Avis Rent A Car System / Avis Budget Groupmoney refund

V Aug 01, 2019

Good morning!

As I have already informed you, I never get the cars and I want my money back. The reason that I didn't get the cars is that I have no credit card to pay the deposit. For the same reason I want my money back for the ref numbers AE580337070 and AE580348110
I also want the money for the extra insurance.

I am very dissatisfied for the reason that you didn't accept my debit card for the deposit or cash. I believe that this fact hurts Dubai's tourism.

Please provide me with information about the day that I "ll get my money back. I want it as soon as possible because I run out of my vacation budget because of your procedures. I have to pay every day a taxi because we are 6 persons.

Thanks a lot

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