later I noticed the "Transfer Points" link on the rewards home page. " Great, here is a way to get enough points if we decide to go somewhere" I thought.

This is what it says: "More points equal greater rewards. If you have more than one rewards account, you may be able to combine your points for better rewards or even share your points with friends and family. Now, the flexibility of transferring points makes rewards even better."

What it doesn't say is that is a scam to make your points expire in 90 days instead five years. There is a disclaimer not at the beginning of the process or in the middle of the process, but at the very end, as you are clicking to transfer the points. It says "these points will expire on... and a date (which is 90 days from that moment -- if you're paying close enough attention)"

I guess I'm just stupid, because I didn't do the math or pay that much attention to the actual date, because after all in the "FAQ" and Rules sections it says that points expire five years from date earned, with no disclaimer that says "Unless you transfer them, then it's 90 days".

Here's the bottom line: You have 90 days to use these points, and if you do not, they are gone forever. I have been trying to get them back for five months and was told today that nobody on the face of the earth can restore them, because I requested the transfer. I've cashed out all my points on three my cards on some junky merchandise and closed them out. I have also closed my business, personal, and merchant accounts with BOA. It is a first class pain in the neck, and I never got my 30, 000 points back, but I somehow feel slightly better. I hope BOA misses me, but I doubt it.

  • Ou
    ouknow1 Apr 19, 2010

    Anyone else have a credit card that offers reward a round trip flight 25, 000 points anywhere in the continetal US then when you want to redeem it they tell you its 36, 000, 43, 300, 50, ooo or even 56, 432? Anyone want to form a lawsuit?

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  • Bo
    BOA SUCKS Mar 19, 2013


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  • Dj
    djmycool Jun 13, 2013

    the same just happen to me and they have announced they changed it back to five years but I missed the cut off date by 1 week I hate BOF

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  • Lo
    lookup Jul 13, 2014

    I’m a beginner with accumulating and using (rewards) points. Nevertheless, I must say that my recent experience with redeeming points earn under BankAmericard Travel Rewards left me with a bill of several hundred dollars. I was saddled with this expense -- despite spending approximately 2 hours on the telephone and on-line chat-assistance prior to implementing the transaction to use the points. The information provided by the BankAmericard Travel Rewards chat-assistant, relative to the process of how to redeem earned points, was time consuming and complicated at best, because the chat-assistant was unable to and not familiar enough with the travel rewards process to immediately answer basic procedural questions. Plus the telephone assistance provided/received relative to the dollar-value of earned points was entirely incorrect.

    The BankAmericard Travel Rewards Program is complicated, confusing and the only party negatively (financial) impacted from the confusion is the consumer. In this instant -- me.

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  • La
    ladonn Sep 25, 2014

    I have been a customer of Bank of America for over 20 years. (rewards card for 10years) I was saving my rewards points hoping to get a great vacation. When I received my rewards card it was never told to me that points expire. I was never told that there were rules associated with the points. After trying to find out how close I was to getting the ultimate vacation I find out that I have been losing points for years. called Bank of America hoping that being a loyal customer all these years would count for something. The associate said that they did not make those decisions but would put in a request to the department that does.

    I receive my letter in a couple of weeks that was essentially a NO. You would think being a loyal customer would stand for

    something! I would normally whip out my card regularly...not now...I am considering closing out my account with BOA account altogether. I am definitely looking into another card. Do they really think anyone in there right mind would let money go down the drain...smh...

    Bank of America is not loyal!!!

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nsf, transfer fees, hidden which tricking consumers fees

First of all, Customer service including the Branch staffs members are extremely RUDE! Banks has fair statement on "Same Day Transaction" except Bank Of America (BOA). Bank Of America do operate on "how much can we get ripe off because we are a big bank". So, if you have to deposit and withdraw money and say: withdraw first and then deposit second even within a couple minute away, BE SURE that BOA will charge you NSF (or) Overdraft FEE. By asking that it is the same day transaction will surely be treated with insult and humiliation. EVEN THE BRANCH STAFFS RUDELY HANG UP THE CALLS WHEN HE WAS BEING ASKED FOR THE QUESTION ABOUT "SAME DAY TRANSACTION". Customer service (All most all of them) LIED to me by saying that "I am going to transfer you to the manager" when you asked for it and then HANG UP ON YOU! When you called them again, they just make you look like an idiot and don't even say that there is no one such that person with the name that you spoke to.

As someone earlier mentioned that he/she was ripped off in Balance Transfer. There is a Balance Transfer Fees even they said it is 0% interest and HEY I am way too okay with any fees they mentioned at front and what kind of fees, what are the monthly expectation, what are the condition to meet and etc. which you sign and agreed, I believe it is fair. What I am going to say is RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH HIDDEN WHICH NORMALLY TARGETED TO TRICKING PEOPLE. THAT IS "SCAMMING". Make sure to read every single fine fine print and be extremely careful. So, I have this Balance Transfer from BOA and found out that I have been CHEATED ("the feeling": meaning: "exactly what happened"). So, it is okay and I just have to learn my lesson and I closed the account. I paid every single penny in the account and ask to close the account. The next month, the account is still open and I have been charged for "A Penny", one cents. For that one cent, my account is still open. What that penny charge is for, don't ask me (I have no clue). So, account can't be closed since there is a balance!!! What the hell is that????

  • Jo
    Joe Jul 23, 2008

    I whole heartedly aggree. I have had many of these NSF fees assessed to me even when I had money that was transfered on the same day to cover the negative balances from another BOA account and was not posted on the same day.
    I have complainted on deaf ears at BOA.
    I don't know why the attorney general hasn't unvestigated BOA yet. I am sure BOA has scammed millions of dollars off its victims like me.

    I hate BOA, if I didn't have a lower mortgage rate with them I would wish them all to hell.

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  • Da
    David Hatley Jul 30, 2008

    I am fed up with the whole BOA situation. My problems with them are when a transaction pends then hard post to the account a couple of days later all of the sudden its pending again. Prime example In one account there was 20.47 available in the account and nothing pending, no checks out etc and I went to the ATM knowing I get direct deposit the very next morning, took $20.00 from the account. My receipt showed I have .47 cents remaining. Later that day when I looked at my account at work, I noticed the hard posted items became pending again and over drafted the ATM withdrawl for 20.00.

    There were two other transactions so lovely bank of america took 35.00 x 3 out of my account. I contacted a local branch and explained and said I need to get these fees reversed and they refused they stated my receipt doesnt say no such of a thing and if I can produce it take it to a branch. So I am going to a branch today to discuss this matter with deaf ears. I think BOA has gotten too big to care about the little people. I think if you are not a 7 figure account holder they could care less. You and I are just another number is the pool and left to drown.

    Oh I can't forget this one, I love how they publicize on the internet when you open online there is never a min, no fees etc, but fall below 200.00 and there is a 3.00 maintenance fee every single month. When the account that I appllied for was online and no fees were part of the slogan. There are fees for everything with BOA and I am sure when I go to the branch today, I will be charged a fee for walking in.

    Wish there were other banks that we could use that were just as big so when traveling etc you have a bank, but with the monopoly giant buying them all up, guess it really doesnt matter, we will still end up a BOA customer anyways.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Pilz Dec 02, 2008

    I also have the same problem with BOA charging NSF fee's. They will always hold any check I deposit, including local bank checks. I had a check to deposit for $365.00 from a local bank. When I got my deposit slip back, I saw where they placed a hold on the check. I politely asked for the check back, went and cashed it at the local bank, went back to BOA and made a cash deposit before 1:00pm. They still not show the cash deposit for 24 hrs. I deposited a Northwestern Mutual check for $12, 000.00 on Nov. 14th, 2008. I did some shopping and used my debit card. I didn'd realize they placed a 21 day hold on the check. After 14 days, theydid credit my account $5000.00. The other was deposited 7 days later. Now, either the whole check cleared and they deposited part of it, or it didn't clear for 21 days and as a courtesy, the put the $5000.00 into the account.(haha) Now I have been charged $340.00 for returned check & NSF fees just for this month.
    I and my husband are medically retired, living on a fixed income and cannot afford these fee's. It should be illegal to do this. Deposits should not be able to be withheld at the whim of BOA.
    Just as soon as I can, I will be moving my account to another bank. It is just a mess because I have direct deposit for my retirement and SS. So does my husband. I just takes the government so long to transfer your money, I am afraid I will be late on some of my bills.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Pilz Dec 02, 2008

    I forgot to add that they are the most rude people I have ever dealt with. Especially my local Bank of America here in Aiken, SC. It is the one on Laurens st. They are the one's holding my checks. I even asked the teller why my check deposits were being held and sshe said because the Local Branch Manager requested it! What a ###!

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  • Ba
    BankofAmerica Apr 17, 2009

    I have to agree that Bank of america customer service representatives are extremely rude. It took me 9 years almost before I realized that. No matter how nice you try to address them, they will hang up on you before you even say a word. That's why I took my business to TD bank. I do hope one day they go bankrupt.
    These sons of a gun placed a hold onto my checking account, talking about my account is pending closure, and I will get a "cash check" for the positive amount on my account mailed out ot me in 15 days. Mind you I had no cash on me, no credit card, my car insurance was due. These heartless people did not care, they didn't remove the hold. I will never do business with bank of America.

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  • Ca
    Calikid228 Aug 20, 2009

    Bank of America strikes again! Got one of those special Extended Overdraft Balance Fees for my account being 76 CENTS overdrawn! This is the biggest bank scam to hit consumers. We all need to unite and file a class action lawsuit for their unfair business practices!

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  • Ka
    kalomi Sep 26, 2009

    I was told by a manager at BOA that if your account is one cent overdrawn at any time they automatically charge $35 insufficient funds fee. The first occurrence of such a fee can be removed. Subsequent fees cannot be removed. Never mind that my automatic payroll deposit posted to the account just an hour or two after the automatic withdrawal posted!

    During these tough economic times -- especially after the American tax payer helped bail out BOA --- the bank should allow 24 hours to bring an account current before assessing NSF fees! $35 is a ridiculous amount!

    When I complained, the manager stated, "We are a bank and that's just the way it is!" I was told that I have to write a letter with my complaint about their services, and yes, I'm writing the letter!

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  • No
    NO APPLE Jan 07, 2011

    I used to have B of A account at the Eastchester branch in High Point, NC but I closed it recently due to their rude manners.
    I will never use it again.

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bad service/lies/and no one knows what is going on.

In september of 2007 i had to apply for a loan modification, with countrywide because i lost my job was seperated from my husband since feb, 07 & because i had a an ajustable rate mortgage. They told me it would be 15-45 buisness days to get a response, and that i would be called by a "negotiator". when there was a response or if more information was needed. today is April, 15 2008 exactly 7 months since the whole process started i have not spoken to a negotiator, and according to the papers i received in the mail in march of 2008 i had been approved for the loan modification, i was told by several reps from countrywide that i would receive a call from a negotiator for better explanation of the paper work i was signing. (note: i received the paper work 10 days before the deadline.) no one ever called me. i have called countrywide several times where i am transfered to every dept., and left on hold for 1 hour and a half almost every time i call. (i have phone bills to prove it) what made me finally break down is last night i called, talk to 4 diffrent people and all of them had diffrent responses, the last person i spoke to told me "oh in february of 08 you were denied for the loan modification and have to pay 3, 181.00" . she was wrong and after explaining to her that i did receive the paperwork and that i sent it back, she did not have the courtesy to apologize on her mistake.COUNTRYWIDE is rude they have no respect, sympathy, and have no idea what goes on in their own company and i hope to be able to take this compalint to a higher up, so if anyone knows what i can do please let me know how. thank you

  • Co
    Countrywide a Fraud Apr 06, 2009

    Countrywide should be seized by the Fed before Bank of America takes over. Then they will be able to offer the excuse that they have tons of paperwork to go through before they can help anyone. As the days go on I am beginning to believe that President Obama should have let these scoundrals go belly-up. That would have done the world a favor. Instead, the same crooks are still in charge. They are rude and ruthless. They deny Modifications even before they have the paperwork. I never sent the papers in yet, they are being faxed today, and yesterday I received a denial dated March 25. It's all automated, they don't even wait for the paperwork. I was told I didn't make enough money for the modification. That people is the reason to modify, so that the payment fallsss within paramaters as set up by Obama. Rest in Peace Countrywide.

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Took my money!

I have not never hear of these guys until I checked my balance tonight. A check was cashed in my name that has overdraw my account. Wow!! Like it's not hard enough to keep money in the bank in the first place, but they have to go ahead and take what little is there. I just paid my monthly credit card bill too. WT[censored] Not only that but guess who gets charged? I'd rather get kicked in the @#%!

  • Wa
    watch your account Aug 08, 2008

    Always watch your account. This company is creating bogus electronic checks and sending them to your financial institution. Obviously, they must get paid based on funds collected to the point they are using illegal strategies to get payments. Pay close attention to your account monthly. NEVER, EVER, EVER give them your acount info. Tell them you will send them a money order instead. This is the most crooked company I have ever heard of. They are scary dogs so STAY AWAY!!!1

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Unauthorized debit to checking account!

FIA cards services has made an unauthorized debit to my checking account for the amount of $150.00. Who can I contact to file a complaint? Plz advise smb!

  • Do
    Donna White Jun 12, 2008

    This also happened to me. I had previously authorized deductions from my checking account, so the information was available to them. When I realized the money had been debited, I called them. They said they spoke to my husband and he authorized and they provided the date and time they spoke to him. I knew this was not true and immediately looked at the call detail for the only phone number they had on record for my husband. There was no call that day, in the 3 days before or the 3 days after the date they provided. To be certain I was right, I also checked the only other phone number they could have called. Same thing ... no call. They refused to provide any further proof.

    I have a file folder an inch thick on correspondence to and from them on a variety of other issues as well. I ended up settling with them, but regret that I didn't consult with an attorney beforehand.

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Countrywide refinancing scam!

As an attorney and a Countrywide customer, I am in complete agreement with all the comments posted, in...

questionable business practice

I believe Bank of America is manipulating "available balance" on deposit accounts as an unethical busine...

fradulent billing

I have been with Countrywide for several years with no complaints, until this month when I received my billing statement. It stated my escrow amount was going to increase $25 per month due to increases in taxes and insurance. No problem. Then I noticed the actual payment was increasing almost $70 per month and I couldn't figure out why. After going over and over the paperwork, I realized they were tacking on an additional "reserve requirement" of over $40 to each payment. Looking at the projections of charges for the next year it was only showing the $25 to my escrow and no explaination of how the the remainder was being used. I called Countrywide and the CSR explained to me that the "reserve" was an "insurance policy/cushion" for any unexpected increases in taxes and insurance. When I questioned why I would be charged this amount when I was already being charged an additional $25 for those increases, she had no comment. I asked how the $40 was going to be applied and she told me it was not being applied to anything...they were just going to take my money and hold it in an account! I told her that I would pay the $25 but that I refused to pay the $40 and she needed to forward me to someone that had the authority to remove the charge. She said that wasn't a problem and if I would "hold" she would have the amount taken off my bill. That really raised a red flag to me. If this was a legitimate charge, they would not be so willing to remove it. Within a few minutes, she had the charge removed and my payment would only include the $25 increase. Even though the problem was rectified, I have to wonder if they are doing this to everyone, and how many people wouldn't question it. This charge is not being used for anything other than to draw interest for Countrywide and I can't believe it is a legal practice.

  • Tb
    T Bo May 06, 2008

    Your story is EXACTLY like mine this past month. Must be across the board for those of us who financed through Countrywide. I called them today and explained that I had never paid this before and I know that it is "allowed" but not a "requirement". So without any hassle the CSR took it off my bill. Helps me out. Now my 40 bucks a month can cushion my savings account and not some ailing business's. No way could I do the already 30+ increase with the extra 40 on top of that! It sure was a shocker to see that new payment amount.

    Glad we could get it taken off. Hope others do the same!

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  • Sh
    Sharon May 07, 2008

    Wow - I am having the same problem - I called them yesterday and was forwarded to some voicemail and have been waiting for a call back to inquire what the heck this reserve requirement was. I can't afford another $60/mo tacked on and just sitting there for their own personal cushion! That's a tank of gas for me. Ridiculous.

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  • Mo
    Monalesia Jun 13, 2008

    I've recently had a similar experience with Countrywide Mortgage. Things going along smoothly and then out of the blue, they increased my monthly mortgage payments by five hundred dollars, claiming that it was essentially to build up my escrow account. Unfortunately, they claimed that the increase was based on actual tax rates that had been assessed for 2008 by the County Tax Assessor's Office, but when I called the tax assessor, they stated in no uncertain terms that they had not even set the rates for 2008 and that Countrywide and Wells Fargo had been using this line with lots of customers. Countrywide also stated that they would adjust the erroneous fees while I was on the telephone with them, which they claim they did, but then they decided to keep the fees after all because they claimed they needed to pay back sanitation charges on my account. To the tune of nearly nine hundred dollars? That's some serious sanitation service! I have reported Countrywide to the State Attorney General's Office in California and Georgia. I advise others to do the same. That's the only way these predatory lenders are going to stop ripping people off.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Aug 07, 2008

    I discovered this same exact problem today. Ridiculous. I sent an email to Consumerist to investigate and will definitely be calling and complaining and working to get this removed.

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  • Sa
    Sandy Aug 07, 2008

    I just called and they removed this without question. They are absolutely hoping that people don't notice and know that they have no way to force this extra payment. If I could get rid of Countrywide without expensive refinancing, I would in a second!!!

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not honoring written agreement

I was to ld to by FIA card services to make a payment of $110 to keep my account from being charged off and that they would settle my debt for $900. I told them to send me this in writing and they did. I made th e$110 payment in Feb 2008 and the settlement papers said that they would break up the $900 in 3 payments of $300. My first $300 payment was due on March 29, 2008. I called on March 28, 2008 to make the payment only to be told that the account was charged off ANYWAY. After speaking with a manager, I was told that B of A wasn't under any "obligation" to honor the agreement even though it is in writing. Needless to say, I am in the process of taking appropriate action to get this resolved.

canceling home equity line of credit!

Last year, after remodeling our home, we were appraised by BofA and they approved a home equity line of...

5 comments Algona Banks


The thieves at Bank of America are good at it. I had signed up for email alerts from BOA, that way I can keep...

hold on equity account!

Bank of America has just put a hold on my home equity line of credit account without notifying me. My credit...

fraud activity!

I was a victim of an internet check fraud scheme and Bank of America refuses to take any responsibility on...

steals consumer's money with &hidden& overdrafts charges

A new policy. A manipulation of your funds. Bank of America, apparently developed a new policy that will...

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