Aspen Dental Management / crowns, partial dentures

Carrollton, GA, United States

In May of 2018, I paid Aspen Dental in Carrollton, GA $13, 071.00 in cash for what appeared to be 2 pages of dental work on my teeth. Between May and Oct. 2018, I received 7 crowns and 2 partials. The bill was coded, therefore I could not read what most of the billing was for. After going on line and checking the codes, I found I was being charged 2 times for partials in a 5 Month period. I questioned why 2 sets of partials in 5 months and was told i could get a refund of
$1918.00 for the second set. but would not have any guarantee as promised in their ad. I had already paid over $1800.00 for first set, which did not even fit correctly. I had to make 4 trips to get the partials corrected. I went in March 2019 to have my teeth cleaned with a different Dental Clinic and was told by a different Dental Hygenist that I have 2 crowns that are the incorrect size for the tooth and the hangover is causing food particles to get up under the crown, causing problems. I had to have my teeth deep cleaned because of the inferior dental work done on my teeth by Aspen Dental in Carrollton, GA. When I first went to Aspen Dental, the only problem I was aware of was a chipped front tooth. Now I am over $10, 000.00 paid to them and have to go to a real dentist to have my teeth fixed. I do not have dental insurance, so I am disgusted and wish I had never heard of these people.

Mar 16, 2019

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