Avis Rent A Car System / Avis Budget Groupcustomer service continually beyond poor

L Nov 17, 2017

Once again customer service down the drain. Why is it so hard to rent a clean, vacuumed, mini-van that does not have 60, 000 miles on it? And not some random car in the "same class" - according to you - that will not suffice - because we asked for a mini-van!!! Not a ford flex.
It amazes me that this location is still operational. Don't you take pride in serving your customers? Delivering a clean car? Delivering the requested car? Guess not,
So my husband had to drive to the airport - friday night in holiday rush hour to exchange the ford flex for a mini-van. Took him 1.5 hours to get there and 1 hour to get back.
Avis you really have no idea how to treat a customer. It's pathetic.
Be careful - if you bring the car back and it looks like you "traveled" in it for a week - you will be charged a cleaning fee... And it's outrageous.
Looking for another rental company. Don't have time for this frustration.

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