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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Customer Support Phone Numbers

8800 555 6595(Russia) 0 0
+1 855 368 0829(United States) 0 0
+1 855 844 6058(Canada) 0 0
+44 207 458 0026(United Kingdom) 0 0
+353 16 590 207(Ireland) 0 0
+43 136 0277 4780(Austria) 0 0
+32 26 263 841(Belgium) 0 0
+385 13 000 618(Croatia) 0 0
+45 35 158 071(Denmark) 0 0
+358 981 710 047(Finland) 0 0
+33 969 360 936(France) 0 0
+49 699 203 2110(Germany) 0 0
+30 211 211 1551(Greece) 0 0
+36 14 292 215(Hungary) 0 0
+39 226 415 739(Italy) 0 0
+370 52 051 198(Lithuania) 0 0
+31 235 684 882(Netherlands) 0 0
+48 225 830 081(Poland) 0 0
+351 210 608 026(Portugal) 0 0
+40 216 550 711(Romania) 0 0
+7 495 937 097(Russia) 0 0
+381 800 190 939(Serbia) 0 0
+34 913 753 374(Spain) 0 0
+46 851 993 133(Sweden) 1 0
+41 225 675 182(Switzerland) 1 0
+90 212 375 5801(Turkey) 1 0

Alcatel Complaints & Reviews

Alcatel / cellular phones and customer service

Oct 10, 2019

I am going to start boycotting Alcatel and any product they sell from this point on. Every single one of their phones are garbage. Even when their current line have better looking screens, they still suffer from glitches that makes it difficult to tap into them. This along with MANY other...

Alcatel Mobile / alcatel one touch

Aug 20, 2019

From the very first day I bought this phone, from a store in brand new condition I have hated. The key pad stops working and my phone freezes when typing and I have to turn the phone off and on sometimes twice and put my pin in for it to begin typing again. When I watch videos on chrome or...

Alcatel / 1x

Jun 08, 2019

Now I know that buying a cheap phone you get what you pay for.. Fair to say yeah?? Well this x1 cost me 120$ I've had it a few wks.. I'm pretty irate at this point in time!! Seeings I couldnt find a way to directly bloody contact alcatel I am going to start a petition in action...

Alcatel / alcatel one touch a521l

Feb 22, 2019

I have only had this Phone less then one year and it is already malfunctioning. The phone turns off and on non-stop. I cannot even make a phone call without it turning itself off. Atcatel phones appear to be reasonably priced but after having to keep buying due to malfunctions it gets too...

Alcatel A30 Fierce / overheating and freezing up won't connect to wifi

Jan 14, 2019

Today I called alcatel to let them know that for the last couple days this device has given me a headache due to overheating it also freezes up and will not connect to any wi-fi I did not receive any help but extra stress also I did not receive an offer for a new device but for them to...

Alcatel / the optus play, and c1 and u5

Dec 06, 2018

Omfg. I have never had such a stupid phone or this case phones. I never in my life had these things happen with any Apple iPhone or Apple product but when my blue tongue needed a vet I sold all of them bought your phone and well. I have people who need to contact me not being able to, and...

Alcatel / tablet device

Nov 10, 2018

The alcatel device that I brought on contract had ms been in and out or repair center for more than 5 times.. The repair center is unable to locate the fault of that device and there is no positive feedback to resolve the matter. I am currently paying for the product that I do not receive...

Alcatel / stupid phones

Oct 19, 2018

AlcatelI have two here that won't even connect to my modem. Both are just sitting here since around 7 PM and here it us 10:30 now. I've rebooted the modem a couple times and same with each phone. I have had phones take about 45 minutes to finally connect in the past bit this is hours of eating...

Alcatel / cameo x cell phone

Jul 08, 2018

this is the second Alcatel Cameo X I have purchased and they both have to be factory reset daily and more than once or twice daily what is the problem here I can't be the worst person with the worst luck in the world and buy two bad phones I said my complaint Too Short what the [censored] do...

Alcatel / android phone

Apr 16, 2018

I don't know why this company still makes phones. Every single phone of this brand has been hell to use. It suffers from a HORRIBLE screen which will get stuck, glitch, or simply refuse to respond even when dialing a number. I won't ever get any phone of this brand even for free. Their...

Alcatel / u5 phone

Feb 14, 2018

This phone is pathetic! I have lost over $200 in wages today alone, all because of what is supposedly a "smart phone" This is the worst piece of electronic equipment I have ever purchased in my life! No contest! I hope alcatel goes bankrupt and never even attempts to make another piece of...

Alcatel / very bad service!

Dec 09, 2017

I sent my cell phone to their Repair Center since August and I still don't have my phone in December. I have not less than 15 case numbers. I followed the procedure they sent me by email: I went to and they finally told me after a few months I should have sent it in...

Alcatel / alcatel pixi 4

Jul 26, 2017

Absolutely the worst customer service. You can call at 8 am when they first open or later in the day. Plan on being on hold for a very long time. When you finally get thru there will be a language barrier. I have had a phone of theirs a PIXI 4 for less than 6 months and the phone does it...

Alcatel / phone dubh. alcatel dawn...

Dec 31, 2016

December thirtieth twenty sixteen. Wilmer. Electron...??] Don't remember setting a pin to access phone?! Na I cant do any darn thing unless, I have the pin to open or what yell call unlock phone. Why boost calls, I wont again because they saying they cant do anything with it. But why? Alcatraz...

Alcatel / I want to complain about the tablet received through online purchase.

Dec 02, 2016

I ordered for Alcatel tablet last week from cyber offer through Carrefour webstore.We got it delivered after 2 days. It was a 2 peice offer and when opened found one tablet not getting charged and not able to on. I sent complaint through one of your complaint site which I found and we went...

Straight Talk Customer Service Reps / alcatal one touch galaxy core prime

Aug 26, 2016

Hello, My name is Robin Mayer. I tried to call to customer service number to get help with phone I just purchased. The man was extremely rude. If I asked him to repeat, he replied "What did I just say?" I could not talk to him in a way that would help me get tech support. I asked...

Alcatel / transfer to another phone

Jul 08, 2015

Trying to transfer goverment phone service to another Trac phone. Was told that a new sim card would be mailed to me in 3 to 7 business days. Here it is 1.5 months later and NO SIMS CARD!!! I do not like being lied to. I would really like it if you would get rid of your overseas operater...

Alcatel One Touch / Poor phones, Poor service, Poor everything!

Nov 24, 2014

Alcatel One TouchHad to use my warranty about 6 times to get six new phones. These phones are cheap and very poor quality. Do not buy these pieces of crap. All six died of natural causes. Woke up six mornings and all six phones wouldn't power on at all! T-Mobile sent me replacement phones and had me...

Alcatel / phone - alcatel mini

Sep 26, 2014

I bought an Alcatel Mini for around $130 in April, after the owner of the store telling me that "Its a great new phone, no ones ever had a problem with them etcetc" Yeah sounded too good to be true. Not even a month later the phone messed up. Screen wouldnt work, menu screen kept sliding...

Alcatel / mobile hang problem and not charging with charger but usb charger is on `

Aug 28, 2014

Hello sir i have perchaes a idea 3g cell phone in jan 2014. But my phone is not working properly like (Battery backup and internet coverage and hang problem) main problem is phone not charge with cherger but other side usb chargering working properly. So i will visit the sevrvice center in...

three '3' mobile / alcatel onetouch evo 7 tablet / repairs service/customer service

Dec 04, 2013

The tablet that i recieved 6 month ago decided to stop charging and not switch on 3 months ago. So naturally i rang the company i recieved the device from. I have been hung up on numerous times, transferred to every department possible, given several numbers for other companies that lead...

Alcatel cell phones / Poor service


I purchased a Alcatel901 in December 2011, within two weeks I was not able to charge the battery. "invalid battery" Brought it back to cell provider, they replaced the battery and charger. Didn't resolve the issue. I was told that I would have to return the phone to Alcatel for repair...

Alcatel / crap phones, crap service


Last summer, I purchased a phone from Cincinnati Bell. It was a flip phone made by a company called Alcatel. The phone was incapable of sending pictures and playing music, even though that was supposedly its main feature to rave about. One day, the charger stopped working. My phone lost...

Alcatel-Lucent retiree insurance changes / SecureHorizons Medicare Direct Retiree Plan/PFFS


Effective 1/1/09 Alcatel-Lucent changed their retiree medical insurance options from United HealthCare, which all of our doctors and hospital accepted; did away with that choice and offered SecureHorizons. We are in June now, and although we have tried to educate our current doctors and...