Aspen Dental Managementtotal treatment and experience

L Jul 14, 2019

I was a patient at Aspen Dental. I was told by their dentist that my teeth were rotten n recommended I get them all pulled. I am 56 yrs old, disabled n live on a tight budget.
So, per their recommend-ation, I got all of my teeth pulled. The dentures they made never fit my mouth n after terrible pain n suffering n being slapped numerous times while getting my teeth pulled, I am let with an $8, 000 bill.

I asked for a refund n the only money, I received was the $1, 200 they didn't use that I had borrowed. That money back to where I had borrowed it. I did not receive any amount of money for my refund.

So, I am left with dentures that are too big n don't fit that I have to keep putting adhesive in my mouth so they stay in so I can eat.
I am a brittle diabetic n have to eat to main my blood sugar control n be able to chew my food, which makes it very hard with loose dentures. I have developed an ulcer now n have to undergo a surgical procedure now.

I am very unhappy with my whole experience at Aspen Dental n would never recommend them to anyone else.

I also want my money back as I am now having to make payments on Dental Implants.

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