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Complaints & Reviews

unprofessional/unethical business

Our first and last Ashley experience is one for the ages. We spent 90 minutes looking for a piece of...

dishonest product

if you dont know by now reading all the negative remarks about the quality the customer service and the disrepect of ashley furniture. then go ahead and buy and become there next victim. if you value your hard earned money then dont throw away on a product that is garbage it might be better to salvage your furniture you already have recover restain it will last alot longer than ashley and you will save alot of money and grief. buyer beware

delivery being postponed week after week

We purchased a sofa with Ashley fremont on 10/4/08 and estimated delivery on 10/15/08. They said they will call us the day before delivery. Nobody ever called on the 15th nor the next day. I kept on calling every week and every week the customer service lady would say there has been a delay and the new estimated delivery date will be next saturday. It is already 11/4 and we still have not received our sofa. We have been sitting on the floor in our living room for the duration of the wait.

We are already being charged interest since the day that we left the store and we have not received sofa yet. That is truely unfair business practise. Being able to LEAD customers on thinking that they will receive their products but yet do not get them.

Also, in their invoice it states that immediately the next day of cancelling you will be charged 30% restocking fee. What the ... They are the reason for the delivery to be late and we still have to pay restocking?

All we want is a straight answer as to when we will get our furniture. the customer service doesnt even know if the furniture is manufactured yet or is it an issue with delivery.

  • Aa
    aaa Feb 14, 2009

    We too ordered living room furniture from Ashley furniture at Fremont in mid December 2008. They told us that it would be delivered by 5th January. It is 13th February now and we still don't have our sofa. The customer representative calls us every week to tell us that our delivery has been post phoned.

    The store representatives tell us that they only deal with the monetary part of the deal and the date on the invoice is a "tentative date" and the actual furniture delivery date depends on the manufacturer . Where are they manufacturing the furniture? On Mars? The customer service just tells us that the delivery has been post phoned and they dont know why the manufacturers are delaying it. This company is filled with jokers for whom both the customer and his money are a joke...Never buy furniture from Ashley's !!!

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  • Ar
    Armando sepulveda Feb 16, 2009

    Hi there,
    don't waste your time. I've been for tow months in an empty house because this people. Exactly same situation. No money back, no furniture, and the worst still waiting using boxes as chairs, and blankets as sofa. We talked to BBB, well I submit a complaint, and less than a week they agree to give me the money back without any charges (still waiting), but at least BBB did something. I believe in them so hopefully this business (to call it in a way) will give me the money back. If not I'll be looking for every single person with the same problem, and even when I get back my money, I'll be sitting on the door with a board with this history so none else will buy there anymore
    good luck

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  • Vi
    Victoria Mar 03, 2009

    We ordered furniture from Ashley Fremont on 2/1/2009 and still waiting. I hope people see this review and never buy stuff from Ashley furniture again. Customer service is a joke,

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awful company with awful workers

I am SO disappointed with this company. I'm living in my first apartment right now, and was really excited to find cute, inexpensive furniture by Ashley. I purchased a loveseat, sofa, ottoman, and chair, however when I received the chair both of it's arms were extremely loose.

I purchased the furniture in April 2008, and made a complaint to the company shortly thereafter. They sent a technician to my apartment, who agreed that the chair had been damaged in transit, and said Ashley would replace it. A few weeks later I received a letter from Ashley stating that their tech found no evidence that the damage was their fault, etc. etc. Long story short, I paid $500 for a broken chair and they weren't going to do anything for me.

I followed up with a couple complaint letters, and finally was informed this month (Oct 2008) that they would replace my chair, nearly 6 months after I received it. However, they are forcing me to either pick it up at a location 100 miles away (I live in a city and do not own a car), or have it delivered for $125. I find it ridiculous and unprofessional that they provided a BROKEN product, and that I've ended up spending $625 on, only to receive a usable product 6 months after purchase.

Their employees are not very professional either - they don't sign letters with their last names, and one of them claimed to enclose Ashley's warranty policy in a piece of written communication when there was nothing additional in the envelope. They are very difficult to reach by phone, providing wrong extensions and what not.

The furniture that was delivered undamaged has since sagged a great deal in the 6 months since I've owned it, and that's with minimal use.

I highly discourage anyone from dealing with Ashley furniture unless you're buying a gift for someone you hate. They suck, and should go out of business.

damageg furniture delivered

I bought a reclining leather loveseat and sofa set from Ashley Furniture Homestore in North Brunswick...

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no delivery

The follwing is the content of the first letter sent about this complaint: Dear Ms. xxxxxx: I came into...

furniture not delivered

Purchased over $4000 worth of furniture for my daughter who was starting medical school in Augusta. We purchased the furniture in June and paid cash. The furniture was never delivered. After countless phone calls and visits to the store on our behalf we never received anything. We were finally told that we should cancel because the furniture had now been discontinued. This was three months after ordering. We were told we would receive a full refund without paying a restocking fee since the furniture had never even been manufactured. Needless to say, to date we have received nothing. No one will return our calls and Ashley Corporate says they have no responsibility since this was a franchise. What's up with that????

  • Ch
    Chad Bradley Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That stinks...

    Read my complaint.

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  • St
    Stacey Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to say almost the same deal is happening to me. I ordered over $4K worth also, 6 weeks ago, the store in Charleston SC, told me I would have my furniture no later than Nov 5th, 08. Needless to say it has not come as of today the 20th of Nov. None of my calls were being returned until I called the Head Franchise in Wisconsin then a man from the Charleston warehouse called me, he just started yesterday and tried to be helpful but he said that my furniture was not on any schedule top be delivered in the near future in fact it's not scheduled to even be shipped from a warehouse in Mississippi until Dec 26th. And that is not guarenteed. Then the kicker is I received a free promo cruise that I sent the paperwork in 2 weeks ago and they had 72 hours to contact me for scheduling and have I heard from them? Of course I have not!!! I will never, NEVER deal with Ashley again, my friend went to Rooms to Go and ordered her furniture last monday and received it last Wednesday at her home-That burns!

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terrible company

Ashley Furniture in Fairfield CA has failed to deliver a China Cabinet. We ordered the China Cabinet on 26 July 08; for delivery on 31 Aug 08. When it did not arrive we called Ashley Furniture and were told that it would not be here until the 8th of Sept and would be delivered on 14 Sept 08 prior to 1 pm. When it again did not arrive we called and were told that it would not be delivered because it was broken. After several phone calls and a trip to Ashley Furniture store in Fairfied, they said it would be another three weeks before they could deliver another one. We were called on Fri. the 3rd of Oct that it would be delivered on Sunday the 5th of Oct. On 5 Oct we were told that again it would not be delivered because a piece was missing. WE have again called the Fairfield Store about the latest problem, and we did not received a solution to the problem. I would not recommend Ashley Furniture to my worst enemy.

  • Valerie Sep 23, 2008

    I had the same problem. My furniture have a manufacturing defect. I was suppose to get another one and I also order $8, 500 worth of more furniture. I did not receive a replacement for the defect nor did I received the purchased furniture. The replacement cost. $2, 600.00 and we put a payment on the new. They closed the store and put a sign on the door that states that they will try to ship out furniture, but no refunds will be given. All of this responsibility is on the previous owner. They will only do what they can. I have no way of getting in touch with anyone.

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  • Jd
    Jdog Jun 04, 2009

    I agree Ashley is the worst . Everyone makes mistakes, but it is up to the company to make good on the mistakes made, and that is where Ashley FAILS.

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  • An
    Anna Sep 25, 2009

    I got a sofa and love seat from Knoxville Wholesale Furniture they carried it in and left I found that it was damaged. I called the co. about this and they refused to stand behind the warranty at all. I tried to get it replaced all they would say was sue us we are not going to do anything. So I call Ashley Furniture about this matter and found out that Knoxville Wholesale Furniture is the store with the warranty and they would have to stand behind it. But Knoxville Wholesale Furniture will not talk to me about this matter at all. The sofa can not be seat on the left side there is no support on that side and there a big gap between the seats that you can see the floor along with exposed wood also. So I am writing this to let others know about the store to save someone from getting in in this matter.

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  • Ol
    Olso Sep 27, 2009

    11/30/07--5 piece bedroom set and 2 lamps purchased from Ashley Furniture. Total cost with taxes and delivery was $1760.05. 2 lamps taken home by me.

    MID 12/07—furniture was delivered. 3 pieces of furniture had chips in the marble, splitting in bottom layer on both nightstands, headboard piece was very crooked and off center. I denied furniture. It was all taken back. Because I had signed the store policy that there was no money back, only a store credit, I had to use the credit at their store. At first when I spoke with Mr. Murray, he wanted to charge me a restocking fee, not full store credit. He did not want to accept the lamps back that I had bought for the furniture. Then, I talked with Mr. Blake, who agreed to full store credit and to my returning the lamps.

    Throughout December 07 and into January 08, I was at the store between 3 and 4 times per week. I’m sure this can be verified by their salespeople.

    01/21/08--I used the store credit for 4 pieces of furniture. One I had to pick up at the store because it was discontinued. It was scratched and one of the handles came off, so I was given a slight discount. I picked this piece up at the store on 01/24/08.

    02/03/08—I went to the warehouse to pick up the remaining 3 items so I wouldn’t have to take another day off from work and also pay for delivery again. I picked up a console which was fine. I had a friend with me to put the 2 nightstands together. Each nightstand had 4 legs over 2 feet long each. 3 of the legs on one nightstand were the same length. One was not. So it wobbled. I denied this piece. When I checked the drawers on the second nightstand, the top drawer would not close all the way. When I checked the wooden piece that the drawer rides/slides on, I saw that it was on very crookedly. Therefore, the drawer would not close properly. I denied this piece.

    02/28/08—Still no replacement. I stopped in the store to talk with Rhonda Hallesy, the salesperson I had bought the furniture from. She had no knowledge of the next delivery. She told me to contact the store.

    03/03-04/08—I called the store and spoke with Rachel. She told me that she would get back with me the next day. She never returned my call.

    03/10/08—I went to the store because no one had been in touch with me. Mr. Blake, who I was dealing with from the beginning of the purchase, would not be in until 03/13/08. I spoke to Rhonda Hallesy. She still had no knowledge of the situation. Mr. Murray was asked who Mr. Blake reported to so I could contact that person. I was told it was only Mr. Blake. There was no one else to contact. He wouldn’t give me the name of anyone higher I could speak with.

    03/11/08—I called the store to find out who Mr. Blake reported to. Mr. Murray again would not give a name, saying Mr. Blake was the one I needed to talk with. I told Mr. Murray that I was filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs. Once again I was told to wait until Mr. Blake came in. Mr. Murray mentioned that an email had been received regarding the prior pick up of 02/03/08. I did not want to discuss it further. To this day, I have not heard anything more on an email regarding any of this furniture.

    03/11/08--I submitted a complaint to the VA Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services--Office of Consumer Affairs.

    03/15ish/08--Mr. Blake of Ashley Furniture called me requesting my cell number (instead of my home number) so the president could speak with me. I don't know why he couldn't talk on my home number?? Mr. Blake offered to return the remainder of the money I haven't yet spent, but I had to keep what I had. I told Mr. Blake that I only have 2 pieces of furniture right now. One of which is a piece that isn't in the group setting. It was pulled up on the original bill of sale on the computer by the salesperson because it was the same manufacturer. It was ordered along with the bedroom furniture unbeknownst to me that it didn't belong. I still, also, don't have the 2 night stands that I rejected on 02/03/08.

    Today is 04/30/08. 5 months to the day of ordering the original bedroom set. Per the Office of Consumer Affairs, Ashley Furniture is being uncooperative. I have not been notified either by Ashley Furniture. I only had 6 months to use my store credit. It is up in either June or July.

    NOTE: DECEMBER 07 I had gotten rid of my original bedroom suit for the new delivery. I have clothing and other items laying around my bedroom either waiting to go into the “new” furniture or on the “new” furniture. The other items remaining in my bedroom are in disarray because I can’t set it up without the other pieces. My bed is on the floor because I had gotten rid of the frame for the new bed.

    I believe I have been beyond patient and understanding in trying to amend for the original bedroom suit. At this point, I don’t want any of the furniture. This furniture ordeal has been a huge annoyance and nuisance, caused disruption and disorder in my home, time and energy trying to replace it, pick it up or just FIND the furniture pieces. When I look at this furniture now, I don’t have the happy, excited feeling one should have when “getting new furniture”. I would like to be fully reimbursed, and this frustration be brought to an end. I’m sure the people at Ashley Furniture are tired of this ordeal, also. Really, I need to get bedroom furniture. I can’t find anything in my bedroom, and I’m tired of sleeping on the floor.

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dissatisfaction service

I purchased a new home and bought a leather sofa from Ashley. The sofa have had several problems ranging from holes in the leather to defective frames. I think they are getting this sofas back from other people who found the defects and they are repairing them and delivering them to other customers in hopes that they don't find the same defect. I have spoken to Bridgette Boswell several times in regards to a refund due to this being about the 5th or 6th delivery that they have had to come back and get. They are wanting to offer me a store credit and no refund...I was recently advised that Ashley "DOES NOT" give refunds. The only other sofa that I liked is $400.00 more than the sofa that was originally purchased. I asked if they would give me a refund if the new chosen...more expensive sofa was defective. I was advised that it would have to be reviewed and that they could not guarantee me a refund at that point. I do not need any additional furniture for my home right now. So therefore, I do not need store credit. I think I have been more than patient by waiting on Saturday for deliveries and pickups for several months. I ordered Ashley furniture from a little country store...the furniture was delivered in box and I had not issues with i. When Ashely in Plano delivers... it is never in the box therefore, I am strongly feeling that this is refurbished furniture. I can just about promise that this will be my last purchase from Ashley...if they cannot offer refunds... they must know their furniture is faulty. Roomstore gave me a refund on bedroom furniture due to the issues that I had with it (several deliveries and pickups)but as I said... they did refund. Ashley wanted to come out and see if they can repair the sofa... well, I actually paid for a "NEW" sofa. So, if they want to repair the sofa... they can refund some of my money and charge me a second hand sofa price. I am new getting ready to tun tot he BBB and see if I can find out who the owner of Ashley is. Wish me luck!!

  • Ol
    oliver88 Sep 13, 2009

    I have purchased from Ashley and had a great experience. They are independently owned so maybe thats it. I bought in MiddletownNY and its awesome!

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broken furniture, independently owned store doesnt' care

My husband and I went into our local Ashley furniture store for a tv stand and walked out with $4000.00 worth of furniture.
A tv stand, loveseat, sofa, rocker/recliner and three stands. Six of the seven pieces had issues with them. The rocker/recliner had rips in the leather and looked like it had been dropped. the leather is coming off the back of the sofa, the coffee table had a crack and I refused it, the corner stand has a gouge in it and the tv stand was put together wrong and the door would not close.
The salesperson, the owners son, said to call if we had any problems, when I did call that day and the next he quoted me percentages of happy customers and that I was in the 1% of unhappy people.
He referred me to call the warehouse, I did and got yelled at by the person in charge when I told him it looked like second hand furniture, he threatened to hang up on me.
The store manager is the nephew of the owner, he yelled at me saying I must have damaged the furniture myself because I didn't report it when the delivery people were here . I have their paperwork saying we have 72hr from delivery...
They finally came to the house & took the rocker/recliner to have it repaired, we have not seen it yet!
Why would you REPAIR a NEW chair, I want a new one! They also took the tv stand to have it reassembled.
The salesperson, owner's son, said they came already assembled to the warehouse. The delivery guy said he assembled it and it was very difficult to do?!?
After two weeks and multiple phone calls, we got the tv stand back with the wood dented on the door. The owner's son said they could use some touch up on it, but my husband refused, the wood is dented!! Touch up won't help...
They are ordering a new door...and we still haven't seen our Rocker/recliner.
We are hoping the BBB can help us, otherwise, small claims?

  • Ch
    christine Dec 18, 2008

    I completely agree with you. We had a VERY similar experience and also filed a complete with the BBB. Same experience with owner's son. Also, we were told that the damage to our furniture was from furniture abuse and all we have done is use it for sitting/lying on.

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  • Co
    coolcalmcollected Jan 24, 2009

    Wow! We had the same abusive experience. We had a rocker recliner that I didn't notice that the frame was broken until later that day. Obviously, we didn't break it. They REFUSED to replace it even though it was later that day. The owner's son, a corporate genius-NOT, said that "it's like a Cadillac. You see, when you buy a new car, they don't replace it, they fix it." What insight! A Harvard graduate I believe. They do not care about customer service at all. What's sad is that people in the Plattsburgh area don't have many choices for furniture stores so their stuck with that ignorant bunch of ###s in downtown Plattsburgh. I would love to see this store closed and nothing would be better than to see that family living on the streets. Karma!

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  • Ga
    Garfield11 Mar 09, 2009

    If you folks decide to take these ###s to Small Claims court make sure you have PHOTO'S OF EVERYTHING, and if your camera is able to make sure it puts a time and date stamp on EACH phot you take of the stuff. Always remember a picture is worth a millon words when proving the fact that ###s DO indeed exist and they DO seem to live at this furniture store. I have never bought anything from them but after reading the complaints I am surprised to hear they are still in buisness. Maybe someone should contact the furniture makers and tell them how their product is being represented. Most big name brand companies don't like unhappy customers and may just revoke the dealers right to sell their product. This kind of thing has been known to happen. Hit the slime where it hurts the most...IN THEIR WALLET!!! If they have NO customers then they will be out of buisness. No money means they will be on the street to live...

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  • Tt
    ttolsen Apr 22, 2009

    Well, another one bites the dust. I bought from them and went through pretty much the same thing. It is a sofa and loveseat. The sofa had a small piece that was coming undone. We received a discount because I was going to fix it. We picked up our furniture at the warehouse, so of course we didn't sit on them and inspect every seam. We got them home, and first when the loveseat cover was removed, there was a very small tear in the arm. Yes, I did take pictures which show the time and date. The loveseat also had pen marks or something on it. We sit on the couch and hear this clunking noise. Then I contacted the store immediately, being referred to the warehouse. The man who I spoke with was anything but a customer service rep. He wanted me to want the cuchion cover. I said "NO" it is brand new. This man said he would contact service and they would be contacting me, never happened. I called back 6 day later and the service man had no knowledge of my call. We set up an appt. The day comes for the appt, I receive a call that I have to transport the loveseat back to the store to be repaired. I asked about the couch with the noise, they had no knowledge of it. The boss of the warehouse - Jack - told me that we must have tore the loveseat when moving it in and this one is good- we twisted the couch through the doorway, that is the noise. I have never heard of being able to twist a couch through a doorway.
    I am contacting the BBB in hopes of some actions.

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  • An
    Anamandy Sep 12, 2009

    I contacted the store to ask them if they had overstuffed chairs with ottermans available. I was informed by the sales person that they did. That night, I saw a commercial, one of many, on a sale starting this coming Monday, September 14, 2009 for a $ 399.00 sofa. I fell in love with the tomato red color and the fact that they had a love seat, a overstuffed chair, and an otterman available in the same style and color. I decided then that if I liked the items I would purchase two chairs and two ottermans to flank my fireplace on either side, the sofa and love seat. If I also saw new end tables and a coffee table that I liked I would purchase them too.

    I contacted the store and spoke to another sales person (the one I originally spoke to wasn't available) who had no idea about the sale. He then told me that the sale was already on, when not ten minutes before I again saw the same ad on tv which stated that the sale starts Monday, two days away. When I informed him of this he started an argument with me and told me that if I wanted to get the sale price I would have to give him my credit card number and make the purchase ove the phone, sight unseen. What, is this person nuts or something? This idiot expected me to give a total stranger my credit card number to make a purchase for something I didn't even get a chance to see, much less sit on to test for comfort. I told him his proposal left a bad taste in my mouth and that I don't approve of such bad business practices. He then told me that if I come in Monday I will get the sales price even though, technically, the sale is over.

    I hung up and was so pissed I called again and asked to speak to the manager. The girl who answered the phone wanted to know who I was but since I never gave my name to the salesperson to begin with I told her I didn't think that was relevant. She then puts on the same salesperson who is clearly disguising his voice, all the while trying to control laughing as the girl who answered the phone was outright laughing in the background. The imposter manager told me that there are many sales running all the time. In effect, there is always a sale on and if I come in the store I will receive the items I saw at the sales price. But how will I really know what the other sales prices are on the other furniture I saw if that sale is now off? All I know is the sales price of the couch I originally saw in the tv ad. Seems like I will get a major screwing if I purchase my furniture there. It will be their loss because I was planning on redecorating two homes. I will go anywhere else but Ashley furniture. I have since contacted Fleming Fine furniture in Malone, NY and apparently they have sales people who are adults and are serious about sales and customer satisfaction.

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  • Pr
    PrincessAB Feb 16, 2010

    Ok I never write comments on crap online but reading how he wanted someones credit card number over the phone ponders me if it was the same guy who stole my parents identity from there when they purchased 2 recliners yes folks identity theft! They supposably fired the worker for it bc with my parents was god knows how many others! It was terrible and such a time consuming process they should of got the chairs for free! I am 22 and am looking for a place myself but will NOT be furnishing it with ashleys furniture and it does suck there isn't many other options but me n my fiannce will pay whatever mileage delivery fee from Burlington Vermont to save our credit and not give those ###s the time of day! My parents r truly wonderful people far more deserving than that! Although the chairs are in fine condition DONT chance it! Even if he WAS fired those money hungry ### better kno who their hiring!

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  • Le
    leafa Mar 31, 2010

    I'm suprised to read all of these bad reviews compared to the experiences we have had there. Although I am aware that usually when people write reviews and comments it is usually because they are pissed off and wanting to warn others, not to praise. Our first purchase was an oversized couch and loveseat which we had delivered. Our apartment entrance at the top of the stairs is hard to position around, it being a longer couch than normal, they did a great job taking care not to damage anything. We returned to purchase a dinning room table there that we picked up from the warehouse where they were very helpful and were sure to have us inspect the furniture before we brought it home. We are going tonight to pick up the matching chair and ottoman, now that we have room for it since moving, and I am confident that I will have a pleasant experience. I'm sure there have been some people who have had bad experiences, for which there could be many explanations. They unknowingly hired some "bad apples" or maybe some buyers just aren't experienced enough to take the necessary precautions, i.e. inspect it before you leave or refuse it upon deliver or pick-up. Don't take it home and then expect them to take it back later, who knows what you might have done to it. Or upon delivery, except it and call the store when they leave.

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  • Se
    sellstj Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The bad comments are not warranted for 2010. I had a very pleasant experience shopping at Ashley Plattsburgh. The furniture was delivered on time and the price vs. quality is very good. One table had a broken part and the delivery staff ordered another table. A week later the new table was at the warehouse and I picked it up.

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  • Pe
    Peggy McMillan Aug 29, 2015

    Had almost the same experience 15 years ago ..when they were on Margaret St... bought 5000.00 worth of furniture, the bunk beds were wrong, my table base was wrong my chairs were wrong, when I call for my sofa and love seat not there, ordered 6 months in advance. My delivery showed up wheres my bedroom set..called store.oh my people delivered to Malone..days later, called again, " My guys are putting on all the knobs..finally showed up..guys started putting on knobs, I said I thought you already did this, :My boss lied", Wheres my couch, "they sold it, thought they could get it in time but Ashley shut down for 2 weeks, Boss didn't know".. When finally arrived ripped, paid extra for special treatment of fabric, the crew grabbed out a can of furtnutre scotch guard and sprayed in my home. 1000.00 cost me for this. Will never buy when the same people are in charge.

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Be careful. Ashley Furniture allows a company called TRS (The Rental Store) who is actually a collection agency, to review your layaway file so that TRS can call and ask if you want to get your furniture earlier they will finance it. It is a rent-to-own that costs 3x's the amount of the furniture. TRS has harassed me & made illegal threats. Don't fall into this trap! The poor will have more to lose! Keep notes if you do business with TRS. Not that it will help because managers did not last at the store that I did business with, so whatever was said to me did not mean anything. Read your State laws on rent-to-own and harassment by these type of companies.

  • Re
    rebecka Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had planned to buy some stuff threw ashly but was told that i needed to verfy info and trs would finace my suff they said i would have to fax some verifacation of employment and residance when i called to to them i could not get prof of employment cause i lost my job they told me they were going to charge my cc still and i could not get the money back because the store allready ordered the murchandise when earlyer they told me it had not been ordered???? what do i do they charged my cc and canled my oreder

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fraud and scam

Sat on a very comfortable sofa in store in Brandon, FL. Sofa was delivered yesterday and it sat like a picnic table. Immediately called store, salesman said I had to call Customer Care, CC said unless it was "damaged" they were not going to pick it up. I was supposed to have received pamphlet advising me of my refusal write but did not. Salesman said he did not know what Customer Care was talking about. Finally spoke to manager, was told foam would "break down" and become comfortable but no guarantees. Personnel are not "personal". Do NOT buy from them.

  • Pr
    Projectchris Feb 20, 2020

    I was a victim of inside employee scam . they had my social security number and used if the purchase furniture. I was alerted by third party companies of the transactions. Ashley put this on my credit report and has not pressed charges against the employees

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fraud and cheating

Ordered furniture on Labor day, paid $4000. right then. Promised delivery by weekend. They called, said it would be another week. 2 weeks later delivered 2 pieces, the bed frame and mirrored chest. Almost 2 weeks later finally got mattress and box spring. My last piece is due to be delivered Oct.2nd... we'll see. Needless to say I canceled my other item I ordered and am waiting for my check. Just called corp. number for the 3rd time today. If I don't get my check and the last piece soon I will go to the news station and give them some well deserved airtime on how they do business.

  • Valerie Oct 05, 2008

    I was employed by Ashley Furniture Corey Baker! What a disgrace to Ashley Corp. Corey Baker put you in a position to take advantage of the customer, to take their money, and leave his managers to try to explain! There should be a law against "pretending" to be Christians. Corey Baker hides behind Christianity. He cries at meetings, speaks of his loyalty to God! I thought we all had the same God until I became employed for this crocked company. His corp "staff" consisting of his church members, pretending to be HR etc. Corey Baker has fired anyone that was smart enough to know the real Corey Baker-He did not stand behind his managers he was quick to throw you under the bus. Corey Baker reacted on hear-say. In which I am surprised he hasn't along with HR been sued for firing corp. staff without any reason but hear say and taking action against managers due to hear say. There are laws against that Corey Baker.I feel so sorry for all the customers that loves Ashley Furniture-Corey Baker has ruined it in the Columbia, SC area.The satisfaction is knowing your day will come!

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  • Bi
    Big Bank Feb 13, 2009

    I too was a manager for Corey in my first ever career venture. It took me a while but I was able to see through his crap. He is by far the biggest liar/hipocrit I have ever met. My wife warned me from the begining. I eventually had enough of his crap and moved on to bigger and better things. I'd like to know what Corey is doing now. He should be in jail!!

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  • La
    Lane Heath Sep 19, 2009

    I ordered furniture from ASHLEY in March of 2009, paid them $500.00 up front which is what they requested at the time I ordered. It took them two months to deliver a mattress set and another two months to deliver other parts of the order. I purchased around $1200.00 in furniture being careful to pick items within my income range. At some point and time a third party came into the picture and wrote the order up for a purchase of over $5, 000.00 which is absurb. I 'm still trying to speak with an Ashley representative about this but I'm having no luck doing this. I need help asap.

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awful experience

Again, beware of Ashley Furniture. There is a reason why it is reasonable, it breaks after a couple of years and even the after market insurance company Guardian Insurance Furniture protection insurance will not cover their workmanship. What does that tell you!!! I purchased a dining suite and bedroom furniture to the tune of $10, 000.00, and I cannot close the table because of poor workmanship. Ashley furniture do not have good client relations. I purchased Guardian Insurance and they refused to fix Ashley Furniture. So beware of the after market furniture insurance also, Guardian Insurance. Run and Run Fast from the A. H.'s

  • Te
    Telma Torres May 03, 2011

    we have tried to contact you and there is no response. Can you please contact us as soon as possible to (956)206-2295

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peeling leather sofa; broken dresser legs

Back on October 2005 my wife and I came to Florida to do a final walkthrough on our newly built home. At that...

still haven't got my furniture

This has been the worst company to deal with... First of all I ordered my furniture almost 3 months ago
everytime i call they give me a run around saying it will be another week... Well it's been 3 months already
Getting a bit worried... I called today and they told me the store went bankrupt and some other company took over... so I am worried i will never get my furniture. I still have the receipt so I am going to get a refund because I will never get my furniture... I would not recommend buying anything from here. I have read the [redacted]s and its been a nightmare for people... Next time i will research before i buy!

  • Ch
    Christina Aug 21, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a friend that works at Ashley in Augusta and they DID NOT go bankrupt, but they were bought out by another company so I can't imagine that someone who worked there would say that. According to my friend they have been in negotiations with this new company for 2 1/2 months and thats the reason why you probably haven't received your furniture.

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  • St
    Starryn Merritt Aug 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The Sales Manager at Ashley is terriable. Bruce Wink of the Athens store is rude. Never shop at Ashley. I have brought a lot of my funiture there and it will not happen again. Corporate office was no help. The manager at the ware house was fantastic Thanks Rick...

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rip off

Here is what has happened to me... I reported problems that I was having with my sectional/sleeper to a...

ashley doesnt honor their warranty

I will make this short and to the point. We purchased our first brand new sectional set and after a month reconfigured the set up in our room and noticed the metal framed recliners were rusted underneath. After muliple visits from their technicians and finally the store owner, they told us it was our fault and would not honor any warranty. Yeah, we caused a metal frame to rust after a month, good one huh? We took them to small claims court and learned that they (Ashley)issue the warranty and then the store owner decides weather or not to honor it. Is that fair? The magistrate judge didn't think so, so he ruled in our favor and do you think we have seen a dime of the money awarded? NO!!! This has to be the biggest joke of an owner who represents a company i have ever seen. Someone commented on another complaint site that they hope someone brings the whole company down in a class action lawsuit. I think that would be fitting. I would strongly discourage any one from doing business with this company if this how they handle customer sevice.

  • Ca
    cat Nov 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you have won in court, look at the back of your check, and put a lien on ashleys bank account .You will need court papers that show you won.This is what I plan on doing.

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Resolved junk and terrible customer service

We found all our home furniture at the Ashleys Home Store. Little did we know that in 4 months all our living room furniture would be sunk in & look 5 years old. We have to stuff it with pillows just so we can get up out of it!

We were told by the warranty inspector, that to fix it he would pretty much have to re-make it plus he would have to add some of his OWN improvements to keep it from sinking again!! And the store manager said that the service tech usually will fix it better than the factory even manufactured it, then he basically hung up on us when we asked for our money back!!

DO NOT shop with Ashleys! THEY ARE CRAP!

Resolved some facts

Even though all Ashley Furniture are independently owned and operated, the four in South Jersey, Turnersville, Northfield, Cherry Hill, and Millville are all owned by the Crest Furniture Company, the same people who own the Value City Furniture in NJ. First what anyone should know is that the company's employees do not last very long. It's a performance based job where the sales are paid 100% on commission.

Another is the experience in store does not compare to the experience after the purchase is complete and delivered. In the store everyone will treat you with respect (in the Millville store anyways). Everyone is professional and will try to help you out with what ever your questions and needs. When checking out, the clerks in the back do explain everything to you and advise you to read all the Term and Conditions for the store printed on your contract.

After that it gets a little difficult. First when going to buy you must keep in mind all the furniture, unless factory dropped, needs to be ordered and delivered; a process that takes 2-4 weeks on average and as much as 1-6 months on back ordered pieces.

After you receive your furniture you have a 1 year "manufacturer warranty" that supposedly covers you but customer service seems to be the main issue with these companies, and apparently other Ashley companies around the US. The store itself cannot help you much when it comes to service because it is a show room. There have been many times where a select few of the clericals in the back attempt to stick out their necks for the customers, as the company should do, in trying to bring customer satisfaction. This is how some of them don't last because they bring "problems" to the store where the store can’t really do anything for the customer.

Just in case you feel like cancelling your order after 3 days, there is a 25% restocking fee on the subtotal of the balance. It really hits hard. This company has had its fair shares of bad experiences. I advise future customer to pay with their Credit Cards. I know Amex has a stop payment feature and I am pretty sure other cards do as well. Just in case you have a terrible experience you have another way out other then being hit for something you had nothing to do with.

This review isn't written to bring down the employees of the company because they do what corporate tells them to do... there are really good hearted people working for them but stuck in a dead end. This is just a little something to possibly expect if shopping at Ashley's.