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D Mar 29, 2018 Review updated:

I will no longer purchase from your company as long as you advertise on Laura Ingram's show on Fox Network. Her insulting the teenagers from the Parkland Shooting lacks basic humanity. As Americans we should be comforting any child or adult who has experienced a mass shooting. Instead being the opposition ranks higher than'loving thy neighbor'. Shame on you Laura Ingraham. Shame on anyone who does not support these kids and all children trying to make America safer.


  • Ga
    Gaither CAMPBELL Mar 30, 2018

    Why is Arby's still a sponsor of Laura Ingram’s show? Does Arby's agree with her disparaging remarks about David Hogg? This was vile and reprehensible behavior considering the trauma this young man just went through! If Arby's does not pull their sponsorship we will be boycotting your products!

    Respectfully, Gaither Campbell
    Susan Howell

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  • Ti
    tiredofbs!! Apr 02, 2018

    @Gaither CAMPBELL CHECK MATE! To show my support of Arbys as they continue to sponsor Laura, I will eat there as much as possible. Oh, and so will my family, my neighbors, my coworkers ... BOOM, consider your part of the boycott CHECKED.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Apr 04, 2018

    @tiredofbs!! "BOOM, consider your part of the boycott CHECKED."

    The original poster was simply expressing that they will no longer support Arby's. Why must you one-up another person?

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  • Ly
    Lynn T. Knavel Apr 09, 2018

    @Gaither CAMPBELL If David Hogg was ever traumatized, he's well over it now. It is sadly obvious that David Hogg is, to all who are not wearing blinders and can see through his blatant opportunism and the media's manipulation, nothing but an immature high school nobody, taken in by the sudden adoration given him by the near apoplectic liberal media due to his denouncing of the NRA (who are blamed by professional and amateur ignoramuses for shootings anywhere, any day, anytime, and for any reason) and his whining about anything/anyone of a conservative nature. In other words, Mr. Hogg is just like one of the media. David Hogg should be seen and treated not as a poor traumatized "young man" being bullied by Laura Ingraham, but a willing, naive tool of the vile, reprehensible, conniving, lying, liberal media.

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  • Ge
    George Branigan Apr 11, 2018

    @Gaither CAMPBELL You do know that Hoggboi graduated highschool in california, right?

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  • St
    steve Apr 12, 2018

    @Gaither CAMPBELL Idiots r u

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  • Aw
    AW6 May 04, 2018

    @George Branigan That myth has been debunked. His family did live in California prior to moving to Florida, where he attended high school.

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  • Bo
    Bobby Beam Mar 30, 2018

    Let me say that I love Arby's sandwiches, eat there many times a month.But with your support of Laura Ingram, I will no longer be eating at your establishment, and that really sucks. Thanks for uour time.

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  • An
    Anita Bawnghit Apr 07, 2018

    lol. Another snowflake conservative

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  • Ly
    Lynn T. Knavel Apr 09, 2018

    @Anita Bawnghit Hmm. Never heard of a "snowflake conservative". I don't believe there is such a thing. "Conservative Avalanche" maybe, but all snowflakes are sissy liberals, but I repeat myself.

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  • Jo
    joefender Mar 30, 2018

    I have visited Arby's at least once a week for the past forty plus years. As long as Arby's continues to support Laura Ingraham's show I will not return to Arby's. It is heartbreaking what those kids had to endure and they should be applauded for trying to make a change.

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  • An
    Anita Bawnghit Apr 06, 2018

    @joefender Surprised you haven't had a heart attack yet.

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  • Ed
    eddie_jenkins Mar 30, 2018

    I also love Arby's, and have been there many many times. Until you drop sponsorship for Arby's, unfortunately, I won't be back. You're on the wrong side of this issue. Please reconsider.

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  • Ly
    Lynn T. Knavel Apr 09, 2018

    @eddie_jenkins Please tell us what the "right side" of this issue is. To support the heady words of an immature, liberal media-influenced, misguided and misinformed boy who believes the NRA is responsible for this shooting and every other shooting in the country, and based on this falacy wants to infringe on our rights put forth in the 2nd amendment, if not to abolish altogether. To support someone who chooses to ignore the horrible and deadly mistakes of the FBI, the local police department, and look past the school's glaring lack of security, but to instead react in knee-jerk fashion and blame the perennial scapegoats (whether they had anything to do with it or not) - the NRA and all conservatives. I'm afraid you're on the wrong side of this issue. Review all the facts (FACTS! not accusations or claims) and you will find David Hogg is not at all a victim in this but a co-conspirator with the dishonest media. Put the responsibility where it belongs.

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  • Jm
    JM Thompson Mar 31, 2018

    Congratulations, Arby's, for supporting bullies. I'm not talking about Laura Ingraham. I'm talking about David Hogg and the liberal sheep.

    Everyone deplores this type of violence. Why is it that the first reaction of the Left is to blame the NRA and law-abiding gun owners? They didn't ignore the warnings like the Broward County Sheriff Dept. or the school administration. They didn't run from the sound of gunfire or sit outside and wait for it to end. Despite the myriad stories of how this kid was dangerous, no one wanted to be 'that guy' and make an official report that would have shown up on a background check. The system WORKED the way it was supposed to. No one entered the data that would have stopped the shooter from buying guns.

    Hogg labelled everyone who doesn't agree with his stance on gun control as murderers like the shooter. He didn't get accepted by four colleges and blamed the backlash against his activism. Laura was right. That's whining. (More than likely, he didn't get in because he's a white, middle-class male - he didn't fit the quota.) When you take sides like this, you get to alienate half the country. Guess what? I'm not buying Arby's anymore because you chickened out and ran.

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  • Re
    regina richardson Apr 05, 2018

    Free speech and retweet is what Ms Laura did. This is not bully. David Hogg pooled entitled kid is the bully. He was the one that put his non acceptance out there. We don't need to know that. Also, he was not a victim nor survivor he was not at school when the shooting happened. He has been so disrespectful, you can advocate for change without calling folk names.

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  • Ri
    Rick Thetford Apr 05, 2018

    First, I'm against Laura Inghram being boycotted by Arby's or any other advertisers, & won't be patronizing them in the future, although they are my favorite fast food place.
    It appears to me by the comments I have read so far, that it's a no win situation for business's such as "Arbys" to take sides when social issues are involved. Feelings & beliefs over such things as the 1st & 2nd amendments run strong & deep on both sides & rarely will either side convince the other by means such as boycotts.

    I would ask Arbys & other advertisers to stay out of the fray & concentrate on what you do the best, "The Meats", & leave the politics to us, the customers as we cuss & discuss over one of your great sandwiches & curly fries.


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  • Wine Is Good Apr 07, 2018

    So how do you feel about David Hogg, who was NOT even at the school the day of the shooting and is NOT a survivor, bullying NRA members? Calling us child murderers? You think that [censor] is ok? When a 'child' steps into the adult arena, then he better be ready to be treated as an adult. Period. If Arby's is stupid enough to jump into the political arena and back this ignorance, then I will no longer patronize them.

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  • De
    Denis Mills Apr 15, 2018

    Please be advised as a result of your advertising on NBC, in connection with the Parkland shooting incident, you have lost me as a customer forever. I have been a customer for decades. No longer. There are other fast food options and I will patronize them from now on. One thing I will not tolerate is the murder of schoolchildren or the corporate support through advertising revenue of Laura Ingraham/NBC. Arby's has shown that its moral values are opposite my own and that it has no conscience. For the rest of my life I will avoid Arby's. Easy to remember among the fast food choices ... A as in AVOID. It will be my way of supporting the Parkland massacre victims. Good job.

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