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Da Mar 13, 2019

Today I went to aspen dental for a few fillings and an extraction, I arrived at 10:30 and left at 5:00.
When I finally saw the "Dr." she was rough, no manners, all around horrible after being accidentally stabbed in the lips 3 times, jerked around by my jaw etc I told the dentist I would not like to have the extraction done.
After filling my front teeth I was unaware is she had completed the job, I sent a picture to my husband shocked by the out come.
Unknowingly my husband called the office, in return the office manager brought a sticky note to the dentist I was unaware it was about myself.
The dentist started making comments about how ignorant people are and horrible humans are I was still unaware it was me she was referring to, after she finished my back tooth which she was far more rough with, she asked me if I worked locally when I replied no she then asked where I lived... She did not offer to let me see my teeth.
I went to the car and burst into tears my front teeth were destroyed in my opinion. It is not only horrible work but she drilled two cavities I couldn't even see before and didn't fill them. All the dentist had to say was that no one else can do it better, the office refunded my money or at least said it would be refunded in 7 days... I'm waiting to see if it actually comes through.
I now not only have to endure the pain of having the same job done again but find a dentist to do it and hope if they can fix this disaster.
I'm including a before and after picture.

Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management

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