Aspen Dental Managementincomplete/inadequate work. over inflated statement.

One year ago I went to aspen dental, advised by my general dentist to see an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction and implant of a single tooth. They were new in town, conviently located and accommodating with my schedule.
At my appointment I was informed I would get the extaction, receive a bone graft, an abutment would be inserted and final act would be the implant of a tooth. All staged of course over a period of time.
I got said tooth extracted and implant of bone graft. Months later i was informed the graft had failed. And i would need to see the oral surgeon who is only sometimes available at this, Lebanon PA, office. Keep in mind I already thought I saw an oral surgeon on 1st visit, as that was my intention when choosing aspen dental. During this 2nd visit i was told the failure of bone graft was due to infection. Seemed unlikely to me as i had no signs of infection, was not told initially that I had infection and was certainly not treated for infection.
I was left sitting in chair for a period of time when i was taken to another room and had molds done of my entire mouth. I erroneously thought it was regarding size and placement of missing tooth. The dentist came back and told me I need invisilign as me teeth are not straight. I don t mean to brag but my teeth, minus the missing molar, are kinda nice.
Now Iam getting a bit uncomfortable, I only ever wanted one tooth replaced by an oral surgeon. I have a regular general dentist who oversees my oral care. I was herded out to a desk and was given a treatment plan for $12, 919.00. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND MY INTENDED VISIT WAS FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF ONE TOOTH.
In the meantime, i have already paid over $1000.00 out of pocket for a failed bone graft. I placed several calls to office manager who advised me to go somewhere else. I then opted for a call/email to corporate, with an assumed end result of reimbursement for the botched bone graft.
Recently, I decided to try again with aspen and made an appointment with the oral surgeon as i expected to have credit toward my account. I got cold feet and cancelled when i was told I had no credit on record and I had an outstanding bill. Whhhaaatt ... I went through dental credit so aspen was paid out immediately and I long paid off that loan to avoid generating interest on the loan(12month interest free).
So here I am with a missing tooth in my mouth. I am not happy about that. No credit on record toward the failed procedure, maybe an outstanding bill of unknown origin, and a over inflated treatment plan of $12, 919.
The nature of this correspondence is to inform corporate of the experience and I am still expecting to receive reimbursement for the bone graft debacle.

Thank you

Sandra Pistone
spisrn7 @

Aspen Dental Management

Oct 01, 2019

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