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M Jul 26, 2019

I had a confirmed reservation for a car. Pickup was scheduled for 11:30 PM July 24th. I was traveling that day from Albuquerque to Anchorage. My plane was delayed and I missed my connection in Denver for the flight to Anchorage. At 7:40 PM Alaska time I called the customer service desk for Avis at the airport. No one answered so I left a message stating I would not be arriving until aprox. 9:30 am on July 25th.
I left my number in case they needed to contacted me. When I arrived at the service desk at 9:30 am on the 25th I was told there was no car available for me and because I was late my reservation would no longer be honored. I was told there were no cars available but I could wait a few hours if I wanted to but I would have to pay prevailing price anyway. I had a reservation for an outing in Palmer AK at noon so I didn't have time to wait. I ended up renting a car from
Enterprise. The final cost was more than twice the price I had secured with Avis.
I feel I was treated very unfairly and would like avis to reimburse me for the difference between my quoted reservation with them and my cost for the car I had to rent from Enterprise. The Avis reservation was 478.81, my cost for same day rental at Enterprise was 1029.53. The difference is 550.72. This is the refund I am requesting
Lastly, the customer service agent at that location was completely unmoved by my situation and made it very clear she could care less. She said I could wait around for a few hours if I wanted to but there was nothing she could do for me so I might as well go somewhere else.

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