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Avas Flowers review: Failed to deliver large floral arrangement to the church for a funeral

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Today, 9/8/2023I I was notified at 9:06 AM PDT (about the time the funeral was to begin) that the Avas affiliate in TN would not be able to deliver the large arrangement sent by all the deceased friends and neighbors in CA. Are you kidding me?! You just let me know when the service is to begin? If I knew earlier I could have found someone else to fill our order. This is such bad customer service! Unbelievable! I asked to speak with a manager and got some girl who could not address my requirement to get the arrangement to the deceased family member's house today. She could only say that it would be delivered Saturday or most likely Monday. I asked to speak to her supervisor but apparently, she doesn't have one. Must be nice not to be accountable to a boss.

The least your company could do is refund the full amount of the arrangement for your bad service but I was told that you could only refund $25 (on a $200 arrangement, really?) I don't think I have ever been this unhappy about any company. What are you going to do to make this right?

Terri Marraccino



Desired outcome: deliver arrangement today with an apology to the family! plus a full refund for the arrangement because of your mess up.

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