Aspen Dental Managementemergency care

S Jul 19, 2019

I am beyond furious. My 25 year old daughter had a blackout and fell face first into a granite counter knocking out her front tooth and breaking another one. It was a Saturday 7/13/19 and nothing in or around Berryville AR was open for emergency dental care. I called your toll free number to try to get to some help because I knew that there was a small window of time for her to save her tooth since it had been knocked with roots intact. Working for doctors for years I know that practices will see new patients in an emergency situation and this was definitely an emergency. The person that I spoke with said that she would have to put my daughter on the schedule and could give me a phone number so I could at least speak to a dentist on call so to get some kind of instruction to hold her over till she could be seen. I called and left a message. To my surprise and disbelief the next person I spoke to named Amanda told me that the dentist on call could not speak to us because she was not an established patient. What doesnt sound right about this????????? Your website clearly states that you have emergency care. No one at your call center even knows anything about dental. Going to the ER or urgent care is not an option due to the fact that they are not specialized in dental emergencies and they do not have an on call dentist. I checked!! I spoke to multiple people with your call center and was denied speaking to a dentist. That it wasnt YOUR policy. Without being instructed properly she is going to lose the tooth and it is going to cost me $1145.00 to have a partial made because she cant afford such a costly expense. If I would have been given the option to speak to a doctor about her tooth it would have only needed to be bonded until it reattached. But since the crucial time frame had passed without proper instruction the tooth cannot be saved. I hold your company liable for this horrible incident that has happened to my daughter. I plan on sending this complaint to the Better Business Bureau because because this should of never happened. I plan on seeking legal counsel in regards to this matter and will also make this public on Yelp, Facebook, and all other public websites. We are a retired military family and Veteran administration will be notified so the retirees and their families know what happened to us and to prevent them from this kind of negligent care. I have the dental documentation along with the phone record to support this complaint. My daughter is completely devastated and all of this could of been avoided.

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