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Avas Flowers review: They didn’t get the flowers delivered, even when the order was placed two weeks prior to the funeral

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Late in the day, AFTER my uncle’s funeral, I got a text, with a phone number provided, to call Avas flowers. No one answered when I tried several times to find out why they were requesting that I call them. So the next day I attempted six or seven more times and I either couldn’t hear the person because the connection was terrible on the other end or they would hang up on me. A day after the funeral, I finally got through to a customer service representative toward the end of the day, after multiple attempts. The gentleman informed me that the reason they texted me was that they did not deliver the flowers at the funeral yesterday but were working on getting them out to the funeral today. Are you kidding me?! The funeral is over and done with! He said they were extremely sorry, but offered no explanation as to why they weren’t delivered yesterday. He said that he would call the family to apologize on Avas Flowers behalf. I questioned him as to how he thought they would ever be able to complete a phone call to the family when they couldn’t even complete an order they received two weeks prior to the funeral and couldn’t even answer their own customer service phone the +12 times I tried to reach their company between yesterday and today? I asked for my money to be refunded, and he told me to hold. He came back on the phone and tried to insist that I still send the flowers. There is no place to send them to, my uncle lived alone and the family all left the state this morning. How embarrassing that they received nothing from my family to show respect to theirs during this time of loss!

Claimed loss: They claimed they’re refunding my money, but I have a funny feeling that I will never see it. The moment to show respect has already passed. They should at least send some type of perennial to the daughter for free as a way to compensate.

Desired outcome: Send a free perennial plant to our uncles daughter, my cousin.

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