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I was getting a denist that was not in the network. They had all my insurance info but, apparently there denist credential dept was not updated so, my insurance denied it. So, now i'm out of $1500 which would have been cover if, they gave me a dentist in the network all send and done it cost me $6, 577.00 at least if I got the money back from my insurance I could have paid down my loan. Aspen don't care they got thir money from me. I am so upset about this i'm on disable from breat cancer and the chemo is what made my teeth go bad in the first place. I never would have went there if, I knew my insurance was going to be denied and it's their mistake for giving me a dentist that was out of the network or them, not checking that his cedentials wereup dated. I will never refer people to aspen. Iwas told by a friend not to go there, should have listened.

Mar 18, 2019
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  • Ay
      21st of Mar, 2019

    I had a bridge placed in. At the appointment I sat at the desk with the lady as she verified my insurance. She gave me a print out of what the patient responsibilty would be and it was zero. She stated that both if my dental insurance companies verified me as covered and there would be an out of pocket deductable for each at $50. I paid the $100 deductables that day and had the work done. Within two weeks my bridge had shifted, verified by an x-ray at Aspen. The dr stated that he could redo the bridge after I had my root canal done on the tooth inside the bridge. During my wait period of the root canal appointment and healing time, I received a bill for the bridge of over $800. I contacted the office manager serval times and she stated they would refiled on my insurance. I received another bill this month for the bridge. I wouldn't have gotten the bridge done if I had known I would have to pay that amount as it was not necessary. After being told I would not owe anything but the deductable; I receive a bill. Correct insurance verification would have prevented this issue. I do not feel as this is my responsibility. I have been a patient of Aspen since they opened in Tupelo and I do like the employees there. My family of five all are patients of Aspen. At this point we will be looking for another dentist.

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